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  1. turner:What English artist had the forenames Joseph Mallord William ?
  2. black:What colour was the Maltese Falcon ?
  3. troy:What city fell to the Wooden Horse ?
  4. dormouse:Who was asleep between the March Hare and the Hatter ?
  5. blue:What colour eyes did The Boys from Brazil have ?
  6. shazam:What was Captain Marvel's magic word?
  7. michelangelo:Who carved the famed Medici tombs in Florence ?
  8. paprika:What is the Hungarian word for Pepper ?
  9. the:What is the most used word in written English ?
  10. achilles:Who was dipped in the River Styx ?
  11. snoopy:What Peanuts character has a brother named Spike ?
  12. armageddon:What Leon Uris novel deals with the Russian capture of Berlin ?
  13. white:What colour was Moby Dick ?
  14. eight:How many reindeer pull Santa's sleigh ?
  15. wednesday:What day of the week was Solomon Grundy married on ?
  16. rope:What did Hans Christian Anderson always travel with in case of fire ?
  17. spring:What season is the setting for Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream ?
  18. arms:What is missing from the Venus de Milo ?
  19. shogun:What James Clavell novel recounts John Blackthorne's adventures in 16th century Japan ?
  20. krypton:What planet gave birth to Superman ?
  21. iberia:What James Michener book is subtitled Spanish Travels and Reflections ?
  22. mahogany:What wood is Chippendale furniture made from ?
  23. thumbelina:Who was Tom Thumb's female counterpart ?
  24. gotham:What city do Batman and Robin patrol ?
  25. rodin:What sculptor is responsible for The Kiss ?
  26. camelot:Where was King Arthur's court ?
  27. romeo:Who pined 'but soft, what light through yonder window breaks' ?
  28. vincent:What name did Vincent Van Gogh sign to his paintings ?
  29. papyrus:What Egyptian writing material gave us the word paper ?
  30. macbeth:What is the shortest and bloodiest of Shakespeare's plays ?
  31. thor:Who is the god of thunder and war in Norse mythology ?
  32. existentialism:What philosophy is associated with Jean Paul Sartre ?
  33. snoopy:Who plays shortstop for Charlie Brown's baseball team ?
  34. thirteen:How many people appear in da Vinci's the last supper ?
  35. flo:What is the name of Andy Capp's wife ?
  36. adam:What biblical figure is known as the Father of the Human race ?
  37. atlas:What ancient Greek had the world on his shoulders ?
  38. alice:Who devoured a cake with the words 'Eat Me' written on it in currants ?
  39. zebra:What is the name of Alistair Macleans ice station ?
  40. english:What language boasts the largest vocabulary ?
  41. karamazov:What is the last name of brothers Dmitri, Ivan, Alyosha and Smerdyakov ?
  42. angels:What are the cherubim and seraphim ?
  43. galahad:Who was Lancelots son in Arthurian legend ?
  44. alan:What was A.A. Milne's first name ?
  45. mohicans:Who was Uncas the last of ?
  46. larkin:What is the family name in the H E Bates story A little of what you fancy ?
  47. fox:What Aesop animal assumed the grapes he couldnt reach were sour anyway ?
  48. foyles:What is London's most famous book shop ?
  49. latin:What subject did Mr Chips teach ?
  50. sinbad:Who met Cyclops on his third voyage ?
  51. straw:What was spun into gold in the story of Rumpelstiltskin ?
  52. broth:What did the old woman in the shoe give her children to eat ?
  53. michelangelo:What artist had the surname Buonarrotti ?
  54. gulliver:Who visited a country governed by horses ?
  55. siesta:What mid day nap takes its name from the Spanish word sexta meaning sixth ?
  56. right:What hand does God give life to Adam with on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel ?
  57. florence:What city is graced by Michelangelo's David ?
  58. westerns:What type of stories does J T Edson specialise in ?
  59. plato:Who is known as the Father of Western Philosophy ?
  60. spanish:What nationality was Pablo Picasso ?
  61. oxford:Where did Tom Brown graduate to from Rugby ?
  62. conductor:What did British symphony orchestras do without until 1820 ?
  63. swiss:What was William Tell's nationality ?
  64. snoopy:Who's Woodstock's Beagle buddy ?
  65. love:What means never having to say you're sorry ?
  66. cyclops:Who is the one eyed giant of Greek mythology ?
  67. a:What is the first letter of the Russian alphabet ?
  68. hercules:Who was the Roman's equivalent of the Greek's Heracles ?
  69. watercolour:What painting medium was mastered by the Victorians ?
  70. polish:What nationality was Chopin ?
  71. shamrock:What plant did St Patrick use to explain the Trinity ?
  72. brazil:Where were Ira Levin's boys from ?
  73. garth:Who is the Daily Mirror's long running cartoon strongman ?
  74. gulliver:Who met the giants of Brobdingnag ?
  75. bricks:What was the Tate Gallery criticised for buying 128 of in 1976 ?
  76. violin:What musical instrument did Sherlock Holmes play ?
  77. nausea:What Jean Paul Sartre novel had a sick title ?
  78. spanish:What nationality was Goya ?
  79. steppenwolf:What Herman Hess book gave its name to a rock group ?
  80. greyfriars:What school did Billy Bunter attend ?
  81. gollum:Who lost his 'precious' to a hobbit ?
  82. library:What is a Bibliothek in Frankfurt ?
  83. woman:Was Richmal Crompton a man or woman ?
  84. tattoos:What is Ray Bradbury's illustrated man illustrated with ?
  85. exodus:What Leon Uris novel recounts the birth of Israel ?
  86. lot:Whose wife was turned into a pillar of salt ?
  87. jack:What is the most common name in nursery rhymes ?
  88. lean:What couldnt Jack Sprat's wife eat ?
  89. esperanto:What's the best known artificial international language ?
  90. oberon:Who was Shakespeare's fairy king ?
  91. bathroom:Which room did Napolean keep the Mona Lisa in ?
  92. pygmalion:What George Bernard Shaw play inspired My Fair Lady ?
  93. australia:What country provides the setting for the novel Summer of the seventeenth Doll ?
  94. heaven:What did God call the firmament ?
  95. lilliput:Where did Gulliver find a race of tiny people ?
  96. london:Where did Phileas Fogg begin and end his trip around the world ?
  97. z:What letter in the English alphabet once went by the name izzard ?
  98. phoenix:What fabled bird sprang to new life from the ashes of its nest ?
  99. seventeen:How many steps are there to the second storey flat at 221B Baker Street ?
  100. slavery:What is the subject of Kyle Onstott's Mandingo ?
  101. twelve:How many deeds did Hercules perform to free himself from bondage ?
  102. ford:What was the surname of author Ford Maddox ?
  103. capulet:What is Juliet's last name ?
  104. joseph:Who wore the coat of many colours ?
  105. left:Which ear did Vincent Van Gogh partially cut off ?
  106. slowly:What does the musical term 'largo' mean ?
  107. 100:How many years did Sleeping Beauty sleep ?
  108. rugby:What school does Tom attend in Tom Brown's School Days ?
  109. jay:What was the Great Gatsby's first name ?
  110. t:What is the second most used letter in English ?
  111. dracula:Who was Bram Stoker's most infamous character ?
  112. suffolk:What county is John Constable most closely associated with ?
  113. aesop:Whose moral of the story was 'Dont count your chickens before they're hatched' ?
  114. botticelli:What Italian artist painted Birth of Venus ?
  115. cuba:What Island did Ernest Hemingway spend much of his writing life on ?
  116. scampo:What is the singular of Scampi ?
  117. n:What letter ends all Japanese words not ending with a vowel ?
  118. fourteen:How many lines are there in a Sonnet ?
  119. heidi:What John Spyri story is about a little Alpine lass ?
  120. aladdin:What character's story contains the line 'New lamps for old' ?
  121. jason:Who sailed to adventure in the Argo ?
  122. hercules:Who was assigned to steal the girdle of the Amazon queen Hippolyte ?
  123. prometheus:What figure of Greek mythology gave fire to man ?
  124. mongoose:What type of animal is Rikki Tikki Tavi ?
  125. equus:What Peter Shaffer play is about a boy who blinds six horses ?
  126. x:What letter begins the fewest words in the English language ?
  127. michelangelo:Who painted the Sistine Chapel ?
  128. turner:What famous English artist painted Rain, Steam and Speed ?
  129. brenda:What name have Private Eye readers come to associate with the Queen ?
  130. pan:What shepherd god was the legendary inventor of the flute ?
  131. books:What does a Bibliophile enjoy ?
  132. drummond:What was the name of Sapper's Bulldog ?
  133. lolita:What Vladimir Nabokov novel features Professor Humbert in love with a 12 year old girl ?
  134. vet:What is James Herriots other occupation ?
  135. alice:Who said 'I've had such a curious dream' ?
  136. prologue:What is a speech at the beginning of a play called ?
  137. of:What is the second most common word in written English ?
  138. paris:Who was Helen of Troy's Trojan Lover ?
  139. dulcinea:Who was Don Quixote's imaginary love ?
  140. ireland:What country was A Terrible Beauty to Leon Uris ?
  141. spain:What country is the setting for Edgar Allen Poe's The Pit and the Pendulum ?
  142. smallville:What Illinois town was Superman's boyhood home ?
  143. mycroft:What was the name of Sherlock Holmes's smarter brother ?
  144. icarus:Who flew too close to the sun ?
  145. thomas:What was Gainsborough's first name ?
  146. prostitute:What is the profession of nursery rhyme characters Lucy Locket and Kitty Fisher ?
  147. delilah:Who betrayed Samson to the Philistines ?
  148. earth:What planet is taken over by aliens called overlords in Arthur C Clarke's novel Childhood's End ?
  149. pills:What were the dolls in Jaqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls ?
  150. german:What's considered the sister language of English ?
  151. geppetto:What was Pinocchio's father's name ?
  152. hamlet:What Shakespeare character has the most lines with 1,422 ?
  153. mouse:What animal helped free the netted lion in Aesop's fable ?
  154. seven:What is the magic no that helped to bring down the walls of Jericho ?
  155. aphrodite:Who was the Greek goddess of love ?
  156. one:How many pairs of hands did Monica Dickens attain success with ?
  157. and:What word occurs 46,227 times in the Bible ?
  158. parrot:What kind of bird taught Dr Dolittle to talk to the animals ?
  159. rembrandt:What dutch master painted 64 self portraits ?
  160. paris:What European capital first saw The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956 published ?
  161. eight:How many people took refuge on Noah's Ark ?
  162. furniture:What did Thomas Sheraton design and produce ?
  163. hiawatha:Who was Minnehaha's husband ?
  164. woodstock:What is the name of Snoopy's secretary ?
  165. frankenstein:What novel was written by Mary Shelley at the age of 19 ?
  166. owl:What creature is Athena, Greek goddess of Wisdom associated with ?
  167. curfew:What English word comes from the old French covrefeu meaning 'cover fire' ?
  168. linus:Which member of the Peanuts gang once said 'There's no heavier burden than a great potential' ?
  169. dandy:What comic was Korky the Cat in ?
  170. amen:What is the last word of the Bible ?
  171. belgian:What is the nationality of Agatha Christie's detective Hercule Poirot ?
  172. feedback:What is the shortest word in English that contains the letters A, B, C, D, E and F ?
  173. sheep:What was a Bo Peep to a 19th century cockney street vendor ?
  174. desdemona:Who is Othello's wife ?
  175. australia:What country is the setting for Colleen McCullough's The Thorn Birds ?
  176. chinese:What nationality was Aladdin ?
  177. narnia:What is the fairytale world of C S Lewis's The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe ?
  178. denmark:What country is home to Shakespeare's Hamlet ?
  179. tarts:What did the Knave of Hearts steal ?
  180. desiderata:What work begins 'Go placidly amid the noise & haste & remember what peace there may be in silence' ?
  181. will:What does a testator make ?
