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  1. [19:32:14] <&Capn> After accepting the mission you're all given a notice to go visit the Captain on the bridge for a briefing!  Seems simple enough~.  The Cap'n is actually wearing her orange uniform to match the rest of the people on the bridge for once instead of dressing up like some shounen protagonist!  Her hair's in a braid, too!  After you all finish getting there she begins her briefing!
  2. [19:32:47] * Cael nods as he enters. "Good day, Captain!"
  3. [19:33:44] * Bruin quietly enters. Like a ninja. Or a mouse. A ninja mouse.
  4. [19:35:10] <Giantree> Shining Force 2 did that already, you know.
  5. [19:35:30] <Bruin> (So did TMNT)
  6. [19:35:40] <Giantree> Splinter was a rat, not a mouse.
  7. [19:35:43] <Giantree> ... Wasn't he?
  8. [19:35:54] <Bruin> (Same goddamn thing)
  9. [19:37:21] <&Capn> "Hey everyone!  Glad you could make it.  Now, the wood I'm asking you to get is Cybele Ash, from the Planet Cybele in the Zeta Sector!  Cybele Ash has some really cool properties that make it really good for symbological focii and the like, and our stock's all out and the price on it jacked way up recently.  However, Cybele itself isn't really restricted so just heading over there and
  10. [19:37:21] <&Capn> cutting a few trees or since Cael's here just getting a bunch of seeds would be great!"
  11. [19:38:46] * Cael thinks on that. "I believe I could manage that."
  12. [19:39:57] <Bruin> "Are the prices up because it's obscure of because it's in high demand?"
  13. [19:40:08] <Bruin> *or
  14. [19:40:29] <&Capn> "The latter.  It's pretty highly valued."
  15. [19:41:09] <Bruin> "Hmmm..." Chincsratch. "So presumably...there will be much competition."
  16. [19:41:35] <Leen> (Way to go getting distracted just before things start, me.) ...Missions ARE missions! And money is pretty nice, no denying that. "I'll make sure the competition can't try anything~" Whoa when did she get here. It's not as ridiculous as bear ninja but you think she'd come along with a bunch of nothing too.
  17. [19:42:12] <Bruin> (Form of a mercurial slug! ...wait, that's not cute at all...)
  18. [19:42:51] <&Capn> "Presumably!  But it's a whole planet, so I'd HOPE you'd be able to find a forest that's not claimed."
  19. [19:44:46] <Leen> Not cute, but possible. "Could be harder than it should if it's in high demand~"
  20. [19:45:45] <&Capn> "Anyway, you guys should head over to Jasper, I've had him looking all over the place for unclaimed forests for a bit now.  If you're lucky he'll have already found one that he can teleport you straight to!"
  21. [19:46:34] <Cael> "Sounds great. See you when I've got your seeds, captain." he grins.
  22. [19:46:54] <Bruin> (Cael wants to give the Cap'n his seed)
  23. [19:47:27] <Cael> (hurr hurr)
  24. [19:47:37] <Giantree> (l e w d)
  25. [19:47:46] <Leen> (It's funny because he's a plant)
  26. [19:48:08] <Leen> "See ya~" The hunt begins!'
  27. [19:48:18] <Leen> -'
  28. [19:48:50] * Bruin bear nod. Apparently bear nods can mean anything. It can probably even mean he doesn't agree!
  29. [19:49:11] <Giantree> Heading down to the transporter room then?
  30. [19:49:16] * Cael heads for Scottie!
  31. [19:49:19] <Leen> It's a sign that he'll do as he pleases! And yep!
  32. [19:50:33] <Giantree> Then after a bit of walking - and probably a bit more of cheating - he's sitting at his office, taking another swig of space-liquor.  There's an uncommonly focused look in all three of his eyes, though, as there are holomaps up at his desk and whatnot.  He's even sitting normally instead of resting his feet on it!
  33. [19:50:45] <Giantree> That said, he doesn't even recognize you all coming in, beeping and booping.
  34. [19:52:32] <Tim> (Can Gama pop in?)
  35. [19:52:36] <Tim> *Gamma
  36. [19:52:39] <Leen> (Why not~?)
  37. [19:52:39] <Giantree> (no, who the fuck is Gama)
  38. [19:52:42] <Giantree> (Gamma can though)
  39. [19:53:00] <Leen> (Gama is an upstanding individual, jerk)
  40. [19:53:09] <Giantree> (in fact, have him be already in the office if you're doing that, we'll say Jasper told him- and maybe forced him to drink a bit!)
  41. [19:53:45] <Anise> (did someone call for THE GREAT GAMA)
  42. [19:53:51] <&Capn> (~~~)
  43. [19:53:59] <Anise> (is it time for the man festival)
  44. [19:54:16] <Cael> "Hullo, Jasper."
  45. [19:54:17] <&Capn> (Pssst Bard are you paying attention/awake/whatever?  Just making sure.)
  46. [19:54:27] <Cael> (AUGH ANISE)
  47. [19:54:35] <Anise> (/me skips out)
  48. [19:54:41] <Cael> (/me strangles but is too late)
  49. [19:54:44] <Bruin> (She just skipped out on the bill D:)
  50. [19:54:49] <&Capn> (D:)
  51. [19:54:55] <Mimmy> (I'm chillin, sup)
  52. [19:55:06] <Giantree> "Mmm..."  Beepbeep... "Whoa!  Oh, didn't hear anyone come in.  That's odd, I could've sworn I turn the transporter's volume up."
  53. [19:55:07] <&Capn> (Cool, you were along for this, right?)
  54. [19:55:46] <Giantree> Chugchug.  "Sure are a lot of you here, too.  What is it?  Is the Cap'n in a hurry for THAT already?"
  55. [19:56:15] <Cael> "Seems like it. She said you probably had a place in mind already?"
  56. [19:57:50] <Giantree> "Hahaha!  Sure sounds like her!"  He laughs and sets his drink down.  "Well, she's not -entirely- wrong.  I found a place that's probably safe but the scans I've done are only about 70% through.  If you're unlucky you could run into a tough time, but I can at least confirm you all won't be warped inside of a tree or something."
  57. [19:58:18] <Cael> "Good enough for me." he glances at the others. "What do you all think?"
  58. [19:58:31] <Leen> "It'll be OK if I'm here, no worries!" SHE'S INVINCIBLE!
  59. [19:59:03] * Bruin nods.
  60. [19:59:40] * Tim is now known as Gammma
  61. [19:59:44] * Gammma is now known as Gamma
  62. [19:59:57] <Giantree> (good compensation for that last last m)
  63. [20:00:00] <Giantree> (... lost)
  64. [20:00:14] <Leen> (Now, Gammma, he's a different story, damned delinquents)
  65. [20:00:55] * Gamma puts his own drink down, "I'm pleased to provide assistance."
  66. [20:01:48] <Giantree> "Hmm, so you're going with 'em?  Well, no arguments from me!"  He stands up and starts typing furiously.  "The coordinates... all set.  Enter the transporter whenever you're ready."
  67. [20:02:00] <Gamma> "I have tested the properties of my blade, and its structure makes it surprisingly useful for lumber-harvesting."
  68. [20:02:06] * Cael hops in, apparently used to magic transporter things.
  69. [20:02:07] <Leen> Whoosh, she enters!
  70. [20:02:51] * Gamma steps through into the unknown~
  71. [20:03:23] * Bruin bearly fits on the transporter.
  72. [20:03:34] <Giantree> The transport fails, everybody gets stuck in a tree!
  73. [20:03:36] <Giantree> BAD END #18
  74. [20:03:43] <Giantree> ... Just kidding.
  75. [20:04:32] <Leen> Yeah, that's BAD END 11.
  76. [20:04:41] <Bruin> (Srsly, Tree can't count)
  77. [20:05:11] <Giantree> Clearly it jumped ahead because you skipped so many sidequests
  78. [20:05:13] <Giantree> or did you
  79. [20:08:07] <Giantree> First, BGM:
  80. [20:08:22] <&Capn> You all find yourself in a peaceful, somewhat sunny glade.  You can clearly hear birds chirping around you and other bits of wildlife buzzing around, and there are plenty of TREES around you.  Above you is a pretty dense canopy through which you can clearly see all the little rays of light streaming through.
