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  1. there are some changes I would like to kind of make the server a bit more laid back place, and possibly less overwhelming for newcomers. this has been something on my mind since taking a break from breath of the wild and hanging out in other speedrun communities. something that stood out is that other servers are much more relaxed, organized, and simpler, and show a semblance of unity.
  3. - as discussed earlier, we'd take the inactive or previous staff members and give them their own role. This role will not be shown separate in the userlist, but they can choose a color and such if they want.
  4. - merge mods, staff and admins into one, including the channels. I don't really get the monarchy that we have right now and it would be easier to just have a single channel for staff discussion. If staff or admins have an issue with other staff for some reason, we can just use PMs.
  5. -- Staff would have a single role on the userlist to put them at the top. They can also choose colors on their nicknames. we can still keep admins separate and at the top if we really want to, but I don't think it's necessary
  6. - something I notice is that while all the category channels are utilized it's not typically all at once. I propose to merge and remove channels so that it uses the following format:
  8. -- Server
  9. ---- #welcome (default channel on join)
  10. ---- #announcements
  11. ---- #resources
  12. ---- #feedback (formerly #server-help)
  13. -- Speedrunning
  14. ---- #general
  15. ---- #run_questions
  16. ---- #categories
  17. ---- #routing
  18. ---- #glitch_hunting (formerly #glitches-tricks)
  19. -- Races
  20. ---- #races
  21. ---- #bingo
  22. ---- #tournament
  23. -- Chat
  24. ---- #streams
  25. ---- #off-topic
  26. -- Staff
  27. ---- #staff
  28. ---- #bots (for administrating and settings)
  29. ---- #joins (joins and parts of users)
  30. -- Archives
  31. ---- all the old channels for reference
  33. Roles would be adjusted slightly:
  35. -- Admins (people that can manage the server, channels, role management, etc)
  36. -- Staff (people that can manage users, add or remove roles from users, etc. top of the user list, mentionable)
  37. -- Elder (previous staff members)
  38. -- Bot (for bots)
  39. -- Runner (people that have submitted approved runs)
  40. -- Bingo (for bingo races, mentionable)
  41. -- Color roles
  43. again these are just things I've been thinking about for some time that I feel would help improve the server and the community, as well as new members that come in based off of experiences in other servers. these are just ideas but any other feedback would be appreciated.
  45. also, more memes would be cool
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