  182. peter:What was Ruben's first name ?
  183. peanuts:What is the worlds most read comic strip ?
  184. eyebrows:What facial feature does not feature on the Mona Lisa ?
  185. samson:Who did Milton describe as 'eyeless in Gaza at the mill with the slaves' ?
  186. two:How many guns of Navarone were there ?
  187. sultana:What is a Sultan's wife called ?
  188. whale:What was Simple Simon fishing for in his mother's pail ?
  189. pun:What is the literary term for a play on words ?
  190. blanch:What is the name of The Wizard of Id's wife ?
  191. shalom:What is the Hebrew word for peace used as both a greeting and a farewell ?
  192. ronson:What make of lighter does James Bond light his ladies' cigarettes with ?
  193. penthouse:What magazine is the cornerstone of Bob Guccione's publishing empire ?
  194. sparrow:Who killed Cock Robin ?
  195. snoopy:Who is often referred to as the thinking man's beagle ?
  196. butterflies:What did the title character in John Fowles's The Collector collect ?
  197. mongooses:What is the plural of mongoose ?
  198. ella:What was Cinderella's real name ?
  199. yvonne:What name do Private Eye readers associate with Princess Margaret ?
  200. picasso:What name did Pablo Picasso sign to his paintings ?
  201. midnight:What was the time for J L Herlihy's cowboy ?
  202. ambrosia:What was the food of the Greek gods called ?
  203. jason:Who led the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece ?
  204. wakefield:Where was Oliver Goldsmith's vicar from ?
  205. persia:What country was the setting for Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves ?
  206. elephant:What kind of animal is Babar ?
  207. macduff:Who kills MacBeth ?
  208. french:What was Paul Cezanne's nationality ?
  209. tchaikovsky:What composer had the forenames Piotr Illyich ?
  210. methuselah:Who lived to the ripe old age of 969 ?
  211. breadcrumbs:What was unsuccessfully laid as a trail by Hansel ?
  212. hamlet:What play contains the line 'something is rotten in the state of Denmark' ?
  213. piggy:What was the fat boys nickname in Lord of the Flies ?
  214. mutt:Who met Jeff in 1908 ?
  215. mowgli:What Kipling character was raised by wolves ?
  216. quasimodo:Who was the hunchbacked bell ringer of Notre Dame ?
  217. lighthouse:What did Grace Darling's father keep ?
  218. coventry:What town was the site of Lady Godiva's famous ride ?
  219. michelangelo:What artist was the subject of the book The Agony and the Ecstasy ?
  220. four:How many attended the March Hare's tea party ?
  221. florence:Where are the Pitti and Uffizi art galleries ?
  222. papillon:What Henri Charriere best seller describes his escape from Devil's Island ?
  223. pandora:Whose box did Epimethius open ?
  224. orcs:What are the most repulsive warring creatures in The Lord of the Rings ?
  225. bread:What is the staff of life mentioned in the lord's prayer ?
  226. rembrandt:Who painted The Night Watch ?
  227. centaur:What Greek mythological character was part man and part horse ?
  228. unto:What does the U stand for in the abbreviation I.O.U ?
  229. rembrandt:What artist's surname was van Rijn ?
  230. linus:What Peanuts character clings to a security blanket ?
  231. white:What was the colour of Christ's hair in St John's vision ?
  232. brighton:What rock did Graham Greene write about ?
  233. apollo:Who is the Greek god of archery ?
  234. owl:Who eloped with the pussycat ?
  235. bonaparte:What name did Napoleon Bonaparte sign to his letters ?
  236. graffito:What is the singular of graffiti ?
  237. genesis:What is the first book of the Old Testament ?
  238. cinderella:Who was Anastasia and Drizella's stepsister ?
  239. gnasher:What is the name of Dennis the Menace's dog ?
  240. greece:What European country witnessed Lord Byron's death ?
  241. rosemary:Whose baby was a frightening success for Ira Levin ?
  242. belgium:What country claimed Rubens, Van Dyck and Breugel as citizens ?
  243. aloha:What word is used in Hawaii as both a greeting and a farewell ?
  244. canvas:What would an artist put on a wooden stretcher ?
  245. jeeves:What famed butler did P G Wodehouse create ?
  246. aesop:What Greek slave wrote fables ?
  247. seven:How many voyages did Sinbad make ?
  248. denmark:What Scandinavian country boasts the world's highest per capita rate of borrowing from libraries ?
  249. paradise:What was lost and regained by poet John Milton ?
  250. twenty:How many years did Rip Van Winkle sleep ?
  251. constance:What was Lady Chatterley's first name ?
  252. madrid:What European city boasts the Prado ?
  253. hansard:What is the name of the official report of proceedings of the British Parliament ?
  254. four:How many ghosts appear to Scrooge in Dickens's 'A Christmas Carol' ?
  255. louvre:What museum provides a home for Whistler's Mother ?
  256. pig:What did Tom, Tom, The piper's son steal ?
  257. jude:Who was Thomas Hardy's most obscure character ?
  258. tinkerbell:Who was the fairy in Peter Pan ?
  259. ogress:What is a female Ogre called ?
  260. jabberwocky:What poem begins 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves..' ?
  261. nana:What is the dogs name in Peter Pan ?
  262. pig:What is the character Napoleon in one of George Orwell's novels ?
  263. croquet:What game does the Queen of Hearts order Alice to play ?
  264. beano:What comic features Dennis the Menace ?
  265. sandy:What is the name of Little Orphan Annie's dog ?
  266. pegasus:What is the name of the winged horse in Greek mythology ?
  267. spanish:What was El Cid's nationality ?
  268. stripper:What is the revealing occupation of an ecdysiast ?
  269. gamma:What is the third letter of the Greek alphabet ?
  270. japan:What country was the setting of You Only Live Twice ?
  271. german:What language is Stern magazine published in ?
  272. two:How many genies appear to Aladdin in the Arabian Nights tale ?
  273. spiderman:What is comic strip photographer Peter Parker's secret identity ?
  274. jaws:What novel opens with 'The great fish moved silently through the night water' ?
  275. batman:What was Bruce Wayne's heroic identity ?
  276. french:What language was Babar written in ?
  277. eeyore:What is the name of the old grey donkey in Winnie the Pooh ?
  278. oddjob:Who was Goldfinger's bodyguard ?
  279. harvard:What American university provides the setting for Love Story ?
  280. ballet:What is Sir Robert Helpman's field of fame ?
  281. leningrad:What city's siege is chronicled in Harrison Salisbury's The 900 Days ?
  282. english:What language evolved from Latin, Norman-French and Anglo-Saxon ?
  283. cubism:What painting movement was conceived by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque ?
  284. tuberculosis:What caused D H Lawrence's early death ?
  285. e:What letter accounts for one of every eight used in written English ?
  286. playboy:What men's magazine was originally to be called Stag Party ?
  287. biggles:Who was the pilot hero of Captain W E John's stories ?
  288. belgian:What is Hercule Poirot's nationality ?
  289. svengali:Who was the hypnotic magician in George du Maurier's Trilby ?
  290. kamikaze:What is the Japanese word for 'divine wind' ?
  291. salmon:What was Salar in the book by Henry Williamson ?
  292. deliverance:What James Dickey novel tells the story of an ill fated canoe trip ?
  293. utopia:What imaginary island did Sir Thomas More create in a 1516 work ?
  294. salt:What seasoning is mentioned more than 30 times in the Bible ?
  295. mars:Where does Ray Bradbury's Chronicles take place ?
  296. truth:What does the name of the Russian newspaper Pravda mean ?
  297. greece:Where was El Greco born ?
  298. robin:Who exclaimed 'Holy Barracuda' ?
  299. about:What does the Latin circa before a date mean ?
  300. montmartre:What section of Paris featured most prominently in the work of the French impressionists ?
  301. gandalf:What character was J R R Tolkien inspired to create after seeing the painting The Mountain Spirit on a postcard ?
  302. hamelin:What German town's problem with rats was handled by the Pied Piper ?
  303. newspeak:What was the language of Nineteen Eighty Four ?
  304. amen:What Hebrew word means 'so be it' ?
  305. gulliver:Who found himself flying on the island Laputa ?
  306. postscript:What does P.S. stand for at the end of a letter ?
  307. left:Which side of a book are the even numbered pages usually on ?
  308. negro:What is the Spanish word for 'black' ?
  309. ian:What is the Scottish equivalent of John ?
  310. falstaff:Who is the clown in Shakespeare's Henry IV and The Merry Wives of Windsor ?
  311. mcgregor:What was Rob Roy's surname ?
  312. lord:What word appears 1,855 times in the Bible ?
  313. abstract:What style of art did Al Capp call 'a product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered' ?
  314. narcissus:What beautiful youth pined for the love of his reflection ?
  315. three:How many children did Adam and Eve have together ?
  316. superman:Who was called Kal-El on Krypton ?
  317. guinevere:Who was King Arthur's queen and Lancelot's lover ?
  318. danish:What was the nationality of Hans Christian Andersen ?
  319. irish:What nationality were Wilde and Shaw ?
  320. antonio:Who was the title character in The Merchant of Venice ?
  321. hamlet:What Shakespeare play features Rosencrantz and Guilderstein ?
  322. realism:What is true to life art known as ?
  323. limerick:What type of humorous verse might begin 'There once was a man from Nantucket' ?
  324. american:What nationality was the artist James Whistler ?
  325. six:How many times a year is a bimonthly periodical published ?
  326. kidnapped:What Robert Louis Stevenson adventure features the ship called Covenant ?
  327. bonn:What is the setting of John Le Carre's A Small Town in Germany ?
  328. pumpkin:What was transformed into a carriage for Cinderella ?
  329. five:How many lines are there in a limerick ?
  330. ivory:What was Captain Ahab's peg leg made of ?
  331. brain:What was the scarecrow in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz lacking ?
  332. armada:What is the Spanish word for navy ?
  333. androcles:Who pulled the thorn from the Lion's paw ?
  334. comma:What is the most commonly used punctuation mark ?
  335. sleuth:What Anthony Shaffer two man play opens in the living room of Andrew Wykes Norman manor house ?
  336. canaletto:What Italian artist is noted for his paintings of London ?
  337. merlin:What magician dazzled at King Arthur's court ?
  338. belgium:What country did artist Rene Magritte call home ?
  339. california:What state full of milk and honey was the destination in The Grapes of Wrath ?
  340. will:What does a testator make?
  341. peter:What was Rubens's first name?
  342. peanuts:What's the world's most-read comic strip?
  343. blanch:What's the name of the Wizard of Id's wife?
  344. the sparrow:Who killed Cock Robin?
  345. mongooses:What's the plural of Mongoose?
  346. tutankhamen:What historic exhibition was opened in London by the Queen in March 1972 ?
  347. biba:What famous 1960's fashion store closed it's doors in London in July 1975 ?
  348. blue:What colour were the blackout lights at Waterloo station during World War II ?
  349. four:How many presidential likenesses are carved in Mount Rushmore ?
  350. hanging:What was the Tyburn Tree famous for ?
  351. wood:What were the sides of the US fighting ship nicknamed Old Ironside made of ?
  352. cuban:What nationality were the 1500 troops that attacked the Bay of Pigs ?
  353. cadillac:What make of car was Al Capone's favourite bullet proof car ?
  354. faisal:What Saudi Arabian king was assassinated by his nephew in 1975 ?
  355. waterloo:Where did The Iron Duke triumph over The Man of Destiny ?
  356. mayflower:What famed ship did Christopher Jones captain ?
  357. cleopatra:Who was known as The Serpent of the Nile ?
  358. noone:Who married Elizabeth I ?
  359. red:What colour was Judas Escariot's hair ?
  360. tortoise:What gift reputedly outlived Captain Cook by approximately 300 years ?
  361. black:What colour is The Queens blotting paper ?
  362. fishface:What affectionate nickname did Princess Diana have for Prince Charles ?