  81. [20:10:17] <Giantree> ~Cybele Woods~ appears in big text at the corner of the screen as Celceta starts blasting, by the way.
  82. [20:10:34] <Giantree> Not that anybody can see it!
  83. [20:10:55] <&Capn> There's a somewhat rough natural path ahead of you, although there's bits of foliage in the way so you'll have to cut some down every now and then.
  84. [20:11:17] * Gamma dons his helmet, unlimbers his shield, and activates his sword, advancing in front and using his weapon like a machete.
  85. [20:11:59] <Leen> "...Ah, this is nice~" A LOT NICER THAN FREAKY BATSHIT, like before. Though that tea was really something else. ...Or nothing else. God damn. "So..." She totally attempts to look at it, though, but it just looks like she's looking up. "...There's a lot of trees here. Does anyone actually know what the right kind looks like?"
  86. [20:12:03] * Cael draws First Light, the metal pipe-like weapon that ignites into a lightsaber!
  87. [20:12:18] <Leen> Leen IS a god damn weapon. She doesn't have to draw anything!
  88. [20:12:37] <Cael> "Not in the slightest! But Sylvari have a bit of a knack with plantlife... no worries."
  89. [20:12:56] * Bruin was born in the woods. '-' Shit ain't no thang.
  90. [20:13:12] <&Capn> You've all been given a picture of what the tree and its seeds look like to your comm devices~
  91. [20:13:17] <Gamma> (Double jedi party)
  92. [20:13:28] <Leen> Oh, right. "Alright, then~"
  93. [20:13:41] * Cael moves up to help Gamma clear a path.
  94. [20:13:57] * Gamma is used to the woods too.
  95. [20:14:32] <Leen> ...She does help with path clearing if need be, but it looks like more than enough people are on that. She opts to make sure she's not ambushed by wolves or something by keeping a look out!
  96. [20:14:56] <Bruin> (But then it turns out the wolves are so sneaky they pretend to be cute to lower Leen's defenses!)
  97. [20:16:21] <&Capn> After a bit of walking you come upon a gentle stream with lily pads flowing down it and occasional logs. There's a small formation of rocks that a log or lily pad will occasionally get caught in, but they usually come out after a little bit.  It's a bit deep, and you're all in heavy gear, so...can you swim across?  It's a 40 feet across, and looks to be pretty deep, enough to completely
  98. [20:16:21] <&Capn> submerge your heads.
  99. [20:16:38] <&Capn> 1,1Not really a puzzle, technically, but hey, I want to see what you guys do.
  100. [20:17:41] * Cael is in medium armor and has SWIMMING ranks, motherfucker
  101. [20:18:02] * Cael sheathes his blade and nonchalatantly hops in to swim across.
  102. [20:18:23] * Bruin looks for a ~40 foot tree. Bears should be fine, but he really doesn't want to get wet.
  103. [20:19:11] * Gamma helps Bruin find a tree, despite being confident that he can pick his way across on the rocks
  104. [20:19:31] * Giantree is abundant here.
  105. [20:19:56] <Leen> Leen ponders, and suddenly regrets not getting a certain grappling hook. She's...not good at swimming, since she's PRETTY DENSE. Either way, she TOTALLY TOOK the skill liquid metal bullshit, so--she'll help everyone look for a tall enough tree for now. Even if it's a few feet too small, she'll look!
  106. [20:20:26] <&Capn> Hmmmm~
  107. [20:20:32] <&Capn> Roll Awareness checks!
  108. [20:20:37] <&Capn> Or Nature checks.
  109. [20:20:38] <Cael> "Hm? What's wrong? Afraid of a little water? Haha.. Wouldn't last too long in Tyria at that rate!"
  110. [20:20:48] <Cael> 2d6+6 let's roll nature then
  111. [20:20:48] <Bruin> 2d6+6 Awarioness!
  112. [20:20:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael, let's roll nature then: 14 [2d6=5,3]
  113. [20:20:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Bruin, Awarioness!: 13 [2d6=2,5]
  114. [20:20:59] <Leen> 2d6+4 This is definitely one of my +4 skills!
  115. [20:20:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, This is definitely one of my +4 skills!: 13 [2d6=5,4]
  116. [20:21:50] <&Capn> Anyone who rolled a 13 or higher will notice a mostly dead tree a little bit off that LOOKS tall enough to span the river.
  117. [20:22:48] * Roara ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  118. [20:23:02] <Leen> Mostly dead, huh? ...All the easier to KNOCK DOWN! "Here's one!" And to Cael! "It's a LOT of water!"
  119. [20:23:27] <Roara> (ok that's, i'm starting a campaign called spadeoddity)
  120. [20:23:28] <Cael> "Fair enough! See you on the other side, then!"
  121. [20:23:41] <Roara> (nothing will actually happen because i'm lazy as fuck, but it totally will exist)
  122. [20:23:49] <Giantree> (are you as lazy as me?)
  123. [20:23:56] <Roara> (i dare say lazier)
  124. [20:24:04] * Captain_SNES ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  125. [20:24:29] <Gamma> 2d6+6
  126. [20:24:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, 2d6+6: 11 [2d6=4,1]
  127. [20:25:11] <Giantree> Clearly Gamma inquires as to the location of a big tree from the smaller trees, whilst the others find their Giantree.
  128. [20:25:30] * Giantree is tall enough to span the river, by the way.
  129. [20:25:32] <&Capn> All right, make Force checks if you want to knock this thing over!
  130. [20:26:17] <Bruin> 2d6+5 Using the forces
  131. [20:26:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Bruin, Using the forces: 16 [2d6=5,6]
  132. [20:26:44] <Leen> 2d6+4 I, LEEN, WILL KNOCK YOU ALL DOWN
  133. [20:26:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, I, LEEN, WILL KNOCK YOU ALL DOWN: 13 [2d6=3,6]
  134. [20:26:49] * Giantree is mauled by a bear!
  135. [20:26:49] <Roara> ( T_T i want to be able to cut trees T_T )
  136. [20:26:51] <Giantree> And a loli!
  137. [20:26:58] <Leen> ...That's actually +5!
  138. [20:26:59] <Gamma> 2d6+6
  139. [20:27:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, 2d6+6: 13 [2d6=5,2]
  140. [20:27:01] <&Capn> Bruin KICKS THAT FUCKER OVER
  141. [20:27:15] <Gamma> LIGHTSABER GO
  142. [20:27:18] * Giantree falls over!
  143. [20:27:29] <&Capn> (it would've taken a 14 minimum, gg guys)
  144. [20:27:46] <Leen> AND IT FALLS ON CAEL, BAD END 12.
  145. [20:28:34] <Leen> ...Just gotta move it so it goes over the river and they'll be set! Unless it has already, in which case hurray!
  146. [20:28:47] * Cael , meanwhile, is doing the breaststroke
  147. [20:29:13] * Captain_SNES ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  148. [20:29:28] * Bruin tests the Giantree to see if it's stable for crossing by kicking it while it's down.
  149. [20:30:11] * Giantree doesn't roll over or explode or anything, so after its unceremonius fall it looks safe for crossing! The question is, do you have enough balance TO cross it?
  150. [20:30:56] <Bruin> 2d6+6 Athletic bear crossing of the tree!
  151. [20:30:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Bruin, Athletic bear crossing of the tree!: 14 [2d6=3,5]
  152. [20:31:39] <Giantree> The Giantree doesn't even budge under Bruin's weight, he manages to get across just fine without falling into the water or anything.
  153. [20:32:28] <Cael> "Swimming is an essential skill where I'm from! All kinds of lakes and inland seas, you know. We actually carry rebreathers that let us breathe underwater too!" he says as he splashes along, but he frowns. "...I don't think I had mine with me. Confound it."
  154. [20:32:37] <Leen> 2d6+4 Who the fuck needs balance? FULLY WRAP AROUND THE TREE, LIKE A RING, AND GENTLY OOZE ACROSS from there. Liquid metal bullshit: because balance is for people that aren't impossible regenerating paladins.
