To Many Video Games TG (Vert TF)

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  1. It was like any other day for good ol’ Greyden. Sitting back and relaxing while playing some video games. He always loved to immerse himself in the stories of that the characters go through and any battles they might face. He might be really feeling it while playing Xenoblade Chronicles, or just kick ass while chewing bubblegum.
  3. On that particular day, Greyden was marathoning Hyperdimension Neptunia IV. Just like the previous 3 installments (that and including the Re: Birth remakes), he chose to play as Vert.
  5. Why?
  7. Cause she’s his Waifu!
  9. When he first plopped a Hyperdimension game in his console, he was a bit skeptical of the character. He thought it was just another overly developed character used for eye candy, and…he wasn’t wrong.
  11. However, her character brought something refreshing. While her personality, wasn’t anything new, it was in itself unique. As one of the goddesses in the game and essentially the living, breathing, human incarnation of the Xbox, she was a hardcore gamer. Not just that, but she had a sort of complex because all the other three main goddesses had little sisters. With this part of her personality, she’s always try to convert any cute girl she finds into her own little sister.
  13. She was much MUCH better than Neptune in his eyes. While he understood why so many people call Neptune their waifu, he just couldn’t stand her annoying fourth wall breaking and narcissistic self.
  15. Slamming a fist against his chest in some sort of solute, Greyden yelled, “Vert is the best girl of this franchise! If only I could meet her for real, my life will complete and I can die happy!”
  17. As if on cue, Neptune on screen said, “I wonder what would happen if any of our fans met us in real life. They’d definitely make me queen since I’m a charismatic and splendid leader!” Her nose was definitely longer in the sprite than before.
  19. “God dammit Neptune!” fumed the slightly ticked player.
  21. Greyden’s PS4 controller glowed a dim green for a moment. He looked down, but barely missed it and decided his poor eyes were playing tricks on him. As he continued to explore the stage as Vert, his controller started to change into an Xbox One remote, however, he continued playing since his fingers quickly adjusted. If he was paying closer attention to his surroundings other than his TV screen, he would’ve also noticed his PS4 turn into an Xbox One. Apparently his game also has a port for the Xbox One at that point.
  23. His glasses then transformed as well. He quickly caught glimpse of that of course, but oddly thought little of it. Probably since he was so engulfed in the game that his brain wasn’t working for many other applications. They eventually turned into a VR headset causing Greyden to drop his controller and fall over. (Just think of Sword Art Online)
  25. Waking up in the game world as Vert, he still continued to play the game except for real. How much can someone be immersed in a game though? This guy just got sucked into a game and is now playing as the character and doesn’t even notice a thing. Hell, he has bloody F-cup breasts sticking to his body, but none of the bounces are getting to him!
  27. Back in the real world, Greyden’s body began to glow the same green as his controller. His shoes that always felt nice on his feet started to become roomier. So much in fact that they slipped right off.
  29. His jeans started to feel snug. Usually loose, they started to tighten near the top. To go along with that, the top of his jeans started to stretch from the sides as well as behind. Something cracked loudly causing his button to pop off creating the necessary room.
  31. What could be called an instant hand warmer suddenly vanished and was replaced by a sideways HDMI port. The map of his body started to change as some countries were destroyed and new ones were created.
  33. Even though his glasses suddenly disappeared, a miracle took place somehow giving him perfect vision. No need to go out and buy a new pair at least!
  35. His body suddenly became cleaner with certain spots being more noticeable than others. Something then flowed past the scrap of the VR headset and quickly flowed downwards to his butt.
  37. Greyden’s face started to tickle. He doesn’t have allergies, but his nose started to twitch until he made a huge sneeze. Despite having nothing come out, his nose was definitely lighter. Sadly, he bit his lip at the same time causing a jolt to run through his head. His lips felt somewhat puffier when letting go. He sneezed once more and this time, it came out much higher in pitch. Quite sexily at that.
  39. His hands got that weird feeling when the circulation is cut off. Despite how he couldn’t feel anything, in the game, he experienced a weird moment.
  41. Running around and slaying blue slimes, Vert’s arms suddenly went numb and dropped the weapon. She looked at her hands. “What happened? Weird dream I’m in, but things like this always have there problems.”
  43. The fuzziness started to fade and Vert was able to pick her weapon back up and continue rampaging.
  45. Greyden’s shirt started to hang as a bunch of space was created in the midsection. As if to counter the extra space, the part of the shirt over his chest started to feel tight. It got tighter and tighter to the point that Greyden was having trouble breathing. His shirt then ripped helping him catch his breath.
  47. Greyden’s clothes started to glow green and change in lightning speed as he started opening his eyes.
  49. He stretched his arms up and said, “What a great dream that was.” Not catching his new voice, he got up and tripped.
  51. He only noticed then that something was distorting his vision. “W-what’s this… W-wait… why’s,” the gears in his head were starting to turn. “Why’s my voice sound like a girls…actually, exactly like Vert’s voice actress?”
  53. He took off the new VR headset and looked down and screamed. He or should we say she was quite surprised by the new revelation.
  55. “Wh-what happened to me!? Why do I look exactly like Vert!?”
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