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  1. ###New TWC Server version is out!###       UPDATED 27/05/2018
  2. #What's new:
  3.     v2.2_beta_server>Fix the server problem which doesnt allow you to export and import base and train troops.
  4.     v2.2_delta_BK>The Archer Queen learnt how to attack.
  5.     v2.2_Delta_BK>A bug on Android devices which doesnt allow you to open the has been fixed.
  6.     v2.2_Delta_BK>The Barbarian King ability has been fixed.
  7.     v2.2_Delta>We have apply a patch for avoid queen errors, but is not 100% fixed.
  8.     v2.2_Delta>We have launched all the balance changes (new trap levels, defense damages...)
  9.     v2.2_Delta>Fixed the problem on iOS which doesnt allow you to introduce a new code.
  10.     v2.2_Gamma>We have added some files for introduce the last balancing changes along this week.
  11.     v2.2_Gamma>The Pekka level 7 have been added.
  12.     v2.2_Gamma>We have fixed the clonation problem on the website.
  13.     v2.2_Beta>All the v2.2_Alpha changes have been deleted and we are running the v2.1.3 The new update is under development.
  14.     v2.2_Alpha>The new Pekka level will be available in the train system some hours after publish this post, don't report it.
  15.     v2.2_Alpha>The AI Queen and the new Barbarian King change are not availabe yet (32bits comaptibility isnt too).
  16.     v2.2_Alpha>New troops/buildings levels are available.
  17.     v2.2_Apha>We have apply the new balancing changes.
  18.     v2.1.3>Fixed the website problem.
  19.     v2.1.3>Fixed the /export problem.
  20.     v2.1.3>Increased the server capacity.
  21.     v2.1.3>Full Village Editor available!
  22.     v2.1.2>Added new ipa with some pop ups fixed. Update Available pop up is not fixed. (You can find it below)
  23.     v2.1.1>New command (/Update). Check how it works: https://pastebin.com/ckd0sR8t
  24.     v2.1>You can check in the Base Editor guide (link below) some id's which could do more easy build a village.
  25.     v2.1>High compatibility with Android Oreo 8.0
  26.     v2.1>We have changed the construction time to 0, you can upgrade buildings more quickly (without pay gems).
  27.     v2.1>The wall cost have been reducted, you can upgrade more walls at the same time.
  28.     v2.1>We haved edited some commands.
  29.     v2.1>Added new Heroes levels.
  30.     v2.1>Added new Army Camps level. (Will be available soon!)
  31.     v2.1>New CoC Update with balancing changes on troops and defenses available.
  32.     12/12>New Archer Queen AI added.
  33.     12/12>Last CoC version updated.
  34.     01/12>You can select the barbarian/archer level spawned from the heroe.
  35.     01/12>Properly level from the enemy heroes.
  36.     01/12>Castle Clan spell fixed.
  37.     01/12>Both modes of Grand Warden.
  38.     28/11>Update Available Pop-Up fixed.
  39.     28/11>Some Cydia Impactor problems fixed.
  40.     28/11>Terms and Conditions Pop-Up deleted.
  41.     22/11>Haste spell now works.
  42.     22/11>Fixed the bug which confuse dark witch with the normal.
  44.     v2.0>New Army System. How to use it: https://pastebin.com/aZ6v7XJG
  45.     v2.0>New Commands. Available commands: https://pastebin.com/c9QLcfr0
  46.     v2.0>First steps in Base Editor. Guide: https://pastebin.com/rywn4jTR
  49. Installation guide: https://pastebin.com/4tfJkB9H
  50. >>>Uninstall before install the new version!
  52. *Download for Android: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pjxu9na5l8lb2ol/TWC_v2.2-Delta_BK.apk
  53. *Download for iOS: https://www.mediafire.com/file/w2njg46u2q1g2d2/TWC_Server_v2.2-Delta_BK.ipa
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