  155. [20:32:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, Who the fuck needs balance? FULLY WRAP AROUND THE TREE, LIKE A RING, AND GENTLY OOZE ACROSS from there. Liquid metal bullshit: because balance is for people that aren't impossible regenerating paladins.: 9 [2d6=4,1]
  156. [20:33:11] <Cael> "I'll have to check my things later..."
  157. [20:33:13] <Bruin> (Was hoping for a crit fail just cuz of funny)
  158. [20:33:18] <Leen> Of course, that could always put the tree under slightly more stress than it should, but who knows!
  159. [20:33:18] <&Capn> LEEN FALLS IN THE WATER AND DROWNS, BAD END #12
  160. [20:33:26] <Giantree> The robololi has a bit of trouble, clumsily metalforming herself- what they already did 12
  161. [20:33:34] <Giantree> That's bad end 13 you MORON.
  162. [20:33:35] <&Capn> #13?
  163. [20:33:38] <Leen> YEAH, IT'S BAD END 13 YOU DERP
  164. [20:34:07] <Leen> That said, it would have been better than trying to cross it normally. For her!
  165. [20:34:22] <Giantree> Anyway that's -close- to enough to drop some of her liquid metal parts in the water and wash away, which is just as terrifying as it sounds, but what happens is that it just takes longer to cross than the others while she slithers along.
  166. [20:34:22] <Gamma> 2d6+6 Athletic Clone Counter-Waterway Movement!
  167. [20:34:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, Athletic Clone Counter-Waterway Movement!: 17 [2d6=6,5]
  168. [20:34:48] <Giantree> Gamma is already across, it's like he was never on the other side in the first place.
  169. [20:35:03] <&Capn> Damn son.
  170. [20:35:38] * Gamma has moves
  171. [20:35:53] <Cael> He's got the moves like Gamma, the moves like Gamma~
  172. [20:36:18] <Gamma> (White space elves just can't jump like that)
  173. [20:36:25] <Leen> Leen can only be jealous, but she's--oh god damn she nearly slipped there--a little busy!
  174. [20:37:03] * Cael hangs around in the water to make sure no one falls off
  175. [20:38:17] <Leen> She DOES make it across though! "W-whew! I need to work on that flexibility..."
  176. [20:40:23] * Cael just as easily slips out of the drink. Though he's last, he doesn't seem to mind since everyone's safe.
  177. [20:40:26] <Cael> "How refreshing!"
  178. [20:41:34] <&Capn> Now that you're on the other side, you see another path that...huh, are those some of the Cybele Ash Trees further down in a glade there?  Awesome.
  179. [20:41:46] * Cael shakes himself off a little.
  180. [20:42:00] <Cael> "Shall we?"
  181. [20:42:05] <&Capn> I want you all to roll Awareness or Nature, whichever is higher.
  182. [20:42:10] <Leen> "Must be nice~" Whew. "...A-alright, onward!" She'll shake it off--oh, there we go. Woo! ...Still paying attention, though! "We shall~"
  183. [20:42:16] <Leen> 2d6+4 Probably!
  184. [20:42:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, Probably!: 8 [2d6=1,3]
  185. [20:42:19] <Leen> Definitely not.
  186. [20:42:45] <Cael> 2d6+6
  187. [20:42:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=1,5]
  188. [20:43:42] <Roara> (can i roll too)
  189. [20:43:57] <Bruin> 2d6+6 Awarnesses
  190. [20:43:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Bruin, Awarnesses: 13 [2d6=3,4]
  191. [20:44:21] <Gamma> 2d6+6
  192. [20:44:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=5,1]
  193. [20:44:23] <Gamma> Awareness
  194. [20:44:55] <Gamma> "Remain vigilant, we're in unknown territory.  Keep poised."
  195. [20:46:04] <Leen> Leen clearly forgot to be a look out. At least she returns some focus since Gamma said something! "Right~"
  196. [20:46:32] <&Capn> Bruin notices that some of th efoliage in the glade is really concentrated and especially leafy.  Nobody else really notices anything unusual.
  197. [20:47:54] <Bruin> "Hmmm...yes, as Gamma said, pay particular attention to the foliage"
  198. [20:48:49] * Plutonis is now known as Sleeplutonis
  199. [20:48:59] <Leen> "...Ah? ...OK...?" Does he see something? She pays extra attention before getting closer! She stares the shit out of it all, even!
  200. [20:49:09] * Cael strides right up to the trees!
  201. [20:49:31] <Leen> ...Leen makes sure to lead though! If it's danger, she's in front!
  202. [20:49:32] <Cael> "This shouldn't be a problem..."
  203. [20:50:59] <Bruin> (Aaaaaaand pitfall)
  204. [20:52:14] <Gamma> (YAY PITFALLS)
  205. [20:52:22] <&Capn> As you guys get into the glade the foliage mentioned before suddenly POPS OPEN with a...girl coming out?  She looks like (please don't kill me for using deviantArt) and, a little nervously, tries to talk to you.  "I can't let you touch these trees!  You're leaving, n-now!"  A flowerbud nearby starts blossoming
  206. [20:52:23] <&Capn> into something much bigger as she says this.
  207. [20:52:48] <Gamma> "Clarification requested, why not?"
  208. [20:52:55] <Leen> (I'm sorry Capn, you have to be put down)
  209. [20:53:18] * Capn is now known as Samara
  210. [20:53:24] * Sleeplutonis is now known as Pillowtonis
  211. [20:53:36] <Bruin> (Alraunes, evarwar)
  212. [20:54:30] <&Samara> "You're taking from m-my forest! I o-own this place, you're on my property!"
  213. [20:55:48] <Leen> Leen listens intently! "They're...your trees?" Huh. She didn't think about this all the way through!
  214. [20:56:04] <Bruin> "How does one own trees?"
  215. [20:56:12] <Cael> "Hm? Hello, there.. Terribly sorry!"
  216. [20:56:15] <&Samara> "And you've already damaged my forest s-so much!  I can't bear this!"
  217. [20:56:22] <Giantree> The flowerbud pops open too, with a much smaller version of the same girl coming out.  She's barely a foot tall!  "D-Do what mommy says!  We won't let anyone invade our home anymore!"
  218. [20:56:28] * Giantree is now known as Littleflower
  219. [20:56:39] <Gamma> "...Who has damaged your forest?"
  220. [20:56:49] <Cael> "...We did, Gamma. We tore through the foliage, earlier."
  221. [20:56:58] <Cael> "And the lot of you tore down that tree."
  222. [20:57:07] * Cael seems contemplative.
  223. [20:57:12] <Bruin> "That tree was already in passing."
  224. [20:57:14] <&Samara> "Yes, that's right!  And y-you're not the first ones to do this either!"
  225. [20:57:39] <Littleflower> "Uuuu..."  The little one starts 1,1crying sap.
  226. [20:57:39] <Bruin> "At most, it would provide fertilizer at this point..."
  227. [20:58:02] <Gamma> "Who else?"
  228. [20:58:09] <Leen> "...That tree was dead, but the rest..." Hm. "On one hand, I'm not gonna deny our mission was to take the tree but on th--he-hey, don't cry!" ;_;
  229. [20:58:15] <&Samara> "You're making my baby cry!  G-g-g-g...GET OUT!"
  230. [20:58:22] <&Samara> Combat~
  231. [20:58:28] * Gamma tries to keep his tone stern but crying girl ;_;
  232. [20:58:42] <Gamma> (Kids crying is always the saddest thing)
  233. [20:58:47] * Anise is now known as Pillownise
  234. [20:58:56] <Leen> (Not always)
  235. [20:59:00] <Leen> (God damn, not always)
  236. [20:59:17] <Gamma> (True, sometimes it's sad because it's socially unacceptable to laugh~)
  237. [20:59:32] <&Samara> Music~
  238. [20:59:46] * Cael does... not enter an aggressive posture yet. He doesn't even draw his weapon. Skipped turn.
  239. [21:00:18] <Leen> Leen...doesn't want to fight! "W-we can come to an understanding!" They're totally getting inititive.
  240. [21:00:40] <&Samara> I can assume they get first strike, then?  Bruin?  Gamma? :3
  241. [21:00:43] * Gamma has his weapon drawn and shield up to defend his friends, but doesn't attack.
