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  1. DADDY'S GIRL by Richard Gozinya  CHAPTER ONE -- On Daddy's Lap  Twelve year-old Shauna Poling ran home from school that Friday afternoon, her long dark hair flying. There was only one week of school left, and since school was stretching into June this year to make up for snow days last winter, the heat was intense.  It was so hot in southern Indiana during these last days of school that the building air conditioning system had failed. Shauna's elementary school was one of those new ones, built for energy efficiency but without windows that could be opened and closed. As a result, the school was a sauna bath by noon, and several students and teachers had passed out in class because of the heat. Just before the noon bell, Mr. Saunders, the principal, came on the intercom.  "Due to the intense heat and failure of our air conditioning system, school today will end at the noon recess. School buses will be here early to pick up students. You students who walk to school, please take great care crossing streets on the way home. Have a nice weekend."  The oppressive heat suppressed what would normally have been jubilant cheers from the kids, but not Shauna. She literally jumped up and down in her seat, clapping her hands together and screeching.  "Oh boy, this means I get to go camping sooner!" she squealed as the little girl at the desk next to her looked at her and spoke in a nasty tone.  "Oh yeah, who's taking you camping?" asked Shauna's classmate, Melanie Storm, as if she didn't believe anyone was really taking Shauna camping.  "My mom and dad are, that's who. We're going to the national forest to this real neat place my dad knows," retorted Shauna. She stuck her tongue out at Melanie and turned away. She looked away because she had lied. Nobody was taking her camping, and she didn't even have a father.  Shauna never knew her father. Her mother hadn't married him, and Shauna had never even seen a picture of him. There had never been any men around. There had been a couple of her mom's boyfriends, but they had never been around their apartment much. At age 10, Shauna had started craving male attention, something she had never had.  But that had all changed recently. One week night just two weeks ago, a man had brought her mom home from the university campus where she was taking courses. He was older than the other men her mother had dated, but he was really nice. Shauna figured her mom must really like him, because she usually didn't introduce her daughter to her dates or even have them into their downstairs apartment.  Their apartment was the major downstairs portion of what had been a stately old town home, built in the 1920s for a large family. It had been chopped up into four apartments, just as all the other grand old houses on their street lined with ancient maples and oaks that shaded everything.  The man who visited that afternoon had hugged her when she met him. Shauna had trilled to both his touch and his words.  "What a pretty girl you are. If I ever had a little girl, I'd want one as cute as you," Don Janis had told her as he looked into her eyes and bent to shake her hand.  Like me? Pretty? He wants me for his own little girl? Shauna literally broke out in goose pimples when she thought about it. He was so handsome -- a touch a gray hair, blue eyes, and just the same height as her mom. She thought he looked like Paul Newman whom she had just seen in a television movie.  "Can you entertain Don while I'm cleaning up, Shauna?" her mom had asked. "He's taking us out for pizza tonight."  The lithe 12 year-old was now doubly thrilled. She loved going to the pizza place like the other kids did with their parents. This time, they'd see her with her handsome "Dad".  She jumped onto his lap when her mother walked down the hall to the bathroom. He sat on the living room couch, and she draped her long, thin legs over his. Her dress hiked way up. Shauna noticed, but she didn't try to cover anything up.  "Don't you have any kids?" she asked the her mom's new boyfriend.  "No, I don't, but if I did, I'd want a little girl just as pretty as you," he replied.  Shauna never thought of herself as pretty. The kids at school made fun of her, calling her "bean pole" because she was so tall and thin. She had inherited her mother's model's body, but she wasn't aware yet that she was blossoming into it. She already stood 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Her legs made up well over half of that height, and her breasts were little more than swellings beneath her nipples. Her nipples were becoming cones, high on her chest and protruding through the thin cotton frock she wore.  Her mom's new boyfriend's praise awakened a new feeling in the little girl. She didn't know what it was at first. And, there was something else. When she sat on his lap that first time, she felt him move under her butt. It made her feel funny between her legs. It made her swollen nipples feel itchy against the cotton dress. It made her think about boys and penises.  Some of the girls at school talked about boys' cocks, and how it was supposed to feel good when they put it into a girl's pussy. It made the little girl wonder about how it would feel. She was dying to actually see a cock, as her friend Marsha called a boy's penis, but none of the boys were even friendly to her. She towered over all of them, and they seemed to hate her for that.  Shauna was sure she had felt her mom's new boyfriend's cock through her panties and dress, rubbing against her bottom. He had moved her on his lap so that the crack of her ass lay right on top of it. Then, he had moved around, pressing against her tiny little ass, slowly back and forth. It had only lasted a few minutes, while her mom was busy in the bathroom. Shauna had liked it though, and when she pressed back a little, Don had stroked her hair, looked her in the eyes, smiling at her so nice.  "Good girl," he said, smiling at her so lovingly that she wanted to throw her arms around him.  She loved the way it felt. She felt all warm inside. She wished he would have done more, but when he heard her mom coming out of the bathroom, Don moved her off his lap, smiled, and winked conspiratorially at her.  Intuitively, Shauna knew they had just done something together that had to be a secret. No problem. Shauna didn't want her mom to know either. It would spoil everything. Maybe he'll like Mom, and she'll marry him, and he will be my daddy, she thought. I'll be like the others girls, like that snotty Melanie and the other kids with both mothers and fathers.  Later that night, Shauna kept wishing her mom would marry him, and that Don would be her daddy. He really liked her, she could tell, and Shauna sure liked him. Shauna was thrilled and excited, and was sad when Don didn't stay longer that night after they returned from the pizza place. Later, in bed, her hand found its way to her still-hairless pubic mound. She tentatively touched herself on her pussy, just like Marsha had told her to do. It felt good. She thought of Don touching her there, about his cock and about how it had felt when she sat on his lap. The next morning, Shauna quizzed her mom.  "Is Don going to come back again?" Shauna asked her mom over her bowl of Cheerios.  "Well, maybe. Would you like him to?" asked her mother.  "Sure. Don't you Mom? Do you like him?" asked the little girl.  "Ummm, well... yes, I do," Cindy told her daughter, smiling and holding out her arms for a hug at the same time.  Shauna ran to her mom and they hugged tightly, laughing together. And Don did come back. On the following Monday afternoon after his first visit, Shauna came home to find his Ford Bronco parked on the street in front of the house.  Elated, she had burst through the front door but found neither her mom nor Don there. Just as she was about to yell out, she heard noises coming from down the hall.  "Oh Daddy, please, Daddy, please!"  It was her mother's voice, but what she heard confused her. Shauna knew her mother's father had died many years ago. She had never seen him. Who in the world could her mom be calling "Daddy"?  CHAPTER TWO -- Cindy fondly recalls her first daddy  Cindy Poling was excited about Don Janis' interest and was greatly relived that Shauna seemed to like him too. As single mother of a 12 year-old, she found most younger men weren't able to deal with the idea of having a ready-made family.  Lots of college boys hit on her at the university, but none had pursued her once they learned about Shauna. Besides, Cindy liked older men and always had. College boys and young men her age did not excite her sexually. She knew this preference had everything to do with her father.  Charles Poling had been tall, dark and handsome. He had doted on his young daughter, giving in to her every wish. Unfortunately, it was one of those wishes that ruined everything for her family.  Cindy's strongest memories of her father were of the nights he bathed her. For as far back as she could remember, her father had given her a nightly bath. His hands were big and strong, but she remembered how gentle they felt when he bathed her. She felt secure, loved, when her daddy gave her a bath.  Then, out of the blue, when she was nine years old, her mom told Cindy she was old enough to start taking her own baths... without Daddy's help. That same day, she overheard her mom tell her dad the same thing after dinner.  "Time for your bath, Cindy. Run on upstairs and fill the tub," Charles had told her that evening.  Cindy glanced at her mother, who was looking at Charles. Cindy ran upstairs, hoping her dad would overrule her mom's decision about the baths. As she ran, she heard her mom's voice: "Charles, now don't you think she's getting old enough to take her own baths?"  "Why, yes, I suppose she is. It's just always been one of our rituals, Margaret. You know that," said Charles.  "Charles, she's just getting too grown up -- she's beginning to get breasts. It's just not right," insisted Margaret.  "Really, Maggie, come now. You can't think there's any harm in my bathing my own daughter. Hell, she's still a little girl," he answered.  Margaret stood silent for a moment, then smiled.  "Well, I guess you're right. But you know you can't keep bathing her much longer. She is growing up," said the 23 year-old mother.  Charles was 49 at the time, very handsome, and very nice to Margaret who had married him after becoming pregnant during high school at age 15. The father was a teen-age boy from her neighborhood.  In those days, many families desperately married off young pregnant daughters to close family friends, and that had been the case with Margaret and Charles. Charles was an old high school chum of Margaret's parents. He gave Margaret's bastard daughter his name and provided a wonderful home for them both.  Despite the 25 year difference in their ages, it had worked out well.  But Margaret knew her husband well after nine years of marriage. She knew Charles was a closet pedophile. Since their first night in bed, Charles had orchestrated their sexual relationship to revolve around a father-daughter fantasy.  She hadn't liked it at first, but after a few months, Margaret began to enjoy it nearly as much as Charles. All Margaret had to do was greet him at the door with her hair in twin pony tails and one of her little girl dresses, complete with cotton underwear, anklet socks and Mary Janes, and she was in for a marathon session in their bedroom.  But as Cindy started growing, Margaret started worrying that Charles might want to make his fantasy reality by seducing her daughter. He had never shown any tendencies in that direction, but the baths gnawed at her. Lately, Cindy had been asking questions about sex, and the girl was clearly infatuated with Charles. She feared anything might happen.  These things were on Margaret Poling's mind when she mentioned the baths that night. But, Charles was right. Cindy was still a little girl, and he loved her. Margaret knew that, above all, he would never hurt Cindy or her in any way. When she got around to that realization, she felt better about everything and silly about objecting to the nightly baths.  "Charles, I'm sorry. Never mind. I have to go to my aerobics class this evening, and I'm just being silly. I trust you more than anyone in the world," she said as her husband headed down the hall to the bathroom and little Cindy.  He turned and opened his arms. Margaret moved into them, and they embraced and kissed. It was more than a warm embrace, and the young mother felt sexual stirrings as Charles pulled her pelvis into him by putting both hands on her butt. She also felt her husband's amazing cock stiffen against her abdomen.  Things were getting hot, and Margaret would have been happy to let Charles take her to bed then and there, but, then, Cindy was waiting. Aerobics class was waiting.  "Daddy, the water is ready," came Cindy's voice from down the hall.  "O.K., honey. Daddy will be right there," Charles called back.  "Later," he said to his aroused young wife, pushing his crotch into her.  "Yes, later," she answered, humping her pelvis against him in reply. She could feel he had a big hard-on. What at man, she thought to herself.  They kissed and made promises with their eyes for later. Margaret headed for the car with her gym bag, and Charles headed down the hall, to his young step-daughter waiting, naked in the bathtub.  Cindy remembered what happened then, just as it was yesterday. She was already naked, waiting in the tub for her daddy to bath her. She was glad her mom had relented, and she was more than a little excited because her mother's worries centered on things that had to do with sex. She was also glad her mom was off to exercise class, leaving her alone with her father.  Since the girls at school were talking about cocks all the time, Cindy thought a lot about her daddy's cock. It was the only one she had ever seen.  Cindy had seen her daddy's once, about two months ago. One night after everyone had gone to bed, Cindy awoke and trudged out into the hall towards the bathroom. She noticed the light on, but didn't think anything about it since the door was open. She walked through the door to find Charles standing there naked, holding his cock and peeing.  Surprised, Charles had turned away from her and told her to wait just a minute and he'd be through. But he couldn't hide himself when he left the bathroom, and Cindy got a close look at her daddy's cock when he passed her in the hall. He had stopped for a moment and turned toward her.  She was amazed at how big it was, bigger than when she first saw him peeing. It was sticking straight out when she saw it in the dim hall light. The incident stuck in her mind like a picture. She wanted to see it up close. She wanted to touch it. It was all she could think about that night as she waited in the bath.  CHAPTER THREE -- Cindy remembers her last bath with Daddy  Looking back on that time still made the young mother's nipples harden and her clitoris swell when she thought about it. She would never forget it, couldn't forget it -- the touch of her daddy's hands in the bath, the sight of his huge, hard penis. Even after all the years that had passed, Cindy could close her eyes and see it all over again.  The young mother vividly remembered sitting naked in her bath water that day, waiting for her daddy. All the business with her mother's objections about the evening bath with Daddy had somehow changed things. Would her daddy really want to do something like that?  What would it be like? Would he let her hold his penis? Would he play with her between the legs?  Unconsciously, little Cindy's fingers found her bare pubis while she dreamed of her daddy's cock. It felt good when she played with her closed little slit and budding clitoris. She didn't know what she was doing, but she knew it felt good, and that's what she was doing when Daddy finally walked through the bathroom door.  She jerked her hands away quickly, suddenly afraid that he'd be mad at her. But he wasn't. He wasn't mad at all. He hadn't said a word, although he did stop for a long moment and look at her there in the tub. He looked at her in a way she had never seen before, then broke into a smile.  "Is my little girl ready for her bath?" he asked her, grinning as he always did. Cindy nodded her head, still a little afraid about being caught playing with herself.  She needn't have worried. When her daddy started bathing her that night, everything about the bath was different from all the baths in the past.  First of all, when he knelt beside the tub to begin washing her, he didn't use a wash cloth. He worked the soap in his hands and applied the lather directly. He didn't say a thing, but his hands went straight from her neck and shoulders to her budding breasts. He lathered them a long time, tweaked her nipples until they stood erect in his hands. He held them gently between his fingers and rolled them, every so slowly.  She watched her daddy's hands at her breasts for a long time. Shivers shot down from her tender cone-shaped tittles to her crotch. She started rubbing her butt against the bottom of the tub.  "You like that, sweetheart?" he asked, smiling at her as he continued "washing" her breasts. "You are going to have perfect breasts, baby, just perfect."  "Really, Daddy? You like them?" she asked, proudly thrusting her chest out to display them. She looked into his eyes now and loved the way he ran his fingers from base to the tips of her nipples.  "Ohh, Daddy. It feels really good when you do that."  "Good. Stand up now and let me finish washing you," he said.  She stood, but her daddy remained on his knees beside the tub. His head came to about her belly button.  He looked up into her eyes and smiled as he worked the soap between his hands again. Then, he dropped his head and looked straight ahead as his hands soaped her body below her breasts, across her tummy and around behind, just above her butt crack.  