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  1. Last login: Thu Oct  2 06:09:06 on ttyp1
  2. Welcome to Darwin!
  3. You have new mail.
  4. ingles-Computer-2:~ kripahada$ cd desktop
  5. ingles-Computer-2:~/desktop kripahada$ chmod +x e200tool
  6. chmod: e200tool: No such file or directory
  7. ingles-Computer-2:~/desktop kripahada$ chmod +x e200tool-mac
  8. ingles-Computer-2:~/desktop kripahada$ ./e200tool-mac recover pribootLoader.rom
  9. e200tool v0.2.3-alpha (c) by MrH 2006, 2007
  10. Searching for device 0781:0720 ... found!
  11. Initializing USB stub (4780 bytes) ...
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