I sure am a lazy writer, huh

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  1. LEEN
  2. Activation Date: August 1, SD 5 (Age 854)
  3. is the current tree shitscribble
  8. (Shuku sure writes a lot, huh)
  10. - Valene clone.
  11. - Built as more-or-less a maid (and friend) to the current Gabriel Celeste incarnation, Gabriella Something Something
  12. - Totally not supposed to be a pedophile, filled with weird programing
  13. - Gabriella is hella smarter than her parents and finds out who Leen is based on on her own, giving her her nickname
  14. - Gabriella 'awakens' one day, due to the admin deciding to log in and 'play' her; utilizes a memory erasure program that doesn't work because of Leen's mind control shit
  15. - Recognizes that Leen was intended to be an ID and gives her the tri-omblem with a "we'll meet again" message on it
  16. - (That was over the series of a bunch of flashbacks)
  17. - Further flashbacks are Gabriella coming home injured by 'heroes' and Leen has to explain it to her parents, it's really cute
  18. - The other VMU in service is probably named 'Vale' just for max shameless
  19. - Final flashback is the anti-VMU horde coming, and an adolescent/young adult Gabriella (the admin, not the 'other' one- obviously to Leen's perspective she just seems like a schizophrenic) cheating some IDs in to send her to safety
  21. JAZZ
  23. - Michael is Megaman, duh, only a little... off, for better way to put it.  He's shaky and has little confidence in himself, and for some reason doesn't remember their father at all
  24. - Maybe he actually got brainwashed by the pirates?  Might have that be a thing
  25. - WARNING GIANTREE WRITING ALERT: One of the surviving experiments (literally just Roll for reference) escaped BEFORE the destruction because she wanted to help Traheaern instead of Michael like she was programming
  26. - Calling herself 'Pop' she cleans up after everything Jazz does and even sneaks in to clean his room on the ship like a total creep
  27. - No idea what her real name is, gotta do something clever with meanings
  28. - What Sector did the Good Doctor work in?  Probably Theta, that's the easiest to work with
  30. U.L.T.R.O.S (aka Space-Octopus)
  32. - From zero sector
  33. - Need to do a pretentious acronym for Typhon
  35. GAMMA
  37. [21:28:35] <Tim> Okay, so
  38. [21:29:22] <Tim> Gamma's planet is ruled by an Eternal Empress, who has...actually been ruling for centuries, if not longer.  The clone soldiers are replicas of her own original knights.
  39. [21:29:43] <Giantree> ooh, I like that
  40. [21:31:38] <Tim> they're contaminated and occasionally modified to better serve as unquestioning troops and to give them an expiration date.  As I said, past that time their organs fail and they die.
  41. [21:31:56] <Tim> Gamma's batch was incorrectly contaminated, the reason he doesn't have an expiration date is because he actually is a complete genetic replica of the knight in question
  42. [21:33:27] <Giantree> So what do you think the overall technology level of the planet he's from is, then?
  43. [21:34:00] <Tim> They'd be considered to have very advanced magitech in a normal fantasy setting
  44. [21:34:22] <Tim> But in this setting, they're still a little backwards because they only have one planet and an insular culture
  45. [21:38:02] <Tim> I'm not sure if all of their classes of clone have the same 5-year limit or not, or whether, say, Alphas are stronger and longer-lived than Betas
  46. [21:38:51] <Tim> but aside from being a clone and weird-looking (because the Empress' knights came from her own now-nearly-extinct nonhuman race) Gammas don't have any grafts or special anything by default.
  47. [21:41:09] <Tim> At least one class of them is grown without normal limbs, but instead a sort of system of fleshy roots coming from each stump that are entwined into their permanently-attached battle engine
  48. [21:42:17] <Tim> If you can read their minds, all you hear is pained, exultant screaming of different tones
  49. [21:43:35] <Giantree> holy shit that's awful
  50. [21:43:37] <Giantree> in an amazing way
  51. [21:44:01] <Tim> When they're charging, it's happy screaming
  52. [21:44:27] <Tim> when a spell or missile destroys one of their weapons, it's tearful bawling
  53. [21:46:49] <Tim> Also, Gamma doesn't know this either, but he's a perfect replica specifically of the knight that betrayed the Empress in the first place, back when she had a more normal conquering army and kingdom.  She destroyed most of her own race with Ultima and started the whole cloning thing as a result
  54. [21:48:10] <Giantree> OKAY, that gives me a really clear image of what the place is like and the attitude surrounding it as a whole, I like a lot the way it presents itself compared to everything else thus far.
  55. [21:48:46] <Giantree> Thank you, I can get to work writing- HOWEVER!  How do you think he left that place, anyway?  Or did he even at all?
