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  1. Cross class skills:
  2. /aaction clear
  3. /aaction "Comfort Zone" on
  4. /aaction "Steady Hand II" on
  5. /aaction "Manipulation" on
  6. /aaction "Hasty Touch" on
  7. /aaction "Waste Not" on
  8. /aaction "Byregot's Blessing" on
  9. /aaction "Careful Synthesis II" on
  10. /echo Cross-class action setup complete <se.1>
  13. Macro1:
  14. /ac "Comfort Zone" <wait.2>
  15. /ac "Inner Quiet" <wait.2>
  16. /ac "Steady Hand II" <wait.2>
  17. /ac "Hasty Touch II" <wait.3>
  18. /ac "Hasty Touch II" <wait.3>
  19. /ac "Manipulation" <wait.2>
  20. /ac "Hasty Touch" <wait.3>
  21. /ac "Hasty Touch" <wait.3>
  22. /ac "Steady Hand II" <wait.2>
  23. /ac "Manipulation" <wait.2>
  24. /ac "Hasty Touch" <wait.3>
  25. /ac "Hasty Touch" <wait.3>
  26. /ac "Hasty Touch" <wait.3>
  27. /ac "Hasty Touch" <wait.3>
  28. /echo Macro #1 complete <se.1>
  30. Macro2:
  31. /ac "Steady Hand II" <wait.2>
  32. /ac "Waste Not" <wait.2>
  33. /ac "Hasty Touch" <wait.3>
  34. /ac "Great Strides" <wait.2>
  35. /ac "Byregot's Blessing" <wait.3>
  36. /ac "Careful Synthesis II" <wait.3>
  37. /ac "Careful Synthesis II" <wait.3>
  38. /echo Macro #2 complete <se.14>
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