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/vg/ PSO2 FAQ

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Apr 20th, 2013
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  1. Highlighted Lines are the Questions
  3. /vg/ Related Questions:
  5. What ship/block does /vg/ play on?
  6. Ship 4, Block 27. Other 4chan boards might be on other Blocks, refer to the board to find out what block they're on
  8. Is that the English Ship?
  9. No, the English ship is Ship 2. The decision for /vg/ and some other boards to play on Ship 4 is server space. We want people to be able to get in and play, and Ship 2 has a chance of filling up.
  11. Is there a PSO2 /vg/ Steam Group?
  12. Yes. has been the /vg/ group since CBT.
  15. Launcher/Character Creator Benchmark Related Questions:
  17. Where do I download the Game Launcher?
  19. Click the big button with the space background.
  21. The downloader/Launcher takes too long, is there an alternate download?
  22. Check this link:
  24. Where do I download the Character Creator? Does it have an English Patch?
  25. CC:
  26. English Patch:
  28. How do I launch game?
  29. First big button.
  31. How do I change settings?
  32. 2nd button. Refer to this link on Bumped to help you with settings.
  35. How do I update?
  36. On the launcher, click the third button. It'll check for updates and download it.
  38. Why is it downloading so slow?
  39. The servers are in Japan. Plus many people might be downloading the patch. Also the patch might be humongous big.
  41. My benchmark came back with a score of <????> am I good?
  42. 2000+ is fine. Honestly, 1500+ is fine. There is a lot of optimization in the actual game over the benchmark. I can run almost perfectly on a HD3870, hi-res textures and shaders.
  44. Can my character I made in the CC be ported over to the actual game?
  45. If you saved it, yes.
  48. Game Related Questions:
  50. Will there be an English Localization?
  51. Right now it's JP only. Sega has announced an English Version, but it's been delayed multiple times.
  53. How about an English Patch?
  54. Two people, Agrajag and scriptkiddie from PSUMods or PSO-World are making one.
  56. Do I have to Pay 2 Play?
  57. Nope, the game is Free to Play, has a cash shop.
  59. What is the level cap?
  60. Level 60 and it's rumored that the maximum cap overall will be 200.
  62. How many free characters can I make?
  63. Only One. But you can switch classes on it so technically you can survive with only one unless you get really anal with stats.
  65. Can I subclass?
  66. Yes, you need to reach Level 20 on a class then do a Client Order from Koffie to unlock it.
  68. What class should I play?
  69. Can't really help you choose there. Gotta pick what feels right. Hunters are the Melee class, Rangers the Ranged Class, and Force the Magic/Healer class. You can change your class on your character in game, so feel free to experiment.
  71. I got Error Code <###>, what do I do?
  72. Refer with this list:
  73. 242: Can't connect to server. Wait several seconds to login again.
  74. 601: No server response, server too busy to process or Account/Sega ID hasn't been activated.
  75. 602: Incorrect Sega ID. Make sure you're using all lowercase letters.
  76. 603: Not sure what this is, try making sure your Sega ID is in all lowercase or that it has cases in the right places.
  77. 604: Password is incorrect.
  78. 617: Ship/Block cannot be found.
  79. 630: No Server Response.
  80. 632: Double Login Error
  81. 640: Game Client Does Not Match.
  82. 649: Server Maintenence
  83. 2300: Player ID isn't available.
  85. I got Item Codes in my E-Mail from the CBT/Pre-OBT. Where do I enter them?
  86. Go to the Visiphone(terminal with pink question mark). Choose the アイテムコード option.
  88. How do I add Friends? What does this menu option do? How do I switch Blocks?
  89. Refer to this post on Bumped:
  92. A bunch of people in the lobby are grey and untextured. How do I fix it?
  93. When you're In-Game, go to Options. Click the last tab then click the 2nd option. There will be a slider with the number 12. Crank it up as high as you can, it will cause more load and more lag in the lobby.
  95. I made Symbol Art in CBT/Pre-OBT, how do I import it?
  98. What does Ability/DEX do?
  99. No one is really sure. But the assumption is that Ability makes the Damage range smaller on your attacks. So instead of being big like 200-250 it's more around 230-250 or something.
  101. How do people have Gaebolg? Or the Bouquet Rifle? How can I get them?
  102. Those items are items you get from promotional codes. Some of these are gotten from magazines like the Gaebolg, Bouquet Rifle was from Pre-OBT by completing a quest.
  104. How do I trade?
  105. Trading is sadly a Premium feature. Luckily though for OBT you have a shop that you can use. So make sure you have the person friended/on the same guild and you can put it on the shop for a low price for them to snatch up.
  107. There's so much currency, what is what?
  108. Meseta is your main currency. The yellow drops in-game is Meseta.
  109. FUN is Currency you can use for a scratch card. You earn it by logging in for consecutive days or giving people good jobs.
  110. AC is the Cash Option. Pay real money for it. Buys stuff in the AC shop and gets you special AC scratches.
  111. There's a 4th currency introduced in Pre-OBT, Net Cafe Points. Unobtainable outside of Japan.
  113. On my weapon, I seem to have extra stats of some sort, what are they and what are they adding to the weapon?
  114. Go check out this pastebin. All the Weapon Abilities translated with their stats:
  118. I want to know more about mechanics/skills. What should I look for?
  119. Go read Momoyo's Pastebin.
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