  363. 1805:What year was the Battle of Trafalgar fought ?
  364. cleopatra:Who was the last ruler in the Egyptian dynasty of the Ptolemies ?
  365. quakers:What are adherents to the Society of Friends called ?
  366. corpses:What unusual items used to be temporarily stored in pub cellars ?
  367. slaves:Who did American John Brown's underground movement help ?
  368. one:How many Israeli commandos died in the Entebbe raid ?
  369. anastasia:What daughter of Czar Nicholas II is said to have escaped death in the Russian Revolution ?
  370. canute:Who was the first Danish king of England ?
  371. 1972:What year did Britain take over direct rule of Northern Ireland ?
  372. nepal:What kingdom claims the birthplace of Bhudda ?
  373. scarface:What was Al Capone's nickname ?
  374. nationalists:Which side won the Spanish civil war, Nationalists or Republicans ?
  375. tank:What fighting machine was originally codenamed a 'cistern' or 'reservoir' ?
  376. gallows:What were Allen and Evans the last to go to in Britain ?
  377. waterloo:What crucial battle took place in 1815 ?
  378. elba:What island was Napoleon's first home in exhile ?
  379. two:How many of his wives did Henry VIII have beheaded ?
  380. tesco:What supermarkets were founded by Sir John Cohen with the slogan 'Pile it high, sell it cheap' ?
  381. yellow:What colour is the stripe on a Canadian Mountie's dress pants ?
  382. 1961:What year was the Berlin Wall erected ?
  383. savak:What was the name of the last Shah of Iran's secret police force ?
  384. israel:What country offered Albert Einstein its presidency in 1952 ?
  385. unemployed:What were there 368,000 of in 1961 and 2,295,000 of in 1981 ?
  386. belgium:What country's been the site of the most European battles ?
  387. mexico:What country did Fidel Castro organise his 26th of July movement in ?
  388. comet:What was the first commercial airliner ?
  389. hussein:Who became the king of Jordan in 1952 ?
  390. friday:What day of the week was John F. Kennedy assassinated on ?
  391. bastille:What was stormed in Paris in 1789 ?
  392. 1933:What year did Hitler become chancellor of Germany ?
  393. impeachment:What do you call the process for prosecuting a US president while in office ?
  394. oil:What business was the source of John D. Rockefeller's fortune ?
  395. 1812:What year did Napoleon retreat from Moscow ?
  396. goldie:What was the name of the eagle that escaped from Regent's Park Zoo in 1965 ?
  397. rommel:What World War II commander had the forename Erwin ?
  398. india:What country tested it's first nuclear bomb in 1974 ?
  399. 1936:What year in the 20th century saw three kings on the throne in England ?
  400. memphis:What city was Martin Luther King Jr assassinated in ?
  401. halloween:What is the eve of All Saints Day ?
  402. commonwealth:What did Eire leave in 1949 ?
  403. boadicea:What Iceni queen battled the Romans ?
  404. pochahontas:What Indian maiden rescued Captain John Smith and later married John Rolfe ?
  405. harold:Who was the last Anglo Saxon King of England ?
  406. bladon:Where is Sir Winston Churchill buried ?
  407. 1973:What year did the UK join the E.E.C ?
  408. thirteen:What is the usual age for a Jewish boy to celebrate hi Bar Mitzvah ?
  409. egypt:What country did the Battle of El Alamein take place in ?
  410. victory:What was Horatio Nelson's most famous ship ?
  411. five:How many women are believed to have been victims of Jack the Ripper ?
  412. endurance:What is the name of the ice patrol ship that won a reprieve because of the Falklands conflict ?
  413. enoch:What is John Powell's middle name ?
  414. midway:What 1942 naval engagement saw the sinking of four Japanese aircraft carriers ?
  415. monaco:What principality has the House of Grimaldi ruled since the middle ages ?
  416. singapore:What island colony was founded by Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles ?
  417. france:What modern day country did the Romans call Gaul ?
  418. china:What country has the largest number of soldiers ?
  419. jaguar:What make of car boasted 'Grace, Space, Pace' ?
  420. carols:What did puritans ban the singing of ?
  421. tea:What did the Americans prohibit the drinking of in 1775 ?
  422. windsor:What was the family name of the British royal family at the time of the coronation ?
  423. abyssinia:What country was annexed by Mussolini in 1936 ?
  424. spain:What country did Bing Crosby die in ?
  425. china:What country lifted a ban on Aristotle, Shakespeare and Dickens on February 11th 1978 ?
  426. whitby:What Yorkshire port witnessed the departure of Captain Cook on his epic voyages ?
  427. geronimo:Who was the last of the Apache warrior chiefs ?
  428. alaska:What did the US buy from Russia at two cents an acre ?
  429. france:What country first claimed the Mississippi River in 1682 ?
  430. ajax:What cleaned like a white tornado ?
  431. 1965:What year did Sir Winston Churchill die ?
  432. caligula:What Roman emperor made his horse a senator ?
  433. farouk:What was the name of the last King of Egypt ?
  434. cambodia:What country was the most heavily bombed in the Vietnam war ?
  435. sioux:What Indian tribe defeated Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn ?
  436. twentyone:How old was Princess Elizabeth when she married ?
  437. ladders:What innovation did London's fire brigade first acquire in 1866 ?
  438. marble:What were the ancient Egyptian pyramids once covered in ?
  439. nina:What was Nikita Khrushchev's wife's name ?
  440. 444:How many days were the 52 American hostages held in Iran ?
  441. britain:What was the third country to get "The Bomb" ?
  442. 1963:What year was the great train robbery ?
  443. 1956:What was the year of the Suez crisis ?
  444. 1981:What year were most of the American hostages released by Iran ?
  445. turkey:What country invaded Cyprus in 1974 ?
  446. wood:What were George Washington's false teeth made of ?
  447. 1974:What was the year of the three day week ?
  448. pasta:What food did Marco Polo introduce into Italy from the court of Kubla Khan ?
  449. egypt:What country's air force was destroyed on the ground on the morning of June 5th 1967 ?
  450. forty:How many days are there in Lent ?
  451. nipper:What was the name of the dog in RCA Victor's trademark ?
  452. tanzania:What country's forces assisted in the overthrow of Idi Amin in 1979 ?
  453. asia:What continent did Christopher Columbus think he was on when he landed in the Americas ?
  454. highgate:What cemetery is Karl Marx buried in ?
  455. thirteen:How many were in attendance at the last supper ?
  456. parka:What was the name of the fashionable coats worn by Mods on their scooters in the 1960's ?
  457. italy:What country declared war on both Germany and the Allies in World War II ?
  458. athena:Where did Elgin get his marbles from ?
  459. entebbe:What airport saw Israeli commandos free 103 hostages on July 4th 1976 ?
  460. vulcan:What type of plane flew long range to bomb the Falklands ?
  461. balloons:What did the Montgolfier brothers rise to fame in ?
  462. intrepid:What was the codename of William Stephenson, chief of British Intelligence in New York during WWII ?
  463. italy:What country provided the birthplace of Christopher Columbus ?
  464. spain:What country ceded Florida to the US in 1819 ?
  465. 1952:What year did Queen Elizabeth II commence her reign ?
  466. norwegian:What nationality was the team that beat the British to the South Pole by four days ?
  467. two:How many days after John F Kennedy's assassination was Lee Harvey Oswald shot ?
  468. paris:Where was the airfield where Charles Lindbergh landed to end his historic solo trans atlantic flight ?
  469. m6:What was Britains first motorway ?
  470. british:What nationality were the 123 people who died in the Black Hole of Calcutta ?
  471. none:How many of the Tolpuddle Martyr's were executed ?
  472. noone:Who won the 1942 Nobel Peace Prize ?
  473. left:Which eye did Moshe Dayan wear a patch over ?
  474. three:How many hostages were killed in the Entebbe raid ?
  475. friday:What day of the week did King Henry VIII die on ?
  476. moorgate:Where was the 1975 tube disaster ?
  477. roberts:What was Margaret Thatcher's maiden name ?
  478. interpol:What is the International Criminal Police Organisation better known as ?
  479. finchley:What constituency did Margaret Thatcher represent in Parliament ?
  480. german:What was Queen Victoria's mother tongue ?
  481. arm:What did Horatio Nelson lose at the age of 40 ?
  482. convicts:What were last delivered to Australia in 1849 ?
  483. homosexuality:What was the love that dared not speak its name in Victorian England ?
  484. cutlass:What is the term for the curved naval sword ?
  485. windsor:What castle was built for Henry III ?
  486. brunel:Who designed the Clifton suspension bridge ?
  487. 1944:What year was Paris liberated ?
  488. 1972:What was the silver wedding year for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh ?
  489. 1969:What year did Concorde first take to the skies ?
  490. london:What city was the site of the first meeting of the United Nations General Assembly ?
  491. police:Which of the services resolved the Balcombe Street siege ?
  492. prison:What purpose did the Bastille serve before it was stormed on July 14th 1789 ?
  493. cooking:What was the chuckwagon used for on cattle drives ?
  494. policemen:What were once know as 'peelers' ?
  495. smirnoff:What company supplied the imperial Russian court with vodka from 1886 to 1917 ?
  496. rose:What flower's petals are used by the royal family as confetti ?
  497. spencer:What was the Princess of Wales's maiden name ?
  498. kenya:What country did the Mau Mau Uprising take place in ?
  499. italian:What was Marco Polo's nationality ?
  500. britain:What country was the target of Germany's planned but canned Operation Sea Lion ?
  501. dartmoor:What English prison was built to hold captured French soldiers in 1805 ?
  502. eleventh:What century was the Domesday Book written in ?
  503. romanov:What was the surname of Nicholas II, lamented czar of Russia ?
  504. torch:What does the Statue of Liberty hold in her right hand ?
  505. three:How many times did Wallis Warfield marry ?
  506. waterloo:Where did Napoleon suffer his final defeat ?
  507. pinkertons:What detective agency's motto is 'We never sleep' ?
  508. sefton:What horse survived the Hyde Park bombing to rise to stardom ?
  509. spain:What country's flag was Christopher Columbus sailing under when he discovered America ?
  510. spurs:Where on a cowboy's attire would you find jinglebobs, a heel chain and a rowel ?
  511. stephen:Who was the first martyr ?
  512. hilda:What is Margaret Thatcher's middle name ?
  513. slaves:What live cargo did the Mayflower carry to America on it's second trip ?
  514. netherlands:What country's entire population was condemned to death by the Spanish Inquisition ?
  515. hanging:How did Judas Iscariot commit suicide ?
  516. two:How many US presidents were assassinated during Queen Victoria's reign ?
  517. napoleon:Who was Corsica's most famous son ?
  518. eire:What country joined the E.E.C. with the Uk ?
  519. malta:What island's entire population was awarded the George Cross ?
  520. napoleon:Who said 'Soldiers win the battles and generals get the credit' ?
  521. pirates:What were Barbary corsairs ?
  522. one:How many King Stephens have ruled England ?
  523. women:What did Lloyd's first admit on January 1st 1970 ?
  524. hiroshima:What city was destroyed by Little Boy ?
  525. body:What has to be produced in a writ of habeas corpus ?
  526. twiggy:Who did Mary Quant call 'the knock out beauty of our time' ?
  527. eleven:How many Israeli athletes were killed at the Munich Olympics ?
  528. gestapo:What's the infamous contraction of Geheime Staatspolizei ?
  529. berlin:What city did Adolf Hitler plan to rename Germania ?
  530. moors:What Muslim race invaded Spain in 711 AD ?
  531. woodstock:What began August 15th 1969 on Max Yasgur's dairy farm ?
  532. left:Which foot did Neil Armstrong first put down on the moon ?
  533. leningrad:What city was beseiged for 880 days during World War II ?
  534. one:How many British prime ministers have been assassinated ?
  535. chinese:What race of people suffered an estimated 35 million deaths at the hands of the Mongols ?