  56. [21:48:50] <Tim> Which is why, instead of just throwing the ones that lived too long into a vat for study, they were reassigned to a ship heading straight for their sun.  The others in the batch happily obeyed, only this one had a sudden fit of "but I want to live" and jettisoned himself in an escape pod
  57. [21:49:10] <Tim> They hadn't bothered removing those, because clones do what they're told
  58. [21:49:13] <Giantree> ... 4 second answers, I like that
  59. [21:49:22] <Tim> :D
  60. [21:50:09] <Giantree> The mystery of why he attained sentience whilst the others didn't is a good characterization thing that leads to development, god damn I love shit like that
  61. [21:50:20] <Giantree> Or maybe 'sentience' isn't the right word for it, but you know what I mean
  62. [21:50:27] <Tim> independence?
  63. [21:50:34] <Giantree> Hmm... conscious thought.
  64. [21:52:28] <Tim> Unwillingness to be fired into the sun
  65. [21:52:48] <Giantree> There are a good few people who aren't willing to be fired into the sun!
  66. [21:53:01] <Tim> But we clones aren't people :<
  67. [21:53:03] <Giantree> ... Depending on what kind of sun it is.
  68. [21:53:07] <Giantree> it turns out there are a lot of those
  69. [21:53:21] <Giantree> most of them are still pretty awful to be fired into, though
  70. [21:59:06] <Giantree> So, you're still going with him being elflike in appearance?
  71. [21:59:09] <Tim> I can keep Macho Vambraces then
  72. [21:59:26] <Tim> Yep, golden-haired, red-eyed, chocolate-skinned elf
  73. [21:59:29] <Giantree> Meaning the originals AND the clones from where he's from - nah I'm being silly - were elfy?
  74. [21:59:34] <Giantree> oh boy brown elves huh
  75. [21:59:48] <Tim> Remember how I said the Empress' species was nearly extinct?
  76. [22:00:00] <Giantree> yeah
  77. [22:00:44] <Tim> Her species was, indeed, elfy.  Humans and more normal-looking elves are the not-clone people on most of the planet
  78. [22:01:35] <Tim> She was from a specific, smaller elf subtype, and was somewhere between King Arthur and Alexander the Great originally, the destined world-conquering queen
  79. [22:02:11] <Giantree> Yeah, okay then, I think I've already got a SCIENCE explanation for that.  ... But mostly I'll leave it to itself, I like the idea of a fantasy planet that uses things are scientifically explainable in a sci-fi world but is still fantasy as can be.
  80. [22:02:29] <Giantree> WELL actually the stuff a good chunk of this campaign is based off of is full of that, anyway, I have a nerdboner for that stuff
  81. [22:02:34] <Giantree> as well as for sci-fi in general
  82. [22:02:37] <Giantree> so IT WORKS WELL
  83. [22:03:00] <Tim> I'm assuming my introduction will be having my escape pod (SCAPE POD) be found?
  84. [22:03:15] <Tim> oh, also, the armor he has is vague leetspeak for "basic"
  85. [22:03:20] <Tim> 8451C
  86. [22:03:30] <Giantree> Maybe or maybe not, that might get redundant because half the PCs have a backstory of 'discovered in an escape pod'
  87. [22:03:55] <Giantree> also that's good 1337, I'm a master 1337speaker and I approve
  88. [22:03:57] <Tim> Just bundles of escape pods
  89. [22:03:59] <Tim> lyin' around
  90. [22:04:24] <Giantree> "Oh, another escape pod?  Yeah, throw it in the 'mysterious escape pod' hold with the 15,037 others we found this week."
  91. [22:04:29] <Tim> Well, if you have another way to work it, that sounds good to me, sorry I waited so long, really eager to play <3
  92. - Grimdark planet, evil empress ruling and making clones of knights, NO REFERENCES HERE
  93. - Actually NOT from an underdeveloped place, so they may have even contacted the Federation after his escape; he's in a protected place NOW, though
  95. SPICA
  97. - Has silly assistants, I probably won't play them all at once... might have to sometimes, though.  It's kind of like Fire Emblem's Reinforce ability in that in a lot of situations she can call them for help due to the whole job thing, which is nice!  Unfortunately not only is she a bit too laid-back, but they're kind of overall incompetent too, from the sounds of things.  Naptime Lolibot, Extreme Narcissist, Overexcitable Moeblob?  .... Maybe going alone is a better option.
  98. - Home planet of Merville-- I mean Undine has a system where it's a rite of passage for merfolk to learn to walk in human lands, sometimes in VR and sometimes by ACTUALLY swimming up to the surface and doing a practical exam.  Adapting to not-water-pressure is really weird.  It differs by tribe.
