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CMC Poop Contest Scootaloo Day 1 (SCAT)

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  1. Scootaloo Day 1
  3. >You hear something in your sleep, but you can’t tell what.
  4. >All you want is to go back to sleep.
  5. “Five more minutes, Mom…”
  6. >The noise persists, and you mumble in your sleep. ”Mhhhmmm”
  7. >You feel a pair of hooves on you back, and you feel a rotation.
  8. >A sharp pain shoots up from your back, and you wake up instantly.
  9. >You're on the floor.
  10. >They pushed you off the bed!
  11. ”Ow! Okay, I’m up! Why so mean?”
  12. >”Heh, sorry. Cmon lets go. We have school today.”
  13. >You're still kinda miffed about it, but you put it to rest, and start to go about your morning routine.
  14. >Applebloom is in the bathroom right now, and you have to wait until she gets out.
  15. >Once inside, you urinate and brush your teeth.
  16. >A small ritual, but it was yours.
  17. >You're still very tired, and everything seems to be a blur.
  18. >Next thing you know, your downstairs. And there's food in front of you!
  19. >Digging in, you finally feel some energy, and you actually start to take in what's happening around you.
  20. >Sweetie is pouring coffee, and she passes you a mug.
  21. ”Coffee?”
  22. >“Trust me, it will help in the morning.”
  23. >You watch sweetie drink hers, and you do the same.
  24. >Ohgodittastesaweful.png
  25. ”Ack! What is this made out of? Burnt rocks?”
  26. >“Oh right, sorry, I like mine strong. Here.”
  27. >Sweetie Belle passes you the cream, you start to pour some into the cup.
  28. >Your hooves slip and you accidently pour the entire carton of cream into the mug.
  29. >you look to your friends, they don't seem to notice.
  30. >You try to drink as quickly as possible.
  31. >“Alright girls, if we’re going to do this, we need to do it right. I’ve thought of some rules we will need to follow.”
  32. >Where is she going with this? I thought we set the rules yesterday.
  33. ”Okay… Shoot.”
  34. >“First, we will drink at the same time, and pee at the same time.”
  35. >Seems reasonable.
  36. ”Right, do you have a specific schedule in mind?” You say it sarcastically, but you doubt your friends pick up on it.
  37. >“Alright, we eat breakfast at 8:30, lunch at 11:30, dinner at 5:45, and a snack at 9:00
  38. ”Wow. I didn’t expect you to actually have a time, Sweetie Belle.”
  39. >“We can go to the bathroom at 8:15, 11:30, 6:00, and at 9:00.
  40. For food, we have to finish what is on our plates, and drink however much is in our glass.
  42. >Agreed?”
  43. >You think about the times.
  44. >Its up to 6 and a half hours at the longest time before you can use the bathroom.
  45.  >You’ve lasted longer.
  46. ”…Fine, I agree.”
  47. >”Ah agree as well”
  48. >“Good, now lets go, my sister packed us some lunches.”
  49. >You finish off your plate, and follow Sweetie Belle to the lunch bags.
  50. ………….
  51. >You’re starting to feel the effects of the coffee.
  52. >You almost feel hyper­aware of everything around you.
  53. >Applebloom seems to share your reaction.
  54. >As aware as you are, you find yourself surprised to see the school already in front of you. >You take your seat in class, and prepare yourself for the rest of the day.
  55. >Class is boring, this room is boring.
  56. >’PBBBBBB’
  57. >What was that?
  58. >Darting your head to the noise, you find yourself looking at Applebloom.
  59. >Not wanting to make her think you’re staring, you move your face forward, but keep your eyes on her.
  60. >You see applebloom shift in her seat.
  61. >’Pbbbbbbbbbbbbb’
  62. >Yep. She definitely did it.
  63. >Applebloom looks embarrassed, you won’t say anything about it.
  64. >The bell rings, and you see applebloom head to the bathroom towards the end of the class. >Checking the pressure inside, you decide to take this opportunity to use the bathroom.