Then, he turned her around with his hands and pulled her a bit closer to him. She could feel his breath on her butt.  His big, gentle hands soaped her tiny ass. He kneaded her cheeks, pulled them apart and stuck a soapy finger just into her asshole, then out again.  "Oh! Daddy!" she squealed and jumped.  "Bend over a little, baby, so Daddy can wash you better," he said, almost whispering, after a long time when nothing was said.  "O.K., Daddy," she said, bending slightly at her waist, her butt and crack now smack in front of Daddy's gaze.  "Oh, you're such a beautiful girl. I love you so much," he said as she displayed her pussy and ass to her kneeling daddy.  "Oh, Daddy, I love you too," she said, wanting to turn around and hug him.  He must have read her mind then, because he placed his hands gently on her small hips and turned her to face him. She stood now with her hairless public mound at her father's eye level. But instead of hugging her as she wanted at moment, he instead picked up the soap and lathered it in his hands, saying nothing.  She could remember looking down at him as he reached behind and lathered her buttocks, worked around to her lower tummy and, finally, began washing her pubis.  He ran his hands over her tiny pussy lips, teased her clitoris and ran his finger just inside her slit.  Cindy shivered and her hips jerked uncontrollably when he laid his middle finger along the length of her pussy.  "Oo. Daddy! Oo!"  "Does that feel good, baby?" he asked, smiling lovingly at her, his middle finger still working along her tight slit.  "Oh, Daddy, yessss it does! Oh, Daddy, is this sex?"  "Well, yes, I guess it is. Do you like it?"  "Oh, yes, Daddy. I know Mommy wouldn't like it, would she?"  "That's right, sweetheart. If anyone, anyone, were ever to find out about this, it would be the end of our family," he said, now running his hands all over her pubic area, between her legs and to her ass.  "Ooo, Daddy, ooo! I promise Daddy, I promise it's our secret," Cindy squealed as her daddy's finger probed lightly just inside her pussy lips. She squatted a little to spread her legs for him.  "O.K., baby, O.K.. Here, let me dry you off now. I want you to come into the bedroom with me," said Charles, reaching for a thick towel and rubbing her from head to toe.  She took her father's hand, stepped out of the tub and padded naked alongside him into the master bedroom. Cindy's excitement peaked and a bit of fear edged into her mind. This was where Daddy and Mommy "did it" together. The girls at school had told her about fucking, and she wondered what was going to happen there on her parents' bed.  But her daddy's hands chased all thoughts. He picked her up and laid her on her back onto the huge king size bed. Then he bent over her, eyes locked onto hers and lightly kissed her on the lips. At the same time, his hands fell to her tiny breasts and her large, sensitized nipples.  Cindy moaned and her daddy kissed down her neck to her breasts. He kissed and licked them, and little Cindy squirmed on the bed. Still, he kissed lower, down to her navel, then across her tummy to her hairless pubis.  "Oh, Daddy, Daddy, can I see your cock, please, Daddy," she remembered getting up enough courage to say as her daddy spread her legs and his lips began kissing the inside of her childlike thighs.  He stopped then for a moment and looked up to her from between her legs.  "Are you sure you want to see Daddy's cock, sweetheart?" he asked as he looked into her eyes again.  All she could do was nod, feverishly, and beg her daddy.  "Yes Daddy, please, oh, please... I saw it once before, but not up close."  With that Charles drew away from between his daughter's splayed thighs, stood beside the bed and undressed before her intense gaze. Unconsciously, Cindy's left hand dropped to her wet little pussy. She touched it lightly as she watched her daddy's clothes fall to the floor.  Then, just as he was down to his underwear, she stuck her thumb of her right hand in her mouth. When Charles' dick finally came into view, Cindy lost all control. She suddenly rubbed her clitoris faster, sucked hard on her thumb, and began grunting.  "Ump, umm, umph, unhh..." The noises came from deep in her throat and were muffled by her thumb which she now sucked even harder as her daddy moved closer, his huge, hard cock standing right over his daughter's face.  She watched as he stroked it slowly. It seemed to grow even larger as he did it. Her eyes were locked on it as she sucked her thumb and frigged herself with her other hand.  "Here, you try it," he said, taking his hand off his cock and reaching for her wrist. She gladly let him move her hand from her mouth to his cock, and when she closed her hand around it, she nearly fainted with excitement.  "That's it, baby. Feel how hard it is?"  "Uh huh. It is, Daddy," said the girl as waves of excitement swept through her body.  "Here, like this," he said, wrapping his hand around hers and slowly moving it up and down his rock-hard dick. He let go and Cindy kept it up.  "Like this Daddy?" she asked as she continued jacking her daddy's cock when he removed his hand.  "Ummm. Oh yes, honey. That's it... ummmm, yes."  "Does it feel good Daddy?"  "Oh yes, sweetheart. It feels wonderful. Don't stop."  Neither Cindy nor Charles heard the front door of the house open and close. Nor did they hear Margaret enter the house and walk down the hallway.  She did remember that her daddy's cock had just started to spurt cum when her mother walked into the bedroom and caught them. She didn't know what the white cream was, and just as she was about to ask him, Margaret stepped into the bedroom.  "Oh my God! Charles! Cindy!" her mother screamed.  CHAPTER FOUR -- Cindy looks for a new daddy  A terrible scene followed. That day was the last time she saw her father, because her mother threw him out of the house and filed criminal child molesting charges against him.  Charles was sent to prison and her mother moved to another city, taking Cindy with her. Through the years that followed, Cindy had been able to forget about the horrible fight between her mother and father that day there in her parents' bedroom. It was easy. It had been so ugly, and so unfair to the daddy she adored.  What she never forgot was holding her daddy's cock and how she had wanted to do so much more with him. She started masturbating shortly after the incident, and she always imagined what would have happened had her mother not returned. She imagined kissing his huge penis, licking it, even though she didn't have a clue about oral sex then. When she thought about him rubbing it all over her vagina, she had her first climax. Later, when she found out what fucking was, she always thought about Daddy putting it into her.  Throughout her pubescence and adolescence, the boys in her junior high and high schools failed to interest her, even though her brain burned with sexual desire. Cindy's ideal of a man and sex was fixed on her father. She knew she liked older men, but the older men she met seemed to ignore her altogether, except one.  Her high school history teacher, a handsome middle-aged man with tastes leaning toward young girls like Cindy, took a very active interest in Cindy.  At 15, her striking sexuality and lean beauty attracted Mr. Hollins, and Cindy's father-fixation made her a willing recipient of his attentions.  She accepted an invitation to his home for a tea party with Mr. and Mrs. Hollins and some other bright pupils and their teachers. During the party, Mr. Hollins showed Cindy his special "playroom" in the basement. That's where she lost her virginity, in Mr. Hollins' sex chamber during a school party. He bent her over a table, lifted her dress, pulled down her panties and stuck it into her vagina. It hurt, and Cindy didn't really enjoy it all that much. But Mr. Hollins did. He did it to her three times during the party, and after the third time, Cindy was starting to like it.  Unfortunately, her first fuck also resulted in a pregnancy. Since abortions weren't legal in those days, Mr. Hollins and his wife happily paid all the delivery costs at a private hospital. Cindy refused to put the baby up for adoption, so Hollins signed a support agreement in return for Cindy's and her mother's silence. She named the baby "Shauna". It meant "full moon" in some Native American language.  After that, she lived at home with her mom and Shauna, finished high school as valedictorian, and won a major scholarship to attend university. She waited a few years, then enrolled in the state university, about 150 miles from her mom's home. She took a work study job on campus in the book store, attended classes full time and managed to care of Shauna.  With so much to do, Cindy was exhausted every night when she collapsed in her bed, but even this exhaustion couldn't smother her fantasies about her father. They had come back right after Shauna was born. If anything, her obsession was stronger than it had ever been.  It was in her mind whenever she had a moment to herself. When a good-looking professor of about 50 spoke to her one day in the campus bookstore, she fantasized about him as her daddy for an entire year. She even looked up his telephone number and address and drove past his house. She saw a fat gray-haired woman there that must have been his wife. She knew she could make him happier than that woman could, but she remained passive and didn't act.  She fantasized about at least three of her professors in school, but never made her desires known to any of them. They were all married, after all, and Cindy figured she didn't need the hassles of an affair with a married man.  Still, her fantasies raged, and Cindy masturbated at every opportunity. She masturbated on her breaks in a restroom stall. She lifted her skirts in the car and fingered herself as she drove to and from the campus.  And always, she thought of her daddy's cock, imagined it sliding into her, how it would feel. She fantasized their words together, what she would say, what he would say: "Oh, sweetheart, Daddy loves his little girl so much," he would say once inside her.  "Oh, Daddy, I love you too."  "Are you Daddy's girl?" he would ask as he started fucking her.  "Yes, Daddy. I'm your girl."  She seldom got much farther than that before climaxing as she tweaked her clitoris.  She started shaving her pussy to make it look more like it did when Daddy had let her hold his cock.  Cindy was smart enough to know her fantasy had become an obsession, but it didn't matter. She was so alone, so isolated from all social contact with others that it was all she had. It was the most sexually exciting thing she could imagine, and it became a fever. Before long fucking Daddy occupied most of her thoughts in class, at work, driving, or at home lying in bed at night.  She even picked up a pornographic novel about an incestuous father and daughter one afternoon at the local porn shop. She drove by it every day, and had often wanted to stop, but there were always cars in the lot. Then, one day, she drove past the shop and no cars were there.  Cindy circled the block and parked on a side street about a half a block away, put on her dark glasses, and walked. To her relief, only the young male (gay, she thought) clerk was in the store. She kept her eyes down and went straight to several revolving stands for paperbacks.  The titles made her heart pound harder: "Daddy's Girl", and "Fucked By My Daddy", and "Daddy's Baby", and "Teaching Daughter". She grabbed "Daddy's Girl" because the cover drawing pictured a young girl laying on her back in bed, holding her father's huge hard penis. Slippery wetness oozed into her panties, making her feel even hotter. The scene looked just like her with Charles all those years ago.  "Hey, you know, you're the third lady today who has bought this book. Must be a good one," said the faggy clerk when she went to pay for the book.  Cindy's brain was so afire with lust, that she couldn't have responded to his comment even if she wanted to. All she could think about was getting home before Shauna came home from school so she could read her new book and finger herself to nirvana.  She wasn't so distracted, however, that she failed catch a glimpse of a man arriving at the pornography shop just as she ducked around the side of the building toward her car.  There was something familiar about him, and she noticed a black pickup truck in the parking lot as she was leaving. The truck resembled Professor Janis' truck. God, it was him, I hope he didn't see me, she thought.  As she pulled onto the side street, she wondered if Professor Janis might want to be her real "Daddy" instead of a fantasy one. She wondered what was he buying at the porn shop. She looked at the cover of her fuck book in the car seat, and hoped he might be buying the same book.  She nearly ran into the house, into her bedroom and stripped naked. She turned on a reading lamp and lay on her back before opening the novel. The book told how a father-daughter sexual relationship began between a girl of 12 and her 40 year-old father, and it drove the feverish young mother to one climax after another, right from the first page.  Cindy literally writhed on her bed, drapes closed, door shut. Her reading light brightened the pages, but the first sex scene sent her reeling into a series of spectacular climaxes: "Here, baby, take a hold of Daddy's cock," said the Daddy in the book.  Cindy whimpered and started to cum as her fingers rubbed her clitoris. She jammed her middle finger up inside herself as she started to cum, imagining it was Professor Janis' dick, her new daddy.  Finally, she collapsed, exhausted but still longing for more. She wanted a real Daddy to fuck her... maybe some men shared her fantasy. She had heard some did. But how could she find one who did? How could she approach the professor? It was so risky, so scary to the young mother.  Suddenly, Cindy felt it was hopeless. She needed a daddy, but didn't know how to find him.  "Oh, Daddy, your little girl needs you so bad," she wailed aloud, then burst into tears. The tears stopped flowing, though, when she thought of Professor Janis. Yes, she decided, he is going to be my new daddy. He likes porn, she thought. At least we have that in common.  She snapped out of it when she heard the front door open and Shauna yell out: "Mommy, I'm home!"  "Hi, sweetheart," she called from the bedroom as she quickly dressed and straightened her hair. "How was school?"  "Oh, not so good. They're having a father's day camp at school, and I'm the only one in my class that doesn't have a daddy..."  CHAPTER FIVE -- The Porno Shop  Don Janis saw a woman leaving Dr. Johnson's Book Store just as he pulled into the parking lot. He only got a glimpse of her from the rear, but he thought he recognized her.  Dark auburn hair, long, in a pony tail. Fairly tall. Long cotton skirt and white cotton blouse. Slender legs. Long, immature body, the way he liked them. Small breasts, high on her chest. Sandals. Something about the way she walked reminded him of his student, Cindy Poling. Actually, he hadn't been able to think of anything else but the young mother and student and her hot little daughter ever since yesterday.  Cindy had already captured his attention, when he started giving her rides home after his afternoon lecture class. She possessed his fantasy body -- long legs, small breasts, long straight hair, high, tight little butt. He couldn't remember a woman he wanted to fuck so badly, right from the very first time he saw her in his class. Yesterday's visit to Cindy's house, and her erotic little girl, was like gasoline on the fire in his brain and on his penis.  Janis had never considered seducing a real, live 12 year-old girl. Way too risky for him. It was a long-standing fantasy, however, and he couldn't believe he had done what he had with Shauna. It had been very dangerous, and it scared him to think what might have happened had the girl not been so receptive.  His penis swelled as he thought about his first meeting with Shauna. Thinking about the erotic lap scene he had with the gangly 12 year-old on her mother's couch had kept his penis stiff for the past 24 hours, straight. He guessed he could probably get the girl to do whatever he wanted her to do, and that knowledge had kept his fantasies churning all day. All he needed was an opportunity.  He could close his eyes and see the girl naked -- tiny swelling breasts, high on her thin torso; a tiny, tight butt; long, skinny legs and a bare pubis: a younger, smaller, thinner version of her mother. He fantasized that she would stand naked before him, bending over to show off her charms from the rear, sitting on his lap again... He seldom got farther than that without having to stop dreaming and jack off, thinking about how he would stick his dick into both Shauna and her mommy.  Cindy had turned him on during that first visit to her small rental house too. She had eagerly pressed her body into his when he first kissed her in the kitchen of the small rental home in the "student ghetto". The young mother had been more than eager. She had been frantic with sexual excitement, nearly losing control right on the spot. He would have fucked her then and there but for her daughter's presence.  Their kitchen embrace had lasted only a few minutes, but it was the hottest embrace the professor had ever experienced. Not because their physical contact was so hot (Shauna's lap visit had already made him rock hard), but because of what Cindy had whispered during their prolonged first kiss.  As soon as he stuck his tongue into her mouth, she had made a soft moan, opened her mouth wide and took his tongue between her lips. She sucked it like a was a small, red penis. And when he reached behind her and cupped her high, tight ass cheeks with both hands, she ground her pelvis into his dick, moaned some more, and worked frantically on his penis and tongue.  