  536. crossbow:What weapon did the crossed slits in English castles accommodate ?
  537. evolution:What theory did John T Scopes teach, contrary to Tennessee law in 1925 ?
  538. moses:Who led the children of Israel on their voyage towards the Promised Land ?
  539. uniforms:What did Royal Navy officers have to start wearing after 1748 ?
  540. italy:What country did the Allies invade in World War II's Operation Avalanche ?
  541. texas:What US state was John F Kennedy assassinated in ?
  542. dutch:What settlers were the forebears of the Boers of South Africa ?
  543. tithe:What was the ten percent levy of farm produce given to the church known as ?
  544. zulus:Who were the enemy at the Battle of Rorke's Drift ?
  545. normandy:Where were Omaha, Juno and Gold beaches ?
  546. munich:Where did Hitler's 1923 Beer Hall Putsch take place ?
  547. four:How many funnels did the Titanic have ?
  548. tiara:What part of a Persian king's attire has been adapted for use by women as evening wear ?
  549. slavery:What did American Abolitionists try to end ?
  550. christina:What was the name of Aristotle Onassis's Yacht ?
  551. venice:What was Marco Polo's home town ?
  552. post:How was the world's largest diamond sent to England in 1905 ?
  553. clementine:What was Winston Churchill's wife's name ?
  554. buddha:What man has the most monuments erected to him ?
  555. liberia:What African country was founded by freed American slaves in 1847 ?
  556. china:What was the 5th country to get The Bomb ?
  557. argentina:Where did Israeli agents grab Adolf Eichmann ?
  558. reformation:What was the name of the Protestant revolt against the supremacy of the Pope ?
  559. poland:What country did Germany invade on September 1st 1939 ?
  560. red:What is the colour of the leather in the House of Lords ?
  561. may:What month do we celebrate Commonwealth Day in ?
  562. convicts:What did Australia receive its first shipment of in 1788 ?
  563. napoleon:What Frenchman designed Italy's flag ?
  564. green:What was the original colour of post boxes ?
  565. hindenburg:What blew up at Lakehurst, New Jersey, on May 6th 1937 ?
  566. apes:What, according to tradition, will leave Gibraltar before the British ?
  567. russia:What did Winston Churchill describe as 'a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma' ?
  568. londinium:What was the 5th largest city in the Roman Empire in 50 AD ?
  569. russia:What country did the houses of Rurik and Romanov rule ?
  570. mace:What must be in position before the House of Commons can sit ?
  571. egypt:Where did the deposed Shah of Iran finally find refuge ?
  572. detroit:What American city did Cadillac found ?
  573. manitou:Who was the most revered god of North American Indians ?
  574. spartacus:Who led the revolt of Roman slaves and gladiators in 73 AD ?
  575. john:What son of Henry II ascended to the throne in 1199 and was nicknamed Lackland ?
  576. hungary:What country was the victim of a Russian invasion in 1956 ?
  577. rasputin:Who was The Mad Monk ?
  578. wart:What unsightly feature did Abraham Lincoln have on his face ?
  579. magog:Who is Gog's companion in London's Guild Hall ?
  580. minoan:What Bronze Age civilisation emerged on the Greek Island of Crete about 2500 BC ?
  581. macbeth:Who was the 3rd king of Scotland ?
  582. tutankhamen:Whose tomb was opened by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon ?
  583. right:Which arm did King George V have a large blue and red dragon tattoo on ?
  584. crusades:What was the series of campaigns to wrest the Holy Land from Muslim Turks ?
  585. eleven:How many fingers did Anne Boleyn have ?
  586. barbados:What Caribbean island did the Ra II land at after a 3200 mile ocean voyage ?
  587. disease:What does a ship flying the yellow jack flag have on board ?
  588. three:How many years did the experimental British Standard Time last ?
  589. casanova:What famed romantic spent the last 13 years of his life as a Bohemian librarian ?
  590. twiggy:Who is Leslie Hornby better known as ?
  591. submarine:What type of vessel did the Royal Navy first launch in 1901 ?
  592. memory:What did soldier Phillip Williams temporarily lose in the Falklands ?
  593. victory:What was the name of Nelson's flagship ?
  594. chaps:What did cowpunchers use to protect their legs ?
  595. lusitania:What ship was torpedoed and sunk off the coast of Ireland on May 7th 1915 ?
  596. liverpool:What British city did Adolf Hitler study art in ?
  597. napoleon:Who was nicknamed The Little Corporal ?
  598. cleopatra:What ancient sovereign married two of her brothers ?
  599. bath:What was the Frenchman Marat cleanly murdered in ?
  600. fish:What creature was the early symbol for Christ ?
  601. politburo:What was the supreme policy making bureau of the Soviet Communist Party ?
  602. mohammed:Who was the founder of Islam ?
  603. bismarck:What ship sank the battleship Hood ?
  604. china:What country was the scene of the Boxer Rebellion of 1900 ?
  605. mcdonalds:What fast food chain did Ray Kroc build ?
  606. sweden:What country did King Gustav V reign over from 1907 to 1950 ?
  607. titanic:What was the sister ship of the Olympic ?
  608. teacher:What was Blair Peach's profession ?
  609. argentina:What country did the Pope visit after Britain in 1982 ?
  610. france:What country did Morocco and Tunisia fight to win their independance from ?
  611. taiwan:Where did Chiang Kai Shek take refuge ?
  612. stonewall:What was the nickname of US Civil War general Thomas Jackson ?
  613. prohibition:What did Americans celebrate the end of in 1933 ?
  614. newgate:What was the famous prison of 18th century London ?
  615. green:What colour is the leather in the House of Commons ?
  616. noone:Who can sue the Queen ?
  617. attila:Who was king of the Huns from 406 to 453 ?
  618. josephine:Who was Napoleon's first wife ?
  619. india:Where did the original thugs come from ?
  620. baron:What is the lowest rank of British nobility ?
  621. bedlam:What old London asylum's name became an English word meaning a scene of uproar ?
  622. flak:What jackets protect you from flieger abwehr kanonen?
  623. captain blood:What famous Irishman failed to steal the crown jewels?
  624. st alban:Who was the first Christian martyr in Britain?
  625. barbara hutton:Who was The poor little rich girl grand-daughter of F W Woowlworth?
  626. the way of sorrows:What route did Christ carry the cross on?
  627. winston churchill:Who was made the first honorary citizen of the U.S?
  628. virgin:What is the zodiacal symbol for Virgo ?
  629. lizard:What is a gila monster ?
  630. pluto:What planet travels around the Sun every 248 years ?
  631. astrology:What, in 1975, did 18 Nobel laureates claim has no basis on fact ?
  632. earache:What sort of ache is otalgia ?
  633. muscle:What is the gluteus maximus the largest example of in the human body ?
  634. none:How many equal sides are there on a scalene triangle ?
  635. stonehenge:What is widely considered to be man's first celestial observatory ?
  636. shark:What fish's skin was once used commercially as sandpaper ?
  637. drugs:What does a narcomaniac crave ?
  638. fallow:What is the term for arable land left unseeded for one season ?
  639. bravo:What is the international radio code word for the letter B ?
  640. insulin:What substance did Charles Best and Frederick Banting discover in 1922 ?
  641. ten:How many sides does a decogon have ?
  642. ermine:What does a stoat wear in winter ?
  643. fourteen:How many calendars are needed for a perpetual calendar ?
  644. apricot:What fruit's stone does Laetrile come from ?
  645. pegasus:What is the name of the engine developed for the Harrier jump jet ?
  646. himself:What does an autophobe avoid referring to ?
  647. doldrums:What is the belt of low pressure around the equator called ?
  648. west:What direction do the best surfing beaches face ?
  649. almonds:What nuts are used in marzipan ?
  650. goat:What animal has been called The Poor Mans's Cow ?
  651. elephant:What is the only mammal with four knees ?
  652. easter:What holiday is on the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 20th ?
  653. a:What letter is on the left end of the middle row of the letters on a keyboard ?
  654. kid:What is a goat's offspring called ?
  655. dog:What is a Mexican hairless ?
  656. dna:What molecule did James Watson and Francis Crick unravel in 1944 ?
  657. bird:What is a grosbeak ?
  658. water:What inside corn makes it pop ?
  659. lead:What element's chemical symbol is Pb ?
  660. december:What, translated literally is the 10th month ?
  661. agate:What is June's birthstone ?
  662. whales:What can you not catch a lot of when you can not catch a lot of catchalot ?
  663. cubit:What ancient measure is the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger ?
  664. cannibals:Who might refer to humans as 'long pig' ?
  665. goat:What animal is the provider of Moroccan leather ?
  666. influenza:What caused 20 million deaths in 1918 ?
  667. ostrich:What is the only bird that gives us leather ?
  668. black:What colour is diamond dust ?
  669. enamel:What is the smooth hard coating of the teeth called ?
  670. parasite:What is the term for an organism that lives on or in another ?
  671. aorta:What is the largest artery in the human body ?
  672. hearing:Which of the five senses are you most likely to lose if hit by lightning ?
  673. equator:What imaginary line encircling the Earth is 90 degrees from both poles at every point ?
  674. 100:What number does the Roman numeral C represent ?
  675. back:Where is the human skin the thickest ?
  676. whale:What is considered the most highly specialised mammal ?
  677. right:Which bank lies to the left of a canoeist paddling upstream, the left or the right ?
  678. seven:What is the neutral number between alkalinity and acidity on the Ph scale ?
  679. albatross:What is the largest web footed bird ?
  680. chihuahua:What dog is named after a Mexican state ?
  681. bra:What did Otto Titzling invent ?
  682. four:How many compartments does a cow's stomach have ?
  683. foot:What part of the body goes to sleep when you experience taresthesia ?
  684. insects:What is the oldest and most numerous class of animals ?
  685. eels:What slippery creatures slither to the Sargasso Sea to spawn ?
  686. galileo:What Italian astronomer wrote The Starry Messenger ?
  687. ddt:What was the first man made insecticide ?
  688. fulcrum:What do you need to be able to operate a lever ?
  689. right:Which ear can most people hear better with ?
  690. sundial:What time piece has a gnomon in the middle ?
  691. polio:What does Salk vaccine prevent ?
  692. wheat:What is the most extensively grown and eaten food ?
  693. coffee:What is the world's most popular non-alcoholic organic beverage ?
  694. quadruplets:What multiple birth has odds of 600,000 to 1 against it occurring ?
  695. anode:What is the positive electrode of a battery called ?
  696. carcinogen:What is the term used for a cancer causing substance ?
  697. african:Which elephant can't be domesticated, the African or Indian ?
  698. polish:What nationality was Marie Curie ?
  699. eaglet:What is an infant eagle called ?
  700. summer:When are shadows shorter, in summer or winter ?
  701. giraffe:What is the more common name of Africa's camelopard ?
  702. aspirin:What is the common name for acetylsalicylic acid ?
  703. infanticide:What does a woman commit if she murders her child ?
  704. dark:Which meat on a roast turkey has more calories, white or dark ?
  705. seven:How many colours are there in a rainbow ?
  706. two:How many logarithmic scales are there on a slide rule ?
  707. xrays:What did Wilhelm Roentgen discover in 1895 ?
  708. vampire:What has no reflection, no shadow and cant stand the smell of garlic ?
  709. twelve:How many sides does a dodecagon have ?
  710. uterus:What organ gave us the word 'hysterical' ?
  711. saliva:What substance must mix with food to give it taste ?
  712. xxi:What does C minus LXXIX equal ?
  713. electrocardiogram:What does ECG stand for ?
  714. alcohol:What does a dipsomaniac crave ?
  715. blue:What colour are a scallop's 35 eyes ?
  716. salt:What is the most widely used seasoning in the world ?
  717. smell:What sense is most closely linked to memory ?
  718. blood:What does the horned toad squirt from it's eyes when it's angry ?
  719. tree:What is a monkey puzzle ?