  242. [21:00:45] * Bruin actually sits down instead of preparing or anything.
  243. [21:00:50] <Littleflower> The babyflower keeps tearing.  "T-Then leave!"
  244. [21:01:06] <&Samara> Okay!
  245. [21:01:09] <&Samara> Enemy turn!
  246. [21:01:22] <Bruin> (Conviction fight)
  247. [21:01:39] <Gamma> "We really...should.  If people are really damaging their home like that..."
  248. [21:02:12] <Bruin> "I believe that is why we came in pursuit of seeds."
  249. [21:02:21] <Littleflower> 1,1A true Paladin... would sheathe his sword.
  250. [21:02:33] <Bruin> (DKs aren't paladins)
  251. [21:02:36] <Cael> "I can't help but feel a little guilty, we did trash their home without thinking..."
  252. [21:03:05] <Cael> "In any case, as valuable as this wood is it's not worth causing more trouble."
  253. [21:03:15] <Gamma> "Well, twigs snap all the time, right?  And that one tree was dead, exposing the soil there will let new plants grow, right?"
  254. [21:03:29] <Gamma> "...Still, if somebody else is invading her home, we should offer to help!"
  255. [21:03:35] <Leen> "If people are really doing something like that so recklessly..." This Paladin IS a sword. How do you sheathe that? "...I'd kind of like to stop the people that are overdoing it."
  256. [21:03:36] <&Samara> "I'm s-s-s-sick of your excuses.  You're just trying to trick m-me!"  A big mist suddenly comes out of her as spores pour out of the lower part of her body!  Sleepaga!
  257. [21:04:03] <Leen> SENTINEL! What's that? That doesn't work? HA. IT DOES. ALL GROUP SPELLS.
  258. [21:04:15] <&Samara> 2d6+8 Opposed Force!
  259. [21:04:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Samara, Opposed Force!: 12 [2d6=3,1]
  260. [21:04:20] <Littleflower> Oh my god, does it really not say 'damaging?'
  261. [21:04:25] <Littleflower> DUUUUUUUUUST
  262. [21:04:28] <Gamma> 2d6+6
  263. [21:04:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, 2d6+6: 10 [2d6=2,2]
  264. [21:04:30] <Leen> 2d6+5+2 HAHAHAHAHAHA
  265. [21:04:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, HAHAHAHAHAHA: 13 [2d6=2,4]
  266. [21:04:35] <Leen> No, you don't have to roll
  267. [21:04:36] <Leen> ALL ME
  268. [21:04:39] <Leen> AND I GOT THAT
  269. [21:04:40] <&Samara> fffffffffffff
  270. [21:04:41] <Gamma> (oh)
  271. [21:04:49] <Bruin> (Aaaaw, I was just going to Chakra spam too)
  272. [21:04:54] * Narina ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  273. [21:05:11] <Leen> SHIELD! "We're not trying to trick you!" RESOLUTION!
  274. [21:06:00] <Leen> ...And becoming a liquid metal barrier. That's the shield. And with a movement, she shifts that mist away~
  275. [21:06:05] <Cael> "Look at these eyes. We're not malicious people. Careless, perhaps, but well-meaning. All we would like are some seeds, but if we are unwelcome, then..."
  276. [21:06:10] <Gamma> "We've been honest since we arrived, we didn't even know this was your home."
  277. [21:06:46] * Mimmy ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  278. [21:07:55] <Cael> "I'm going to see if I can't repair the damage we've caused."
  279. [21:07:58] <Cael> 2d6 escape check
  280. [21:07:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael, escape check: 3 [2d6=2,1]
  281. [21:09:03] <Leen> TRIP.
  282. [21:09:09] <Littleflower> The smaller flowerbud returns to its bud and then reappears near the exit.  "Y-You're lying!"
  283. [21:09:27] * Cael hesitates, not wishing to force his way past the little girl.
  284. [21:09:55] <&Samara> "My sisters all listened to that, and you know what happened?  They're d-dead!  All of them!  I'm the only one left, all the o-others got killed so t-that people could tear down or do whatever with their forests!  D-do you even really understand!? I-It's either you or me!"  Vines come out of her as I finally get to her STANDARD ACTION
  285. [21:10:16] <Gamma> "He's made of leaves!  Can't you both trust each other as fellow topiary?"
  286. [21:10:26] <&Samara> 2d6+7 On everyone.
  287. [21:10:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Samara, On everyone.: 18 [2d6=6,5]
  288. [21:10:40] <Leen> "I don't think it works like that!" Oh lord is that reach.
  289. [21:10:46] <Leen> Or something with more crit.
  290. [21:10:52] <&Samara> Thankfully not.
  291. [21:11:19] <Leen> Whew! She'll deal with letting that get through for now. Maximum efficency for Saint's Cross and all.
  292. [21:11:46] <Gamma> (Short Range?)
  293. [21:11:52] <&Samara> 101 ARM damage to everyone.  Yeah, Short-Range.
  294. [21:12:30] <Cael> "Augh!"
  295. [21:13:02] <Littleflower> "W-We'll stop you here before you do the same thing THEY did!  Liars!"
  296. [21:13:15] * Cael grits his teeth as he's attacked, his look is one of regret. "...I don't wish to harm you or your family, but I won't let you kill my friends, either..."
  297. [21:13:21] <Littleflower> The loliflower shivers and emits a burst of pollen!
  298. [21:13:27] <Littleflower> 2d6+7 ALSO on everyone
  299. [21:13:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Littleflower, ALSO on everyone: 12 [2d6=3,2]
  300. [21:14:37] <Leen> ARM? Haha. She took like 3 damage, and if anyone needs 36 MP, they can take it!
  301. [21:14:43] <Leen> HP even!
  302. [21:14:57] <Cael> Cael definitely needs that!
  303. [21:15:07] <Leen> Take it!
  304. [21:15:51] <Littleflower> Then the second one does 77, M.ARM this time, and...
  305. [21:15:53] <Gamma> (and my calculator's missing, not good)
  306. [21:16:01] <Littleflower> 2d6+8 opposed on all that got hit! Which I think is everybody
  307. [21:16:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Littleflower, opposed on all that got hit! Which I think is everybody: 11 [2d6=1,2]
  308. [21:16:21] <Cael> Opposed what?
  309. [21:16:27] <Gamma> 2d6+6
  310. [21:16:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, 2d6+6: 10 [2d6=2,2]
  311. [21:16:34] <&Samara> Force.
  312. [21:16:34] <Gamma> (dammmit dicemaid)
  313. [21:16:37] <Cael> 2d6+4
  314. [21:16:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael, 2d6+4: 13 [2d6=4,5]
  315. [21:16:42] <Littleflower> Yeah, we'll say Force
  316. [21:16:45] <Gamma> (Where's the love, dicemaid?)
  317. [21:17:02] <Leen> 2d6+5+2 ~?
  318. [21:17:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, ~?: 14 [2d6=1,6]
  319. [21:17:47] <Gamma> (Is it just Cael who gets 36 hp?)
  320. [21:17:52] <Gamma> (Or everyone?)
  321. [21:18:09] <Cael> (I'm in medium armor compared to the rest of you who were in heavy I think, that's why I asked for it)
  322. [21:18:10] <Littleflower> (Saint's Cross works that way, the Paladin chooses)
  323. [21:18:12] <Leen> 77 MARM? Ha ha. 4 damage! And just one person! If you want the 36 that comes from this, you can take it!
  324. [21:18:22] <Leen> But only if Cael doesn't need it more!
  325. [21:18:23] <Gamma> (ok)
  326. [21:18:38] <Littleflower> Anyway Gammy is CONFUSED, what about the ursine?
  327. [21:18:56] <&Samara> Gamma is Confused!  The pollen from the Littleflower causes his head to go really fuzzy.
  328. [21:18:59] <Leen> Can you oppose a bear?!