She was moaning and whimpering, on the edge of losing control. Her abandon switched some primal sexual switch inside the middle-aged man. He too was on the edge of losing control, and all in a matter of a minute since their embrace began.  He took the next step and lifted her cotton dress from the rear, then stuck both hands down her panties to cup her tiny butt again. Then he moved his fingers towards her cunt from the rear, and as he touched her asshole, Cindy started making fucking motions as they stood there in the kitchen.  "Ooo, Daddy, yesss," she whispered, ever so softly as he finally touched her slit. She backed away from his mouth and buried her head on his neck and whispered hotly into his ear.  He couldn't believe what she had said, but she didn't say it again, because little Shauna came tromping down the hall at just that moment. Cindy had to turn and dash to the bathroom to get herself under control. Janis was left standing there with a raging hard-on, panting as Shauna stepped into the kitchen.  He noted that when he smiled and said hi, Shauna's eyes were on his crotch where a sizable bulge enlarged his pants. They stood there looking at each other until Cindy finally came back from her dash to the bathroom.  Shauna knew something had been going on between Janis and her mom, and she figured she had interrupted something pretty hot. She smiled back at the professor, and he winked at her again. It gave Shauna goose bumps again.  Janis was still aroused, and Shauna didn't calm him. The hot young mother's response in their brief but sizzling embrace had left no doubt in his mind that he could fuck her. It was only a matter of timing, and he had known it since the first day of the semester -- eager, responsive, smart.  She had stayed after the very first class meeting to ask about a term paper project in Janis' anthropology course. He remembered sensing her sexuality and interest when she stood next to him at the lectern. Her pupils were dilated, her face flushed. Cindy walked with him as he left the classroom, hung back as he spoke with two other students, and rejoined him as he left the building.  She walked and listened all the way to his car. She gladly accepted his offer of a ride home. During that ride, she smoldered in the car seat, and he caught her looking at him with that awed, lovesick look that he had seen from lots of other female students over the years. After that, Cindy was there after every class meeting, and the ride home was becoming a regular thing.  Cindy was a sure fuck, he knew. Thinking about just how hot it might be with her kept him aroused. The little girl was a surprise bonus, and thinking about her was driving him crazy. Together, they overwhelmed his sexual fantasies. And, there was that one whispered moment with Cindy when he heard her call him "Daddy".  If she was hooked on the father-daughter thing, he had found his dream woman, he thought. And, if that really was Cindy leaving the porn shop, it probably meant she was hooked on porn and sex, or at least could be with the right partner. Cindy Poling seemed to offer total sexual abandon, and Janis wanted it.  It was the first time he had seen a woman leaving the porn shop, but he couldn't be sure it had been Cindy. A notion to follow her entered his mind, but he shrugged it off and stepped into the porn store, smiling.  "Wow! You're sure getting a better grade of customer today," said Janis, smiling at the gay clerk and nodding his head out towards the door.  "She was shy," said the clerk, eyeing the handsome 40-something man with the charming smile. "Can I help you with something, honey?"  "Just want to browse... say, you couldn't tell me what she just bought could you?"  "You like her?" he asked, disappointed. "Oh my, another straight man. Too bad, honey, you're so cute... O.K., she bought a reader. Off that rack over there," said the clerk, pointing to the tall swivel-based rack that held all their incest-related books.  Don's heart leaped when he saw the books in the rack. It was why he came to Doc Johnson's. They had the best selection of incest porn in town. New titles had just arrived, and slot in the rack was filled with incest night readers. There were two spaces where copies were missing, and he assumed the woman had bought one of them. The missing books were in a stack with the titles, "Fucking Her Daddy" and "Daddy's Girl".  He felt his penis stiffening, picked up both and took them to the counter.  "Oh, yeah, that's one of the ones she bought, 'Daddy's Girl'," said the gay clerk, smiling. "Bet you'd like to be her daddy, huh?"  He laughed and paid quickly. The clerk didn't know just how close he was to the truth. Janis' cock was swelling again, and his mind was burning with lust. He wanted to get home where he could read the new book and imagine Cindy as his little girl in the book.  He rolled a huge joint, striped naked, put a favorite porn tape on his VCR, and reclined in bed with his book. His cock was already hard, and he began to stroke it as he started to read. The story was about a 12 year-old girl named Jennifer who was just awakening to sexual feelings. Her mother is divorced, and she has never known a father, but she becomes infatuated with her stepfather.  It was a good fuck book, he thought as he stroked his screaming hard dick, thinking about how he would teach Shauna how to jack him off, how to suck his cock. Or, maybe Cindy would show her what to do. The thought turned his cock into steel. It was so hard it actually throbbed.  There was a good jack-off passage in just about every chapter, and he held off his orgasm as he sped through them. This book's little girl, Jackie, age 12, sneaked a peek at her new daddy's cock, big and hard, as her mother sucked it in the bedroom one night. She follows a classmate's directions and teaches herself to masturbate, thinking about how wonderful her stepfather's cock must feel.  The book's narration shifts among the three characters, and the first section from the little girl's viewpoint makes Janis' balls begin to swell: "I could hardly look at my stepdad after the night I saw Mom sucking on his huge penis. All I could think about was his cock and how big it was, and how much my mother seemed to enjoy handling it and sucking on it."  "Dad was standing there by the bed, naked, sideways to the partially open door where I crouched and watched. Mom was naked too, but she was on her knees in front of Daddy."  "As I watched, Mom took a hold of his thing and pumped on it. She looked up to Daddy and said, 'Do you want me to suck your cock Daddy?'"  "'Yes, baby, suck Daddy's dick,' he whispered back to her, stroking her hair and looking down into Mom's eyes. I couldn't understand why she was calling him 'Daddy'."  "Mom started licking it then and got kind of frantic, rubbing it all over her face, kissing it, and saying stuff like, 'I love Daddy's cock.'"  "I was really excited by now, and reached down with one hand to play with myself. I didn't understand why Mom was calling him Daddy, but it gave me goose bumps every time she said it. Meanwhile, Mom had taken his penis into her mouth. She held it with her right hand, still pumping it, but my new daddy was also moving back and forth, pushing it in and out of her mouth too."  "I was dying to see more, and my knees were wobbly from playing with myself. Then, I heard Daddy say, 'Let go, sweetheart. Let Daddy fuck you in the mouth.'"  "Mom mumbled as he took a hold of her head. She let go of his huge, purple cock, and he started fucking her mouth. It was incredible the way his cock made Mommy's mouth stretch and cheeks push out when he pushed it in."  "I must have been close to having my first orgasm, because I lost my balance and bumped against their bedroom door, causing it to swing open another inch or two."  "I was too scared to run, but, luckily Daddy was turned at an angle away from the door. He didn't see or hear anything. Mom did though, and she looked straight at me there in the door... her on her knees with her hair in a twin ponytail, Daddy's penis sawing in and out of her mouth."  "She moved her eyes up and down, seeing I was naked."  "I was so scared, I was about to run, but then Mom winked at me, closed her eyes and went back to concentrating on Daddy's dick in her mouth."  "I got away quick then, but back in my room, I diddled my pussy and clitoris all night, dreaming of Daddy doing to me what I saw him doing to Mom. What I didn't understand was why Mom was calling him 'Daddy'. And, Dad had called her 'Daddy's girl' while I was peeping on them."  "It really made me hot, though, because, if Mommy was Daddy's little girl, and he was having sex with her, then, maybe, he would want to do it with his other little girl, me."  "I went to sleep with the vision of Daddy's big, hard penis dancing in front of my face."  Janis could feel a cum rising in his own huge penis as he read the fuck book and stroked his cock. But he couldn't keep his mind on the little girl in the book, because little Shauna and her mother Cindy kept bursting into his sexual fantasies.  It was more than that, though, he thought as he closed his eyes and remembered the kiss with Cindy in the kitchen, and the way little Shauna had wiggled away on his penis as she sat in his lap. He decided he would try more with her the next chance he had. He closed his eyes and imagined Shauna naked. He remembered the urgency of Cindy's reaction in the kitchen and her words.  She had called him "Daddy" and thinking of that sent his cum spurting over his hard stomach. He noticed it came with unusual force, hitting his chin, and that there was a lot more than usual. He fantasized how Cindy would love his cum, lick it up and show her daughter how to make his cock spit at her.  The thought made him hard again, and he started stroking again, but without the book. He closed his eyes and imagined fucking Cindy Poling and her daughter.  CHAPTER SIX -- Shauna asks Mom about Daddy's dick  Cindy Poling's clitoris was still throbbing and her mind was still on fire with lust. Her nipples were still erect, and even the light cotton dress she had thrown on when Shauna came home irritated them.  She was glad her breasts had survived suckling Shauna, as had her lithe body. She had always believed it was because she was so young when Shauna was born. On the other hand, her mother's body was just like hers, and she had looked 19 when she was 40. Probably in the genes, just like everything else, she mused.  They were small breasts, something Cindy was always happy about, mainly because she remembered her father telling her they were beautiful. They rode high on her chest, barely sagging a bit, and were crowned by large nipples.  "Oh, sweetheart, I just love your little breasts," she remembered him saying, smiling down at her in the bathtub, and soaping her budding breasts with his bare hands. She remembered smiling back at him and how good it felt, and how much better it felt when he bent down and used his mouth on her little girl's nipples, big even then, sucking and licking each one in turn. It made her tender clitoris stir to think of it.  Cindy's nipples, just like her mother's had been, were big around and stuck out even when not erect. When erect, they stood out a good half inch. They sat atop large, pink aureoles formed around the perfect little cones of her breasts. Shauna's were going to be exactly like hers, except that her nipples were darker, just like her hair and overall complexion.  The girl had also inherited her mother's body -- long and lithe, and, Cindy guessed, Shauna's body would retain the same underdeveloped, adolescent-looking body into her adulthood. She could look in the mirror and see Shauna's body as a grown-up woman. Long torso with small, high breasts, narrow shoulders with arms too long for her body, fingers too long for her hands.  Long, thin legs and a high, round, tight and tiny butt. Cindy guessed her daughter would never have much pubic hair either, because her own had never developed into the kind of bushes she had seen in porn movies and on other women in school showers. Besides, even though Shauna was developing breasts, there was still no sign of public hair, at least that she had noticed, on her 12 year-old daughter.  "Mom? Mom?"  "Oh, sorry, honey. What is it?" Cindy asked, snapping back to reality. Her tall, gangly little girl had joined her in the kitchen after taking her school work to her room. She stood beside her mother now, looking as if she wanted to ask something, but was hesitant.  "Mom... aaaaa... can I ask you something?" she queried, looking up at her mother, then down as if embarrassed.  "Of course, sweetheart, you know you can ask your mother anything don't you?" Cindy said, pulling the girl to her in a motherly embrace. She patted her back lovingly.  "Mom, what... what does a man's, you know, penis, feel like?"  Cindy was only briefly taken off guard. Actually she had expected Shauna to start asking more questions. Just two months ago, Shauna had asked about the "facts of life" and Cindy had explained as best she could and provided her daughter with the latest reading for adolescent girls on the subject.  Still, she wasn't sure how to respond to this question. The last thing she wanted to do was avoid the subject. That's what her own mother would have done -- ignore this question and maybe even scold her for asking it. She sure didn't want to treat Shauna that way, keeping her ignorant.  "Well, honey, when the time comes, you'll just have to find out for yourself."  "But Mom, none of the boys pay any attention to me. They think I'm ugly and skinny. I'll never be able to find out what one feels like. I'll never get a boyfriend," she whined, almost crying.  Cindy smiled but instantly felt guilty, because she remembered that she had felt exactly the same way when she was Shauna's age. Her mother hadn't been any help, but she had Daddy Charles to make her feel better about being taller than all the boys her own age. She remembered they all liked the short, plump ones with bigger boobs. The boys didn't find out until after marriage and a kid that those girls turned into fat whales. It was the thin girls who would remain attractive as the years passed.  She remembered coming home from school in tears one afternoon and running to Daddy Charles who embraced her and comforted her, holding her close and saying, "Don't worry, sweetheart, they don't know anything. Daddy thinks you're the most beautiful little girl in the whole world. It is sexy that you are tall... with those long, long legs."  He would hold her on his lap, and she remembered how good it felt to be wrapped in his arms. She also remembered that the last few of those lap sessions had changed, just before the night her and Daddy got caught.  Cindy remembered she had been feeling aroused ever since a girl at school had showed her a photo of a man and a woman having intercourse. The woman was straddling the man's lap, and there was a clear view of what Cindy thought was the largest penis possible, sticking right into the woman's vagina.  When she came home that day after school, she had jumped into Charles' lap, threw her arms around his neck and proceeded to rub her little ass into his lap. She didn't know exactly what she was doing, but she had some idea after seeing the picture at school.  Charles didn't say a word. Instead he had caressed her hair and whispered softly into her ear, "Yes, baby. Good girl." Then he shifted her on his lap a bit, so that her skirt rode up and her panties lay against his trousers. Then she could feel what she knew was his penis against her butt. Only a few layers of clothes kept it from touching her between the legs.  Charles kept stroking her hair but he moved his hips too, slowly, so she felt the ridge of his penis sliding all over her pantied butt. She moved her ass back with him, and he whispered more: "That's it honey. Good girl. Yes."  More would have happened then, Cindy knew, but the sound of her mother's car pulling into the drive interrupted them. Cindy was dying to do more, and Charles certainly hadn't discouraged a thing.  She had no idea that her daughter had just recently experienced a similar scene with Professor Janis.  She felt only guilt, because Shauna didn't have a daddy to comfort her like I did, she thought, feeling sad for her daughter.  "Shauna, don't you worry about that. They'll all be after you before too long. The boys didn't like me when I was your age either," she said, but her words fell flat, sounded phony even as she said them.  "Mom?"  "Yes, honey."  "Do you like Don?"  Cindy smiled, suspecting what kind of connection Shauna made between the feel of a penis and the professor. It was the third time the gangly young girl had asked about Don Janis since meeting him that day after class.  "Yes. I do like him, honey. Why do you ask?"  "Oh, I just wondered... Mom?"  "Yes?"  "Does he let you feel his penis?"  The question caught Cindy off guard again, and she hesitated for a moment, then remembered her promise to be completely open about sex with Shauna.  "Well, actually honey, no he hasn't."  "But you want to, right Mom?"  "Umm... we'll see," she said, feeling uncomfortable now and wanting to end the conversation.  Cindy was getting aroused again thinking about it. An image flashed behind her eyes as she looked at her daughter, trying to figure out what to say. She saw a flash of Don standing naked beside her bed, just as her daddy had stood all those years ago, enormous rigid penis waving over her face. Shivers ran up her stomach between her clitoris and nipples.  Damn, she said to herself, this is horrible. I can't think about anything but sex.  At that moment, burning with lust, she made her decision. She knew from his reaction to their moments of lust together in the kitchen last week that he would gladly let her feel his penis. She wanted to lick it too, though, and suck it, and have it up inside her. And, most of all, she wanted Don to be her daddy, just as she knew things would have been with her beloved step father, Charles.  "Mom?"  "Huh? Oh? Sorry, honey, I was just day dreaming."  "Mom, do you think Don would let me feel his?"  The question took Cindy's breath, for a second. She noticed it made her clitoris throb in a near-orgasmic spasm.  "Well, I don't know, Shauna," Cindy answered quickly, "but men don't usually have little girls wanting to feel their penises. It isn't something you ask a man every day," Cindy said, wondering to herself if he would want sex play with such a young little girl. Her own father, Charles, had certainly been interested. But, she considered, it is illegal, and some men would be afraid. She didn't think Professor Janis would be afraid, and he might even want it. There was no doubt what Shauna wanted.  "But I'll tell you what, if the subject ever comes up, I'll ask him for you," she said, promising her daughter something she knew was both forbidden and dangerous, but it was what she had wanted as a little girl. She knew Shauna wanted and needed a daddy too.  "Really Mommy? Really!" exclaimed Shauna, eyes wide in wonderment that her mom actually agreed. She ran off down the hall and into the bathroom where she could rub her clitoris and think about Professor Janis' penis.  Cindy sat at the kitchen table, closed her eyes and envisioned her new daddy, standing naked beside her bed, looking down on her while Shauna stood next to him, stroking his enormous erection, getting it ready for her mommy. The young mother could almost hear herself begging him: "Oh, please Daddy, give it to me. Please, Daddy..."  CHAPTER SEVEN -- Shauna and Marsha play pussy rub  Shauna Poling had been unable to think of anything but penises since Professor Janis had dry humped her as she sat on his lap. She day-dreamed about it and tried to imagine what his penis looked like. She wondered if it was like the ones in the pictures her friend Marsha brought to school -- huge, incredible looking hunks of cock, pictured sliding into a woman's vagina.  She thought especially of Professor Janis' penis though, the one she had felt rubbing against her butt. She wondered if his cock was as big as the ones in the pictures, and what it would feel like to suck on it or sit on it like the girls in her friend's pictures were doing. Heck, Shauna said to herself, I'd settle to just hold one. She wondered if she'd be able to get her hand around the professor's penis.  The fact that her mom had said she would ask the professor someday if her little girl Shauna might see his penis and maybe even feel it made her clitoris erect all day and all night.  Shauna got wet between the legs when she told Marsha at school the next day. So did Marsha. It was something they discovered they could do to each other without much effort.  The two girls found a corner of the yard to themselves and sat in their school uniforms watching the other kids play. Shauna told her friend about her mom's promise.  "You mean your mom is going to let you feel her boyfriend's cock?" asked the blue-eyed, blonde Marsha, wide-eyed and envious of her friend's good fortune. "My mom would never do that. Never."  Marsha was almost a mirror image of Shauna, except she had Scandinavian complexion. She had the Scandinavian build too -- tall and awkward-looking at age 12, just like her friend, complete with tiny but perky little breasts, long legs and a tiny butt. She was blonde though, including her eyebrows.  "Well, she only said she'd ask him about it," admitted Shauna. "But I'm pretty sure he won't mind if she does ask him."  "Why? What d'you you mean?"  "Because, I sat on his lap the other night when Mom was in the kitchen, and I felt it through his pants," Shauna explained.  "Aww, that doesn't count. You probably felt his leg or something and just thought it was his penis."  "Nope. I know because he took a hold of me by the butt and sort of turned me in his lap so that my skirt went up in back and my panties were right up against it. He even moved it back and forth, up and down my butt crack. He smiled at me and winked when Mom called me to come help her," Shauna explained, leaving out how he had "shushed" her with a finger over his lips. It was supposed to be a secret. She wasn't sure why though. After all, the lanky seventh-grader figured, her mom was going to ask him if she could feel his cock, why not rub it through his pants like that?  Marsha demanded details, so Shauna told her the whole story, about how he had moved her on his lap so that her skirt rode up and her ass crack was right on top of his penis.  "You mean he had a hard-on?" asked Marsha.  "Uh-huh, I mean, I guess he did. It felt pretty big."  "Oh, silly, you know, like the guy in the pictures I showed you the other day. They get big and hard when they want to fuck," said the precocious blonde, getting excited herself over her friend's experience. Just saying "fuck" made her tight little pussy cream.  "Well, anyway, when Mom called us into the kitchen, he winked at me and put his finger up and went, 'Shhh...'"  "Really? Gosh, I'll bet you can do a lot more with him besides just feel his cock."  "Have you ever seen one?" asked Shauna.  "Just my cousin Hars'. He's only seven, but his little pickle sure does get hard and stands right out. He plays with it all the time."  "Have you touched it?"  "Sure. As much as I want. He really likes me to play with it, but he's just too little and gets to be a real pest about it," Marsha continued. "I'll bet your mom's boyfriend's cock is huge compared to Hars'. Who is he anyway?"  "He's one of Mom's professor's at the university I think. I know Mom likes him, because I caught them kissing all hot and all in the kitchen."  "I'll bet they're gonna fuck," whispered Marsha, bending close to Shauna's ear. "Maybe they've already fucked."  "I don't think so yet, but I hope they do. I'm just dying to get a look at his cock. I've just got to touch it."  "Maybe you can do more than that, ever think of that?" asked Marsha whose own sexuality was beginning to kick into overdrive. Her pussy was getting wetter, just thinking about Shauna's good luck.  "What d'you mean?" asked Shauna, turning her back to the playground, facing her friend. She proceeded to lift the front of her uniform kilt and rub her crotch through her panties in a way that no one could see but Marsha. Marsha had taught her the trick just a week ago.  "You can probably watch him fuck your mom. Wouldn't you like to see that?" countered Marsha, trying to position herself so she too couldn't be seen, before sticking her right hand into her panties too.  "God, yes. How?"  "Hey, move over this way a little so I can do that too," said Marsha, moving Shauna to block the playground better with her back so that she could finger her pussy too. She hiked her skirt front and dipped her hand into the front of her white cotton panties.  "Come on, how, Marsha, how can I watch them fuck?" asked Shauna, finger going faster on her clit.  "Hmmm. Well, I'll have to think about it."  They were interrupted by the recess bell and hurriedly straightened their skirts and headed back to the school building, both licking their fingers and smiling wickedly at each other as they joined the rest of the kids.  "I'll think up something this afternoon, O.K.?" said Marsha as they stepped into the crowd of students heading inside the building.  "Great!" chirped Shauna, happy because Marsha was the most devious and perverted girl she knew. Marsha would figure out a way she could watch her mom and Professor Janis fuck, and she would get to see her first penis. Would her mom let her suck on it, let him stick it into her virgin little cunt and fuck her too? She could hardly believe she would allow it, but she never figured her mom would promise to ask him about seeing and touching his penis either.  Neither girl could pay attention in their 7th grade afternoon classes, because both were day-dreaming about sex. Shauna's slit stayed wet all afternoon, and she did a lot of squirming in her seat.  Marsha's day-dreaming made her wet too, and by the end of the school day, she had figured out a scheme to help her friend... but for a price. She wanted to be in on the watching and, if possible, in on anything else that might happen with her mom and the professor.  "No way, Marsha," said Shauna, shaking her head as they walked home together. "Mom would just kill me, and, we don't even know how Professor Janis is going to react. What if he gets mad?"  "From what you said about sitting on his lap, he won't be getting mad. It's your mom we have to worry about I guess. But why would she care? She's going to let you touch his penis, why not more than that?" countered Marsha.  "Well, maybe. We'll see. Let's hear how we're going to watch them doing it."  "O.K.. Look, next time he goes out with your mom, you call me and I come over to stay the night. They come home and we're in bed, pretending to be fast asleep. We just wait awhile, then sneak out to watch them. We can play with each other while we watch. It'll be fun."  "But what if Mom or him sees us? What happens then?"  "The way I figure it, we either get our first good lesson about sex or a good yelling at from your mom. But I bet he'll never say a word if he catches us watching, especially if we're naked and playing with our pussies so he can see us," said Marsha, her fantasies running full speed ahead.  Marsha's plan scared Shauna, and she walked along in silence for awhile, thinking about it. She knew she could get in trouble with her mom, and bringing Marsha in on everything might make it worse.  "What's the matter, Shauna, you're not going to chicken out are you?"  "It's just so scary, Marsha. What if they get really mad and my mom tells your mom? What if it breaks up Mom and him?"  "What if nothing. Listen, first of all, if we're careful, we won't get caught. Second, believe me, if this professor guy was willing to rub his cock on your butt, he sure isn't going to get mad seeing you naked, is he? Come on, here's our perfect chance to get a look at a man's dick, fucking, and maybe even sucking. God, I'm really getting hot, Shauna. Hey, how about stopping by my house. Mom won't be home for two more hours, and I know where she hides her porno pictures. You know, the ones I had the other day?"  Shauna remembered, and she was dying to get another look at them, and maybe even play with herself like Marsha had shown her how to do.  "Are you sure it's O.K.? Nobody home I mean?"  "Mom never gets home until six or so. We can even look at one of her videos. I found them in her closet yesterday. They're really hot. Lots better than pictures," revealed Marsha.  "Gosh. Really? What are they like?" asked Shauna, eagerly.  "I only got to see part of one. It's name was 'Spanked by Daddy' and it was about a girl who gets caught by her daddy playing with her pussy. He turns her naked over his lap and spanks her hard, but then he started putting his finger in her vagina, you know, from behind," explained Marsha.  "Wow! Then what? What else?"  "I don't know. It was time for Mom to get home, so I put the tape back in her closet. Good thing too, because she walked in the door right after I left her bedroom," said the long-legged young blonde. She saw how eager her friend was to see the video and figured Shauna might even indulge in some pussy play.  "Do you think we'll be able to see it today? Have we got enough time before your mom gets home?" asked Shauna, dying to see someone fuck.  Shauna's question played right into Marsha's plan. She had noticed that Shauna was built just like her and had the same straight long hair. They were almost identical except that Shauna had black hair and dark eyes. They were the same height and were both underdeveloped compared to the other girls in class, several of whom had big breasts. Both girls had long torsos with tiny, high-placed breasts, long, thin legs and tiny butts. While the boys at school called them "storks" and ignored them, Marsha knew lots of older men looked at her like they looked at her mom.  They had more in common too. Marsha also had a single mother. Marsha had never seen her father either and was starved for male attention, just like Shauna. They also shared a vigorous interest in sex, having just discovered their clitoris, vaginas and penises, mainly due to her mom's porn books and, now, the videos.  Marsha unlocked the front door, and took her friend straight to her mother's bedroom where she had hidden her stash of pornography. She opened the closet and rummaged around on the top shelf for a second before pulling out a video cassette in a box covered with photos of women sucking men's penises and being fucked.  "Come on, let's watch in my room," said Marsha, leading Shauna down the hallway and into her bedroom which was complete with her own television and VCR, along with dozens of huge stuffed animals, dolls and other little girl toys.  "O.K., Shauna, I'll show it to you, but only if you'll play with me and let me play with you," said Marsha, turning and holding the tape in front of her so Shauna could see the pictures on the box.  "O.K.?"  Shauna didn't hesitate. It sounded like fun to her, and, besides, the biggest picture on the box showed a girl with milky cum all over her face and a big penis touching her lips.  "Yes. Let's hurry though, before your mom comes home," said the girl as she sat on her friend's bed and pulled her skirt up to reveal her white cotton panties.  Both girls slipped out of their panties and leaned back against the bed's headboard and reached across each other to begin their pussy play. Marsha grunted as Shauna's finger found her clit, and she clicked the remote to start the video with one hand while her own finger landed on Shauna's erect clitoris.  CHAPTER EIGHT -- Cindy Fucks Her New Daddy  Cindy Poling tried to calm herself as she waited for Professor Janis in the hall after class. Her sexual obsession with had driven her here, and she was ready to make the first move.  Once he gets a look at how I've dressed, he will also know why I came, and, I hope, he'll take it from there, she thought. If not, she didn't know what to do. She understood all professors were in a bind when it came to dating students, but she already knew Janis was interested.  Their brief but red-hot embrace in her kitchen told her that much. She had nearly fainted as she felt his dick harden against her belly when she whispered "Daddy" in his ear. It had been a big risk, and it scared her to know she had taken it. But he had liked it, and it made her shiver as she tried to control herself.  Cindy hoped he would noticed her in class that day and knew he had. He had barely stopped looking at her for 45 minutes. She wore one of those new school girl dresses that were popular -- short, high-waisted little cotton girl dress. Bending over in one guaranteed a great show from the rear, and it was impossible to keep from showing panty in a banked lecture hall. She had added white anklets and black Mary Jane shoes. Her long reddish-black hair was tied in a pony tail that fell well below her slight shoulders.  Beneath the cotton little-girl dress she wore a pair of white panties and a white girl's bra. It was the way she dressed on the day that fixed her obsession -- the day Daddy Charles had played with her pussy in the bath. The day she had held her daddy's cock... She had to keep shaking herself mentally to remain focused on classroom reality. So, she had made sure her dress was up enough for him to see her panties during class. It made her wet when he fixed his eyes on her crotch several times during class. It obviously distracted him, and she did all she could to show him more. He looked relieved at the end of class and glanced at her and smiled as the students began milling out the door. He looked desperate and kept glancing her way.  She watched as Prof. Janis spoke with each of the several students who approached him after class, answered their questions and smiled. It was obvious he enjoyed them all and that the students loved him. She reminded him even more of Daddy Charles from all those years ago, they way she remembered him, so gentle and kind, his big hands so warm on her body. She could feel her nipples erecting as she watched, waited and dreamed. Cindy closed her eyes and imagined Professor Janis standing over her by the bed, his penis hard in her hand, putting it into her mouth...  "Ready Cindy?"  He caught her by surprise in her daydream, and she blushed when she looked at him. She felt he was reading her mind, knew what she was thinking about, but she fell into step with him and they walked outside and through the wooded college campus toward the professor's car in the parking garage.  He was talking as they walked, but she didn't hear anything. Her mind burned with desires kept at bay since she was a little girl, since the day her mother walked in just as she was about to take her father's penis into her mouth, maybe even into her vagina.  Even in late afternoon, the parking garage was semi-dark, and when they reached the car he unlocked her door and opened it. She brushed against him, and a sharp searing heat passed between them. The brief touch melted her, and she simply leaned into his body, standing there by the car door.  He didn't move, except to drop his case and wrap his arms around her. She did the same and moved her body hard against him, grinding her pelvis into his crotch, gluing her small breasts into his chest. He reached down, easily reached under her short dress, cupped her butt with both hands and ground back, making a deep but faint grunting sound.  "Daddy?" she whispered, barely audible, her eyes closed, her nose nuzzling against his neck as the sexual electricity built between them. "Are you my daddy?"  "Hmmm, yes, baby. Daddy's here," he whispered back. "Give Daddy a kiss."  It was what Cindy dreamed of hearing. It sounded so real, so tender, and she so longed to hear those words. She moaned as she attacked his lips with her own. Their lips mashed together, tongues alive in each other's mouth. He was dry fucking her now, pulling her tight butt against him. She could feel his cock against her pubic bone. She humped back, in rhythm with his motions.  