  720. argon:What inert gas is used in fluorescent lights ?
  721. yes:Do sea gulls drink sea water ?
  722. aspirin:What drug was introduced commercially by Bayer A G of Leverkusen, Germany in 1899 ?
  723. cusps:What are the transitional periods of the zodiac called ?
  724. two:How many tons of gem diamonds are mined each year ?
  725. grenadine:What non-alcoholic syrup is made from pomegranate juice ?
  726. winds:What are the roaring forties ?
  727. none:How many calories are there in a glass of water ?
  728. earth:What weighs 5,500 billion billion tons ?
  729. vacuum:What is the term for space devoid of matter ?
  730. kindle:What is a group of kittens called ?
  731. hair:What do you part with when suffering from phalacrosis ?
  732. battery:What did Alessandro Volta first manufacture in 1800 ?
  733. venus:What is the only clockwise rotating planet ?
  734. calorie:What unit of heat will raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius ?
  735. china:What country would you come up in if you drilled a hole straight throught the earth from Buenos Aires ?
  736. brain:What organ is inflamed in the condition encephalitis ?
  737. blue:What is the most common colour of Lapis Lazuli ?
  738. ear:What organ contains the smallest bones ?
  739. venus:What is the brightest planet seen from earth ?
  740. emarald:What gem did the Roman Pliny say out greened nature itself ?
  741. four:What is the cube root of 64 ?
  742. baboon:What is a mandrill ?
  743. diamonds:What are the Star of Africa and Cullinan II ?
  744. sheep:What are Romney Marsh, Swaledale and Suffolk types of ?
  745. bird:What is a yellow shafted flicker ?
  746. earth:What does the Greek geo denote ?
  747. rice:What is Japanese sake made from ?
  748. beaver:What animal lives in a lodge ?
  749. kite:What mark indicates British Standards Institute approval ?
  750. buttercup:What is a crowfoot with yellow flowers ?
  751. heifer:What do you call a female calf ?
  752. quebec:What is the international radio code word for the letter Q ?
  753. colour:What do goldfish lose if kept in running or dimly lit water ?
  754. intelligence:What does the Binet test measure ?
  755. ninety:How many degrees are there in a right angle ?
  756. circle:What flat area do you get by cutting a solid sphere vertically, horizontally or on a slant ?
  757. albatross:What is the largest aquatic bird ?
  758. oak:What are the barrels used to age Bordeaux made of ?
  759. narwhal:What tusked creature helped embellish sailors' tails of Unicorns ?
  760. headache:What is man's most common pain ?
  761. osmosis:What is the term for the water induction process in plants ?
  762. camel:What is known as the ship of the desert ?
  763. yogurt:What do you get by adding Lactobacillus Bulgaricus to milk ?
  764. red:What is the primary colour with the shortest name ?
  765. hermaphrodite:What is the term for an animal or plant that is both male and female ?
  766. fusion:What nuclear process takes place in an H-Bomb ?
  767. ligaments:What are looser then normal in a double jointed person ?
  768. lapwing:What is the other common name for a peewit ?
  769. liger:What is the term for the hybrid offspring of a lion and tiger ?
  770. summer:What season is hail most prevalent in ?
  771. ten:How many grams make up a dekagram ?
  772. whiskers:What does the typical man have 13,000 of ?
  773. sputnik:What satellite series name was Russian for 'fellow traveller' ?
  774. one:How many humps does a Dromedary have ?
  775. sugar:What is the main ingredient in Coca Cola after water ?
  776. bees:What creatures call an apiary home ?
  777. sun:What celestial body has a diameter of 864,000 miles ?
  778. fear:What does a phobophobe fear ?
  779. gold:What are iron pyrites often mistaken for ?
  780. corona:What is the outermost part of the Sun's atmosphere called ?
  781. south:What direction is the Sahara expanding in by half a mile a year ?
  782. autumn:What season ends with the winter solstice ?
  783. january:What month is showing on the calendar when the earth is nearest the sun ?
  784. pink:What colour is Yak's milk ?
  785. sahara:What desert has the highest sand dunes ?
  786. fox:What animal's tail is called a brush ?
  787. two:How many front toes does a parrot have ?
  788. four:How many teaspoons make up a tablespoon ?
  789. gladiolus:What flower was named after a Roman gladiator's sword ?
  790. five:How many sides are there on a Pentagon ?
  791. horses:What animals does a hippophobe fear ?
  792. ten:How many tentacles does a squid have ?
  793. venus:What planet is considered the Earth's twin in size and mass ?
  794. pluto:What was the last planet discovered, in 1930 ?
  795. three:How many stars make up Orion's belt ?
  796. goose:What was the first domesticated bird ?
  797. ruminants:What are animals that chew the cud called ?
  798. man:What mammal lives the longest ?
  799. f:What letter is to the left of G on a keyboard ?
  800. peahens:What do peacocks mate with ?
  801. saturn:What is the second largest planet in the solar system ?
  802. olympus:What is the name of the Rolls Royce jet engines that power Concorde ?
  803. caviar:What delicacy is known indelicately as pickled roe ?
  804. one:How many days does a typical mayfly live ?
  805. two:How many engines does a Boeing 737 have ?
  806. sand:What is the main ingredient in glass ?
  807. uvulva:What dangles over the tongue from the palate ?
  808. gibraltar:What is the only place in Europe where ape's live free ?
  809. archer:What is the zodiacal symbol for Sagittarius ?
  810. ostrich:What bird lays the largest egg ?
  811. touch:What is commonly considered the fifth sense ?
  812. gold:What metal was Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe's nose made of ?
  813. beetles:What order of insects contains the most species ?
  814. magician:What is a prestidigitator ?
  815. mosquitoes:What is the favourite food of Dragonflies ?
  816. cold:What common ailment cant you catch at the north pole ?
  817. acid:What is aqua fortis ?
  818. four:How many times is the capacity of a pipe increased if the diameter is doubled ?
  819. green:What colour is the inside of a pistachio nut ?
  820. cartilage:What is a shark's skeleton made of ?
  821. six:How many feet are there in a fathom ?
  822. flight:What ability has the silkworm moth lost through domestication ?
  823. penguin:What bird can swim but cant fly ?
  824. nothing:What does a nihilist believe in ?
  825. water:What is the world's most common compound ?
  826. mercury:What planet is nearest the sun ?
  827. herring:What fish is served up as kippers, whitebait and bloaters ?
  828. christ:Whose image was alleged to be on the Shroud of Turin ?
  829. one:How many months does it take the moon to revolve around the earth ?
  830. mule:What hybrid do an ass and a horse produce ?
  831. eyes:What part of the body does lacrimal fluid lubricate ?
  832. helium:What gas makes little Johnny's balloon rise ?
  833. hovercraft:What was Sir Christopher Cockerell's uplifting invention ?
  834. cosmology:What science deals with the structure of the universe and it's origin ?
  835. swallow:What does the typical person do 295 times during the dinner hour ?
  836. peanut:What nut is used in the manufacture of dynamite ?
  837. leaves:Where in a tree does photosynthesis occur ?
  838. foxtrot:What is the international radio code word for the letter F ?
  839. chicken:What is the most common fowl on earth ?
  840. stork:What bird is famed for nesting on chimneys ?
  841. larynx:What is the anatomical term for the voice box ?
  842. time:What does a horologist measure ?
  843. geese:What move about in gaggles ?
  844. spring:What season begins with the vernal equinox ?
  845. moon:What is the largest satellite orbiting Earth ?
  846. apricots:What kind of fruit were the golden apples of Greek mythology ?
  847. tango:What is the international radio code word for the letter T ?
  848. ants:What creatures live in a formicary ?
  849. three:How many pedals does a grand piano have ?
  850. mars:What is the red planet ?
  851. pineapple:What is the fruit of the Anna Comosus ?
  852. lens:What part of the eye continues to grow throughout a persons life ?
  853. tnt:What is the abbreviation of trinitrotoluene ?
  854. comma:What butterfly has the same name as a punctuation mark ?
  855. acre:What is a rood one quarter of ?
  856. two:How many eyes does a bat have ?
  857. balsa:What kind of wood was the Kon Tiki raft made of ?
  858. beetroot:What is the common name of the vegetable Beta Vularis ?
  859. liver:What part of the body is inflamed in hepatitus ?
  860. brain:Where would you find the medulla oblongata ?
  861. hippocrates:Who was the Greek father of medicine ?
  862. yes:Do mosquitoes have teeth ?
  863. one:How many tusks does an Indian Rhinocerous have ?
  864. six:How many sides does a hexagon have ?
  865. ram:What is the symbol for the zodiacal sign Aries ?
  866. ears:What features of the African elephant are larger than those of the Indian elephant ?
  867. hairy:What are you if you're hirsute ?
  868. paris:What city did Jacques Guernerin make the first parachute jump over, in 1797 ?
  869. three:What is the cube root of 27 ?
  870. bamboo:What grass has a capability of growing 36 inches in one day ?
  871. twelve:How many zeros are there in a British billion ?
  872. idiot:What are you if your IQ is below 25 ?
  873. november:What, translated literally, is the ninth month ?
  874. peacock:What birds feathers does superstition say should never be in a house as decoration ?
  875. three:How many hearts does an octopus have ?
  876. yellow:What is the most common colour of topaz ?
  877. grenade:What type of bomb is a Mills bomb ?
  878. mercury:What is quicksilver ?
  879. toes:What do vampire bats usually go for on sleeping humans ?
  880. vomit:What are rats unable to do, making them extra vulnerable to poison ?
  881. male:Which nightingale sings the male or the female ?
  882. cochineal:What insect lends its name and gives its body to a food colouring ?
  883. eight:How many engines does a B-52 bomber have ?
  884. opossum:What is the only native North American marsupial ?
  885. radioactivity:What is measured in curies ?
  886. four:How many chambers are there in the human heart ?
  887. goose:What bird provided the quills that were used for writing ?
  888. amber:What yellow, fossilised resin did the Greeks and Romans use in jewellery ?
  889. monday:What day of the week will January 1st 2001 be ?
  890. sixtieth:What is the Diamond Anniversary ?
  891. shellac:What resin used in varnish is a secretion of the lac insect ?
  892. astronaut:Whose profession is considered the greatest insurance risk in the US ?
  893. green:What colour is a Granny Smith apple ?
  894. napalm:What do gasoline and napthenic and palmatic acids combine to form ?
  895. patricide:What is commited if a person murders his father ?
  896. men:What does an androphobic maiden fear ?
  897. oxygen:What gas did Joseph Priestley discover in 1774 ?
  898. venus:What planet is best known as both the morning and the evening star ?
  899. beagle:What was the name of Charles Darwin's survey ship ?
  900. sagittarius:What sign of the zodiac covers November 22nd to December 21st ?
  901. aries:What is the first sign of the zodiac ?
  902. ten:How many landing weels does a Concorde have ?
  903. murder:What is the collective term for crows ?
  904. six:How many times thicker than water is blood ?
  905. corduroy:What fabric derives its name from the French for cord of the king ?
  906. goat:What is the zodiacal symbol for Capricorn ?
  907. elephant:What is the longest living land mammal after man ?
  908. crocodile:What African animal kills the most people ?
  909. capricorn:What was Christ's zodiacal sign ?
  910. cat:What animal was revered by the ancient Egyptians ?
  911. left:Which shoulder should you throw spilled salt over ?
  912. rabbit:What animal is the provider of coney fur ?
  913. rock:What are igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary the three classes of ?
  914. orion:What constellation represents a hunter with club and shield ?
  915. fifteenth:What is the crystal anniversary ?
  916. garnet:What is January's birthstone ?
  917. ra:Who was the Sun god of ancient Egypt ?
  918. rainbow:What natural phenomenon is Iris the goddess of ?
  919. eardrum:What is the common term for the tympanic membrane ?
  920. jupiter:What planet's moons include Io, Ganymede and Hades ?
