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  1. Chapter 1:
  2. <+LonelyNess> i was like "hey whats up" and she said "can you please leave."
  4. Chapter 2:
  5. LonelyNess wanders into the night, dazed and confused. As he begins to ponder why everyone seems, superficially at least, to dislike him, a thought strikes him square on the head.
  7. [00:42] <~LonelyNess> do you think people hate on me because i'm one of the few smogon males
  8. [00:42] <~LonelyNess> to have successfully
  9. [00:42] <~LonelyNess> gotten into the pants
  10. [00:42] <~LonelyNess> of a smogon female
  11. [00:43] <~LonelyNess> i like to think so
  13. Having defeated yet another existential crisis, LonelyNess retreats into the night, shocking himself with the paragon of sexual superiority and virility that he himself is. "A True Tour de Force" - Eo ut Mortus "I came." - Eo Ut Mortus
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