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  1. Key: Rage_Saiyan
  2. App: Demon Lord
  3. Name: Xerek
  5. Topic: Pizza Shivs
  7.     In the desolate wastelands of Demon Realm, one demon held an advantage against the rest of his kin. While the others focused on the mastery of the arcane arts, or created machinery to do their bidding. One stayed true to the ancient art of swordsmanship, yet they did not actually wield a sword. Instead, this demonic warrior wielded a pair of wonderfully crafted and enchanted weapons. Thousands of years ago this pair of weapons were invented and then created. The finest crafter was required for them, which were then chilled down and frozen, by being exposed to the original chill. From a time before Hell boiled over.
  9.     This demon wielded this pair of weapon, these perfectly made, enchanted, frozen pizza crust shivs. They were easy to hide, easy to clean, and designed to puncture the jugular with one swift slash. His pure power, was not that great which worked to his advantage. The other demons underestimated him and let him get close to them, thinking he was able to be used as a lackey. But once he worked with them, and gained their secrets for himself. He would wait for the demon or demoness and himself to be alone, working together and then slashed their jugular.
  11.     With this stealthy way, learning the secrets and powers of the rest of his kin, and then using the mystical Frozen Pizza Crust Shivs to reap their lives. After enough centuries, he had gained enough knowledge and powers to ascend up to the throne. His rule was gained through debauchery and frozen pizza crusts. Yet some theorize, that other Demons had ascended to the throne in even stranger and more bizarre ways.
  13.     And some say, that this was all just a dream, and that no matter how hard someone tried, that others would never allow this demon to ascend to the throne.
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