  99. - Usually the first choice for exploring ruins and such, getting the choice before even the Seekers do.
  101. SHERRY
  103. - Goofiest robo-partner ever, pretty much Pastel from castland in the tendency to make horrible jokes and be overall silly instead of actually helpful.
  104. - Probably one of the only people to be likely to have NORMAL, BELIEVABLE reasons to go on jobs - you know, "to get money" - instead of I'M A HERO OF JUSTICE or I WANT TO LEARN ABOUT MY PAST or I'M BORED AND WANT TO TRANSLATE SOME FUCKIN' LANGUAGES
  105. - I really, really, want to give her her own ship for some reason.
  107. ERINA
  109. - Doctor.  Hey man, I played Rica, I know what DOCTORHOOD is all about.  Fun fact: Ulphia wanted to become a doctor too.  Only, you know, actually WANTED-wanted.  Anyway being pretty much a combat medic she gets lots of opportunities to meet everyone else.
  110. - I really want her to meet Marah, who trips or forgets to turn off her dragonstone or other silly shit, often, but maybe I'm just biased toward Marah.  God I hope you take her off my hands so I don't start loving her too much, manaketes are TOO CUTE, you know?
  111. - Mocky's a lazy guy, and this is an important point; I mean SUPER LAZY, so he probably hasn't even thought about characterization or motivations at all.  I need to punch those out of him.  Did you know Naida was actually Mana's protagonist?  She was trying to save her sister because the Sprite Village got attacked by some new incarnation of the Archdemon or some crazy shit and she was permanently frozen in a crystal or some silly thing but nobody ever found out that was the plot of the campaign at all because the player was too lazy to bring it up, see what I was talking about?  I never flat-out told you "there's actually a reason why the mana spirits are gathering" because I expected he'd bring it up, but NOPE
  113. RAMMY
  115. - He's actually even lazier, maybe he'll have a sheet finished by 2013.  MAYBE.
  117. BRUIN
  119. - I want to take him on wacky adventures full of bear puns.  That's a bit standard though, so I want to come up with other things to uniquify him and make him interesting.  Or make him do interesting things I mean.
  120. - Likely to end up mostly comic relief plot-wise but I dunno, you know this guy, what do you think?  Could you write up stuff for him maybe?
  122. CATGIRL
  124. - You'll get so mad when you find out what this guy's plot is, I won't even say it yet.  Just be waiting warmly.
  128. - Alligator, huh?  Does he realize fairies are little girls?  Is he going try to be a talking alligator with fairy wings?  That's actually cute, I'll let him do that.  Pretty funny guy, pretty funny idea.
  130. ----
  132. ---
  134. Gifts:
  136. Leen: A standard action that causes an opposed check, where Leen uses Force. If successful, roll a d6. On 1, nothing happens. 2 causes Berserk, 3 causes Confuse, 4 causes Charm, and 5 causes Fear, and on 6 nothing happens.
  138. Jazz: Unusual Defense (either-or), activatable
  140. Gamma: Shield Bearer
  142. SPACEBEAR: ????
  144. TENTACLE: ????- Ideas are either Grand Summoner (What'shisface) or Stop-Touch on all attacks.  Seriously, Stop sucks.
  146. Erina: ????- Considered Paradigm Shift's Medic but that sucks
  148. Spica: Bloodline (Aquan)
  150. Cael: Nature +2, Zombie-Immune
  152. If botherer writes that wacky fairy alligator: Auto-Flight
  154. Sherry: Special Companion (lol), he was kind enough to put the properties of it on his sheet so go look there
  156. Catgirl: I seriously have no fucking clue
  158. ---
  160. INTROS
  162. Spica
  164. - Wackiness with her goofy crew.
  165. - Transmission from ???, maybe mentions a ruin or a planet or something?  Either way one of the crew offers to go, other two stay behind.  Good excuse to get them to do things.
  166. - CONSIDERING having it be the same planet Timan crashlands on, but at different times and/or locations.  Not sure if I like cramming them.
  167. - Still need a conclusion.
  169. Gamma
  171. - Crashlands on an underdeveloped planet.  I want to introduce him to a race of people that's NOT a reference or something, but emphasize that they're children or otherwise civilians for the most part just living a comfortable life, no clue about space.
  172. - After a while of being taken in by these people, he gets beamed up or maybe there's a transmission from SPEHSS telling him he's been identified as being out-of-place and is best put to use coming with them.  Who is it?  I THINK it might be one of Spica's underlings, but that's a weird assumption to make and they're all slackers.  Maybe one of the engine room people I haven't written up yet.
