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The Barista vs The Cosplayer

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Oct 27th, 2018
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  1. [1]
  2. The Chilly Morning Breeze chilled my body. The jacket did not help the fact that Autumn is already here, and winter is soon to follow. I made my way to the Cafe which I frequent. The only thing that can make me warm is the hot coffee which stood waiting by the counter. It would appear that the Barista knew that I was coming today, and had already prepared a coffee just for me.
  4. A Jinko Barista, to be exact. I've realized that she had a small crush on me a while back, but I have not acted on it. It could be that I may not like her back, or it could be that I am not interested in dating at all. After all, I am a part of a Guild in a popular MMORPG. I don't think I have time for two long-term commitments.
  6. "Thank you, Jay! Just what I needed to start the day up." I thanked the Barista, slowly reaching to my back pocket to pay for the hot beverage.
  8. "Um...You don't have to pay...for that drink..." Jay murmured.
  10. "What was that?" I asked, not hearing entirely what she said.
  12. "'t have to pay for it." Jay said.
  14. "What's the catch?" I asked her, realizing that she may ask for a favor.
  16. "...this is...embarrassing..." she murmured once again.
  18. "Hmm?" I leaned closer in an attempt to hear her well.
  20. "...head pat..." she murmured. She hid her face with her paws, embarrassed to even say so.
  22. Giving a headpat for free special-made coffee? Who wouldn't take this offer?
  24. "Forget what I said! En-"
  26. "Okay" I interrupted her.
  28. Her entire face went red, shocked that I would accept such an unorthodox offer. I reached my hand to hers slowly, making it as dramatic as possible. She unconsciously leaned down, ready to receive the head pat. A small smile started to grow on her face.
  30. Suddenly a strong force had prevented me from going further. A hand has it's grip on my wrist and prevented me from giving the Jinko a head pat.
  32. [2]
  34. "So, the Jinko has lowered herself further in order to receive the man's touch. If this isn't a shame to the Jinkos, then I don't know what is." It was Hailee! A High Orc.
  36. This High Orc has its eyes on me recently, though its reason on why; I do not know.
  38. Jay's behavior had changed from a shy girl to that of a fighter on the defensive.
  40. "What was that? I couldn't hear you from the garbage that you are spilling from your mouth!" She said towards the High Orc.
  42. "It may be garbage, but it is true, is it not? It took you how long to receive his touch?" The High Orc replied.
  44. While her grip was still on mine, she swirled me around as if I was a girl in a ball. Suddenly, I found myself leaning my back on her arm, finally waiting for a kiss to finish the dance.
  46. "See. It only took me a day for me to touch this man. Isn't that right?" The High Orc looked at me for confirmation.
  48. "I cannot confirm or deny the accusation being presented here." I've said, nervous on the upcoming girl fight that is going to happen. Still, I have to get myself out of this situation. I don't want to become the main focus of this fight.
  50. That's when I realized that I couldn't stand up. She had a firm grip on my body. She leans in for a kiss, before being interrupted by a splash of cold water hitting her back.
  52. "What the hell?!" The High Orc said, letting go of me and looking at Jay.
  54. Jay silently whistled to herself, as if oblivious to the fact that Jay threw cold water at Hailee.
  56. "Why you...You would dare ruin my first kiss with this man?!" Hailee said, her hand hitting the counter.
  58. "First Kiss? How old are you again? Are you meaning to tell me that you haven't even kiss once?" Jay attacked.
  60. "How about you, Jinko? Have you kiss the man yet?!" High Orc deflected back.
  62. "N-No! But it is irrelevant!"
  64. "You know that is hot garbage, and that's what you serve to him every day he is here!"
  66. "You dare insult my coffee-making skills?! I worked hard to make sure that every cup he receives is a blessing of the Gods!"
  68. Electricity started to spark between the two, as if the trigger of an atomic bomb was about to go off. This is dangerous. This is going to be the start of a war zone.
  70. "Stop it, you tw-" I said, jumping in between them before being grabbed by Jinko, their gaze uninterrupted.
  72. "Stay back. This is a fight between the two of us." Jay said before being pushed back."
  74. [3]
  76. Jay had the advantage. She was behind the counter, and she has a natural weapon that was her claws. However, Hailee also had enormous strength, as well as a large space to retreat back. Not only that, but she could essentially use any object as her weapon.
