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  1. What a reaction what a show, for starters thanks for making my night, your salt is usually better than when a guy steps in dog crap and a lego at the same time. I am no longer affiliated with the fangame community and have since been a story critic for the past year and a casual player.
  3. Also Jamestown
  4. Also alt account nuclear throne leading to throne butt ban no less (How?)
  5. Also N++
  6. Also Toast Time
  7. list goes on
  9. Controversial doesn't even mean cheated, though some of these infact are, but if something isn't in your merits you whine and cry because that's your only defense.
  11. if there's a shred of honesty here that's fine, though funnily enough you played yourself considering your the one who bought the game and proceeded to play it. I've played a ton of titles i'd consider good and I don't buy anything I think I wouldn't enjoy. This was your $40, not mine, even though i own the game and like it this isn't my review so my opinion holds no merit.  You could've refunded the game after 2 hours, why didn't you? Was the completion that important to you?
  13. I used to watch you on twitch I wont deny that allegation, that is 100% layers of true, stroking my d*ck to you though? I wouldn't go that far and you're far from the most impressive player I've ever seen. if we're bringing this up. If anything you're probably one of the least impressive, accomplishments mean nothing if you have a sour attitude which I've even seen and experienced first hand.
  15. I replied just to get a reaction out of you, it worked, You honestly get too hotheaded and make a fool of yourself considering you rarely know anything about me and my past. Was I expecting something this gold though? Now that is a resounding no, I derailed a bit sure but I call your credibility into question when you do something of your own free will and burn money on a game you don't enjoy.
  17. Btw
  18. @horheristo ez want a third clear of 1.5?
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