G2A Many GEOs


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  1. This hack causes melee animations to be used,
  2. "Str" to be displayed
  3. and melee weapon levels to be displayed
  4. for a unit that has a melee weapon equipped,
  5. and magic animations to be used,
  6. "Mag" to be displayed
  7. and magic weapon levels to be displayed
  8. for a unit that has a magic weapon equipped:
  10. .org                            0x08018188
  11. .thumb
  12. push    {lr}                    @
  13. @-------------------------------@Get uses/equipped weapon of unit pointed at by r0
  14. bl                              0x08016958
  15. lsl     r0,     r0,     #0x18   @
  16. lsr     r0,     r0,     #0x18   @
  17. ldr     r1,                     ITEM_TABLE_REF
  18. ldr     r1,     [r1]            @r1 points to item table
  19. lsl     r0,     r0,     #0x05   @
  20. add     r0,     r0,     r1      @Indexing of item table complete
  21. ldrb    r0,     [r0,    #0x08]  @
  22. mov     r1,     #0x02           @"Use magic animation?"
  23. and     r0,     r1              @
  24. lsr     r0,     r0,     #0x01   @r0 == 1 or 0, guaranteed
  25. pop     {pc}                    @
  26. .align                          2
  27.                                 ITEM_TABLE_REF:
  28. .long                           0x08016410
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