  78. A water droplet landed on the sink, and trigger the fight.
  80. The Jinko attempted to use her claws to harm the High Orc, but the High Orc had anticipated this. She blocked her attack with her right hand, and landed a clean hit on the head using her left hand. An effective counter.
  82. The Jinko stumbled back, dazed by the punch. The High Orc jumped over the counter, and landed another punch on her side.
  84. As the High Orc launched another punch, the Jinko was able to use her arm to lock her wrist, and made multiple punches to the High Orc. Despite the High Orc's expertise in close quarter combat, she was able to block all of her punches.
  86. The High Orc quickly grabbed a empty mug on the side, and hit the Jinko with it, shattering it to pieces in the process.
  88. The Jinko and the High Orc grab eachother, attempting to prevent further punches from each other. The lock was too intense that the Jinko stumble back, hitting one of the machines which caused it to spill hot water and spray the counter with a humid fog.
  90. I looked over the counter as the fog cleared up, the two women clearly still going at it on the floor. Suddenly, I realized something from the two. The two girls were fighting because of me.
  92. The sweat from the humidity of the fog, the intense lock on each other as they kept fighting, their body rubbing on each other. Their breasts wiggling all about and pressing each other. I felt an arousal from their bodies.
  94. However, despite wanting them to continue fighting for my amusement, it was starting a commotion in the cafe, and I knew that I needed to stop them before they were seriously injured.
  96. [4]
  98. "Stop this fighting right now!" I yelled at them.
  100. Both of them kept at it.
  102. "Stay out of this! This is between me and her!" Hailee claimed.
  104. "Yes! You have no say in this fight!" Jay said.
  106. "Stop it, or I will never date you two." I said, my tone indicating that I was serious.
  108. Both of them stay still, both of them still on each other.
  110. "Now that I got your attention, I have something to say from this. I am currently not interested in a long-term relationship."
  112. "Jay, I know that you have had a small crush on me, but I apologize for not acting on them. I shouldn't have manipulated you like that. I should have said something once I knew."
  114. "Hailee. When we met in that convention, I did not expect you to become as close as you wanted to be. Your costume was very impressive, and we did have a good time there. But since then, you've been acting very close to me. Dangerously so. You even managed to find the cafe which I frequent. You never once asked me how I felt about us, or let me even have a say in the matter. You assumed that I was okay with it."
  116. " you two have anything to say towards me?" I said, visibly angry from the whole situation.
  118. They were both speechless. They even averted from having eye contact with me.
  120. There was a long silence between us.
  122. Jay broke the silence. "...You've said...that you were not looking for a long-term relationship..."
  124. Oh no.
  126. Jay smiled, and Hailee realized the impact of that statement, smiling as well.
  128. "That's right...we aren't asking to be our hubby. Maybe a quick fuck or two."
  130. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.
  132. Their focus on the fight was gone, and now their focus was on me. Their behavior was like that of a predator about to attack their prey.
  134. That was probably the quickest sprint that I've ever taken in my life. I ran away from the two beasts which now pursuit me.
  136. [5]
  138. |================================================|
  139. | PopularMMO Guild Chat |
  140. |================================================|
  141. |[10:15pm][TouchMe]: and that's how I beat the |
  142. | the frost dragon. |
  143. | Anon has just appeared Online. |
  144. |[10:15pm][xXSniperXx]: Oh hey, Anon! Where were |
  145. | you? |
  146. |[10:16pm][Anon]: My Apologies. There was an |
  147. | unexpected event which took the|
  148. | whole day to do. |
  149. |[10:16pm][FiteMe]: What happenned? Did you have |
  150. | two women fight for ya? |
  151. |[10:16pm][Anon]: Well, you aren't wrong. |
  152. |[10:16pm][FiteMe]: lmao? |
  153. |[10:16pm][Anon]: After the fight, they tried to |
  154. | become my girlfriend by force. |
  155. |[10:17pm][xXSniperXx]: Where are the two now? |
  156. |[10:17pm][Anon]: Let's just say...they both are |
  157. | now sleeping in my house. |
  158. |[10:17pm][TouchMe]: rofl. This sounds like a |
  159. | harem anime plot. |
  160. |================================================|
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