  329. [21:19:10] <Bruin> (Bah, that was a crappy time to get distracted...the first two attacks would drop Bruin if we didn't have more possible heals)
  330. [21:19:23] <Gamma> (Yeah)
  331. [21:19:30] <Gamma> (NOT AGAIN WHY)
  332. [21:19:34] <Gamma> (WHY CONFUSE)
  333. [21:19:39] <Leen> (...You need +36 HP? ...If that second dropped you you're ACTUALLY shit out of luck, it happens after getting hit)
  334. [21:19:46] <Littleflower> (confuse is
  335. [21:19:49] <Bruin> (It was after the second hit indeed)
  336. [21:19:59] <Leen> (LUCK, YOU'RE SHIT OUT OF)
  337. [21:20:05] <&Samara> (Sorry Bruin ;_;)
  338. [21:20:20] <Leen> ....Then again....
  339. [21:20:20] <Littleflower> (You could have retracted the first one if you wanted)
  340. [21:20:21] <Bruin> (Stupid DK having heavy armor)
  341. [21:20:24] <Littleflower> (I'll let you do that)
  342. [21:20:35] <&Samara> (1,1We're doing our best to try to outbullshit Leen, sorry guys.)
  343. [21:20:43] <Leen> I GUESS
  344. [21:20:45] <Leen> I'LL HAVE TO COVER YOU
  345. [21:20:56] <Leen> Since you weren't even here to state you're nearly dead
  346. [21:21:08] <Leen> WHAT'S YOUR MARM
  347. [21:21:23] <Littleflower> 1,1It's 4
  348. [21:21:24] <Bruin> (I'm generally not used to children doing about 80% of the damage of their mother D: my MARM is 4)
  349. [21:21:42] <Leen> 2d6+5+2 I have to roll this again too huh
  350. [21:21:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, I have to roll this again too huh: 16 [2d6=5,4]
  351. [21:21:56] <Gamma> (I'll take the second 36, if that's alright)
  352. [21:22:09] <Gamma> (so I'm not firing boosted-up attacks while I'm confused)
  353. [21:22:10] <Leen> OK, so 37 damage! That's an actual number now! Take the 36 you need, and Gamma can have the other!
  354. [21:22:15] <Bruin> (So at what point is Leen pulling her pally magics retroactively? I take the first hit and the second is covered?)
  355. [21:22:33] <Leen> (That's right!)
  356. [21:22:49] <Leen> So...47 HP damage total. God damn, Leen.
  357. [21:22:54] <Leen> What the fuck.
  358. [21:23:03] <Littleflower> ... Is anybody below 25% HP after that?
  359. [21:23:16] <&Samara> (1,1It's how Multiple Parts works.  They're technically the same 'Boss')
  360. [21:23:25] <Bruin> (Unfortunately no, the awkward realm of 40~% for me)
  361. [21:23:26] <Cael> I'm not far from 25%
  362. [21:23:40] <Cael> Is it player turns yet?
  363. [21:23:41] <Littleflower> Making sure!  PLAYER TURNS then.
  364. [21:23:45] * Cael slings a bomb at the older plant, which explodes into blinding smoke! Blind-Touch consumable, automatically inflicts Blind if she's vulnerable to it! "ENOUGH! I said I wouldn't let you harm them! We made an honest mistake, and what you are doing will only beget more tragedy! If you want a life to pay for the harm caused to you, take mine, but leave them be!"
  365. [21:24:21] <Littleflower> The little one shivers.  "M-Mommy..."
  366. [21:24:49] * Bruin sighs and begins his meditation. "It is generally considered hypocritical to carry the sword in one hand and the olive branch in the other..."
  367. [21:25:51] <Leen> "...If that's how it is, FINE! I'll show you the light in our hearts through combat!" The hot blood boils. "We'll show you we mean no harm and we'll show you we can stop the people from recklessly destroying this forest!" CASTING! ...SHELL!
  368. [21:26:22] <&Samara> She is indeed blinded!  "A-aaaagh!  Quit trying to lie to me, stop it stop it stop it!"
  369. [21:26:47] <Gamma> "...I don't know if they'll listen to reason."
  370. [21:26:55] <Littleflower> "The... The last ones said that too!  And they killed the rest of the forests!"
  371. [21:27:08] <Littleflower> "Liars liars liars liars liars liars liars 4liars liars..."
  372. [21:27:39] <Cael> "If we must knock them to their senses, avoid her roots and head. The last thing we need is innocent blood shed..."
  373. [21:27:50] <Gamma> "I don't know if we'll listen to reason..."
  374. [21:27:58] * Gamma is sort of...swaying on his feet
  375. [21:28:03] <Gamma> (I roll...2d6 right?)
  376. [21:28:08] <Leen> "...They probably won't. But I'll show them I mean no harm, just like with the other fight I was dragged into!" Rah rah.
  377. [21:28:08] <&Samara> (1d6)
  378. [21:28:13] <Littleflower> 1.
  379. [21:28:13] <Gamma> 1d6
  380. [21:28:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, 1d6: 1 [1d6=1]
  381. [21:28:19] <Leen> Auuuu.
  382. [21:28:28] <Littleflower> That's 'the bad result'
  383. [21:28:31] <&Samara> Hitting your allies or healing your enemies.
  384. [21:28:33] * Cael fishes for that phase gun he pocketed from the federation ship earlier, while he's at it.
  385. [21:28:37] <Littleflower> 1,1hit leen please
  386. [21:28:57] <&Samara> 1,1... ^
  387. [21:29:13] <Leen> (COME AT ME)
  388. [21:29:15] * Gamma begins casting Sleep, a hand raised overhead surrounded by a sort of monochromatic fog that looks like static, "Rest will clear our thoughts!"
  389. [21:29:37] <Littleflower> (oh, that's good)
  391. [21:30:51] <Leen> "Staying up--but we're already--I don't even have..." ???
  392. [21:31:21] <&Samara> (you know I love you, right Tim?)
  393. [21:31:39] <Littleflower> Bruin gone yet?
  394. [21:33:10] <Gamma> (~)
  395. [21:33:31] <Bruin> (Yarp)
  396. [21:33:56] <Leen> He's...using Chakra, I think!
  397. [21:33:59] <Littleflower> Oh right Chakra, missed it
  398. [21:34:00] <Littleflower> ENEMY TURNS
  399. [21:34:22] <&Samara> Another wave of spores.  Sleepaga!
  400. [21:34:30] <Littleflower> Also as fun as it would be for someone to have stolen Cael's gun or some other shenanigansy thing, nah, it's still there.
  401. [21:34:40] <Leen> YEP, SENTINEL.
  402. [21:34:55] <&Samara> You sure you don't want to Sentinel the upcoming barrages?
  403. [21:35:00] <Cael> Even though Cael probably SHOULDN'T have the phase gun due to inventory limits and shit
  404. [21:35:03] <Leen> She can Sentinel both.
  405. [21:35:12] <Littleflower> Inventory limit fucking sucks, handwaved
  406. [21:35:14] <Leen> Of course, sleep will come for her either way.
  407. [21:35:24] <&Samara> 2d6+8 Opposed Force!
  408. [21:35:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Samara, Opposed Force!: 17 [2d6=6,3]
  409. [21:35:30] <Littleflower> Actually, the ruling is going to be like... everybody gets a storage space in their rooms or something.
  410. [21:35:38] <Leen> 2d6+5+2 I...think I'll fall asleep now, yeah
  411. [21:35:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, I...think I'll fall asleep now, yeah: 13 [2d6=5,1]
  412. [21:35:41] <Leen> Zzz
  413. [21:35:50] <Littleflower> So we might need clarification on what gets left behind and what doesn't LATER, but for now, nah.
  414. [21:36:04] <Leen> "'re right I think I'll take a nap now" Plop.
  415. [21:36:13] <Bruin> "Spirit of this forest...would that tree we felled be part of you?" Eyes aren't even open.
  416. [21:36:49] <Leen> If there's a root or something else large enough on the ground she's totally gonna wrap her limbs around it.
  417. [21:37:03] <Littleflower> cute
  418. [21:37:15] <&Samara> She starts casting another spell!
  419. [21:37:16] <Littleflower> ...
  420. [21:37:19] <Littleflower> 1d6 shenanigans
  421. [21:37:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Littleflower, shenanigans: 3 [1d6=3]
  422. [21:37:22] <Gamma> 2d6+6
  423. [21:37:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=5,1]
  424. [21:37:31] <Gamma> zzz
  425. [21:37:32] <Littleflower> Okay then no there's just some roots to curl around, yeah.
