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2018-12-27: Trickbot EXEs sent as .png from 195.123.212[.]29

malware_traffic Dec 27th, 2018 705 Never
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  1. 2018-12-27 - TRICKBOT EXECUTASBLES SENT AS .PNG URLS FROM 195.123.212[.]29
  3. SHA256 hash: b9fd904db3dbef395af124733af8f204b7b6bce3d652ad14d92cb71a20912df5
  4. File size: 192,512 bytes
  5. File name: radiance.png
  6. File description: Trickbot EXE - gtag: tot383
  7. Any.Run analysis: https://app.any.run/tasks/cf4169d1-2fd8-44a9-9be3-0bd5ddbbd36f
  8. CAP sandbox analysis: https://cape.contextis.com/analysis/28716/
  9. Reverse.it analysis: https://www.reverse.it/sample/b9fd904db3dbef395af124733af8f204b7b6bce3d652ad14d92cb71a20912df5
  11. SHA256 hash: f4348442edcc5a59c25b49bb3c53b11b5549690b7c151d7f281ea51509d516f0
  12. File size: 192,512 bytes
  13. File name: table.png
  14. File description: Trickbot EXE - gtag: lib383
  15. Any.Run analysis: https://app.any.run/tasks/c9033a37-da1a-4d3b-bd89-ba9be917454d
  16. CAP sandbox analysis: https://cape.contextis.com/analysis/28717/
  17. Reverse.it analysis: https://www.reverse.it/sample/f4348442edcc5a59c25b49bb3c53b11b5549690b7c151d7f281ea51509d516f0
  19. SHA256 hash: 646de46391fe22f513800ee0eb7e1e217d52b82ae5c073443aded54b2910f04f
  20. File size: 192,512 bytes
  21. File name: worming.png
  22. File description: Trickbot EXE - gtag: jim383
  23. Any.Run analysis: https://app.any.run/tasks/35a04803-23fc-436e-8790-9c85f1156e8f
  24. CAP sandbox analysis: https://cape.contextis.com/analysis/28719/
  25. Reverse.it analysis: https://www.reverse.it/sample/646de46391fe22f513800ee0eb7e1e217d52b82ae5c073443aded54b2910f04f
  27. SHA256 hash: b188ac573ace0648594b9abb1e04093f723992667c4fb369b162012a359b0599
  28. File size: 336,896 bytes
  29. File name: toler.png
  30. File description: Trickbot EXE - gtag: tot302
  31. Note: This file is old, originally seen in Sep 2018, which was about the same time Trickbot-infected hosts stopped using toler.png.  toler.png still active in the .png URLs associated with Trickbot infections, but it's not new or used for current Trickbot infections.
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