  65. >After bloom is inside, you lean against the wall, and wait.
  66. >Theres a pressure on your bladder. The coffee went right through you.
  67. >Applebloom seems to be taking a long time, and you find yourself hopping up and down because of it.
  68. >Slowly the door opens, and you rush in.
  69. >You don’t even bother to close the door all the way before you start to relieve yourself. ”Ahhhhhhhhh…”
  70. >Oh that feels so good…
  71. >It kinda stinks in here, but you barely notice as you continue your act.
  72. >You finish up, and exit with a smile on your face.
  73. >Applebloom is right outside the door, waiting for you.
  74. >You didn’t close the door all the way, she probably heard.
  75. >Panicking, you say the next thing on your mind.
  76. ”Where you the one who farted in class?”
  77. >That was not what you wanted to say!
  79. >“Uhhh, nope. Ah think it was Sweetie Belle.”
  80. >you know she’s lying, but you can’t call her out on it.
  81. >Instead you just start heading out the door, going to where Sweetie is.
  82. >As soon as you see her, She speaks.
  83. >“Did either of you fart in class?”
  84. >”Nope, Scootaloo asked if I did it, and I thought you did.” Applebloom defends.
  85. >“Huh. Well, I feel bad for the filly it happened to. It was loud.”
  86. >Sweetie gets up and leaves, leaving Applebloom and yourself to eat in peace.
  87. >You finish eating, and the bell rings.
  88. >With the coffee out of your system, you are starting to feel really tired.
  89. >When you sit down at your desk, you put your head down, and fall asleep.
  90. >About 3 hours later, school is over, and you start crusading.
  91. >Nothing on your flank yet, but that just meant that you weren't trying anything awesome enough! >Applebloom had invited you over for dinner and a sleepover, and you graciously took her up on your offer.
  92. >It’s not like you hated your home, or your parents, its just… Nicer here.
  93. >Does that make you a bad pony?
  94. >Dinner was an apple salad, and an apple pie for dessert.
  95. >You think you pigged out, but the girls ate the same, so all is okay.
  96. >You go crusading for a bit, but it’s cut short by the sunset.
  97. >You retreat inside, and find yourself waiting for the bathroom next to applebloom.
  98. >“So, how’re you holding up?”
  99. “Huh?”
  100. >”Your bowels, how does it feel inside?”
  101. ”Oh uhh, It feels kinda normal.”
  102. >“Normal?” she asks.
  103. ”Applebloom, the last crap I took was inside me for 3 days. I’m not nearly at my breaking point yet.
  105. >It was true. You have no idea what you ate, but whatever it was, it did not want to come out.
  106. “What about you? How are you holding up? I heard you in class today.”
  107. >“You knew that was me?”
  108. ”Of course, I went to the bathroom after you and the entire room stunk!
  109. You must’ve farted in there, unless….”
  110. >She wouldn’t! She couldn't have!
  111. >You stick your hoof into her gut, feeling around.
  112. >”Hey wait! What are you doing?”
  113. >You find the part you're looking for, a mass of digested food in her intestine.
  114. ”Feeling, and everything checks out. I was worried for a moment there that you had already lost.”
  115. >The door opens, and Sweetie Belle walks out.
  116. >you walk in, and after brushing you teeth and doing your business, you start to have some fun.
  117. >You jab your hoof into your own gut, and try to feel your own creation.
  118. >You look in the same spot Applebloom's was, and you start to feel.. Something.
  119. >It's hard to tell with hooves, bu something is definitely there, waiting for you to add to it.
  120. >This thought makes you happy for some reason, and you exit the bathroom with a smile on your face.
  121. >You get into bed, feeling the internal pressure of your intestines, and fall asleep.
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  125. Sweetie Belle: http://pastebin.com/armq5JPB
  127. Day 2: http://pastebin.com/kE09BSWh
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