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  1. enum LangType {L_TXT, L_PHP , L_C, L_CPP, L_CS, L_OBJC, L_JAVA, L_RC,\
  2.                            L_HTML, L_XML, L_MAKEFILE, L_PASCAL, L_BATCH, L_INI, L_NFO, L_USER,\
  3.                            L_ASP, L_SQL, L_VB, L_JS, L_CSS, L_PERL, L_PYTHON, L_LUA,\
  4.                            L_TEX, L_FORTRAN, L_BASH, L_FLASH, L_NSIS, L_TCL, L_LISP, L_SCHEME,\
  5.                            L_ASM, L_DIFF, L_PROPS, L_PS, L_RUBY, L_SMALLTALK, L_VHDL, L_KIX, L_AU3,\
  6.                            L_CAML, L_ADA, L_VERILOG, L_MATLAB, L_HASKELL, L_INNO, L_SEARCHRESULT,\
  7.                            L_CMAKE, L_YAML, L_GMOD10LUA,\
  8.                            // The end of enumated language type, so it should be always at the end
  9.                            L_EXTERNAL};
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