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Chaika LN Vol 10 Summary

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  1. World's background, according to Gaz, as of vol 10:
  2. God created the world to feed on emotions of the population. After many tries (Feylas) he managed to create humans, who in turn managed to create a proper society and become a proper population capable of feeding him.
  3. Then God created Gaz to rule half of the world and maintain a perpetual state of war. Gaz eventually started to ask himself questions, didn't like to be a puppet and decided to rebel against God. God didn't like it and used Guy (God's proxy in the world, a part of God) to start a war against Gaz.
  5. At the end of the island arc Guy betrays Team Chaika and attacks them (he didn't want them to get on that island in the first place). Chaika accidentally gets some of her blood on Niva and activates her. Niva is a living magic amplifying gando. He merges with Chaika's gando and they manage to kill (that particular) Guy. Also, Niva has silver and gold eyes.
  7. Then the tournament arc happens, it's mostly character development, and Gillette. Gillette was revived by Guy to serve as one of the 9 apostles who are supposed to seal/kill Gaz once he is revived. Gillette starts to regain his memories during his battle against Toru when Toru hits his fake arm, which he lost just before dying to falling Soara.
  9. Fast forward to the resurrection ceremony. Everybody (except Toru and Frederika, who should be still pretending being dead after getting assravaged by Gillette) is at the audience room. Black kills Stephan and start eating Gaz's remains. Gaz revives. Black dies. Apostles arrive and start fighting against young Gaz. At that point Toru should be contracting Frederika. Shit's going down, Red and White are shocked after seeing Black's resurrection ceremony. Toru arrives in his dragoon armor and Team White get out of the audience room. Red is on her own, with her 2 unconcious buddies to haul.
  11. Team White try to leave the caste but there's an impenetrable barrier around it so they decide to go back to the audience room. On the way back they meet Red and decide to team up. They fight the 3 puppet Chaikas, now controlled by Gaz, manage to take 2 down but Green escapes.
  12. They arrive to the audience room, Team Gillette is already there, chatting with Gaz. While preparing some spell using Niva, Gaz tells his story and explains about God and the world.
  13. The spell he's preparing is to kill God. He's using the same system God uses to collect human emotions (old Chamonix ruins, scattered around the continent) to reach him.
  14. Then Gaz kills God.
  15. Volume 10 ends with Gaz announcing that it's now time to rule the world properly.
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