  174. Leen
  176. - I got this almost 100%.  Starts with a flashback of her activation, introduces Vale (though not by name) maybe, obviously 'the little girl' doesn't get named either.  Maybe.  Maybe she does.
  177. - No hints that she's Gabriel Celeste yet anyway because she actually ISN'T yet
  178. - Eventually segues into being awakened by some dudes I haven't named yet
  180. Cael
  182. - Enters a fucked-up Asura Gate that takes him into space instead of elsewhere in the planet.  People freak out and run from the green elf because he looks nothing like any known race.  Suddenly SECUDROIDS attack and maybe the Cap'n shows up to save the idea?  Possibly not.
  184. Jazz
  187. - I think it'll be a ransacked space station, with things about rescuing people.  That sounds fun.
  188. - May or may not get into a fight with MYSTERIOUS WOMAN, more focus on saving people
  189. - How's he going to meet the Seekers?  Maybe there's someone from there who tells him to come help them?  Need to write that someome up I guess.
  191. Bruin
  193. - Silly ursine adventure.
  195. Erina
  197. - This one's tough, it COULD be a flashback to first joining the crew or it could be some boring, menial doctor tasks.  Both of those are boring, I need to talk to the player to get a better clue.
  199. Rammy+Catgirl
  203. Bothy
  205. - We'll get there when we get there
  207. U.L.T.R.O.S.
  209. - I... have zero clue.  Maybe the ship encounters him as like a SPACE KRAKEN because I mean, I read the series he's based on... he COULD be destroying a moon but I dunno.  Either way some situation that leads to him invading and they're like "Whatever man, we don't want to be assed to fight you to force you off our ship so just don't blow it up or anything while you're here."
  211. Am I forgetting someone?
  213. - I'm forgetting someone.
  215. ----
  219. Fran├žoise
  220. - Fairly new model of Francesca-unit, talkative and still learning.  She gets excited to tell people about new jobs; maybe it's part of her programming?
  221. - Blue Mage 1- she has Observe and logs everything EVERYBODY does.  Potential secret superboss tier?
  223. Stella ???
  224. - Total moeblob, hyperactive communications assistant.  She's actually 21, but acts like a child in the sense that she gets WAY too excited over small things.  Also a Fellpool who chases her tail when she's bored.  No, seriously.
  225. - Engineer 2
  226. - Has Maintenance (Spica) because she's obsessive arout toying with communicators, isn't that cute?
  228. ???
  229. - Narcissist who got into the communications department due to not having a degree in anything else, he ACTUALLY has some embarrassing hobby that he takes off work every now and then to do.  Doesn't take work very seriously.  Probably an Earthling?
  230. - Ninja 2
  231. - Wears a cravat even though only the chief's supposed to because it's ~FABULOUS~
  233. Croselie
  234. - Sleepy Realian designed to be a communications interface; had a few minor errors and was rescued from the scrap heap by the Excel for cheap.  Though grateful, she still does her job poorly.
  235. - Time Mage 2 (Fluffed  as communcational symbology or someshit)(Levitate, Telekinesis, Mind Over Matter)
  236. - Levitates herself instead of walking.
  238. Pop
  239. - Literally just Roll plot-wise, only instead of going after Megaman she left after Protoman before Megaman was even finished- this was BEFORE the lab blew up, mind, so she has no fucking clue
  240. - Not sure what her 'real' name should be, but she has Nono's personality (and appearance a little, down to the goggles, shamelesswood) and cleans up after Jazz's stuff; sometimes literally, to the point of making his room sparkly clean when he's out
  241. - Thief 5 (Treasure Hunter, Sneak Attack, Mug, Flimflam, Quick Hit)
  243. Captain might be a Featherfolk, maybe
  245. Marah
  246. - A manakete girl from an underdeveloped planet in the Beta sector, nobody knows how she managed to hijack and reverse-engineer an escape pod-- neither does she.
  247. - The definition of 'freeloader,' hangs around the Excel usually doing nothing productive.  Curiously, despite the enormous wings on her back, she walks instead of flies most of the time, and looks out-of-place because she doesn't change into appropriate garb despite being given the offer.  Since she doesn't have money to pay for a room nor does she care enough to work for the Seekers she's often shoehorned into doing odd jobs for the crew and can't talk her way out of it, so it isn't uncommon to see her doing a halfassed job of cleaning or taking over receptionist work while being lazy with the details when Fran├žoise is undergoing her weekly maintenance.