She broke away and attacked his neck whispering frantically into his ear, "Take me home, Daddy. Let's go home."  "Yes," he hissed and shut the door behind her after sat down. The ride to her rental was only about six blocks, but it seemed to take forever.  No word was spoken, but she scooted to his side and slid under his waiting right arm. She dropped her right arm to his leg and began rubbing his penis through his pants. He stroked her head gently as she found his penis and massaged it. The size and hardness of it made her shiver.  "Good girl," he said softly, encouraging her exploration, and kissing her on the forehead. "Rub it for Daddy."  She moved her hand lightly it up and down its entire length. It was big, just like she remembered Daddy's cock was all those years ago. Cindy's panties were soaked, and she started rotating her ass against the seat as she held Prof. Janis' penis through his pants. She was afraid to move, afraid to say anything... she didn't want to break the fantasy spell that had them tightly and maddeningly bound together at that moment.  But she did start rubbing his cock harder. He stroked her hair more, kissed her again and whispered in her ear, "That's my girl. Yes, Daddy likes that. Do you like doing that, honey?"  His voice was so gentle, so tender, so loving... his hand on her hair, ear, neck... his tender kisses gave her more goose bumps as she rubbed his big cock.  It felt like it could be real, that he really was her daddy, the one whose cock she had almost sucked. She suddenly knew this man was it -- the daddy she had always wanted, sharing her fantasies.  "Uh huh, Daddy. I like it a lot... Daddy?"  "Yes, baby," he said, turning away from her to park his Bronco in front of her house.  "Are you going to be my daddy?" she asked, still rubbing his fat cock through his pants, but looking up into his face now as they pulled up at her house.  "Oh, yes, sweetheart, if you want me to be. Do you want me to your Daddy?" he asked, really getting into the fantasy with her, cradling her face in his hands, kissing her lightly.  "Oh, yes, yes, please, Daddy. I do. I want to be your little girl," she trembled as she said it, surrendering herself to her fantasy, trusting him now, because he played her game so well.  He kissed her again, tenderly, on her forehead, and his hand went to her dress where he gently cupped her tiny titties. He kept his mouth an inch away from hers and stuck his tongue out. She did the same, and their tongues entwined, mouths open as she rubbed his cock faster and he found her distended nipples, sticking out from her tiny breasts. He broke it off.  "Let's go inside. It wouldn't do for neighbors to see a girl doing this with her daddy," he said, falling deeper into the fantasy's spell.  She slid out his side and they nearly ran to the house. Cindy barely got the door closed before Professor Janis was behind her, fitting his hips up against her ass and reaching around her to cup her breasts, one in each hand.  She moaned and fell against him, pushing back as he dry humped her slowly from the rear. She was as tall as Janis, and her ass was at just the right place to feel his hardon, even through his clothes and her frock and panties.  Her brain burned with lust, and she uttered a low moan while pushing against his crotch with her butt. She moved from side to side to position his penis in the crack of her ass.  His hands were inside her dress, under her cotton bra now, and he trapped her nipples between his fingers as he cupped her tiny, still-pert breasts. She moaned, "Oh, yes, Daddy, yes."  She leaned back against his chest and he ravished her neck and her ears, whispering as he was doing it: "Do you need a Daddy, sweetheart?"  "Ngh..." Cindy couldn't talk, couldn't answer. They were the words she longed to hear. She was going to have a daddy, and he was going to do to her what she had desired, obsessed about. Her mind was overwhelmed by it... but Janis kept whispering to her...  "You want me to be your daddy? You like Daddy to hold your breasts?"  He removed one hand from under her bra and ran it down her belly, grinding now against her as she pushed back and kept his rhythm.  "Yes, Daddy! Be my daddy, please, please!" she cried, finally, as his hand lifted her cotton dress, ran up her thighs and teased her pubis through her panties.  She parted her legs, spreading her feet slightly to allow him access to her crotch. His fingers were teasing lightly over her vagina, and she could hardly stand it.  Suddenly, he broke away, pushed her away from him and spun her around to face him, holding her by her shoulders and staring into her eyes. The sexual tension between them was overwhelming. The fact that they were both locked into their roles as father and daughter was as real as Janis' hard dick, Cindy's wet panties.  "O.K., Cindy, take your hand and rub Daddy's cock like you were doing in the car," he ordered.  "Yes, Daddy, yes I'll rub your cock Daddy," she mumbled as she reached for his crotch, found his cock and started rubbing it through his pants. "Like this, Daddy?"  "Yes, baby. That's it. See what you've done to Daddy's cock?"  "Yes, Daddy. It's big and hard isn't Daddy?"  "That's right sweetheart. Big and hard, and it wants a little girl," he said, running his hands down her shoulders to her breasts again. He cupped her tiny breasts and squeezed them gently.  "Do you want to come into the bedroom with Daddy?" he asked.  "Oh, yes, Daddy. Please," she begged.  Without a word he turned and led her down the hall and into the young mother's bedroom. The curtains were closed, but the late afternoon light created a soft yellow glow in the bedroom. He led her to the side of the bed, then turned to her and ordered to take off her clothes.  "Take off your dress for Daddy," he said, sitting down on her bed as he unbuttoned his shirt.  She stood facing him and unbuttoned the top few buttons before reaching down and pulling the cotton frock over her head. She was left standing in her tiny little girl panties and bra, white anklets and Mary Janes.  He stood slowly, eyes raking her body. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it on the bed, then moved closer to her.  "Here baby, let Daddy unfasten your bra," he said, reaching for her and pulling her into his bare, hairy chest. There wasn't much to the snap on this tiny bra, and he had it off in seconds and was cradling her tiny bare breasts, rolling her nipples again between his fingers. She wobbled and moaned some more. "Oh, Daddy, that feels so good..."  "Now, take off your panties for Daddy," he said, pushing her back and returning to his seat on the bed.  "O.K. Daddy," she said, turning and slipping her thumbs under the elastic band of her panties, relishing this scene, the one she had wanted for so long. She pushed them down over her ass and let them drop to her ankles. She stepped out of them and straightened, baring her hairless pubic mound to his view for the first time.  Janis smiled and said: "Oh, Daddy just loves your bare pussy honey. Keep it that way for me, O.K.?"  "I will Daddy, just for you Daddy... Oh!" she gasped as his finger lightly teased across her exposed labia.  Cindy smiled and nodded, aroused even more. She was dying for him to fuck, to bare his cock, to stick it into her mouth, her pussy, her asshole. All she could do was stand there, trembling before his gaze.  "Now, don't turn around, honey. Bend over for Daddy. Show Daddy your little pussy," he told her, voice almost a whisper now. He had begun disrobing as he watched.  She turned and bent at the waist before his gaze. She felt totally exposed to him and totally in his power now, on fire with lust, knowing she was showing her pussy to her daddy. She looked back to see his pants and underwear drop in one move. His cock was huge, just like she remembered Daddy Charles' penis had been.  He approached her from behind as she craned her neck around to watch him, to soak in the sight of his erection. When she did, she saw him move up behind her and felt his hands grab her hips.  "Here baby, move here to the bed and bend over it," said Daddy Don. "That's it, now put your hands on the bed and hold yourself up for Daddy. And spread your legs a little for me."  Cindy did as told. She started to turn and look again, but Daddy Don stopped her.  "Smack!" Cindy jumped when his hand hit her bare ass. "Don't turn around or Daddy'll have to spank you good. O.K.?"  "O.K. Daddy! Please Daddy, don't hit me again!" she pleaded but kept her head straight ahead, even when she felt his hands moving around her ass and down to her vagina.  "There," he said. "That's a good girl. What a pretty pussy you have for Daddy. Daddy's gonna play with it now," he said from behind her.  "Ohhhh, Daddy, that feels so gooood... Oh, Daddy!" His fingers racked her clit, teased her labia and all around her bare slit to her asshole. Then, she felt his breath and gasped as he buried his face in her displayed cunt.  Cindy began climaxing when he wrapped his lips around her clitoris and tickled its tip with his tongue. Her body shook violently as she came, moaning and babbling.  "Daddy, oh, Daddy. Cumming Daddy! Cumming!"  She was still shaking when he suddenly pulled away from her and ordered her onto the bed.  "Get on your back. Spread your legs. Daddy has to fuck his little girl right now," he commanded.  She spread her legs and watched her daddy move to the side of the bed, stroking his fat, hard penis as he looked at her body, then into her eyes. He stood near her head, jacking his cock slowly as he spoke, just as Cindy had dreamed he would.  "You want Daddy to fuck you sweetheart?" he said, smiling down at her tenderly and reaching with his free hand to stroke her hair. Bending forward, he now stroked his cock only inches from Cindy's face.  "Kiss it for Daddy," he ordered, watching her intense focus on his cock.  She kissed it, then licked it and raised her head to gobble it into her mouth, but Don pulled away and ordered her to lay her head back on the pillow again.  "Do you know what Daddy's going to do now honey?" he asked, moving onto the bed and between her legs on his knees, still stroking that huge dick.  "No Daddy. What Daddy? What?" she begged, nearly frantic again, her pussy on fire. Here lips burned where they had touched his cock.  "Why, Daddy's going to fuck his little girl now. Does Daddy's girl want Daddy to fuck her?"  "Oh yes Daddy, yes, yes..."  "Say please then. Say, 'Please fuck me Daddy.'"  "Please fuck me Daddy," she said in a low voice, watching as he moved his dick to touch the entrance to her vagina. "Please Daddy..."  Her words caught in her throat as she felt his cock sliding into her. Little by little, he moved it in, then pulled out and pushed in a little more. Finally, she felt his body against her and his balls laying against her asshole. She was filled with her daddy's cock and he was starting to fuck her. She couldn't think, speak or do anything except respond to the huge hardness that was filling her insides.  "Ohhhhh, Daddy... It's so good. Please Daddy, fuck me. Fuck me Daddy!"  "O.K. baby doll, Daddy's gonna fuck his little girl good now. Here goes honey," he said and started banging her hard and fast. "Daddy's fucking his little girl good now."  "Yes, yes, yes... oh, Daddy, please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Daddy..."  Neither of them had given a thought to Shauna, and neither of them heard the door open. But Shauna sure got her ears full and was about to see what she had been dreaming of for days.  CHAPTER NINE -- Shauna gets her wish  When Shauna left Marsha's house, she was extremely aroused from the pornography, their pussy play and Marsha's plans to get their hands on her mother's boyfriend's penis -- or at least get a good look at it.  Shauna was scared that her mom wouldn't like what Marsha proposed, but Marsha was right about one thing -- the worst thing that could happen would be that her mom would say no and get mad. But Shauna knew her mother never lost her temper and had always been especially open about sex. Besides, she had promised to ask him about letting Shauna get acquainted with her first penis.  The 12 year-old girl was running the plan through her head as she ran up the sidewalk to the front door. She noticed the professor's car parked out front, but she was confused by the voices she heard when she walked into the house.  "Oh, Daddy, please, please fuck me Daddy!"  Shauna heard her mother cry out from the bedroom. She didn't understand and wasn't sure whether to run and call the police or what. The second voice answered her question. It was the professor, for sure. She recognized his voice, but it sounded different... deeper, lower, slightly gruff.  "Yes, baby, Daddy's fucking you now. Daddy's gonna fuck his little girl a lot from now on. You like that sweetheart? You want Daddy to fuck you a lot?"  "Oh yes, Daddy. Oh, Daddy, it's so big Daddy. Yes, yes, Daddy, you can fuck me all you want. My pussy belongs to you Daddy, only you! Please Daddy, ooohhhhh."  Shauna sneaked down the dim hallway toward her mother's bedroom. The voices got louder as she neared the door and saw it was standing wide open. Her mother had stopped talking now and all Shauna could hear was the bed squeaking and a bumping sound in the same rhythm as the bed squeaks. She could hear her mother grunting and mumbling the same thing over and over: "Fuck me Daddy, fuck me Daddy, fuck me Daddy, fuck me, oh, Daddy, Daaadeeeee..."  Shauna was dying to peek around the corner and into the room, but she didn't want to get caught. She got down on her hands and knees and slowly edged to the doorway.  "Good girl. That's my girl. Take Daddy's dick, baby, take Daddy's big hard dick," growled the professor just as Cindy stuck her head far enough out to get her first look at the action. What she saw made her reach under her skirt with one hand while still using the other to prop up her shoulders. She dug directly into her panties and found her clitoris.  "Yes, Daddy... uhnnn... oh, Daddy it feels so good, so good," said Cindy, reaching up and cradling the professor's face that hovered over hers. "Oh, Daddy, I love you Daddy, I love you so much. I've dreamed about this for so long Daddy."  "Oh, baby doll, Daddy loves his little girl too. Yes he does," said the Professor who changed his pumping to a different rhythm. "I dreamed of this too baby, having my own special little girl to fuck."  As his humping rate increased, the bumping noise Shauna heard changed too, and she saw it was her mother's head, banging against the headboard of the bed as Professor Janis banged away atop her mom. He was exerting a lot of force, and Cindy's head was banging the headboard harder with each pump.  Shauna couldn't see much except her mother's head and the professor's back and butt. It was flexing as he moved back and forth, fucking her mother, just like the men in the porno movies she saw at Marsha's.  But Shauna couldn't see what she was dying to see -- his big hard cock -- the one she had felt when she sat on his lap. She guessed by the way they were carrying on, they wouldn't notice her if she stood up to get a better view.  Shauna slowly rose at the edge of the door way. When she was all the way up, she could see her mom's face -- it was red and her face was contorted in either agony or ecstasy, the girl couldn't tell which. She guessed it must be ecstasy the way her mom kept begging Professor Janis to fuck her.  "Oh Daddy, you fuck me so good. Don't stop Daddy, don't stop fucking your little girl... Oh, so good Daddy, so good..."  "Daddy wants to cum now, baby. You ready for Daddy's cum?" he asked as he fucked her even harder and faster.  "Oh yes, Daddy, please cum. I want to see it Daddy, please, please let me see you cum..." she begged as he fucked harder and faster.  "O.K., sweetheart, Daddy's gonna pull his dick out. When I do, you jack Daddy off, O.K.?"  "Oh yes, Daddy, yes, cum Daddy, now! I want to taste it Daddy!"  Those words pushed the professor over the line and he backed out of the young mother's cunt, leaving her bare pubis gaping and leaking her own fluids. He raised onto his knees on the bed, his own hand pumping his cock as Cindy squirmed to change her position.  Shauna's eyes widened then, because the professor turned his body and she saw his cock. It was huge and red and it seemed to be jerking up and down on its own. Her mom quickly scrambled around on all fours, grabbed his cock, opened her mouth and started pumping on it.  "Here Daddy cums, honey. Here Daddy comes!" groaned her new daddy.  Cindy didn't get a chance to respond because thick white goo erupted as she pumped even harder. It hit her on the nose, the eyes and, finally, she got it aimed into her mouth. She gulped his cum, then licked his cock all over like it was a popsicle.  Shauna felt a climax of her own beginning as she saw spurts of white cum shooting into her mother's mouth, dripping down her chin. She knelt before the professor on the bed, still pumping his cock as she took it into her mouth to finish the job.  "Oh, that's a good girl. Good girl. You make Daddy feel so good," he praised, looking down and putting his hands on Cindy's head as she kept moving her mouth up and down on his cock.  "Come up here honey, and give Daddy a kiss," he said, pulling here head off his cock which still quivered, hard as a rock.  Shauna's orgasm peaked as she saw the monster again in clear view, free of her mother's mouth and hand.  "Ugh... oh, oh..." she moaned, trying to stay quiet as she shook with her best orgasm yet. It just kept going, and her knees buckled.  While her mother had her back to the door and couldn't see Shauna, Professor Janis was facing directly toward the door, on his knees kissing her mother and rubbing his cum into her face with his fingers. Cindy's hand had found a home around the professor's still-harder cock. They knelt there, facing each other, trading tongues as his hands rolled her nipples and cupped her small breasts.  