  921. pewter:What alloy do tin and lead form ?
  922. garlic:What plant is revered by the lovers of the stinky rose ?
  923. isinglass:What brewing aid is obtained from the sturgeon ?
  924. rainfall:What does a pluviometer measure ?
  925. capillary:What tiny vessel connects an artery with a vein ?
  926. sleuth:What is a group of bears called ?
  927. roman:What civilisation invented the arch ?
  928. euclid:Who's known as the father of geometry ?
  929. drones:Who are the queen's best mates in bee hives ?
  930. jupiter:What is the largest planet in the solar system ?
  931. pig:What animal provided the hair for hairspring watches ?
  932. caribou:What is the only female animal that has antlers ?
  933. silkworm:What worm prefers the mulberry ?
  934. insects:What class of animals makes up more then two thirds of known species ?
  935. farrier:What is the seven letter term for a person who shoes horses ?
  936. haemophilia:What is known as The Royal Disease ?
  937. zero:What number cant be represented in Roman numerals ?
  938. tweed:What fabric are Harris, Lewis and Donegal the leading examples of ?
  939. nectar:What do bees collect ?
  940. lb:What abbreviation comes from libra, meaning pound in Latin ?
  941. eighteen:What age is adolescence considered to end at ?
  942. cabbage:What were broccoli and cauliflower developed from ?
  943. goose:What domestic fowl lives the longest ?
  944. nine:How many sides does a nonagon have ?
  945. black:What colour is produced by the complete absorption of light rays ?
  946. thirty:What is the square root of 900 ?
  947. salt:What is the more common name for sodium chloride ?
  948. two:What is the only prime number that is even ?
  949. sugar:What is converted into alchohol during the brewing process ?
  950. sandstorm:What are you caught in if a haboob blows up ?
  951. stalagmite:What is the term for a limestone deposit rising from the floor of a cave ?
  952. stalagtite:What is the term for a limestone deposit hanging from the ceiling of a cave ?
  953. genius:What must a Mensa member be ?
  954. six:How many sides does a snowflake have ?
  955. paleontology:What is the study of fossils called ?
  956. weather:What does a meteorologist study ?
  957. tortoise:What creature does the Galapagos Islands take their name from ?
  958. red:What is the most common colour of garnet ?
  959. cocaine:What by product of the manufacture of Coca Cola is sold to pharmaceutical companies ?
  960. yes:Is the thumb considered to be a finger ?
  961. sheep:What animal's fleece yields lanolin ?
  962. l:What is the Roman numeral for 50 ?
  963. ovine:What are sheep if cats are feline ?
  964. frogs:Which moves faster, frogs or toads ?
  965. carbon:What element do all organic compounds contain ?
  966. saturday:What is the only day named after a planet ?
  967. venus:What planet did the Mariner space craft explore ?
  968. four:How many tines are there on a standard dinner fork ?
  969. truffle:What valuable edible fungus grows undergound ?
  970. ten:What is statistically the safest age of life ?
  971. friesian:What one type of cattle produces more than eighty percent of the UK's milk ?
  972. eight:How many points are there on a Maltese cross ?
  973. xcix:How do you write ninety nine in Roman numerals ?
  974. foot:What part of the human body is most commonly bitten by insects ?
  975. radar:What is another term for radiolocation ?
  976. rhea:What is South America's version of the Ostrich ?
  977. sundial:What is a shadow clock ?
  978. everything:What does a panophobe fear ?
  979. andromeda:What is the nearest galaxy to our own ?
  980. ostrich:What bird has a 46 foot long small intestine ?
  981. seven:How many years of bad luck follow breaking a mirror ?
  982. vulture:What type of bird is South Africa's aasvogel ?
  983. fish:What is the zodiacal symbol for Pisces ?
  984. asparagus:What plant is sometimes referred to as a 'sparrow grass' ?
  985. rabies:What disease do the French call 'la rage' ?
  986. diameter:What line divides a circle into two semi circles ?
  987. scales:What reptilian feature evolved into feathers ?
  988. television:What went from 405 to 625 lines ?
  989. palm:Where is the line of life ?
  990. au:What is the chemical symbol for gold ?
  991. bat:What is a pipistrel or a flittermouse ?
  992. man:What is the only mammal that can not fly that can fly ?
  993. malt:What does barley become when prepared for brewing ?
  994. diamond:What is the simplest gem in chemical composition ?
  995. libra:What zodiacal sign is represented by the balance, or scales ?
  996. greyhound:What is the world's fastest dog ?
  997. noise:What does a phonophobe fear ?
  998. jupiter:What celestial body is the centre of the Jovian system ?
  999. four:How many pecks are there in a bushel ?
  1000. wolf:What is a Canis Lupus ?
  1001. nose:Where are a cow's sweat glands ?
  1002. avocado:What fruit is packed with the most calories ?
  1003. grapefruit:What is the common name for the fruit Citrus grandis ?
  1004. yellow:What colour on black produces the most visible combination ?
  1005. dove:What bird is a symbol of peace ?
  1006. pen:What is a female swan called ?
  1007. manatee:What uncomely creature inspired sailors tales of mermaids ?
  1008. seven:How many sides does a heptagon have ?
  1009. sixty:How many nautical miles are there in one degree of longitude at the equator ?
  1010. jukebox:What was the 24 disc John Gabel Entertainer the first example of ?
  1011. animals:Which are barnacles, plants or animals ?
  1012. two:How many gases make up 95 percent of the sun ?
  1013. balloon:What was the first parachute jump made from ?
  1014. four:How many wings does a bee have ?
  1015. ten:How many gallons of water are in a bath if the water weighs 100 pounds ?
  1016. cheetah:What is the fastest land animal ?
  1017. ivory:What are Walrus tusks made of ?
  1018. february:What is the only month that can have fewer than four moon phases ?
  1019. stomach:What is tripe on a menu ?
  1020. cobra:What type of snake is the Egyptian asp ?
  1021. elephant:What does a mahout mind ?
  1022. oscar:What is the international radio code word for the letter O ?
  1023. no:Is a spider an insect ?
  1024. lsd:What is the secret identity of lysergic acid diethylamide ?
  1025. cob:What is a male swan called ?
  1026. four:How many teats does a cow have ?
  1027. stereo:What recording innovation was introduced in 1958 ?
  1028. leo:What is your zodiacal sign if you are born on August 9th ?
  1029. four:How many rows of whiskers does a cat have ?
  1030. three:How many dimensions does a solid have ?
  1031. bonsai:What is the common name for a Japanese dwarf tree ?
  1032. never:How often are brain cells replaced ?
  1033. ape:What mammal ranks after man on the evolutionary scale ?
  1034. neither:Which is colder, minus 40 degrees centigrade or minus 40 degrees fahrenheit ?
  1035. heel:Where is the human skin least sensitive ?
  1036. pluto:What planet did Percival Lovell discover ?
  1037. density:What is the term for mass per unit volume ?
  1038. cannibals:What type if people have an appetite for anthropophagy ?
  1039. mars:What planet has a pink sky ?
  1040. clapper:What strikes a bell to make it ring ?
  1041. pig:What animal is used to locate truffles ?
  1042. quinine:What drug can be found in tonic water ?
  1043. nine:What is considered the luckiest number worldwide ?
  1044. cygnets:What do a pen and a cob produce ?
  1045. iris:What membrane controls the amount of light entering the eye ?
  1046. narcissism:What is the psychiatric term for self love ?
  1047. brown:What colour is demerara sugar ?
  1048. zenith:What is the opposite of the nadir ?
  1049. none:How many eyes does an earthworm have ?
  1050. chow:What is the only dog that doesnt have a pink tongue ?
  1051. molasses:What is the syrup drained from raw sugar ?
  1052. bronze:What alloy do copper and tin form ?
  1053. elephant:What is the only mammal that cant jump ?
  1054. sun:What does a heliologist study ?
  1055. two:How many equal angles are there in an isosceles triangle ?
  1056. women:What does a gynephobic man fear ?
  1057. two:How many daily tides are there ?
  1058. first:What is the paper anniversary ?
  1059. seven:How many minutes does it take the typical person to fall asleep ?
  1060. walls:Where in an old house would you find wattle ?
  1061. eardrum:What sort of drum is the tympanum ?
  1062. eyes:What part of the body does glaucoma strike ?
  1063. cabbage:What is shredded to make sauerkraut ?
  1064. gemini:What constellation contains the twins Castor and Pollux ?
  1065. lightning:What strikes the Empire State Building more than 50 times a year ?
  1066. pips:What is missing from a navel orange ?
  1067. nescafe:What was the first instant coffee ?
  1068. twenty:How many years make up a vicennial period ?
  1069. resistance:What is the term for opposition to an electrical current in a conductor ?
  1070. hibernation:What is the winter counterpart to estivation ?
  1071. formic:What acid is the cause of a nettles sting ?
  1072. pupils:What get larger when one thinks harder ?
  1073. toads:Which have warts, frogs or toads ?
  1074. femur:What is the longest bone in the human body ?
  1075. copper:What metal makes up 10 percent of yellow gold ?
  1076. janus:What Roman god is January named after ?
  1077. proof:What is the standard of strength of distilled alcoholic liquors called ?
  1078. colony:What is a community of ants called ?
  1079. seven:How many tenths of the earths surface lie under water ?
  1080. two:How many legs does an oyster catcher have ?
  1081. cancer:What is the fourth sign of the zodiac ?
  1082. andes:What mountain range is the natural habitat of the Llama ?
  1083. deciduous:What adjective is used to describe trees which shed their leaves periodically ?
  1084. five:What number is represented in Morse code by five dots ?
  1085. eureka:What did Archimedes say upon discovering the principle of buoyancy in his bath ?
  1086. quadrilateral:What is the term for any four sided figure ?
  1087. warlock:What is a male witch called ?
  1088. sun:What is the nearest star to earth ?
  1089. jellyfish:What is a Portuguese man of war ?
  1090. diamond:What is April's birthstone ?
  1091. purple:What is the most common colour of Amethyst ?
  1092. six:How many sides does a cube have ?
  1093. three:How many land miles are there in a league ?
  1094. seven:How many colours are there in the spectrum ?
  1095. hydrogen:What is the most abundant element in the Sun ?
  1096. water:What drink is the best thirst quencher ?
  1097. bulb:What does the camera shutter speed b stand for ?
  1098. zip:What fastener did Whitcomb Judson patent in 1893 ?
  1099. grapefruit:What food got its name from the way it hung in bunches like grapes ?
  1100. druids:What cult of people do Stonehenge and Eisteddfods have in common ?
  1101. tomatoes:What are love apples ?
  1102. one:How many queen bees reign in a hive ?
  1103. fish:What is a smooth blenny ?
  1104. monsoon:What seasonal south Asian wind is characterised by heavy rains ?
  1105. pouch:What do a kangaroo, an anteater and a seahorse have in common ?
  1106. hydrogen:What is the most common atom in the universe ?
  1107. quasars:What are quasi-stellar radio sources better known as ?
  1108. eyebrow:What facial feature typically contains about 550 hairs ?
  1109. python:What is the worlds longest snake ?
  1110. british:Which is larger, the British or US pint ?
  1111. male:Which sex is twice as likely to contract leprosy ?
  1112. leukaemia:What is the medical term for cancer of the blood ?
  1113. chimpanzee:What is the most intelligent subhuman primate ?
  1114. locksmith:What was Linus Yale's occupation ?
  1115. liver:What is the largest gland in the human body ?
  1116. temperature:What does the Kelvin scale measure ?
  1117. flea:What insect can jump 200 times its own height ?
  1118. moon:Where is the Sea of Showers ?
  1119. cabbage:What vegetable yields the most pounds of produce per acre ?
  1120. quinine:What drug is obtained from the cinchona tree ?
  1121. pi:What did an IBM 7090 computer calculate to 100,265 decimal places in 1961 ?
  1122. sixteen:What is 40 percent of 40 ?
