Creature of Desire.

Jul 28th, 2016
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  1. [Script Offer] [F4A] Creature of Desire. [Science Fiction] [Unknown Organism] [Interspecies] [Space Station] [Ambiance] [Geeky]
  3. *ambient spaceship hum throughout*
  5. *sigh* We’ve tried everything. Shapes, colours, numbers, it doesn’t react to any of these stimuli. There is no way to communicate with it.
  7. You know exactly what the next procedure is and I just know it’s going to be me who has to do it. Well, am I right? *scoff* thought so.
  9. Stars! I could die you know! No, fuck your safety precautions. That thing could strike out at any moment and I’ll be dead before you could even react.
  11. Like I said before, just its body looks lethal. Its long and thick fingers look perfect for grabbing prey and keeping it in place while the tail makes the killing blow. Let’s not forget other things it could be capable of. We found it when it was weak and alone and now its recovered. What are you going to do if it uses come kind of telekinesis to control every mind aboard Endeavour VIII? What about the fucking thaum? We now know thaumaturgic abilities are reality, we’ve proved it here, but it’s only the beginning. Magic has become science!
  13. Oh you’re prepared? *laugh* And who is going to have the guts to press that button and destroy all we’ve achieved here?
  15. *sigh* Fine. I guess someone has to do it for science. I want everyone to know the sacrifice I made. There better be statutes erected of me back home on earth. *soft laugh* No, that’s not a fucking joke.
  17. *walking*
  19. *automatic door opening and closing*
  21. *whisper* Oh stars, please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me.
  23. *slow walk*
  25. *nervous breathing* I know you don’t understand words but I’m going to speak because that will calm my nerves, as silly as that sounds.
  27. Despite the pure threat I feel exuding from you, you’re still so majestic. Just what are you? What is you purpose for being? Why were you down on that planet all alone?
  29. I’m not getting much here. It doesn’t seem threatened, it’s just watching and waiting. Waiting for what, is the question.
  31. Wait, its doing something. Its mouth is opening.
  33. *alien hiss, spit and splatter*
  35. *yelp* Fuck! What the- What is this? No, no, it’s okay, it doesn’t hurt, it’s just a gross mucousy substance. Is this how it communicates? Bleh, it kinda tingles my face and it *sniff* smells *sniff* sweet? Yeah, sweet.
  37. *gasp* Oh no, it’s advancing. What are you? What was that you sprayed on me?
  39. *gasp* I can hear it! It’s talking directly into my mind. Its saying… it’s hard to make out… one word… its saying… fuck. Yes! That’s what I said before. Did you learn that from me?
  41. *gasp* *scared* Hey, careful with that tail against my leg. Wait, I feel strange. Fuck. My whole body trembles. Oh fuck, my… my pussy is suddenly so wet. Oh that tail… so phallic as it slides under my skirt over my pantyhose.
  43. *gasp* *moan* Oh stars! What is it doing to me? What? It wants to mate with me? No, I… Oh fuck that tail feels good rubbing my clit over my panties.
  45. Such a horrid creature, yet something about being fucked by an unknown organism is so fucking arousing.
  47. Oh stars, its mouth is opening. *gasp* That tongue, it’s so tentacle like. Oh fuck, that tongue could eat my pussy and fuck it at the same time.
  49. Let me suck it, let me suck that tongue. It’s what we humans call kissing. Come on. Yes.
  51. *tongue sucking and kissing* *gagging*
  53. *moan* Such an alien taste, it’s almost metallic and something else, something unfathomable. What else can you do with that thing, huh?
  55. *fabric ripping* *yelp* My shirt! Ah, you want my breasts. Yes, tear that shirt and rip my bra free. *gasp* *laugh* Do you like these human tits? Hmm, you are a creature of desire, huh? Just like a man. *laugh*
  57. Is that what you are? An embodiment of man’s deepest lust, a creature built purely to fuck and breed and use women as you will? *moan* yes, flick that slimy and silky tongue over my nipples.
  59. Have you figured it out yet? *moan* Where to put that big cock of a tail? It’s *moan* exploring down there, running over my panties, pressing against my soaking clit and pussy, rubbing across my ass, searching for any entrance it wants. Fumbling around like a horny teenager, a teenager built and bred just to fuck. *moan*
  61. Come on alien, fuck me. Penetrate my breeding hole and fill me with whatever you use to make more beasts of such terrifying beauty.
  63. *wail as penetrated*
  65. *slow fucking audio with moaning and gasping throughout*
  67. By the eye of the universe, fuck! Its reproductive organ pulses in waves along the walls of my pussy. No! No, don’t neutralise it! I’ve gone this far in the name of science. My body is a part of it now. Study the creature as it fucks me and I’ll describe all I can. Either way, this feels amazing.
  69. *yelp* Oh fuck, look how easily it lifts me off my feet with those hands around my arms.
  71. *more fabric ripping*
  73. Such a powerful tongue able to rip clothes off me. No more skirt. Take my heels off and tear those stockings from my legs. *moan* You must think it rather strange for us to wear fabric over our skin. What’s the point? We were born naked, and for some reason felt the need to cover ourselves. I need no cover; I am bare before you.
  75. *gasp* Oh stars, what’s that pressing against my asshole? Fuck, a multi-pronged sexual organ? *shuddering laugh* A function the human male lacks. Yes, fuck that ass at the same time as my cunt. Make me cum and drink in all your otherworldly fluids.
  77. *fucking and moaning audio*
  79. Fucking stars, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m gonna cum all over your alien’s cock, oh fuck, oh shit, oh-
  81. *orgasm*
  83. Yes! Fill me, pump your alien seed into me! Oh stars, its engorging, bigger and bigger and- Oh fuck, so hot, so full, oh god-
  85. *second orgasm*
  87. Oh, the stars flow through me. Supernovas ignite, deep in my well of life.
  89. Are you satisfied, creature of desire? *sigh* It must have been awful down on that planet all alone with nothing to fuck. *moan* is that why the planet was deserted? Because you fucked everything into extinction?
  91. Yes, that’s right. Fuck. It’s the only thing you know.
  93. Well, it looks like more research needs to be done to fully understand you. And it looks like I’m going to be quarantined in here with you.
  95. *satisfied sigh* For science…
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