  426. [21:37:32] <Leen> Gamma, SHE TOOK THAT.
  427. [21:37:34] <&Samara> I think Leen Sentinel'd the Sleepaga
  428. [21:37:38] <Gamma> (oh hurr)
  429. [21:37:40] <Littleflower> That's what Sentinel does you silly
  430. [21:37:40] <&Samara> Yeah, she did.
  431. [21:37:50] <Gamma> (I don't keep up with Paladin abilities well ;_;)
  432. [21:37:51] <Littleflower> The little one starts casting ALSO.
  433. [21:37:59] <&Samara> Your turns!
  434. [21:38:05] <Leen> Zzz
  435. [21:38:10] <Littleflower> That's actually not how it's supposed to work, but it does now~
  436. [21:38:25] <Leen> No, hitting her won't activate Saint's Cross.
  437. [21:38:29] <&Samara> Gamma's spell from last turn resolves.
  438. [21:38:37] * Bruin feels all nice and refreshededed. "Hmmm..."
  439. [21:38:42] <Littleflower> And does nothing!  ... Or does it?
  440. [21:39:04] <Cael> "I apologize for this... here goes!" he whips out his phase pistol, setting it to stun, and uses it in tandem with his regular pistol, but only using the latter to attempt to make the plant dodge into his stun shots.
  441. [21:39:06] <Leen> ...Oh!
  442. [21:39:13] <Leen> She also recovers 36 HP. Someone else does too.
  443. [21:39:27] <Leen> Being inflicted by a status is also grounds for Saint's Cross.
  444. [21:39:29] <Gamma> (Ah, my Sleep on Leen does noth-oh she's a robot)
  445. [21:39:33] <Cael> 3d6+6 drop one Quick Hit
  446. [21:39:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael, drop one Quick Hit: 12 [3d6=1,3,2]
  447. [21:39:45] <Leen> Anyone need 36 HP?
  448. [21:39:49] <Cael> 23 piercing and
  449. [21:39:49] <&Samara> (Hitting the little one or the big one?)
  450. [21:39:49] <Littleflower> On which one?
  451. [21:39:50] <Gamma> 1d6
  452. [21:39:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, 1d6: 4 [1d6=4]
  453. [21:39:54] <Cael> The big one.
  454. [21:39:58] <Gamma> (What happens on a 4?)
  455. [21:39:59] <Cael> He's not going to target the CHILD
  456. [21:40:18] <Cael> (On a 4 you waste your turn doing nothing)
  457. [21:40:19] <Littleflower> 4 is "nonsensical actions like trying to use inquiry on a tree."
  458. [21:40:23] <Littleflower> ... And you're fighting trees.
  459. [21:40:36] <&Samara> Remind me what happens with a tie to accuracy.
  460. [21:40:41] <Leen> Attacker wins.
  461. [21:40:43] <&Samara> It hits, right?
  462. [21:40:47] <&Samara> Okay, yeah, then you hit.
  463. [21:40:51] <Littleflower> It's drop one, though
  464. [21:40:53] <Littleflower> So that's 11
  465. [21:40:58] <&Samara> ...oh.
  466. [21:41:00] <Littleflower> Silly.
  467. [21:41:03] <Cael> 3d6+6 LET'S UNLOAD THE BIG ONE
  468. [21:41:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael, LET'S UNLOAD THE BIG ONE: 19 [3d6=1,6,6]
  469. [21:41:08] <Cael> oh fu-
  470. [21:41:10] <&Samara> Yeah, bigflower blocks the little hit
  471. [21:41:18] <&Samara> And IS COMPLETELY FUCKED BY THE BIG ONE
  472. [21:41:21] <Littleflower> A miss and then a crit
  473. [21:41:44] * Gamma stands there, his hand raised overhead.  What was he doing, again.  Absent-mindedly, he deactivates his sword, "Hmm...what was it, something I was worried about...oh, yes!  You, do you have any advice for a first-time father?"
  474. [21:42:05] <Cael> "Pale Tree guide me! Feel my soul with this strike, Valiant Volley!"
  475. [21:42:09] <Gamma> "We found an egg and I'm taking responsibility."
  476. [21:42:22] * Bruin begins meditating again, still not sure how to proceed....
  477. [21:42:26] <Cael> He unleashes a shitload of stunning shots from his phase gun, then begins charging it up, before letting out a huge blast!
  478. [21:42:34] <Blast> hello
  479. [21:42:39] <Cael> Go away
  480. [21:42:40] <&Samara> "Keep it warm and...hey, quit trying to trick m- " KABLAM
  481. [21:42:41] <Leen> "...auu...auu...auu..." BLAST GET OUT.
  482. [21:42:47] <Leen> ...Leen sleeps weird.
  483. [21:43:01] <Cael> Let's see, crit uses the lower tier so that's tier 2, +2 for unload, and double for a crit...
  484. [21:43:19] <Littleflower> The little one isn't quite as angry as the big one and just tilts her tiny flower head, hand raised to cast a spell.  "Um, Mommy CAN help... I just needed lots of sunlight and..."
  485. [21:43:24] <Littleflower> "Aaah!  M-Mommy!"
  486. [21:43:29] <Cael> 148 damage!
  487. [21:43:52] <&Samara> "Aaaaaah!"  She writhes in pain at the blast.
  488. [21:43:57] <&Samara> Nonelemental?
  489. [21:44:10] <Cael> Yeah, Cael has a fire strike weapon but he's not going to risk it.
  490. [21:44:46] <&Samara> ARM, right?
  491. [21:44:51] <Cael> Yep.
  492. [21:44:59] * Cael seems incredibly exhausted by that shot though
  493. [21:45:10] * Cael critical HP beep
  494. [21:45:19] <Leen> Is ANYONE gonna take that 36 HP?
  495. [21:45:26] <Leen> She still has 36 HP to give.
  496. [21:45:32] <Cael> I'll take it!
  497. [21:45:33] <Littleflower> Oh for reference the little one isn't, like, YOUNGER-looking so much as it's just her but tiny and fairy-sized or something.  It's identical except for size.
  498. [21:45:40] <&Samara> Just give it to Cael.
  499. [21:45:42] <Leen> TAKE IT.
  500. [21:46:34] <Cael> KAY
  501. [21:47:21] * Dust ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  502. [21:47:27] <&Samara> (DUST)
  503. [21:47:30] * Dust ( has left #SpaceOddity
  504. [21:47:30] <Bruin> (We all know how asexual reproduction works, okaaaaaaaay? :P)
  505. [21:47:34] <Littleflower> (;_;)
  506. [21:47:35] <&Samara> (WHAT NO)
  507. [21:48:10] * Dust ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  508. [21:48:33] <&Samara> Okay, so who all still has turns?
  509. [21:48:36] <&Samara> I've lost track.
  510. [21:48:50] <Bruin> (Not me)
  511. [21:48:55] <Gamma> (Not me~)
  512. [21:49:05] <&Samara> Leen's asleep, Cael critted...
  513. [21:49:07] <&Samara> OKAY, ENEMY TURNS
  514. [21:49:58] <Leen> "...atatatatatata...zzzzzzzzzz"
  515. [21:50:13] <&Samara> "Earth, hew those that would harm me!  Take t-this!"  Stonaga!  A bunch of rock, debris, and vines all assault you at once.
  516. [21:50:42] <&Samara> 2d6+126 M.ARM earth damage
  517. [21:50:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Samara, M.ARM earth damage: 137 [2d6=6,5]
  518. [21:51:08] <Cael> sadly, Cael has no way of avoiding that. Down he goes!
  519. [21:51:25] <&Samara> ...
  520. [21:51:35] <Cael> "I'm... sorry."
  521. [21:51:36] <&Samara> Yeah let's do Stona instead, my bad.
  522. [21:51:37] <Cael> Fump.
  523. [21:51:43] <Bruin> (I live!)
  524. [21:51:55] <&Samara> I just realized how bad it would to give her that, you're up Cael
  525. [21:52:10] <Littleflower> Revise the damage then, sillyhead!  Also I think that wakes Leen up.