  1123. pea:What is the oldest known vegetable ?
  1124. morphine:What drug was named for Morpheus, the greek god of dreams ?
  1125. jaguar:What is the largest cat in the Americas ?
  1126. hummingbird:What is the smallest bird in the world ?
  1127. siamese:What kind of cats are seal points and blue points ?
  1128. lockjaw:What is another name for tetanus ?
  1129. coal:What is banana oil produced from ?
  1130. eyrie:What is an eagles nest called ?
  1131. skin:What does the disease Impetigo affect ?
  1132. hops:What gives beer its distinctive bitter flavour ?
  1133. back:Which way do the clocks go in winter ?
  1134. seven:What number did Adolf Hitler believe possessed supernatural powers ?
  1135. china:What country saw the origin of the Asian flu ?
  1136. sleepwalker:What is a somnambulist ?
  1137. nine:What is the minimum number of bars on an abacus ?
  1138. leopard:What feline is the baboons chief natural enemy ?
  1139. tail:What isnt outstanding about a Manx cat ?
  1140. amethyst:What is known as The Bishops Stone ?
  1141. pancreas:What organ contains the island of Langerhans ?
  1142. spleen:What is removed in a splenectomy ?
  1143. fe:What is the chemical symbol for iron ?
  1144. hippopotamus:What is the hogs largest living relative ?
  1145. xlix:How do you write 49 in Roman numerals ?
  1146. water:What is known as the universal solvent ?
  1147. barrels:What does a cooper make ?
  1148. fireworks:What is a pyrotechnic display ?
  1149. hearing:Which of the five senses is less sharp after you eat too much ?
  1150. september:What month features the harvest moon ?
  1151. omnivorous:What adjective describes an animal that eats both plants and animals ?
  1152. panther:What is another term for a black leopard ?
  1153. moon:What is receding from Earth by half an inch a year ?
  1154. dolphin:What is the most intelligent creature on Earth after man ?
  1155. left:Which side of the bed does superstition say is the wrong side ?
  1156. cheeses:What are feta and portella ?
  1157. prune:What is a dried plum ?
  1158. paddington:What London station did Brunel's Great Western Railway terminate at ?
  1159. yes:Is a jellyfish a polyp ?
  1160. orville:Which of the Wright brothers flew their plane based on the toss of a 50 cent piece ?
  1161. hair:What is a rhinoceros horn made of ?
  1162. brain:What organ did Aristotle think the blood cooled ?
  1163. snail:What inhabitant of rivers and lakes plays host to the bilharzia worm ?
  1164. scurvy:What sailor's disease resulted from a deficiency of Vitamin C ?
  1165. blonde:What colour beards grow the quickest ?
  1166. cats:What kind of animals was Napoleon terrified of ?
  1167. forty:How many times more than the brain does the human body typically weigh ?
  1168. saccharin:What is 550 times sweeter than cane sugar ?
  1169. hexagonal:What is the geometric shape of the cells in a honeycomb ?
  1170. tuberculosis:What is consumption otherwise known as ?
  1171. yes:Does Uranus have an aurora ?
  1172. eighteen:How many claws does a house cat have ?
  1173. freckles:What appear when the sun activates your melanocytes ?
  1174. alligators:Which have a better chance of running you down on land, alligators or crocodiles ?
  1175. l:What letter is to the right of k on a keyboard ?
  1176. wave:What is the term for oscillation of water particles ?
  1177. calf:What do you call an infant whale ?
  1178. one:How many humps does an African camel have ?
  1179. galileo:Who discovered Saturn's rings ?
  1180. mm:How is the year 2000 written in Roman numerals ?
  1181. jemmy:What does a burglar call a crow bar ?
  1182. saccharin:What did Ira Remsen discover in 1879, perhaps proclaiming 'How sweet it is' ?
  1183. pigs:What are Saddlebacks, Middle Whites and Berkshires ?
  1184. windmill:What type of building has sails ?
  1185. france:What country has the third most satellites in orbit ?
  1186. female:Which sex has the shorter human vocal cords ?
  1187. hawthorn:What is another name for a may tree ?
  1188. fission:What is the process of splitting atoms called ?
  1189. haiti:Where did voodoo originate ?
  1190. animals:What do humans catch zoonose diseases from ?
  1191. thirty:How many degrees are there in each house of the zodiac ?
  1192. orchid:What plant does a natural vanilla flavouring come from ?
  1193. pi:What is 3.14159 better known as ?
  1194. cancer:What disease is carcinomaphobia a fear of ?
  1195. bauxite:What ore is aluminium made of ?
  1196. permafrost:What is permanently frozen sub soil called ?
  1197. cancer:What is your zodiacal sign if you are born on July 15th ?
  1198. valium:What is the most widely used tranquiliser in North America ?
  1199. eleven:What is the square root of 121 ?
  1200. shrew:What is the smallest mammal ?
  1201. cattle:What are Lincoln Red, Galloway and Welsh Black ?
  1202. sunlight:What takes eight minutes to reach Earth ?
  1203. sunday:What is the first day of the week ?
  1204. jupiter:What planet boasts the Great Red Spot ?
  1205. leveret:What is the term for a young hare ?
  1206. smell:Which of the five senses develops first ?
  1207. shell:What constitutes 12 percent of an eggs weight ?
  1208. hydroponics:What is the science of growing plant in liquid nutrients rather than soil ?
  1209. brandy:What is the pure spirit distilled from wine ?
  1210. cd:What is 400 in Roman numerals ?
  1211. poles:What are the two ends of a magnet called ?
  1212. bull:What is the symbol for the zodiacal sign of Taurus ?
  1213. air:What do trees get 90 percent of their nutrients from ?
  1214. skin:What is shed when you desquamate ?
  1215. aquarius:What constellation is known as The Water Bearer ?
  1216. zero:What number is represented in Morse code by five dashes ?
  1217. one:How many times a year does a penguin have sex ?
  1218. capricorn:What is your zodiacal sign if you're born on New Years Day ?
  1219. calypso:What is the name of Jacques Cousteau's research ship ?
  1220. daffodil:What is a Lent lily otherwise known as ?
  1221. stainless:What type of steel did Englishman Harry Brearly invent in 1913 ?
  1222. none:How many wings does a flea have ?
  1223. yak:What Tibetan mammal lives at a higher altitude than any other in the world ?
  1224. brain:Where are the convolutions of Broca ?
  1225. bird:What is a nightjar ?
  1226. meltdown:What is the term for the physical disintegration of a nuclear reactor's core ?
  1227. fish:What is a Bombay Duck ?
  1228. teeth:What do frogs have in their mouths that toad's dont ?
  1229. six:How many pips are there in the BBC's radio time signal ?
  1230. giraffe:What animal is considered to have the highest blood pressure ?
  1231. energy:What does the E stand for in the equation E=mc2 ?
  1232. hip:What is the fruit of a rosebush called ?
  1233. water:What is the common name for Hydrogen Hydroxide ?
  1234. zulu:What is the international radio code word for the letter Z ?
  1235. acid:What turns blue litmus paper red ?
  1236. incisors:What are the front cutting teeth called ?
  1237. ballistics:What science deals with the motion of projectiles ?
  1238. skein:What is the collective term for flying geese ?
  1239. yeast:What causes bakers itch ?
  1240. mars:What planet did Viking 1 Land on ?
  1241. twins:What is the symbol of the zodiacal sign Gemini ?
  1242. three:How many astronauts manned each Apollo flight ?
  1243. seven:How many stars are there in the Big Dipper ?
  1244. yeast:What fungus is used in making bread ?
  1245. glaciation:What process forms drumlins, eskers and cirques ?
  1246. kodak:What company is the worlds largest user of silver ?
  1247. venus:What planet has the longest day ?
  1248. earth:What travels through space at 66,700 miles per hour ?
  1249. yankee:What is the international radio code word for the letter Y ?
  1250. cormorant:What bird is a shag ?
  1251. belladonna:What plant takes its name from the Italian for 'Beautiful lady' ?
  1252. sneeze:What bodily function can reach the breakneck speed of 200 miles per hour ?
  1253. aquarius:What sign is the water carrier the zodiacal symbol for ?
  1254. mosquito:What insect transmits yellow fever ?
  1255. tiger:What is the largest feline ?
  1256. whales:What mammals travel in pods ?
  1257. gnu:What is another term for Wildebeest ?
  1258. coal:What is 'nutty slack' ?
  1259. mercury:What planet has the shortest year ?
  1260. epidermis:What is the outermost layer of skin called ?
  1261. napoleon:Whose army were canned foods developed to feed ?
  1262. mohair:What type of wool is obtained from angora goats ?
  1263. four:How many noggins are there in a print ?
  1264. two:How many astronauts manned each of the Project Gemini flights ?
  1265. films:What are 'electric shadows' to the Chinese ?
  1266. eagle:What was the name of Armstrong and Aldrin's lunar module ?
  1267. left:Which is more tender, the left or right leg of a chicken ?
  1268. peacock:What bird in Greek legend was given the 100 eyes of Argus ?
  1269. fingerprint:What is a dactylogram ?
  1270. wink at them:What to nictitating women do to men?
  1271. uri geller:Who gained fame as a mind-over-matter spoon-bender?
  1272. you sneeze:What happens when you get pepper in your proboscis?
  1273. one ninth:What fraction of an iceberg shows above water?
  1274. the index finger:What's the most sensitive finger on the human hand?
  1275. post meridiem:What is p.m. an abbreviation for, as in 5.p.m?
  1276. rowing:What sport features sculls, strokes and slides ?
  1277. continents:What do the five olympic rings represent ?
  1278. three:How many fingers are used to draw a bow ?
  1279. wine:What would you get from a vintner ?
  1280. belgium:What country is home to the football team Anderlecht ?
  1281. carlsberg:What thirst quencher was promoted with the line 'Probably the best lager in the world' ?
  1282. sparrow:What type of bird is preserved at Lords since being bowled to death in 1936 ?
  1283. 121:How many points does it take to win a Cribbage game ?
  1284. thirteen:How many players are there in a Rugby League side ?
  1285. jigsaw:What tool gave a puzzle its name ?
  1286. quiver:What does an archer carry his arrows in ?
  1287. hand:What strikes the ball in a game of fives ?
  1288. fifteen:How many numbered coloured balls are there in pool ?
  1289. decathlon:What Olympic event's winner is considered the world's greatest athlete ?
  1290. centre:What player on a basketball team usually plays the post or pivot position ?
  1291. brazil:Who owns the Jules Rimet trophy ?
  1292. argentina:What country hosted soccer's 1978 world cup ?
  1293. mountaineering:What did Dougal Haston excel at ?
  1294. helsinki:Where were the 1952 Summer Olympics ?
  1295. three:What number is at 6 o'clock on a dart board ?
  1296. falconry:What is the practice of training hawks called ?
  1297. arrow:What did Alan Webster fire 1,231 yards to set a world record in 1982 ?
  1298. 1948:What was Wembley's Olympic year ?
  1299. india:Where was snoooker invented ?
  1300. 100:How many squares are there on a Snakes and Ladders board ?
  1301. five:What age does a filly become a mare at ?
  1302. black:What colour shirts must table tennis players wear in official competitions ?
  1303. four:How many rings are there on a five zone archery target ?
  1304. two:How many strokes are tournament golfers penalised for slow play ?
  1305. second:What was Lord John Oaksey's highest ever placing in the Grand National ?
  1306. paris:Where is the Longchamps racetrack ?
  1307. whisky:What did cowboys refer to as tonsil plant ?
  1308. jokers:What did a pack of cards not include until 1857 ?
  1309. stations:What are B&O, Reading, Pennsylvania and Short Line on an American Monopoly board ?
  1310. curling:What sport requires stones to be thrown at houses ?
  1311. oval:What is Surrey Cricket Club's home ground ?
  1312. england:What country has the best defensive position in the board game Diplomacy ?
  1313. parsley:What herb is most often used as a garnish ?