  248. - Blue Mage/Black Mage 5 (Unusual Species (Dragon), Bloodline (Dragon), Chimera's Blood (Earth/Wind), Specialization (Earth), Crystal Cannon)
  249. - She's an Earth Dragon, by the way.  Yes, like Mediuth.  Canon relevance?  WHO THE FUCK CARES
  251. ???
  252. - Doctor who makes //mysterious// remedies, often silly shit like love potions.  They usually don't work or have otherwise hilarious results.  Probably forbidden from doing it on the job but that's up to Eri.
  253. - WHM is too easy
  255. -
  257. [22:49:19] <castfromhp> I'm going to post images of food at you now because I don't want to start talking about this bar I want to go to again just to have Mons go "I wish I had a social life" or whatevs.
  258. [22:49:20] <castfromhp>
  259. [22:49:26] <castfromhp> This looks fucking delicious and I want it now.
  260. [22:49:31] <Giantree> okay
  261. [22:49:32] <Giantree> let me
  262. [22:49:35] <Giantree> let you in on a secret
  263. [22:49:38] <Giantree> I'm writing NPCs right now
  264. [22:49:42] <Giantree> all of them have favorite foods
  265. [22:49:46] <Giantree> and that's actually what I'm stuck on
  266. [22:49:52] <Giantree> you couldn't have picked a more perfect thing to do
  267. [22:49:56] <castfromhp> I'm pretty sure that could feed two people too, which makes the $16 price great.
  268. [22:49:57] <castfromhp> Oh my god.
  269. [22:50:01] <castfromhp> Let me do this for you.
  270. [22:50:04] <Giantree> I love you
  271. [22:50:05] <castfromhp> gib NPCs plz
  272. [22:50:15] <Giantree> OKAY, do you want me to give you their whole bios?
  273. [22:50:18] <Giantree> They're big!
  274. [22:50:25] <castfromhp> gib NPCs plz
  275. [22:51:06] <castfromhp> ...pastebin plz
  276. [22:51:08] <Giantree> actually
  277. [22:51:13] <Giantree> yeah I'm just going to hit submit on the wiki
  278. [22:51:15] <castfromhp> Please dear god pastebin not posting in this window
  279. [22:51:20] <castfromhp> oh okay
  280. [22:51:23] <castfromhp> That works too
  281. [22:51:58] <castfromhp> Here though, this is what I'm looking at now:
  282. [22:52:29] <Giantree> god I'm nowhere near done with all these, but it's under the 'people' section in
  283. [22:52:44] <Giantree> I'm encouraging the PCs to do that too but nobody's come up with any, baaaawwwwww
  284. [22:52:50] <Giantree> inb4 >Manakete
  285. [22:52:55] <castfromhp> Your table of contents link sucks.
  286. [22:53:01] <castfromhp> Also, you don't just ask the PCs to do that.
  287. [22:53:06] <Giantree> it does
  288. [22:53:18] <castfromhp> You throw them in a restaurant, and then you have a waiter ask them for their order.
  289. [22:53:34] <Giantree> WELL it's because it has mechanical bonuses, but, you do have a point!
  290. [22:54:51] <castfromhp> Stella...something spicy and sweet I'd say. Energetic food. Or something tangy? Hm. Oh tell me if I should be keeping in mind any particular Earth cultures when doing this btw.
  291. [22:55:15] <Giantree> No, all Earthlings moved out of Earth and took their culture EVERYWHERE
  292. [22:55:25] <Giantree> they're like... it's like the space monsters in Gunbuster were right
  293. [22:55:26] <castfromhp> cop out answer
  294. [22:55:33] <Giantree> I know ;~;
  296. [22:55:47] <castfromhp> But no uh, lemme think.
  297. [22:55:51] <Giantree> I don't actually disagree
  298. [22:55:55] <Giantree> chinese food in space
  299. [22:55:57] <Giantree> would probably be a thing
  300. [22:56:04] <Giantree> IN FACT I WILL MAKE A SPACE-CHINA CHEF
  301. [22:56:13] <castfromhp> Prooobably something simple too, not really high class food for Stella. Am I right?
  302. [22:56:30] <Giantree> I think Stella would like desserts, but something munchable too would also be good
  303. [22:57:42] <castfromhp> Oh a dessert? about pancakes?
  304. [22:57:53] <Giantree> Blax already made his 'Space Hotcakes,' literally
  305. [22:59:10] <castfromhp> Spiced caramelized apples.
  306. [22:59:21] <Giantree> Holy shit I was just eating a caramel apple today
  307. [22:59:34] <Giantree> ... Yeah, I can't see that not being perfect, I like it
  308. [22:59:35] <castfromhp> No no, not apple coated in caramel.
