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  2. Please download this archive containing pictures ->
  4. Then educate yourself:
  6. A-Bombs like those dropped over Nagasaki and HIroshima aren't H-Bombs!
  8. The difference is huge: H-bombs or thermonuclear bombs are 1000 more powerful than A-bombs and have never been used for real as they are too dangerous. And most of the work done on the A-Bomb haven't been done by Teller but by others scientists as he was only interested in H-Bomb: he was fearing the Russian scientists bombs.
  10. Anyway although Edward Teller wasn't a saint, he wasn't the only scientist involved in the creation of the never used H-bomb cf and "Teller, Edward." EncyclopŠdia Britannica. Encyclopaedia Britannica 2008 Ultimate Reference Suite.  Chicago: EncyclopŠdia Britannica, 2008.
  12. Context:
  14. By 1941 Teller had taken out U.S. citizenship and joined Enrico Fermi's team at the University of Chicago in the epochal experiment to produce the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. Teller then accepted an invitation from the University of California at Berkeley to work on theoretical studies on the atomic bomb with J. Robert Oppenheimer; and when Oppenheimer set up the secret Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in New Mexico in 1943, Teller was among the first men recruited. Although the Los Alamos assignment was to build a fission bomb,
  16. Teller digressed more and more from the main line of research to continue his own inquiries into a potentially much more powerful thermonuclear hydrogen fusion bomb. At war's end he wanted the U.S. government's nuclear weapons development priorities shifted to the hydrogen bomb.
  18. Hiroshima, however, had had a profound effect on Oppenheimer and other Manhattan Project scientists, and few had the desire to continue in nuclear weapons research.
  20. After WWII started by the German Nazis ends, the arm race was raging between USA and Russia, the US didn't want to loose the cold war between communism and capitalism, thus they had to be powerful in face of Russia that was developing his own H-Bomb. The US won this race:
  22. "Edward Teller and other American scientists developed the first hydrogen bomb, which was tested at Enewetak atoll on November 1, 1952. The U.S.S.R. first tested a hydrogen bomb on August 12, 1953, followed by the United Kingdom in May 1957, China (1967), and France (1968)."
  24. Nagasaki and Hiroshima A-bombs were launched in August 6 and 9, 1945, 7 years before the H-Bomb was tested for the 1st time!
  26. This demo is a real revisionist vision of the history hosted on and Shame on them!
  28. It allegates that:
  30. 1/ Teller involvements probably caused indirectly the death of hundred thousands innocent victims. On one hand if Teller was alone making all the nuclear arsenal of the USA that would have been known! The fact is he was working with an international team (American Oppenheimer born from a German immigrant, Italian Enrico Fermi, Polish Ulam, Stanislaw Marcin, German Jewish Albert Enstein, ...).
  32. On another hand where the fact people in Nagasaki and Hiroshima weren't military is certain they were japanese and would have turn as military human stock against US troops in case of invasion.
  34. Teller as shown higher wasn't that much involved into the A-Bombs dropped: he wasn't interested into this technology. Japan was at war with the US and was loosing but the US and Japan loss were high whereas Japanese were decided not to surrender by any way, hence it requires a strong blow to stop the war.
  36. 2 A-Bombs Little-Boy and Fat-Man were dropped and Japan after loosing around 300 000 people in a second, surrendered understanding that any other action would led to its complete destruction. While the bomb drop was not a "good" decision, it was the less worse to save lifes on both camps.
  38. cf,,
  40. 2/ Submarine started to use nuclear propulsion in 1954, they also use nuclear fission whereas the main idea behind H-bomb is to use nuclear fusion. It's totally different technology (fusion / fission). cf and
  42. 3/ this 'demo' shows dozens of bombs dropped whereas the main aim of the A and H-Bombs are too drop only 1 bomb and not several: the A and H-bombs are build because they are efficient and a powerful deterent, it's useless to use more than one at a time.
  44. 4/ the song tell us that "I'm not Edward Teller, my ego doesn't grow on tree": it's a racist use of a modified jewish idioms "Money doesn't grow on tree"
  46. 5/ it displays gas mask but what the link between gas mask, H-Bombs and E.T? Try to put the responsability of nazi use of gas to jewish E.T?
  48. This demo is a concentrate of Antisemitic content showing that their creators :
  50. *aren't very aware of what they talk
  51. *make political demos in between 2 beers and a Vodka
  52. *are jaleous of the fact a jewish has created a powerful weapon and technology that the German have been forbidden to use after their non acceptable behaviour and ideology during WWII.
  54. Most important those technologies as they are very dangerous are a big deterrent to conflict and have brought peace!
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