  526. [21:52:12] <Leen> If you lower it, it'll do less to a woken up Leen! How much now?
  527. [21:52:12] <Cael> Uh, I have 41 HP I might be down anyway
  528. [21:52:23] <&Samara> 2d6+72 damage instead.
  529. [21:52:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Samara, damage instead.: 76 [2d6=3,1]
  530. [21:52:29] <Cael> Yeah, Cael's down
  531. [21:52:47] <&Samara> Oh.  Hm.  Maybe not as bad as I thought, considering that's her normal attack damage.  WHATEVER.
  532. [21:53:26] <&Samara> But 76 M.ARM to ALL OF YOU, and then
  533. [21:53:47] <&Samara> 2d6+8 Opposed force as she lets out more spores!  Sleepaga (yeah this is gonna' be her only Expert Spell)
  534. [21:53:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Samara, Opposed force as she lets out more spores!  Sleepaga (yeah this is gonna' be her only Expert Spell): 17 [2d6=5,4]
  535. [21:54:02] <Leen> Yeah, Leen continues to take shitall. 76-36-37=A grand total of 3 damage! "Huh-oh, is it time to wake up already--a-ah--SENTINEL
  536. [21:54:08] <Leen> 2d6+5+2
  537. [21:54:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, 2d6+5+2: 17 [2d6=4,6]
  538. [21:54:18] <Leen> "Maybe just a few mozzzzzzzzzzzz"
  539. [21:54:20] <Leen> Plop
  540. [21:54:47] <Leen> Two helpings of 36 HP for the taking for anyone still conscious!
  541. [21:55:26] <Littleflower> As for the little one...
  542. [21:55:49] <Bruin> (I could take one if no one really needs em)
  543. [21:56:01] <Gamma> (Me too)
  544. [21:56:32] <Leen> Gamma is the only other one that CAN take one! ...Since there's two of you, take one each!
  545. [21:56:47] <Littleflower> 2d6+54;2d6+8 She actually shoots a goopy blast at Leen, waking her up because she's an idiot!  It's BIO, and it smells just as bad as it sounds even if it hardly does any M.ARM damage
  546. [21:56:47] <Leen> Leen is probably back to full health. Just...sleeping.
  547. [21:56:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Littleflower, 2d6+54: 63 [2d6=6,3]; She actually shoots a goopy blast at Leen, waking her up because she's an idiot!  It's BIO, and it smells just as bad as it sounds even if it hardly does any M.ARM damage: 11 [2d6=2,1]
  548. [21:57:13] <&Samara> (...why didn't I think of that.  Doi.)
  549. [21:57:43] <Littleflower> Then the smaller flower starts preparing something again.
  550. [21:57:55] * Break ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  551. [21:57:56] * Genshuku ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  552. [21:58:18] <&Samara> Big flower is ALSO preparing something.  It's your turns, guys.
  553. [21:58:18] <Gamma> (We need to break their momentum)
  554. [21:58:24] <Gamma> 1d6
  555. [21:58:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, 1d6: 2 [1d6=2]
  556. [21:58:34] <Gamma> (More teamkilling?)
  557. [21:58:35] <Genshuku> 2d6+5+2 As for your attempts at poison...
  558. [21:58:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Genshuku, As for your attempts at poison...: 16 [2d6=4,5]
  559. [21:58:38] <Genshuku> No!
  560. [21:58:57] <Littleflower> Why didn't Cael take StD?  CAEL-KUN NO BAKA
  561. [21:59:07] <Dust> Hee.
  562. [21:59:27] <Gamma> "Look at how happy Leen is, sleeping.  Rest, citizens!" This time, Sleep is aimed firmly at Bruin, "The others are already resting!"
  563. [21:59:35] <Littleflower> Loli up, Plantman down, Bear finishing meditating, Gamma CONFUSED AS FUCK.
  564. [21:59:37] <Littleflower> PLAYER TURNS!
  565. [21:59:43] <Genshuku> She DOES wake up, though.
  566. [21:59:49] <Cael> (I should have tossed my confusion dust at the plant instead)
  567. [21:59:55] * Leen ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  568. [22:00:11] <&Samara> (You guys can still LOOT CAEL'S COLD DEAD HANDS.  Well, okay, he's not actually dead.)
  569. [22:00:38] <Genshuku> ...Huh. A shame she has no Moon Atomizers! She can't recover him!
  570. [22:00:38] <Littleflower> Yeah, not only is he not dead but the little flower is kind of worried!  "M-Mommy... will that one be all right?"
  571. [22:00:44] <Littleflower> "He didn't... d-die... did he?"
  572. [22:00:48] * Cael still has 2 smoke bombs, 1 confusion dust, eye drops, a FLARE BASELARD, pumpkin candy bar...
  573. [22:01:26] <&Samara> "I-I can't see...I think I hear him breathing though!  When we're done with these ones w-we'll...we'll dump them out of the forest!  We're not killing them!"
  574. [22:02:03] <Genshuku> ...So just her, huh? She'll never be able to get off a cast like this. ...FLARE BASELARD? ...That isn't even a Blade, is it? "Why won't you just let us leave, then?"
  575. [22:02:14] <Littleflower> "R-Right!"
  576. [22:02:25] * Bruin is back to full healths, whooooo...hmmm...
  577. [22:02:27] <Littleflower> It's concealed for the record.
  578. [22:02:39] <&Samara> "You give people an inch, t-they take a mile!"
  579. [22:02:46] * Genshuku is now known as Leen
  580. [22:02:54] <Bruin> "What would we have to do to prove we mean you no ill will?"
  581. [22:03:02] <Littleflower> "But... But he didn't seem mean, Mommy... why did we hurt him?"
  582. [22:03:39] <&Samara> "B-because of what happened to mommy's sisters!  T-they let people who didn't seem mean go too, and...well..."
  583. [22:04:08] <Littleflower> "B-But..."
  584. [22:04:19] <Littleflower> The little flower keeps casting a spell, dejectedly so though.
  585. [22:04:29] <&Samara> "Mommy doesn't want to r-repeat her sister's mistakes!"
  586. [22:04:42] <&Samara> *sisters'
  587. [22:05:05] <Bruin> (Can the bear attempt to reason with plant people as a standard action?)
  588. [22:05:23] <Littleflower> (Yeah, we can consider it a Talk command)
  589. [22:05:36] <&Samara> (^)
  590. [22:06:18] <Leen> Distractions! That's what Leen's trying to do too, even if she has no skill in it! Of course now someone wants to test out the laptop and I have to use my other computer so HOLD ON A MINUTE
  591. [22:06:45] <&Samara> (1,1Leen has an edge because she can roll cuteness.)
  592. [22:07:22] <Bruin> (Is talk like a conversation style thing or do I have to like slam on the madlogics and hope to rope them in?)
  593. [22:07:22] * Leeen ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  594. [22:08:01] <&Samara> (Mmmmm, well normally I'd say the former but Samara here is CLEARLY irrational so you're probably going to have to go with the latter.)
  595. [22:08:01] <Gamma> (Quick-time events)
  596. [22:08:32] <Littleflower> (1,1You might be able to convince Mini-Samara though)
  597. [22:09:21] * Leen ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  598. [22:09:53] * Bruin clears his throat. "Spirits of this forest, I wish to appeal to your compassion." He puts his hands on the ground before swamp thingess in a submissive gesture. "It should be clear by our unconscious companion we value your kind. Indeed my own people live in harmony with nature. We were not aware that even that old tree was so highly valued, should that have been the case, we would
  599. [22:09:53] * Bruin not have dared commit the sin we have. We grievie over our actions and wish to know how we may correct them to appease you."
  600. [22:10:38] <Littleflower> The little one lowers her hand.  "Mommy... this isn't right."
  601. [22:12:06] <Leeen> Everything is together! " can trust us! All I've done so far is protect us from getting hurt, but I don't mean any harm! If I'd known that you owned the forest, I'd have come here just to make those jerks leave!" ;_; She's totally sad. She's even pulling a sad face! Because she's sad!
  602. [22:12:21] <Leeen> 2d6+4 And I'll roll BEING CUTE too!