  309. [22:59:43] <Giantree> no I know
  310. [22:59:47] <castfromhp> make a spiced caramel in a saucepan and you cook the apple in it.
  311. [23:00:09] <Giantree> I know the difference between caramellizing and... actual caramel apples, but that still reminded me of it
  312. [23:00:15] <castfromhp> NORMAN. Sounds stuffy. Hm.
  313. [23:00:17] <Giantree> both sound delicious for the record
  314. [23:00:20] <Giantree> yeah stuffy as fuck
  315. [23:00:21] <castfromhp> And he's a bird.
  316. [23:02:27] <castfromhp> Is he like...eagle bird? Or other bird?
  317. [23:02:54] <Giantree> You know, I don't think it was ever explained in their source material what kind of birds Featherfolk were, they're just 'they have wings, like birds' moreso than being based on specific species.
  318. [23:03:04] <castfromhp> Ohhh.
  319. [23:03:07] <Giantree> That's probably a good estimate on what they look like though.
  320. [23:03:19] <Giantree> preemptive "inb4 freedom fries"
  321. [23:03:44] <castfromhp> No no, if he's stuffy he needs something relatively fancy.
  322. [23:03:49] <castfromhp> Oysters rockefeller?
  323. [23:03:59] <Giantree> hmmm, got a link or something?
  324. [23:04:03] <castfromhp> Or a steak taretare?
  325. [23:04:13] <Giantree> both of those sound really high-class
  326. [23:04:22] <castfromhp>
  327. [23:04:31] <castfromhp> There is a lot of PRETENTIOUS surrounding the proper recipe for this.
  328. [23:04:38] <Giantree> aw I thought you had some database you were working from
  329. [23:04:48] <castfromhp> Steak taretare:
  330. [23:04:55] <castfromhp> *tartare
  331. [23:04:55] <castfromhp> God damn
  332. [23:05:02] <castfromhp> Nah mostly just winging it off of food I know.
  333. [23:05:32] <Giantree> The latter's probably easier to come across ingredients for, looking at it
  334. [23:06:01] <castfromhp> Wouldn't that be the opposite of what stuffy high class bird would want?
  335. [23:06:32] <Giantree> well, that's true- but there's also the fact that it's in space so to get REAL FRESH ingredients you'd have to just go invade planets
  336. [23:06:49] <castfromhp> Croselie needs lazy food. I propose either some kind of street food or something else simple.
  337. [23:06:53] <Giantree> let's see what's the silliest way I can write up an on-board chef, anyway
  338. [23:07:02] <Giantree> I was going to have it be sugar cookies or some kind of crackers yeah
  339. [23:07:49] <castfromhp> Cha Shao Bao:
  340. [23:07:52] <castfromhp> Or...yeah that.
  341. [23:07:52] <castfromhp> Hm.
  342. [23:08:14] <castfromhp> I mean, I imagine with these it's just "someone else has a frozen batch they made for her that she space microwaves up to eat because lazy"
  343. [23:08:24] <Giantree> The only problem I see with that is the difficulty of remembering the name
  344. [23:08:30] <castfromhp> Hmmm...
  345. [23:08:34] <castfromhp> BBQ pork buns.
  346. [23:08:43] <Giantree> ahahaha yes, that's perfect
  347. [23:08:50] <castfromhp> In fact she can explicitly NOT remember the Chinese name.
  348. [23:08:54] <Giantree> in SO3 those exist too
  349. [23:08:56] <castfromhp> And just call them BBQ pork buns all the time.
  350. [23:09:00] <castfromhp> Marah...
  351. [23:09:00] <Giantree> and that's what they're called
  352. [23:09:13] <castfromhp> Stuffed pumpkin.
  353. [23:09:21] <castfromhp>
  354. [23:09:23] <Giantree> Marah is "dear god did I write a sue or what," at least Ao- ooh
  355. [23:09:23] <castfromhp> Delicious.
  356. [23:09:25] <castfromhp> Fucking delicious.
  357. [23:09:44] <Giantree> oh my god that DOES look delicious
  358. [23:09:58] <castfromhp> Friend of mine made it for me once. It was so god damned good.
  359. [23:10:04] <castfromhp> He added roasted chicken to the recipe.
  360. [23:10:19] <castfromhp> >over the top impossible things
  361. [23:10:23] <castfromhp> HMMMMMMMMM. HOLD ON.
  362. [23:10:24] <Giantree> god all of the ingredients in that look wonderful
  363. [23:10:28] <Giantree> also that was just my phrasing
  364. [23:10:33] <Giantree> Aori 100% came up with that guy
  365. [23:11:14] <castfromhp>
  366. [23:11:16] <castfromhp> Pick one.
