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  1. -Who are you?
  2. -Why are you here?
  3. -What's next?
  5. The formal answer to who I am is that my name is Kelly Sandeson, I am a 24 year old software development student and I want to
  6. do something good.
  8. An elaborated answer to who I am might look something like this:
  10. My name is Kelly, and I never thought I would have anything to do with software development. Until last year I spent my
  11. working time as a traveling nanny working for families for short contracts anywhere from a week to 3 months traveling with
  12. them to watch over and teach their children. I was in school in South West Florida for an undergrad in Early childhood
  13. development and Education and was very contented and glad to be in the community.
  15. However my time spent as a traveling nanny allowed me to experience some things I may not have necessarily experienced in a
  16. different occupation. I was witness to some terrible problems present in our society and I, with my deep desire and drive to
  17. put good and positive things into the world with the little impact I have on it, changed course. I came to Denver.
  19. Now being someone who had always found creative solutions to sometimes very difficult problems, its easy to understand why I
  20. might be attracted to software development. With my desire to be a problem solver in this day and age, its no wonder I found
  21. Turing. A fast paced and information heavy 7 months of learning and personal growth. What could be better, than to toss myself
  22. into a completely new environment for some hard growth to become the well rounded problem solving and positive person I am
  23. always striving to be.
  25. With that in mind, I do have a strong passion for excellence and proficiency. I hope to find a good niche of people who are
  26. excellent and take pride in the things they do. I hope that my growth will be continuous and that one day I might help others
  27. to grow as well. I am a strong believer and (i like to think) practitioner that; Those who can, should. I hope after this
  28. program ends that I can find a way to apply the skills i will have learned to being some good into the world as an effective,
  29. socially aware, community oriented developer.
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