Janis' position was such that when he heard a slight noise at the door, he glanced over to see Shauna, standing half-way into the room, her hand in her panties, shaking in what he guessed was an orgasm. It only made his cock pulse into an even harder state in Cindy's loving hand.  Janis took his eyes off Cindy for another second and winked at Shauna who was recovering from her loss of control. She almost gasped out loud when she realized the professor had seen her, but she quickly regained her composure and ducked back to the edge of the door to watch in a less obvious position.  The site of the 12 year-old girl with her skirt up and hand in her panties aroused the professor to new heights. His cock was still as hard as steel, and it wanted more pussy.  Her mom and the professor rolled back down on the bed, facing each other as they lay on their sides. Cindy lifted her top leg to allow his hand into her crotch. Her hand was back on his cock, gently holding it, jacking it slowly while they gazed at each other. He reached over and stroked her tenderly on the face with is free hand, and she rubbed her other hand on his chest full of graying hair.  They were both recovering from the full shock of the lust their fantasies had stimulated. They had fed on each other, driving themselves to the most sexually aroused state either had ever experienced.  Cindy's brain whirled as she felt the heat of his incredibly hard cock still pulsing in her hand. She couldn't believe it had never softened after his first cum. Now, his fingers were lightly rimming around her labia, slipping into her wetness and raking gently over her tender clitoris every now and then. Each time, it made her shudder in another near climax.  They just lay like that for a long time, gazing into each other's eyes. They were both trying to figure out what to say about their new relationship. Only the professor was aware of Shauna's continued presence at the door, but he couldn't take his attention away from Cindy to look that direction again.  They hadn't spoken a word for 10 or 15 minutes, and both were still aroused and ready for more.  "Put it in for me, sweetheart. Daddy's cock wants his little girl again," he whispered to her, still stroking her hair and face.  "Yes, Daddy," whispered the young mother. She scooted closer to him and slipped an inch or two of his cock into her slit.  "Ah, that's a good girl. Now, don't move. Just lie there with my cock inside you. Yes, that's it," Janis said as he humped forward and slowly, very slowly, slipped his entire 8 inches into Cindy as they held each other's gaze. When he couldn't go any farther, she closed her eyes and moved her head to his lips, her tongue out, searching like a serpent's. He answered with his own tongue. They opened their eyes and watched their tongues dueling.  "Oh my God, honey. I love fucking my little girl. Daddy's gonna fuck you a lot from now on."  "Oh, yes, Daddy. I need you so bad. I waited for you for so long. You have to fuck me a lot to make up for all those years Daddy. I'll make you happy Daddy, I will," said Cindy, gasping as he pulled nearly all the way out of her then rammed it home again.  She cuddled into his chest, laid her head in the crook of his neck and stuck a thumb in her mouth. He was fondling her tender nipples now and fucking slowly, barely moving his cock into and out of her cunt. He moved his head so he could see Cindy sucking her thumb while being fucked.  Meanwhile, out in the hall, Shauna couldn't stand any more. She had to go somewhere and masturbate. She had finally had a good view of the professor's cock sliding into and out of her mother.  She had no idea that Janis had arranged the side position with her mother's back to the door, knowing that Shauna would be able to see his cock going into her mother. She had, and it made the girl frantic with desire.  Shauna moved quickly to the bathroom, quietly closed the door, lifted her skirt and dropped her panties. She sat on the toilet and began fingering herself, closing her eyes to remember every detail of what she had seen -- Don's enormous cock, pulsing and sliding into her mother's vagina; the way his cum had spurted over her mother's face and how her mom had sucked his cock and eaten his jism.  It didn't take Shauna long to reach the edge of orgasm again, only this time she began shuddering when she remembered how her mom had been calling him "Daddy" and how he had called her mother his "little girl" and "Daddy's little girl."  She pictured herself in the bed with him, on her side like her mom had been, one leg raised to provide him with access to her cunt. A jealous twinge overcame her. I ought to be his little girl, not Mom, she thought greedily. After all, I am the little girl, not Mom.  Shauna grunted a little grunt as she came this time, trying to imagine how holding "Daddy's" cock would be, how it would feel going into her own vagina as she had seen it go into her mother's.  Shauna wasn't sure what to do. Should she just start making noise to let her mom know she was home? Or, should she do what she was dying to do -- go back and watch some more and maybe walk right into the room and ask her mom about her promise.  There was also the Marsha option. She could run to her friend's house, tell her what she had seen and bring her back to get a peek. Shauna decided against that. She wanted the professor to herself -- well, at least to herself and her mom.  Jealousy flared again in her pre-teenage mind, but her sexual arousal obliterated it. She decided to go stand in her mother's bedroom door, play with her pussy some more and hope her mom wouldn't get mad. Shauna decided to ask her mom to make good on her promise.  Would Mom really ask "Professor Daddy" to let Shauna hold his penis?  She slipped her panties off again but tossed them in the dirty clothes this time. Heart pounding and feeling wet and hot between her naked thighs, she tip-toed back down the hall and slipped slowly into the doorway, raised her skirt and started fingering herself again, making herself jump as she touched her tender and aroused clitoris.  Just as she did that, her mother switched around on the bed, rolled onto her stomach, head facing directly at the door and called to "Daddy" again.  "Fuck me from behind, Daddy," she said, moving a pillow under her hips so her butt stuck up in the air. Janis moved behind her quickly, his big cock waving and glistening with Cindy's cunt juice. Her parted her legs even wider and Shauna saw his cock disappear into her mother's pussy doggy style. That's what Marsha had called it when a couple did it that way in the porn videos.  "Ohhhh, Daddy, it's so good," moaned Cindy.  "Yes, baby, Daddy's gonna fuck his little girl this way now," said Janis and he began fucking her with long, hard strokes. "Someday, maybe Daddy will fuck you in the ass."  It was about then that Cindy opened her eyes and saw Shauna standing in the doorway, skirt hiked up, no panties and hand playing with her pussy. Professor Janis saw her too, at about the same moment. Reality came down hard on Cindy when she realized what was happening.  "Ohhh! Shauna... oh no," yelped Cindy. But she was pinned under her daddy, and he had shoved his cock in as far and as hard as he could when he spotted the girl in the doorway. He ground away at her, his groin against her butt, his full 8 inches buried in her cunt.  "No, Shauna, no..." but the young mother's protests were cut short as her daddy's long dick hit bottom, making her entire body shudder each time he stroked her.  "Uh, uh, uh," Cindy grunted with each powerful thrust. She closed her eyes, shutting Shauna from her mind for the moment. All she could think of was Daddy's big dick pounding away at her insides, and the words she heard on each thrust. Yet another climax shuddered through her body.  "Mmmm, Daddy's gonna cum now Cindy, honey. Daddy's gonna cum again," he grunted. "Here it is baby, just for my little girl..."  Cindy just kept her eyes closed until she felt him pull out of her. She reached back in attempt to grab her daddy's cock, but all she got was a spurt of cum on her arm. She felt more hit her butt and back. Shauna's voice broke the moment.  "Gee, that was neat. Mom, did you ask him yet? Can I touch it now?"  CHAPTER TEN -- Shauna Gets Hot Lessons  The last spurt of goo pumped from Don Janis' throbbing penis splattered onto Cindy's arm as she reached back behind her, and sexual electricity in the room reached yet another peak.  Daddy Don's cock, having already spewed two loads of cum, was still rock hard and twitching as he watched Cindy's 12 year-old daughter's eyes locked onto his penis. Janis was overwhelmed by the situation and had lost all control. The same was apparently true for Cindy. He knew she had seen Shauna in the doorway, skirt up, no panties and playing with herself as he fucked her mother from behind. He also knew she had allowed it to continue, even now as he kneeled there on the bed with his hard penis waving and wet from Cindy's juices and his own cum. What really made his cock stay hard was Shauna's question.  "Please Mom. Can I touch it now," said the girl, moving closer to the bed, eyes still locked onto Janis' cock, one hand still glued to her pussy and clitoris. Her hand moved faster in her crotch as she got closer and closer to the bed. "You promised you'd ask."  But Cindy remained immobile and unable to speak, as if frozen there on her hands and knees, ass in the air with her daddy's cum glistening on her butt and back. She was still groping behind her back, trying to find his cock. She felt his hand take hers and guide it to his member. It was still as hard as a rock, and that fact nearly made Cindy climax again. She saw Shauna moving toward the bed, heard her speak, but the words didn't register. The 27 year-old mommy was still lost in her fantasy, and she had her daddy's cock in her hand, his cum on her body.  Shauna, ever-brave when it came to her new-found sexual interest, kept coming closer and closer. Finally, she was right next to the bed, her legs touching it, her skirt up, hand in her crotch.  "Can I Mom? Can I touch it? Can I make it cum like that? Can I touch his cum?" Shauna kept asking. It was the most exciting thing the young girl could have ever imagined, and she couldn't take her eyes off of Daddy Don's cock, all wet and goo-covered. Her mother's hand kept pumping as the couple remained there on the bed, letting Shauna see what she wanted.  Cindy's hand squeezed a final goblet of cum from Daddy's cock and it ran down her fingers. Her face was nearly buried in the bed clothes, her chest flattened against the sheets, her ass still propped up with pillows to give her daddy easy access.  Still getting no reply from her mother, Shauna turned to the professor, the man her mommy had kept calling "Daddy". It was something she still didn't understand, but if it was O.K. with her mom and obviously it was just fine with him, then it was just dandy with Shauna too. In fact, it was kind of a dream come true for Shauna -- a daddy and a cock all in one nice man. She managed to tear her eyes away from his cock for a moment and looked him in his eyes as he knelt behind her mother. He was rubbing his cum into her butt and back now with his hands, and Cindy continued to pump his hard dick from her awkward position.  "Daddy?" asked Shauna, uncertain that it was the right thing to say. Could she call him that?  Janis suddenly jerked his hips forward at her question. He began fucking Cindy's grasping hand and making what Shauna thought were odd noises. He made a low sound and returned the girl's gaze as he fucked her mother's hand. If Cindy wasn't going to answer her, he decided he would.  "Uh, yes, honey. Come a little closer and you can see Daddy's cock better," he said, dying to stick it into the little girl's mouth and tight little slit.  Cindy, so vocal during the playing out of her sexual fantasy, was now silent as her daddy fucked her hand and her daughter moved even closer to get a good look. Cindy's conscience was beginning to fade as she felt Don's hands rubbing his cum into her body. Her fantasy had come true. She was having sex with her daddy. But she had never seen Shauna as part of this dream until the girl had asked about Daddy Don's penis. Involving her daughter with Daddy sexually turned her on, made it even hotter. She made what decision there was left to make, raised her head and turned it to look at Shauna.  "Go ahead Shauna. You don't mind do you Daddy?" Cindy asked.  "No baby. Yes, Shauna, you go right ahead and get a good look. You can touch it if you want to," he said.  He felt Cindy's grip on his cock tighten when he said that, but then her hand was gone and she was rolling over in the bed, moving to watch Shauna touch her first cock. She returned her hand when she sat upright facing her daddy and Shauna. She continued to pump it and began speaking as if the scene were the most normal event in the world, teaching her little girl about sewing or the like.  "Here Shauna, take hold of it like this and pump it up and down like I'm doing," she said, reaching out with her free hand and guiding Shauna's hand to her daddy's dick.  Shauna didn't say a word as her mother guided her hand to his cock, but she nearly peed when she finally made contact with it. Her mother put her hand on top of Shauna's, wrapping her fingers around Shauna's and then moving the girl's hand up and down, teaching her how to jack off her daddy.  It was their daddy's turn to remain silent now. Everything was moving so fast, and he wanted to savor every moment. He wished he could cum again right that second as Shauna quickly learned her mother's cock-jacking lessons. He felt Cindy let go of her daughter's hand, and Shauna took over all on her own. He looked at Cindy and saw her eyes fixed on the scene. She was sitting cross-legged on the bed, her pussy exposed. One of her hands dropped to it and she started fingering herself.  "Ooo, that's good Shauna. Just like that. Jack Daddy's cock good now," he said, reaching over to her and stroking her hair as Cindy watched and diddled herself. He arched is back so his cock stuck out farther for the girl. "Now take your other hand and play with Daddy's balls."  "Can I call you Daddy too, like Mom does?" she asked, concentrating on pumping his penis and fondling his scrotum at the same time. She bent closer to get a better look. She looked up for a moment, turning to her mother and asked her the same question: "Is it O.K. Mom? Can he be my daddy too?"  "Yes, Shauna. If he wants to be your daddy, it is fine with me. You need a daddy, don't you?" Cindy countered.  "Oh, yes, Mommy! I do! Will you be my daddy too? Can I call you Daddy? Please." She turned to look at Janis again, pumping his cock all the while. She learned quickly. In a sudden flash of brilliance, Shauna bent and licked the head of his cock, wiping a light trail of cum up and into her own mouth.  "OOO... that's nice baby... yesss... Yes, I want you to call me 'Daddy' just like your mommy does, but if I'm going to be your daddy, don't you think you ought to let Daddy see you naked too?"  Janis looked toward Cindy to see if she would object, but she didn't. She nodded.  "Yes, Shauna, take off your clothes," ordered Cindy. "If you really want to learn about a man's penis, Daddy and I will teach you, won't we Daddy?" Cindy could hardly believe the words were coming from her mouth, but down deep she knew she had made this decision that day in her kitchen when Shauna asked to see his cock. Involving Shauna in her sexual relationship with Don turned her on.  Janis nodded and added: "Yes, Daddy's gonna teach his little girls all about taking care of his dick today. How does that sound to you, sweetheart?"  Shauna's affirmative replies were muffled as she pulled her skirt over her head and started unbuttoning her blouse, revealing a white cotton camisole which she proceeded to rip off over her head, finally revealing the tiny breasts that Janis so wanted to suck, lick, fondle...  Meanwhile Cindy took over for Shauna on Daddy's cock. She held it and jacked it gently as they watched the 12 year-old girl tossing her clothes aside. She felt her daddy's cock throb as he soaked in the sight of Shauna standing before him totally naked. She took the cue and jacked a bit faster, then looked up at him and said: "Yessss, Daddy, look at your daughter now. Do you like her, Daddy? Do you want to fuck her, Daddy?"  Janis' face contorted and he humped Cindy's hand in even higher arousal in response to her question.  "Do you Daddy? Would you like to fuck your little girl Shauna? Come on Daddy, what do you want to teach us first?" Cindy turned her attention to his cock, twisted her face and curled her tongue outside her lips as she jacked him even faster, hoping to make him cum now that he seemed so near. She bent and licked it too, just as Shauna had.  Finally, he calmed enough to reach down and grab Cindy's wrist. He stopped her movement and gathered his wits. It was clear to him now that Cindy and Shauna were his to do with as he pleased. The mere thought nearly made him shoot, but he held it back when he stopped Cindy's pumping hand.  What Janis really wanted was to jump the girl and fuck her like a mad man, but he knew this was something special so special that it was worth dragging out and playing out some scenes he had read in adult novels that he loved. It was Shauna who broke the silence and Cindy who took over the decision-making.  "Daddy, can I help Mom now?" she said, placing one knee on the bed and starting to climb up with them.  Janis saw her hairless mound and tight-lipped vagina as she spread her legs to boost herself onto the bed. He groaned as his eyes swept over her tiny breasts, capped with large, cone-shaped nipples like her mother's.  "Yes, Shauna, you take hold of my cock now, but I want you to lay back on the bed with me. Come," he said, pulling her down beside him as he reclined. He pulled Cindy to the other side and told her to watch.  "Now, Daddy's going to feel your body while you hold onto his cock. You just keep holding it now, don't jack it -- that's it -- now, give Daddy a kiss."  Shauna came to his lips without hesitating, but she was surprised when he rammed his tongue into her mouth and started moving it in and out in fucking motion. As he did this, his left hand started at her face and slowly moved along her neck to her shoulders and down her arms. Then he ran it back up her spindly arms and onto her chest. Shauna thought it felt better than anytime she had ever touched her budding breasts, and when he moved his head and began licking around her big, erect nipples, she started squirming on the bed.  "Oooo, Daddy, that feels good."  He looked up briefly and smiled, but his hands were down to her crotch now, exploring her little pussy.  "Spread your legs for Daddy," he ordered. She did and he moved down lower so that his body lay in between her legs. He ripped his cock from her hand, and he took it himself, stopped and turned to Cindy: "Cindy, take my cock and rub it over Shauna's pussy."  "Yes Daddy," she replied, scrambling into position beside him. She wrapped her hand around it again, loving the way it stayed so hard, and began rubbing the tip of his cock all over her daughter's pubic area. This made Shauna squirm all the more, especially when Cindy ran it just inside her virgin pussy lips.  "Oh, Mommy! Daddy! It feels so good!" squealed the young girl as her mother pushed just the head of his huge, rock-hard penis into her daughter's virgin pussy about and inch. They both looked down to soak in the pure white, unadulterated eroticism of the scene.  "There Daddy. It's inside her now. Go ahead and fuck her daddy, fuck her! I want to see it go all the way in Daddy, go on, push it into her!" demanded Cindy, driven into a sexual frenzy by her lust.  Cindy climaxed as she saw Don exert pressure and his big dick began disappearing into her daughter's dripping wet vagina.  "Ow, Daddy, ow!" cried Shauna. She squirmed now in a vain attempt to escape the monster invading her little cunt. It was no use.  The girl's protests were too late. Her new daddy had just rammed his cock all the way into her and broken her maidenhead. Cindy smiled and said: "Good Daddy. Now fuck her!"  CHAPTER ELEVEN -- Daddy Fucks Shauna Silly  Don Janis' entire being had moved to his penis. He was soaking in the ecstasy of pure sexual delight as his raging hard cock soaked in 12 year-old pussy. He had rammed it all the way into Shauna, at her mother's urging, and his pubic bone now ground against the girl's. He had penetrated her as deeply as she could be penetrated in the missionary position.  He had heard her yelps of pain at first, but now she lay silent, face flushed beet red. She was panting, and he raised himself with his arms so that he could see the delight impaled beneath him.  He looked down to her tiny breasts, nipples hard and erect, her slim torso, her bare pubic mound, then, below that, the fat root of his cock where it joined the girl's vagina. The site enflamed his lust yet again, and he pulsed his cock inside her.  "Ooo, Daddeee, oooo," moaned Shauna. He watched her face as he slowly began pulling it out. She winced in pain. Then he felt something else on his cock, and he looked down again to see that Cindy had encircled it with her hand and held it as he slowly pulled out until just the head was still inside Shauna. Cindy started moving his cock then so that the head barely slipped out and up to rake over Shauna's erect clitoris.  "Mmmmm, that feels good Daddy," Shauna managed to babble.  "Yes Daddy, she likes it. Put it in again Daddy. Put it all the way back into her," Cindy urged as she let go of his cock and took his butt in both hands and pushed his body forward.  "Oh! Daddy! Mommy! It still hurts!" cried the girl.  "Don't pay any attention to her daddy. Just start fucking her and she'll get over it," Cindy advised without a morsel of pity for her daughter. She was so aroused that she had abandoned everything she knew and believed. She had totally surrendered to the fantasy she had savored for so many years.  He really is my daddy now, she thought as she watched Janis begin to fuck her daughter. He is! And he's Shauna's daddy too! Yes! Shauna would have a daddy to love her now, to teach her, to make her feel like the rest of the girls at school except that Shauna has what I bet they don't -- a daddy that fucks her!  "Oh, Daddy, I'm so horny Daddy. Please hurry, Daddy, please. I need you to do it to me again Daddy," Cindy whispered into his ear as he fucked away. She ran his tongue into his ear, just to make sure he heard.  Daddy made a low growl and started fucking Shauna harder then.  Shauna began to whimper in high little squeaks each time Daddy pushed it back into her. She wasn't yelping now though, and Janis noticed she had relaxed and seemed to be enjoying her first fucking a lot more. She was still soaking wet.  This realization drove him to another plane. He backed away from the girl, cock still embedded to the hilt, grabbed her under the knees and rolled her legs upward until her knees were nearly to her shoulders. Her pussy was aimed up where he had the ultimate angle. He started thrusting and bottomed out as Shauna started squealing again.  "Owww! Daddy! It's too big Daddy! Ow! Ooooo... Daddeeee, please."  She might as well have been howling at the moon, because neither Janis nor Cindy paid any heed to the girl's cries. Cindy was thumping her clitoris like crazy watching Janis savage Shauna in this position. She knew how it felt. The teacher that was Shauna's biological father had fucked her like that the day she got pregnant.  That thought made Cindy pause for a moment. What if Shauna were to get pregnant today? Was it possible? What would she do if it happened? Daddy's voice snapped her back to the real world.  "Cindy! Daddy's ready to cum baby. Where do you want Daddy's cum?" he asked, slowly and arching his back in restraint. Cindy could see he was ready to shoot.  "Pull it out Daddy. Shoot it on her so she can see for herself what she's done for you Daddy."  "Yes. Daddy will. You grab it when I pull it out and jack it off," he ordered.  Janis grunted and pulled out, his cock pulsing and ready to spurt. Cindy grabbed it quickly and jacked it three times before a string of cum spewed forth.  "Oh, Daddy, look how much you're cumming. Look Shauna, look at all the cum Daddy had left for you!" Cindy babbled as she kept jacking her daddy's magnificent cock. When it was down to the last dribble, she couldn't resist bending and sucking it off, together with the remains of her daughter's juices. She finished and smacked her lips.  "Here baby, you hold Daddy for a little bit and feel how hard it still is," Cindy grabbed Shauna's limp hand and wrapped it around Daddy's dick. She gripped it solidly and slowly jacked it as her eyes finally opened and she lifted her head to look down.  Daddy's cum was oozing over her belly and chest. The first spurt landed between her tiny breasts, and she lifted her other hand to sample it with a finger which she then brought to her mouth and sucked.  "Mmmm. It tastes salty and sexy Daddy. Do you like to taste it too Mommy?"  "Yes honey, I love it."  "What's that?" demanded Daddy. "What is it you love, baby?"  "Your cum, Daddy. I love my daddy's cum," Cindy told him truthfully as she bent over her daughter's tummy and started licking up the runny mess her daddy had left there.  Inspired by the two females' actions, Janis couldn't resist Shauna's still-gapping hole, and he slipped back into her as they all lay together there on the bed, enjoying the aftermath of orgasm after orgasm, of cum soaked bodies and sheets. Janis started to roll Shauna into a different position for another serious fucking, but Cindy stopped him.  "Daddy, please. It's my turn again now. You can fuck Shauna all you want later. Right now, I need it again Daddy. Please," begged Cindy, her hand working under his crotch on his balls and around his asshole.  Janis unhappily stopped pounding Shauna, backed off and pulled all the way out of her. Shauna just lay there, exhausted, consumed, incoherent. Daddy's cock stuck out hard as a bat, glistening with Shauna's juices again.  "Well, what are you waiting for, roll over on your stomach. Daddy's gonna fuck his little girl Cindy in the ass this time," Daddy Don commanded.  Cindy scrambled into position, stuffed a pillow under her hips, tilted her butt in the air and waited. She had never had it in the ass before, but if that's what Daddy wanted, she would give it to him.  Daddy started out by sticking it into her cunt and fucking her until she was good and wet. Then he reached down and started moving her secretions from around her pussy to her asshole and sticking a finger into it, farther each time. All the while, he continued to pump into Cindy's vagina. Soon he was fucking her pussy with his cock and her asshole with two fingers.  "Uggg, Daddy, that... hurts -- ouch! -- a little."  But just as she uttered those words, she felt Daddy's cock rip from her cunt. In an instant it was nuzzling at her butt and slipping into her ass. It started to really hurt.  "Ow! Oh, Daddy, no, no, it hurts, it hurts!" she cried, squirming beneath him, trying to escape.  It was fruitless. Her movements only helped Daddy and he rammed it all the way up Cindy's ass as she begged him to stop.  "O, Daddy, no, stop, please, it hurts Daddy," she pleaded, sweat rolling onto her from Daddy who looked as if someone had tossed a bucket of water on him. They had forgotten the awful heat and humidity and the sweat made their sex hotter.  But Daddy paid no attention. He leaned forward to pin her to the bed and started fucking her in the ass, slowly at first, but picking up the rhythm as Cindy finally got used to her daddy's dick in her ass.  Shauna meanwhile started to recover. Her mom lay next to her on her tummy, tears streaming from her eyes. She was begging their daddy to stop doing something, but Shauna wasn't sure what it was. She lifted up on one elbow and looked over her mother's back to her backside where Daddy was thrusting his magnificent tool in and out of her mom's asshole.  No wonder Mom is crying. God, that must really hurt, she thought, trying to remember how it hurt when a really big turd was trying to get out her own asshole. Daddy's cock was lots bigger than any turd, and lots harder too. I'm not going to do that, she decided.  But about then, Cindy started to feel better. In fact, the young mother decided it felt pretty good, and she thought if she could reach her clitoris, she might get an orgasm with Daddy when he was ready to shoot.  Janis saw Cindy reaching for her crotch and knew she was beginning to like it. He fucked her harder and encouraged her, noting Shauna was now wide awake and watching her mommy's first ass-fucking.  "That's it Cindy honey, play with that pussy while Daddy fucks your butt. You can come good this way honey, come on, cum for Daddy," he coached as he began ramming it home, harder and faster. "Shauna's watching. Give her a good lesson baby."  "Oh, oh, Daddy, ooooo -- noooo -- oh, oh, Daddy it -- hu... hu... hurts! Oh, Daddy I'm gonna cum Daddy, I'm gonna cum!"  Daddy and Cindy were on the edge of yet another climax, and Shauna was fingering herself, trying to imagine Daddy's big cock in her little asshole, when she heard something in the house. A door opened or something. Shit, she thought, I forgot to close the front door. Only the screen door was shut, and with all the shouting going on in the bedroom, she figured everyone in the block could hear what was happening.  Shauna craned her neck to look toward the bedroom doorway. She caught a glimpse of movement, then saw a blonde head peeking around the corner. It was Marsha, and her blue eyes were wide open and her pupils dilated.  "Hi Marsha," called Shauna from beside her rutting mommy and daddy.  They both jerked their heads to the door and spotted Marsha. Daddy's eyes locked on the girl, he pulled his cock out and ordered Shauna to jack him off.  "Shauna, finish me off, give your little friend a good show," he demanded. "Show her what you have learned today."  Shauna did. With a few pumps, she made Daddy shoot again, only it was just a couple of squirts this time. Some of it ran onto Shauna's hand, but she kept on pumping, showing off her new-found skill for the awestruck Marsha. Finally, Daddy grabbed her wrist and cum-drenched hand and said: "Why don't you let your friend have a taste of Daddy's cum?"  CHAPTER TWELVE -- Daddy Does Marsha Too  Cindy's head was still whirling from her experiences, but when she heard Shauna speaking to someone else in the room, alarm bells began to ring. She turned her head and raised up onto one elbow to see Shauna's school friend, Marsha, walking slowly into the bedroom, her eyes locked onto the action on the bed.  She could feel his jism, wet on her butt, and her asshole ached from the stretching Daddy had given it. Her entire body was electrified from their orgy -- her vagina tingled and her clitoris throbbed. Her nipples were erect and sensitive. And, as she watched her daughter's friend come closer and closer to the bed, she saw Shauna take Daddy's penis into her hand and slowly pump it as she spoke.  "Yeah, Marsha, come here and have a taste of my daddy's cum. It's the third time he's shot off, so there's just a little for you to taste," said the naked young girl as she concentrated on pumping her daddy's flagging cock.  Marsha didn't speak a word, but she advanced with her eyes on Janis' huge penis in her friend's hand. She was so excited she was afraid she might pee her panties.  Cindy wanted to stop it, but it was already too late. She had let this man who had promised to be her daddy have sex with her own daughter, and now another young 12 year-old girl was about to be introduced to Daddy's dick. So, she let herself be swept away once again in the tide of lust that filled the room.  She finally looked at Daddy's penis and was amazed to see it was still hard. Although she didn't have all that much sexual experience, she had always heard that older men were not so resilient as the professor appeared to be. He was obviously anxious to introduce pretty, blonde Marsha to the delights of sex.  "Shauna," said Daddy. "Go run and lock the doors. We don't want anyone else coming in here tonight."  "O.K. Daddy," she replied, turning to Marsha who now stood next to the bed. "Here Marsha, take over for me."  She took Marsha's hand and moved it to his hard penis, wrapping her fingers around on top of Marsha's and beginning a pumping motion to show her friend what to do. Marsha caught on right away, and just stared at the big dick in her hand as she continued pumping on her own.  "Gee, it feels so neat -- hard and soft at the same time," said the young schoolgirl at her first touch of Janis' penis. He strained to hold himself back from humping into her hand.  "Don't start anything before I get back," said Shauna, rolling out of her place next to Daddy on the bed, grabbing her mother's light house robe and dashing off to lock up the house and pull the drapes.  "Marsha?" said Janis. "That sure does feel good. Have you ever jacked a penis before?" asked Janis, reaching out with his near hand to stroke the lovely young girl's flawless face.  "Huh uh," was all Marsha could answer, shaking her head no. She couldn't take her eyes off his penis. It was bigger than the ones in her mom's videos, and her hand didn't quite wrap all the way around it. Her knees were wobbling, and her panties were uncomfortably damp. She noticed Shauna's mom was up on one elbow watching her work up and down on his penis.  "Marsha, take your other hand and wipe some of this cum off my butt, honey," Cindy directed.  Marsha knew what cum was from the videos, but she had never thought of touching some herself. She watched Cindy reach behind her and wipe a bit of it onto her hand, then move it to her mouth where she licked the gooey fluid from her fingers and palm.  "See? Mmmm. It's so good. Go ahead try it. Daddy likes to see his little girls lick his cum, don't you Daddy?"  "Oh, yes, baby, Daddy does love that. Go on Marsha, try some of my cum, then maybe I'll let you make a batch all by yourself," said Daddy.  Marsha finally reached down to Cindy's ass and wiped the edge of her hand across the remaining pool of jism. She moved it straight to her mouth and started licking her hand. Although she hesitated at first, she soon found it had a pleasant, salty taste and proceeded to lick it off her hand just as Cindy had done. All the while, she kept holding Janis' cock.  "Mister?" she asked.  "Please, sweetheart, you can call me Daddy just like Cindy and Shauna, O.K.?"  "Sure Daddy," stammered Marsha. The word sent goose bumps up and down her spine, and she squeezed the penis a bit harder and jacked it faster. It was the first time she had ever called any man "Daddy" and it touched some place inside her that longed for a loving father, a man to cuddle her, kiss her goodnight, protect her like all the other girls in class.  Just then, Shauna came dashing back into the room. She stripped off the robe and ran to Marsha's side at the bed. Marsha was just finishing licking a bit more cum off her hand. Daddy was still on his knees, cock sticking out over her Cindy's butt from behind. A long string of post-cum goo slowly stretched downward from his cock. Marsha was jacking him faster than before and getting the leaking seminal fluid all over her hand and his penis. Shauna knew her friend was turned on and would probably do anything Daddy wanted her to do. First, though, she figured Daddy would want to see Marsha naked. Marsha's body was just like hers, except she was fair and blonde instead of dark and raven-haired. She was about to suggest it, but her mom spoke first.  "Marsha, I think if you're going to be part of this that you ought to take your clothes off now. Isn't that right Daddy? Wouldn't you like to see her naked?" asked Cindy who had rolled over onto her back and was propped up against the headboard where she could see much better.  "Oh yes, I would very much like to see Marsha's body. Go on Marsha, you can let go of my cock for a bit, can't you? Go ahead, show me your body," urged Daddy.  Marsha released Daddy's dick, and Daddy moved up the bed to recline on his back next to Cindy. She casually reached over and grabbed his hard penis, just to keep it stimulated. She held it gently, squeezing it a bit as Marsha began to strip beside the bed. Shauna jumped into bed on the other side of Daddy cuddled next to him as they all watched Marsha.  Marsha was beginning to get over her surprise and uncertainty about the situation. The sexual arousal that had all but disabled her when she first walked into the bedroom had changed. She was no longer immobilized, and watching her friend and her friend's mother lying there on the bed with their new daddy soothed whatever hesitation she might have felt. It seemed O.K., somehow, even though she knew her mom would get really mad if she knew about this.  So, Marsha unbuttoned her white school blouse and undid her uniform kilt, letting it fall to the floor. She stood in her white cotton girl's camisole and panties and watched Shauna's mom moved down the bed and take Daddy's penis into her mouth, just like in the videos. It made her want to strip off the rest of her clothes and took a hold on his penis again. She wanted to feel it again, and she was more than curious about making him cum. Shauna must have made him do it, she figured. She wanted to suck on it like Shauna's mom was doing, moving her head up and down on Daddy's erect penis. Every now and then, Cindy would lift up her head and continue jacking it with her hand as she watched Marsha strip.  "You are a very beautiful young woman, honey," Daddy said, smiling now. He fondled Shauna's nipples as her mother sucked his cock. "Why don't you take off your camisole and show Daddy your titties now?"  "O.K. Daddy," Marsha answered, thrilling again to the sound of that word in her ears. He had called her "honey" and said that she was beautiful. It made the lithe young blonde feel good inside. She also felt a warm feeling inside towards "Daddy". Shauna and her mom had completely accepted her, and she felt close to everyone, real close. She realized she wanted everyone in the room to be happy. Marsha was putty now, to be molded in the hands and by the cock of the professor -- her and Shauna's new daddy.  Marsha pulled the camisole over her head, revealing her small but perfectly formed breasts.  "Mmmm, how nice, sweetheart. You have perfect little titties too. Come closer and let me see you better," Daddy told her.  She moved up the side of the bed until she was standing even with his chest. Shauna was cuddled to his side between them, and he was still fondling her right breast as they lay together. Shauna watched her as Daddy's eyes got bigger and bigger.  "You really like Marsha's titties don't you Daddy?" asked Shauna as she saw the effect Marsha's breasts were having on him. He was humping into Cindy's mouth now, and Shauna wondered if he was going to cum again.  "They are lovely, baby, but no more perfect than yours or your mother's," he replied, bending over and sucking in one of Shauna's nipples as he did so. Her rolled his tongue around it, and backed away with a sucking kiss as he released the nipple. It made Shauna shiver, and it made Marsha even bolder.  "Aaa, Daddy?" she asked as he leaned back again against the pillow propped at the headboard.  "Yes honey?"  "Would you do that to me?"  "You bet I will, but first, I want you take off your panties and show your little pussy to Daddy like a good girl. Go ahead, show it to me now," Daddy ordered.  "O.K. Daddy," answered Marsha, moving her hands to her panties, hooking the band with her thumbs and pulling them all the way down in one motion. She kicked them off and stood before Cindy, Daddy and Shauna. She shivered when she saw all their eyes locked onto her pubic area. They were staring at her pussy!  "You are just beautiful Marsha, beautiful. Now, turn around and bend over for Daddy. Show Daddy what's between your legs honey," said Daddy.  Marsha would have done anything he asked, and she gladly turned and bent at the waist. She knew she was baring her privates for everyone to see, but instead of making her embarrassed, it made her even more excited.  "Mmmm, what a beautiful, tight little cunt," said Daddy. "Move your legs apart a little -- that's it -- oh, yes, very nice. Very little hair yet, just like Shauna and Cindy. Daddy likes bare pussy you know."  Moving her legs apart gave them all a look at everything, and Marsha loved the feelings she was experiencing. It all felt so dirty, but so natural. She was glad he liked her bare cunt, because she had worried lately about not getting hair like most of the other girls in their class. Only Shauna and her had not sprouted a big bush in the 7th grade. She was glad now.  "Shauna, get up beside Marsha and show her to me, will you?" Daddy asked. The girl sprung to her feet, although she was sad to leave her daddy's warm body.  "What do you want me to do Daddy?" she asked when she was at her friend's side. Marsha remained bent at the waist, her hands on her knees, her asshole and vagina displayed.  Cindy answered for Daddy.  "Move closer to the bed, Marsha. And Shauna, you take hold of her butt and spread it so Daddy can see more," said the young mother who was now only holding Daddy's cock. She had stopped sucking it to watch the show Marsha was putting on for Daddy.  "Good, Cindy honey, good. Yes, Shauna, do as your mother says. Show Marsha off to me. Show her pussy to Daddy."  Marsha felt Shauna's hands on her ass, moving down to her crotch she stopped and pulled Marsha's skin. It opened her gash for Daddy's gaze.  "Oh, yes, yes, that's very nice," he said as he looked inside her tight little cunt. Shauna leaned out to get a better look.  "Oh Daddy, look, she's all wet. Marsha's pussy is wet for you Daddy," Shauna observed. "I'm going to have to have a closer look."  Daddy rolled away from Cindy who released his cock. He moved right up to Marsha's ass and sat upright, his legs over the edge of the bed. His face was only inches from Marsha's displayed private parts and his cock stuck up in the air. Cindy noticed and moved to his side, grabbing it once again as her daddy examined the little girl's cunt. She leaned against him and put her mouth to his ear.  "Do you like that Daddy? She's wet for you Daddy. I think she needs a lesson just like Shauna had. Do you want her, Daddy?" asked the now-depraved young mother.  Daddy turned his head and stuck out his tongue for Cindy. She grabbed it with her lips and twirled her tongue with Daddy's for a moment before he pulled away.  "Yes, Daddy wants it, honey," he said, reaching out with both hands and placing them on Marsha's ass, his thumbs near the sides of her vagina.  Marsha jumped at his touch and stuck her ass back farther for him. She felt him pull on her skin, opening her pussy even more. Then, he took a finger and traced the outline or her bare pussy lips, before moving to her clitoris and massaging it.  "Oooo, that feels so good," moaned Marsha as Daddy played with her clit with one hand. The other moved to her pussy too, but instead of playing around, he plunged one finger straight into her. She jumped and squealed.  "Oh! Daddy! Oh!"  "Do it to her, Daddy, finger fuck her, Daddy. She loves it," urged Shauna who had sat down again next to Daddy on the bed. She draped around him, letting her little titties rub against his arm and side.  Janis began finger fucking her for real, pushing his middle finger all the way into Marsha's vagina, then pulling it out slowly, over and over. All the while, he continued to massage her clitoris with his other hand.  Marsha's ass began to jerk around with each thrust, each touch of her erect clitoris. She had never felt anything like it and thought she might have an orgasm any moment. But he suddenly took his fingers away, but his hands moved around her and pulled her back. She felt his warm breath close to her pussy, then she felt his face come in contact with her crotch. She pushed back even more and craned her neck around to see what he was doing. When she felt and saw his tongue against her labia, she nearly leaped into the air. Then, his tongue was on her clit, flicking it, thrashing it from side to side. She climaxed immediately.  "O! Daddy! Shauna! O!" she babbled, jerking uncontrollably now as Daddy kept lashing her clit with his tongue.  "She's cumming Daddy! Boy she sure cums hard with you Daddy," Shauna chipped in as she watched Daddy tighten his grip on the squirming girl. He was running his tongue up and down her entire crack now, even going up all the way to her butthole and rimming it with his tongue. He returned to finger fucking her again and backed away to speak.  "Good girl Marsha. Do you like Daddy to play with your vagina?" he asked, still finger fucking the girl's pussy, but adding another finger as he did so. Marsha continued to squirm but didn't try to pull away from him.  "Yes, yes -- I, I, yes, oh yes Daddy. It feels so good," she managed to stammer from her bent position.  "She's ready now Daddy," Cindy advised, still fisting his dick. "She's ready to be fucked Daddy. Move her to the bed and fuck her now, Daddy. She wants it, don't you Marsha."  "Uh huh. Yes."  "You'll have to ask Daddy to do it to you Marsha. Go on, ask him. Say, 'Daddy, please fuck me,'" Cindy ordered. She was getting very aroused again herself now and wanted to see Daddy's big dick going into this young girl. "Go on, ask him."  "Uhh Daddy, please fuck me!" cried the aroused girl, still bent before Daddy, still open to his fingers.  "O.K.. Get onto the bed, now!" Daddy ordered, releasing the girl's ass and moving back onto the bed. Cindy moved to the far side of the bed as Marsha scrambled into the middle and rolled onto her back, displaying her whole body for Daddy.  Janis took hold of her knees and spread her thighs, moving between them as she lay open to his advance. He noticed Shauna move to the girl's other side, sandwiching her between her and her mother.  "Suck her nipples, both of you," he ordered.  Without hesitation, Cindy bent to begin kissing and sucking Marsha's left nipple while Shauna took the right. Marsha was beyond further arousal, but she did take her hands and put one behind each of the heads at her breasts. As she did so, she felt Janis moving between her legs, felt his body lodge close to her crotch, then something touching her, moving around her entire cunt.  "Look down Marsha. Look down and watch Daddy's dick honey," he told her. Both Shauna and Cindy stopped their nipple licking to watch too.  Daddy has his hand around his prick and was rubbing it up and down Marsha's slit, just barely parting the lips, then rasping it across her clitoris.  Marsha watched without moving or saying a thing. All her attention was focused on the huge penis poised at her pussy. She full well realized what was about to happen. She started to get scared. It was too late.  "Tell her what to say Cindy," he said.  "Yes, Daddy, I will," replied the young mother at Marsha's side. "Marsha, you'll have to ask Daddy to fuck you, if you really want him to. Go ahead, ask Daddy to put it in you so that he knows you want it."  "Oh, yes, I will. I do. I do Daddy. I want it. I want you to put your penis inside me," Marsha countered immediately. She was beginning to roll her hips up against Daddy's penis which he still held, rubbing it just inside her labia. Every time he moved it up to her clitoris, Marsha let out a barely audible "Mmmm..."  Janis turned to Shauna who was now fingering herself as she watched her daddy about to sink his cock into her friend.  "Shauna, would you like to help me fuck Marsha?" he asked.  "Sure, Daddy. What do you want me to do?"  "I want you to take hold of me and put my cock into her pussy, O.K.?"  "Sure!"  Shauna scrambled around on the bed until she was down by her daddy between Marsha's legs. She reached between them and grasped his penis, then moved it to Marsha's slit and rubbed it up and down so that the head went just inside her. Her hand got soaked from Marsha's secretions, and she knew her friend was ready.  Cindy moved to a better position on the other side of the about-to-be-fucked Marsha so that she too could see Daddy sink his cock into the girl. Cindy's hand worked on her own clitoris as she watched Shauna move Daddy's cock into Marsha's vaginal lips. God, she thought, this is so hot, so hot, ooooo! Cindy leaned forward and watched ever more closely.  Leaving her hand on his penis, 12 year-old Shauna remembered how it had hurt her at first. She smiled to herself, thinking how silly her fears had been, but also knowing that Marsha was probably scared too and that it would hurt her when it went all the way into her vagina.  "O.K. Daddy, you'll have to push it in now. It's in the right place," Shauna advised.  Daddy did. He started making little short fucking motions, giving Marsha a little more with each stroke until she was beginning to feel the pain of her hymen being stretched and torn.  "Nnnoooo -- ooo, oh, ow, it's too big. Ow!" she moaned, squirming beneath him now, trying to back her hips away from the invading phallus that sent little waves of pain through her each time he pushed forward.  But Janis didn't stop, he kept moving, backing away a little, then pushing in a bit farther.  Cindy watched the union of their bodies; her eyes glued on Daddy's fat penis as it stretched the young girl with each advance. She loved the way Marsha's delicate labia wrapped around his penis, seeming to caress it as he fucked into her, a little at a time.  She reached around behind him and ran her fingers down his crack until she found his asshole. She quickly moved her finger to her mouth, covered it with her own saliva and returned it to his sphincter. She sank her finger in about an inch, and Daddy rammed it home with her finger driving him into the girl.  "Ohhhh, ooowww! Oooo, Shauna! Daddy! It hurts a lot!" she cried.  "It won't for long Marsha," Shauna told her friend, lying back down beside her as she took Daddy's cock. She leaned over and sucked on a nipple, then moved her head up to Marsha's ear and stuck her tongue into it.  "Oh! Oh!" Marsha cried again.  "Fuck her now, Daddy! Fuck her!" shouted Cindy, fingering his ass now in rhythm with his fucking. She could see he was all the way in now, and a bit of blood was running from Marsha's no-longer-virgin cunt.  Janis did. He started a steady pounding, ramming it home hard as Marsha jerked beneath him with each advance. She was like a rag doll, accepting his penis now but unable to do anything but lay there and take it. Her head flopped from side-to-side; her legs lay splayed and pliable.  Finally, he pushed in all the way and she felt his body flat against her crotch. She felt stretched, sore and full, but it was feeling better all the time, and she could tell she was incredibly wet down there. She didn't realize that part of the dampness was blood from her ruptured hymen.  Suddenly, he raised up and told Shauna to use her finger on Marsha's "button" while he fucked.  Shauna did. Cindy kept finger-fucking his asshole, and soon Marsha was responding to her first fucking just as Shauna had earlier. She was beginning to like it, and Shauna's work on her clit was going to make her cum. She announced it.  "Oh, it's feeling good now. I think I'm going to cum. Oh! Daddy! Daddy!" Marsha shivered and convulsed as she climaxed. It squeezed her whole body, and her little cunt squeezed Janis' penis.  "Daddy's ready to cum now to girls. Cindy, I'm going to pull out. When I do, I want you to grab my dick and jack me off on her belly. Ready?"  "Oh, yes Daddy! Cum for us! Cum Daddy," urged Cindy, still fucking his ass with her finger but ready with her other hand to grab him and finish him.  He fucked faster and faster, then suddenly pulled it out. His cock pulsed and danced for a moment until Cindy's hand wrapped around it. She pumped like crazy, both her and Shauna urging him to shoot.  "Cum for us Daddy!" cried Shauna, her own legs spread wide now as she watched her mother's actions and frigged her clit. She knew she could climax herself any second. She did the instant Daddy's white goo spurted out and fell on Marsha's tight little tummy.  "Oh, I'm cumming too Daddy!" Shauna squealed, humping her hips up and down as she watched Daddy's jism form a few little puddles.  "You did it Marsha. You made Daddy cum. It's all yours. Go on, taste it," Cindy told the exhausted young girl. She still jacked Daddy's cock, but for the first time, she could feel it softening. It was the first time since they had started this sexual marathon that she had seen or felt him soften.  She saw Shauna take Marsha's hand and move it to the wet mess on her belly. She placed it into the jism and massaged it into her belly.  Janis rolled over onto his back beside Marsha and collapsed.  "I'm going to have to take a break girls," he wheezed as Shauna watched, amazed as his dick shrank ever smaller.  "Gee, Daddy, it sure does change sizes, doesn't it?"  "Uh, yeah, it does, but my guess it that it will be hard more often than it is soft from now on," Janis replied.  "Will you stay with us tonight Daddy?" Cindy asked, a pleading look in her eyes. She felt firmly attached to him now, and didn't want to leave his side.  "Sure, hon, I'll stay here tonight, but after this, maybe you and Shauna might want to stay at my house," he answered.  Visions of a normal family life with a daddy for Shauna flashed behind Cindy's eyes, and she began to dream about her and her little girl moving in to live with Daddy.  It was her lifelong dream, and it was coming true.  THE END
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