  367. [23:12:06] <Giantree> These all have REALLY GOOD names
  368. [23:12:16] <castfromhp> And...oh wow I've gone this whole way without picking a Chinese dish. I guess I'll do so for the captain.
  369. [23:12:28] <Giantree> Yeah, I didn't get to finish writing that one
  370. [23:12:32] <Giantree> because I HAVE NO FOCUS
  371. [23:12:39] <Giantree> but... here let me get his description
  372. [23:12:45] <castfromhp> Song shu yu....uhh hold on lemme translate thi-
  373. [23:12:46] <castfromhp> ...
  374. [23:12:54] <castfromhp> Squirrel fish? Okay there has to be a better localization.
  375. [23:13:04] <castfromhp> Man I forgot how WEIRD some Chinese dishes sound when translated.
  376. [23:13:10] <castfromhp> Because I always say the Chinese names so it doesn't click.
  377. [23:13:14] <Giantree> [18:46:48] <Aori_Radidjiu> Well obviously I'm going to make them a solipsist, who decided to become captain of this ship/got this ship commissioned so that they could be the main character of the universe in it and SAVE THE GALAXY IN ITS TIME OF NEED.  Totally the leader of the Heroes of Light.
  378. [23:13:20] <castfromhp> Like "saliva chicken" (I guess mouth-watering chicken?)
  379. [23:13:21] <Giantree> that may help
  380. [23:13:56] <castfromhp>
  381. [23:14:03] <castfromhp> Call it deep fried mandarin fish I guess.
  382. [23:14:07] <Giantree> Also, I note that's a common problem with translating ANY asian language into western ones most of the time
  383. [23:14:39] <castfromhp> Lookit that fish though. Looks fit for a captain.
  384. [23:14:57] <Giantree> dear god yeah it does
  385. [23:15:36] <Giantree> There's also Pop, the flat-out Roll ripoff who went chasing after Protoman instead of Megaman because this is one weirdass universe.  That's the one who looks just like Nono by accident
  386. [23:16:00] <castfromhp> Rini was enough looks-like-Nono-by-accident
  387. [23:16:08] <Giantree> I KNOW
  388. [23:16:10] <castfromhp> Anyway you're out of NPCs but I'm not out food. Write more NPCs plz.
  389. [23:16:30] <castfromhp> *out of
  390. [23:18:03] <castfromhp> But really let me know if you have more NPCs that need favorite foods.
  391. [23:18:08] <Giantree> Yeah, I'm sort of lost, but I know what's THERE.  Someone asked abour hot springs so hygiene is definitely a thing, meaning there's some hugeass open bath and likely somebody to attend it; it's all artificial climate so whatEVER.  I also need to do the engine room crew, a bunch of guys who work with the Seeker's Guild and are just mercenaries but are apparently interesting enough to have names, somebody owning a clothing store (probably really fabulous), somebody (or something) who makes weapons... I guess Sherry's helper AI-droid doesn't eat, huh.
  392. [23:19:35] <castfromhp> Hmmmm...
  393. [23:19:46] <castfromhp> Engine room barbeques. B[
  394. [23:19:53] <castfromhp> Manly man food.
  395. [23:20:24] <castfromhp> Barbequed space whale ribs with extra spicy space-Texan barbeque sauce
  396. [23:20:28] <Giantree> Considering I'm writing up JUST A BUNCH OF LITTLE GIRLS- ... okay, I'll be honest with you, I probably just got all the little girls out of the way first so the rest is manly spaceman.
  397. [23:20:32] <Giantree> >space whale
  398. [23:20:34] <Giantree> god damn, son
  399. [23:20:46] <Giantree> I should make a space whaler just for that notion
  400. [23:20:55] <castfromhp> Space whales are a THING.
  401. [23:21:17] <Giantree> oh shit I forgot aori answered when you did the 'pick one' thing back there
  402. [23:21:19] <Giantree> [23:13:04] <Melanie> Forest Foraging 2-0
  403. [23:21:22] <Giantree> maybe I just didn't notice it
  404. [23:21:35] <castfromhp> haha
  405. [23:21:49] <Giantree> wow what even IS THAT
  406. [23:23:13] <castfromhp> Fabulous clothing store person likesssss...spiced cranberry sauce. Not even with anything. Just the cranberry sauce.
  407. [23:24:24] <Giantree> You know, this is helping me write characters BETTER than vice versa
  408. [23:26:13] <castfromhp> Mercenaries who each prefer a different type of sashimi paired with a particular sake.
  409. [23:26:51] <Giantree> acceptable
  410. [23:27:06] <castfromhp> It HAS to come with that sake though or they get MAD.
