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Kimitoasamade 1-A

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  1. Prologue:
  2. During their second year, Kimi and Nate help Asama prepare for a Gagaku festival at Aki in K.P.A. Italia.
  3. A ley line disturbance produces a monster, but it is only a small cerberus.
  4. Nate agrees to look after it until it can be purified into a cerberus spirit at the Asama shrine.
  5. Another ley line disturbance produces a Non-God Sword which is a legitimately dangerous monster.
  7. Chapter 1:
  8. The Aki Far Easterners evacuate their ship.
  9. Kimi, Nate, and Adele work together and destroy the Non-God Sword's legs.
  10. It gains the form of a Gyuuki, but Asama destroys it.
  11. Afterwards, Musashi Student Council Vice President Ookubo Tadayo (girl), Vice Chancellor Oosuga Yasutaka (boy), and Chancellor/President Torii Mototada (girl) show up to bring the incident to an end.
  13. Chapter 2:
  14. While helping with a rehearsal, Torii says they need an extra band and asks Asama to help.
  15. Asama decides to put together a band and asks Nate and Kimi to meet her the following morning.
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