Youska Fairytail

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  1. Name: Youska Phoenix
  4. ​Appearance: pfp will post in face claim..
  7. Gender: Male
  10. Race: Human
  12. Age: 32
  15. Title (If Applicable): None prefers to be given his titles
  18. Blood Type: O positive
  21. Date of Birth: 09/11
  24. Guild/Magic Corp: Justice Department (on temporary retirement)/ Blue pegasus
  27. Guild/Magic: Justice Department of the Magic council./ blue Pegasus mark
  30. Likes: Nature, and the earth around him.
  33. Dislikes: Mean and Evil People.
  35. Special Skills: Apprentice Potion making
  39. Magic: Sylver Magic grants the user hunting abilities, enabling them to form constructs such as arrows, traps, light armor, poison, and blades out of magic power, as well as enhance their body towards stealth and thievery. Youska has created this magic to fit how he does things and it is still a work in progress.
  42. Spells Under Said Magic:
  43. 1. Pilin en' templa (Magic Arrow): firing from a specially enchanted bow up to 5 magic arrows pertruding from a silver colored magic circle made from concentrated magic energy. These arrows would fly at the opponent with high speed and Accuracy and they would easily pierce whatever it touches. This would deal medium to heavy damage to the target that he was hunting. If they dont hit anything, they fade away after traveling 75 feet
  45. 2. Elea ie'dome (Night Sight): permits the caster to see perfectly in complete darkness. (very slowly drains magic over time)
  47. 3.Atost en' entula orme (Reactive Armor): creates a silver arm shield made from magic power. When struck by a physical  attack the arm shield would become harder depending the amount of force that was used in the Physical attack. (ex. the amount of force used in a right hook punch will cause the arm shield to increase its physical durability by equal amount of the punches force.) When the shield is struck by a slashing, or stabbing weapon then the shield will compensate and increase it's durability against sharp bladed weapons and piercing weapons. When the arm shield is attacked with spells the arm shield will compensate magical durability by increasing its magical resistance per spell used on it.
  49. 4.Lova Poldora (Weaken): Can be used to weaken the state of an item so it can be broken.
  51. Limit: first cast weakens by 25 percent. Second cast weakens by 50 percent. Third cast does nothing at all.
  53. 5.Ama Poldora (Strength)  This spell will compensate the weapon of choice. if it is the bow it will make the arrows that are fired soar faster making them difficult to be seen while in mid air. Their impact force would also be increased allowing Youska to pierce through most beast hides and shells and possibly through some defensive spells. If it is the knife it would increase the blades durability and make it able to cut through most shells and hides of beasts. plus some armors from targeted mages or other humanoid targets.
  54. First Cast: increases physical and weapon strength x2 drains magic power slowly.
  55. Second Cast: increases physical and weapons strength by 3x. Drains magic power steadily.
  57. 6.Ama Tyelka (Agility) Increase speed and flexibility of the mage.
  59. Level1 boost by x2 while draining magic power slowly
  61. Level 2 boost by x3 while magic power drains steadily.
  63. 7.Nuema en' Templa (Magic trap): The user can create a trap made of magic power towards three purposes: incapacitation, harm, or immobilization. All types can be hidden underground, though each has a separate color. A Bind Trap (-Silver -) sets several durable straps made of magic power to hold the target in place. A Bomb Trap (-Green-) releases a strong explosion that sends the target flying away with blunt damage. A Shock Trap (-White-) sets off a powerful electric shock strong enough to shortly stun stronger mages and completely knock out weaker mages. The user can place up to five traps at any given time, but only up to two of any single type (ex. Bomb, Bomb, Shock, Bind, and Bind). At will, the user can disarm one, causing the trap to disappear completely. all traps can be hidden by a magically placed underground.
  65. 8.Quanta Yassen' Kshapsa (Poison): The user can poison an object to assist in poisoning the target through cuts, lasting up to 1 minute before dissipating from the weapon. The poison renders the target physically ill and increasingly disoriented quickly over time, but wears off after 12 hours. Using Poison on an object renders it capable of poisoning someone else, allowing the user to enchant a weapon with Poison before attacking an enemy. The user, however, is completely immune to the poison, as it is generated from the user's magic power.
  66. ​Weapons: Bow, and hunting Knife
  67. Also can be applied too blade spirits spell and magic arrow spell.
  69. 9.Hyandae en' Luhta (Blade Spirit) - While having his knife in hand the user creates up to 2 extra smokey (Silver) blades that can be set to either wander around within 30 feet of the user or be actively controlled by the user. Once these blades are within a few feet of a target, they move to attack the target on their own, performing up to 5 strikes before dissipating. Each unsuccessful hit, however, weakens the blades. 3 unsuccessful hits result in the blade dissipating as well. The steel blades are as strong as normal swords, and thus can seriously injure a target if used correctly. The user can wield a blade or two in their hands and even have the remaining follow them around, though the blades only last for ten minutes in the long run. It consumes a small amount of magic power to create one, but does not drain mana over time.
  71. 10.Panta Tangwa (Unlock): The user can unlock any physical mechanism created to keep someone out. They may also unlock moderate level magical mechanisms, and each use consumes a very small amount of magic power.
  73. 11.Mark: a spell that marks anyone or thing he touches making him able to track allies or prey much easer. The range of this spell can only track up o 20 yards before the target is lost and Youska would have to hunt them the old fashioned way.
  75. Personality: Youska is Kind hearted easily capable of caring for those he cares about and even some that would need his help. He is Also strict knowing what is right and what is wrong as well as punishing those who have done wrong. Lastly he is fair and will listen to both sides of an argument before making a ruling.
  77. ​Backstory: A lone traveling mage who journeys through different lands perfecting his magic Reaching Fiore he decided to settle down and try to join a guild. The Question was which guild should he join, it obviously needed to be one filled with good and kind hearted people, they also had to have a love for nature. Youska had a choice to make and there was only one way to make it... TEST THEM ALL....
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