  411. [23:27:19] <Giantree> Somebody (Read: Leen) will play a waitress minigame
  412. [23:27:25] <castfromhp> pffft
  413. [23:27:27] <castfromhp> Oh god.
  414. [23:27:28] <Giantree> involving having to serve all of them
  415. [23:27:31] <Giantree> in a time limit
  416. [23:27:32] <Giantree> like
  417. [23:27:35] <Giantree> an OOC time limit
  418. [23:27:41] <Giantree> Leen is played by Shuku if you didn't know yet
  419. [23:27:48] <castfromhp> I know.
  420. [23:27:53] <Giantree> okay just making sure
  421. [23:28:10] <castfromhp> Weaponsmith:
  422. [23:28:41] <Giantree> holy MOTHER OF FUCK
  423. [23:29:15] <Giantree> I was going to have them be a manly man or a robot, but
  424. [23:29:17] <Giantree> but this
  425. [23:29:20] <Giantree> this is CHOCOLATE
  426. [23:29:27] <Giantree> And you know who likes chocolate?  Little girls.
  427. [23:29:39] <castfromhp> I have done a terrible thing. :<
  428. [23:29:55] <Giantree> ... Amusingly, I actually never could get into spicy things, but my mother always loved them
  429. [23:30:01] <Giantree> no idea how that has any relevance to anything
  430. [23:30:05] <Giantree> but it's just like
  431. [23:30:17] <Giantree> I got her ABSOLUTELY GODFORSAKEN SHITTY sense of direction and other habits from her
  432. [23:30:21] <Giantree> why can't I stand spicy foods
  433. [23:30:30] <castfromhp> You know what? Fuck it. I can't not link this which I'm oggling right now.
  434. [23:30:38] <Giantree> >oggling
  435. [23:30:48] <castfromhp> Shut up. :V
  436. [23:31:38] <castfromhp> I've found if you link pictures of the foods your characters like, that will do a lot in the portrayal of things.
  437. [23:32:18] <castfromhp> I used to use pictures a lot more as a GM tool before I came here actually. Not sure why I didn't. Probably because whereas IRL it felt like extra effort to print out something and use it to supplement description, online it feels lazy to use an image, even if it's in addition to description.
  438. [23:32:22] <castfromhp> Which is nonsensical.
  439. [23:32:29] <Giantree> Yeah, I was going to
  440. [23:33:58] <castfromhp> Is there anything I listed that didn't come with a picture?
  441. [23:34:22] <Giantree> Spiced caramelized apples didn't
  442. [23:34:43] <castfromhp>
  443. [23:34:56] <castfromhp> Though that looks too fancy maybe.
  444. [23:36:41] <Giantree> nah, it works
  445. [23:37:38] <castfromhp> oh my fuck this looks good:
  446. [23:37:41] <Giantree> >star anise as an ingredient
  447. [23:37:44] <Giantree> >anisebitch's underling
  448. [23:37:46] <Giantree> so appropriate
  449. [23:37:52] <castfromhp> Also if you weren't aware of this site yet you are now:
  450. [23:37:55] <castfromhp> Yeah man
  451. [23:38:01] <castfromhp> Star anise is one of my favorite spices to use.
  452. [23:38:07] <castfromhp> Both in Chinese recipes and otherwise.
  453. [23:38:16] <Giantree> I'm not even going to lie to you, I know nothing of it other than 'it's an herb'
  454. [23:38:24] <castfromhp> Holy fuck why haven't I done star anise in my lemonades yet?
  455. [23:38:44] <Giantree> Also yeah, this is exactly what I was referring to when I said I thought you had a database or something
  456. [23:38:45] <castfromhp> I'll put that on the list.
  457. [23:38:52] <castfromhp> Oh.
  458. [23:39:01] <castfromhp> The database is IN MY MIND.
  459. [23:39:11] <Giantree> well I mean
  460. [23:39:19] <Giantree> I THOUGHT that you were using something like this
  461. [23:39:24] <castfromhp> Ah
  462. [23:43:14] <castfromhp> Nah the spiced apples thing was a Gordon Ramsay recipe I remembered wanting to try. Mandarin fish is a personal favorite. Oysters rockefeller is part of my idea of fancy people food. Stuffed pumpkin I ate not too long ago, etc.
  463. [23:43:28] <castfromhp> It's all just taking stuff that's been on my mind foodwise and fitting it to what seemed appropriate.
  464. [23:43:35] <castfromhp> ...I think about food a LOT if you haven't noticed.
  465. [23:43:45] <Giantree> I have noticed, that's why I call you fat
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