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  3. 3 types of cards: Citizen, Emperor, Slave
  4. Emperor beats Citizen, Citizen beats Slave, Slave beats Emperor (as he has nothing to lose)
  5. 10 cards total: 8 Citizens, 1 Emperor, 1 Slave
  6. Each player has 5 cards, 4 of which are Citizens
  7. The "Emperor side" will have the Emperor card, and the "Slave side" has the Slave card
  8. Players will change sides (swap hands) every 3 hands, for a total of 12 hands
  9. A bet is made before each hand, and paid after each hand
  10. The Emperor side bets 5 times as much as the Slave side
  11. * Optional handicaps: The handicapped player decides the bet for every hand, and doesn't bet 5 times as much when playing the Emperor side (the bet is even)
  12. A player must look at their card before they play it (to discourage random play)
  13. * Optional rule: A time limit may be set on choosing a card
  15. A round of play:
  16. The first player chooses their card and places it on the table face down
  17. After this, the other player chooses their card and places it face down
  18. Both cards are opened (turned over) at the same time
  20. If a player's chosen card beats the other's, this player wins the hand (and the current bet)
  21. When both players choose Citizen (a draw), another round is played with the remaining cards
  23. For the first round of each hand, the Emperor side plays their card first
  24. After each round, the players alternate who plays first (Emperor, Slave, Emperor, Slave, Emperor)
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