  1314. italy:What country has won the most Contract Bridge world championships ?
  1315. four:How many laps are there in a speedway race ?
  1316. 1967:What year saw the first League Cup final played at Wembley ?
  1317. headingley:Where did Ian Botham score his 149 not out Test snatching innings in 1981 ?
  1318. three:How many years old are horses that run in the Derby ?
  1319. 100:How many tiles are there in a Scrabble game ?
  1320. right:Does tennis service begin in the left or right court ?
  1321. chinaman:What do you call a left arm bowler's off break to a right handed batsman ?
  1322. two:How many bowling balls does it take to make a spare ?
  1323. france:What country did roulette originate in ?
  1324. roulette:What game made Monte Carlo ?
  1325. backwards:How did Paul Wilson run 100 yards in 13.1 seconds on September 22nd 1979 to set a world record ?
  1326. oaks:What is the classic fillies race run over the Derby course ?
  1327. cricket:What sport could see six chinamen in a maiden and a nightwatchman with a duck ?
  1328. seven:How many players are in a water polo team ?
  1329. three:What is the point value of the letter C in Scrabble ?
  1330. sherry:What is Tio Pepe ?
  1331. cherries:What is the liqueur Kirsch made from ?
  1332. 1968:What year saw the first colour broadcast of the F A Cup Final ?
  1333. australia:What continent is considered the easiest to defend in the game of Risk ?
  1334. soccer:What sport is played in more countries than any other ?
  1335. stop:What does a red flag mean in auto racing ?
  1336. wimbledon:What is considered tennis's most illustrious championship ?
  1337. twelve:What is the maximum number of coins that can be turned up with four players of Spoof ?
  1338. eight:How many pawns does each player have at the start of a chess game ?
  1339. solitaire:What is the other name for the card game Patience ?
  1340. 1958:What year did football's Munich air disaster happen ?
  1341. croquet:What is the game if your balls are black and blue and your opponents are red and yellow ?
  1342. seafood:What is the main ingredient in bouillabaisse ?
  1343. pele:What is the better known name of Edson Arantes do Nascimento ?
  1344. marbles:What game does the New York Institute for the Investigation of Rolling Speroids specialise in ?
  1345. left:What is the near side on a horse ?
  1346. red:What colour light is displayed on the port side of a boat ?
  1347. black:Which colour moves first in draughts ?
  1348. spades:What is the highest ranking suit in Bridge ?
  1349. fencing:What sport was Boris Onishchenko caught cheating at in the Montreal Olympics ?
  1350. two:How many sleds may each country enter in the four man Olympic bobsled event ?
  1351. silks:What is a jockeys uniform called ?
  1352. six:How many English Test Cricket venues are there ?
  1353. judo:What combat sport did Dr Jigoro Kano devise in Japan in 1882 ?
  1354. body:What term applies to the consistency, thickness and substance of a wine ?
  1355. fishing:What does a piscatologist excel at ?
  1356. wink:What is the name of the piece flipped into the cup in tiddlywinks ?
  1357. polo:What sport is played on the largest field ?
  1358. spain:What country played host to the 1982 soccer World Cup Finals ?
  1359. pele:What soccer player was known as The Black Pearl ?
  1360. craps:What American dice rolling game can be won with an initial throw of seven or eleven ?
  1361. eight:How many balls were there in the old Australian over ?
  1362. rowing:What water sport, other than fishing, might you catch crabs in ?
  1363. rugby:What sport originated when William Ellis grabbed a soccer ball and ran with it in 1823 ?
  1364. swansea:What football team calls Vetch Field home ?
  1365. tungsten:What is the metal favoured by most dart players ?
  1366. kangaroos:What is the nickname of the Australian Rugby League side ?
  1367. mushrooms:What vegetable will a chasseur add to your food ?
  1368. rome:Where were the 1960 Summer Olympics held ?
  1369. four:How many Olympic Games were cancelled because of World War II ?
  1370. seven:How many players make up a water polo team ?
  1371. mead:What alcoholic beverage is made from honey and water ?
  1372. bar:What is the centre division of a backgammon board called ?
  1373. cuba:Where did the rumba originate ?
  1374. pottery:What craft uses a kiln and kick wheel ?
  1375. purse:What is the prize money in a horse race or a boxing match called ?
  1376. skip:What is the captain of a curling foursome called ?
  1377. fourteen:How many clubs can a professional golfer play a round with ?
  1378. white:What colour is Chablis ?
  1379. athens:What was the site of the first modern day Olympic Games ?
  1380. chess:What board game derives its name form the Persian word for king ?
  1381. eight:How many lanes does an Olympic swimming pool have ?
  1382. spider:What is a long legged snooker rest called ?
  1383. horn:What is the first word played in the Scrabble rules demostration game ?
  1384. 1981:When did the three points for a win system start in the football league ?
  1385. boxing:What sport was standardised under the Queensberry rules ?
  1386. eight:How many triple word score spaces are there on a Scrabble board ?
  1387. pigeons:What are the clay targets in trap shooting called ?
  1388. two:How many heads are there on a croquet mallet ?
  1389. nine:How many rooms are there on a Cluedo game board ?
  1390. skydiving:What non mechanical sport achieves the highest speeds ?
  1391. weightlifting:What sport features snatches and clean jerks ?
  1392. orange:What colour on Monopoly properties are landed on most often ?
  1393. dartboard:What sporting target has a point total of 1,335 ?
  1394. two:What is the minimum number of masts on a schooner ?
  1395. castle:What is the term for the rook in chess ?
  1396. flyweight:What boxing division has Britain held the most world titles in ?
  1397. nine:What is the bullseye worth in archery ?
  1398. jaguar:What british car was the Le Mans success story of the 1950's ?
  1399. seven:What do opposite faces of a die always add up to ?
  1400. five:How many classic horse races are there ?
  1401. eight:How many footballers died in the Munich air crash ?
  1402. apron:What is the closely cut grass that surrounds a golf green ?
  1403. three:How many layers of tobacco are there in a handmade cigar ?
  1404. three:What is par on a 245 yard golf hole ?
  1405. mexico:What Latin American country is home to the World Boxing Council ?
  1406. glasgow:Where was the football ground stampede that caused 66 deaths in 1971 ?
  1407. bentley:What make of British car won the Le Mans motor race five times from 1924 to 1930 ?
  1408. screwdriver:What drink was invented by oilmen, who used their tools to stir it ?
  1409. lotus:What make of car did Jim Clark die in ?
  1410. pipe:What is a meerschaum ?
  1411. cribbage:What card game can you peg out in ?
  1412. pepper:What do chefs cal The Master Spice ?
  1413. orange:What flavour is Grand Marnier ?
  1414. brown:What colour bottles do good Rhine wines come in ?
  1415. bisley:What is England's best known rifle range ?
  1416. six:How many players are there in a volleyball team ?
  1417. weaving:What handicraft requires you to interlace your warp and weft ?
  1418. right:Which way does the jack of hearts usually face ?
  1419. three:How many holes are there in a ten pin bowling ball ?
  1420. six:How many points are there on a star in a Chinese chequers board ?
  1421. dice:What were 'ivories' to an Old West gambler ?
  1422. ten:How many furlongs are there in a mile and a quarter racetrack ?
  1423. forty:How many spaces are there on a Monopoly board ?
  1424. england:What country is considered the cradle of horse racing ?
  1425. googly:What is an off break ball that is bowled with a leg break action called ?
  1426. chance:What space precedes Park Lane on a Monopoly board ?
  1427. 225:How many spaces are there on a Scrabble board ?
  1428. willow:What wood is a cricket bat made from ?
  1429. king:What is the tallest piece on a chessboard ?
  1430. clubs:What is the lowest ranking suit in Bridge ?
  1431. six:How many drops make a dash in cooking ?
  1432. eight:How many nail holes are there in a standard horseshoe ?
  1433. aintree:Where would you see a horse jump over the chair ?
  1434. shergar:What horse was ridden by Walter Swinburn Jr for his first Derby win ?
  1435. southampton:What second division side defeated Manchester United in the 1975 F A Cup Final ?
  1436. brazil:What is the only country to have qualified for all of the soccer World Cup finals ?
  1437. knitting:What hobby uses the term cast on ?
  1438. england:What country saw the origin of lawn tennis ?
  1439. one:What is the point value of the standard vowels in Scrabble ?
  1440. arrows:What do fletchers make ?
  1441. fifty:How many metres can an Olympic swimmer swim without turning ?
  1442. love:What tennis term is said to come from the French word for eggs ?
  1443. yellow:What colour is the danger flag in auto racing ?
  1444. arsenal:What soccer club won three consecutive league titles in the 1930's ?
  1445. himalayas:What did the Crane brothers run the length of in a record 101 days in 1983 ?
  1446. olympia:What site staged the original Olympics ?
  1447. wrestling:What sport featured Mick McManus and Jackie Pallo ?
  1448. fifteen:How many counters of each colour does backgammon have ?
  1449. brighton:What seagulls have played at Wembley ?
  1450. javelin:What is usually thrown the farthest in a track and field competition ?
  1451. twenty:What is the Scrabble point value of the word jar on a double word score without blanks ?
  1452. peru:What South American country has the world's highest golf course ?
  1453. eleven:How many years did Alf Ramsey reign as England team manager ?
  1454. roach:What type of fish is most commonly caught on hempseed bait ?
  1455. golf:What sport did Mark Twain describe as 'a good walk spoiled' ?
  1456. anticlockwise:Which direction are greyhound races run in, clockwise or anticlockwise ?
  1457. bridge:What popular card game originated in Turkey ?
  1458. archery:What sport might you shoot a clout in ?
  1459. nine:How many players are there in a baseball team ?
  1460. france:What is the nearest country to the UK to have staged the Winter Olympics ?
  1461. ludo:What board game's name is derived from the Latin for 'I Play' ?
  1462. yachting:What sport is it recommended that you duck the boom in ?
  1463. newbold:What is Sebastian Coe's middle name ?
  1464. shuttlecock:What is another term for a badminton bird ?
  1465. two:What is the minimum number of letters in the first word of a Scrabble game ?
  1466. teenoso:What horse carried Lester Piggott to his record breaking Derby win in 1983 ?
  1467. knitting:What would you be doing to the instructions k1, p1, k2tog ?
  1468. bouquet:What term applies to the aroma of wine ?
  1469. sixteen:What is the most popular finishing double in darts ?
  1470. baseball:What sport do Americans play on a diamond ?
  1471. towel:What does a boxer's second throw into the ring to stop a fight ?
  1472. thirty:How many fences does a Grand National winner jump ?
  1473. seven:What is the most frequently rolled number with two dice ?
  1474. sturgeon:What fish, weighing in at 388 pounds, is the largest ever caught in a British river ?
  1475. shoes:What did Abebe Bikila go without in winning the 1960 Olympic marathon ?
  1476. white:What colour of boxing trunks was Muhammad Ali partial to ?
  1477. two:How many bottles are there in a magnum of champagne ?
  1478. bricklaying:What is the traditional trade for aspiring Spanish Bullfighters ?
  1479. vodka:What is mixed with Kahlua or Tia Maria to make a Black Russian ?
  1480. paper:What is better than stone in the paper, stone and scissors game ?
  1481. scrabble:What board game was originally called criss cross ?
  1482. draughts:What board game is called checkers in North America ?
  1483. nineteen:How many cherubs are there on a Trivial Pursuit board ?
  1484. gymnastics:What sport did Olga Korbut excel at ?
  1485. darts:What sport commences to the cry of "Game On"?
  1486. sport:How many players make up a basketball team?
  1487. terry venables:What footballing personality co-wrote the Hazel TV series?
  1488. road cycling:What sport did Belgium's Eddy Merckx gain fame in?
  1489. nine:How many strokes make up a quadruple bogey on a par five golf hole?
  1490. daley thompson:Who won the 1980 Olympic decathlon?
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