  603. [22:12:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Leeen, And I'll roll BEING CUTE too!: 11 [2d6=4,3]
  604. [22:12:40] <Littleflower> ...
  605. [22:12:46] <Littleflower> 2d6+6 opposed cute
  606. [22:12:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Littleflower, opposed cute: 11 [2d6=3,2]
  607. [22:12:52] <&Samara> "What!?  But we're going to be k-killed if we do that!"  She shakes her head rapidly. "Little one, they're all out to kill us, don't you u-understand!  We're the last forest guardians left here, and if we fail, then o-our whole world is doomed!"
  608. [22:12:53] <Gamma> 1d6
  609. [22:12:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, 1d6: 3 [1d6=3]
  610. [22:12:57] <Leeen> Opposed gives a +2!
  611. [22:12:59] <Littleflower> Leen gets to use her bonus for this so okay, she's actually cuter.
  612. [22:13:30] * Gamma extinguishes his weapon, "This violence is not necessary." He puts his sword away, too.
  613. [22:13:34] <Leeen> "You won't be killed, I'll protect you, just like I've protected them!"
  614. [22:13:49] <Littleflower> "I love you, Mommy!"  She says, blushing and shaking.  "B-But I won't fight!  You can keep hurting them, but they're not going to hurt you if you don't- I just know it!"
  615. [22:13:57] <Gamma> "We're heroes, we shouldn't be invading someone's home like this."
  616. [22:14:18] <Littleflower> "I-I'm leaving!"  Multiple parts DISPELS ITSELF as the Mini-Samara retreats back into her bud.
  617. [22:14:35] <&Samara> "W-what!?  N-no!  No no no no no no!"
  618. [22:14:41] <Leeen> "It's not that we 'shouldn't'. Ever since we learned the truth, we weren't planning on it at all!"
  619. [22:14:59] <Leeen> "We aren't, and we still aren't!"
  620. [22:15:47] * Narina ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  621. [22:16:35] <&Samara> "I-if I can't g-get rid of you all, how a-am I to get rid of the masses that'll be coming once t-they know this forest is guarded!?"  Shakeshakeshake, she's starting to tear up.
  622. [22:17:46] <Leeen> "I'll help you! We'll all help you!" She means it! "...Even him, when he wakes up!" What a Cael.
  623. [22:17:57] * Cael lays unconscious like a noble plantman
  624. [22:18:06] <Leeen> (And my wireless went screwy, so I'm stuck here for now anyway!
  625. [22:18:30] <Gamma> "Good morning, Leen!"
  626. [22:19:10] <Gamma> "Are you ready for the misssssssssurf." He slumps and grabs his forehead, shaking his head violently.
  627. [22:19:22] <Leeen> "Ah, er...morning, Gamma~"
  628. [22:19:23] <&Samara> "I don't believe you!  E-even if you did mean it, you can't keep them all away forever!  You're all lying or crazy!"
  629. [22:20:08] <Gamma> "Clarification requested, 'them all'?"
  630. [22:20:10] <&Samara> "O-or...maybe I'm crazy..."  She shudders a bit, staring into space for a bit...
  631. [22:20:53] <&Samara> 1,1Samara is Stunned!  Whether this means combat has ended or not, well, depends on how convincing you all are.
  632. [22:21:19] <Littleflower> And multiple parts willingly withdrew its action!  So player turns.
  633. [22:22:05] <Gamma> (Confused expires now, right?)
  634. [22:22:14] <Leeen> "If I have to pick, crazy! But after what you've been through, it's worth a shot! Besides, we have a WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE in our ship that kind of need to know what's going on, too. ...Though if you don't trust what others will do, then we won't tell anyone. Whatever you see fit!" She continues her standard action hot-blooded speech. I guess that IS cute, isn't it? ...If it isn't, dammit,
  635. [22:22:14] <Leeen> she's still doing her best.
  636. [22:22:16] <&Samara> (Yeah.)
  637. [22:22:34] <&Samara> Roll cute anyway~
  638. [22:22:39] <Leeen> 2d6+4
  639. [22:22:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Leeen, 2d6+4: 8 [2d6=1,3]
  640. [22:22:43] <Leeen> Auuuu,.
  641. [22:22:43] <Leeen> .
  642. [22:22:57] <Littleflower> Dicemaid doesn't think hotblood is cute!
  643. [22:23:03] * Cael rolls his hidden handsomeplantman stat
  644. [22:23:04] <Cael> 2d6
  645. [22:23:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael, 2d6: 5 [2d6=3,2]
  646. [22:23:07] <Littleflower> She's full of shit though.
  647. [22:23:23] <Leeen> 1d6 FULL OF SHIT, SPENDING DESTINY
  648. [22:23:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Leeen, FULL OF SHIT, SPENDING DESTINY: 2 [1d6=2]
  649. [22:23:29] <Leeen> That was lackluster.
  650. [22:23:56] <Littleflower> Hmmm.
  651. [22:24:28] <Littleflower> The bloom shakes in the meanwhile, during the speech, and the grass begins growing in the spot of ground Cael's lying in.
  652. [22:24:49] <Littleflower> He comes back with 1 HP!  Though there's no real explanation other than the quivering flower over yonder.
  653. [22:24:54] <Bruin> "We can not guarantee your complete safety for all time. But we can give you a chance if you would allow it. However...if you joined us, even just one of your seeds...we could ensure your safety within the garden of our ship..." Bear man wants her seed.
  654. [22:25:41] <Gamma> "You'd be well-protected there, and have plenty of room to grow even if we can't stop...what sort of people are murdering your sisters?"
  655. [22:25:43] <Littleflower> Lewd.
  656. [22:25:43] <&Samara> "A-a  garden...?"
  657. [22:25:49] * Kain ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  658. [22:26:13] * Cael ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  659. [22:26:32] <&Samara> (Psst Cael got revived by BULLSHIT because Giantree said so.)
  660. [22:26:36] <Leeen> "Y-yes we can!" Hey now, what are you even trying to imply! "...But we do have a garden on our ship, it's really nice and not full of murderous jerks, I live there~"
  661. [22:27:05] <&Samara> " it really s-safe...?"
  662. [22:27:31] <Kain> !dm9001 lastlines #15
  663. [22:28:22] * Kain groans as he pulls himself to sitting. "Are we alive...?" he notices Samara, and smiles. "Good... she's still unharmed."
  664. [22:28:23] <Leeen> "Yep! It hasn't been attacked for as long as I've been there, but even if it was, there's a lot of strong people on it and it looks really sturdy, so you'd be safe either way~"
  665. [22:28:29] * Kain is now known as Cael
  666. [22:28:43] <&Samara> (NOPE KAIN SAID THAT CANON FOREVER NOW)
  667. [22:28:52] <&Samara> (FF4 KAIN IS NOW IN SPACEGAME)
  668. [22:28:55] <Littleflower> (Suddenly, a dragoon in the middle of the forest!)
  669. [22:28:56] <Cael> Relatively, anyway, that phase pistol doesn't really count for harming exactly.
  670. [22:29:05] <Cael> *Cael
  671. [22:30:09] <Leeen> (A DRAGOON, DROPPING FROM THE SKY~)
  672. [22:30:34] <Bruin> "I would ensure the removal of any that would harm you within our garden. But I do not anticipate it would say it would never happen from our crew."
  673. [22:30:40] <Cael> "Garden? Hah, to call that a garden is a bit of an understatement... it's actually an entire environment of its own. It's absolutely enormous! ...I hate to suggest leaving your home, but this place might not be safe for much longer from what you've said..."
  674. [22:30:50] <&Samara> She's crying sap a little.  "F-fine...I' dumb and listen to you..."  Sniff.  "B-but if you're lying I'll hurt you so b-bad!"
  675. [22:30:53] * Genshuku ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  676. [22:31:01] <Littleflower> The bloom reappears under Samara.  "H-Hear that, mommy...?  They really aren't bad people!"
  677. [22:31:19] * Genshuku is now known as Leen
  678. [22:31:27] <&Samara> "S-shut up." Sniff.
  679. [22:31:42] <Littleflower> "A-And... And if they're lying and kill us, we're the last ones, so nobody will be sad!"
  680. [22:31:48] <Littleflower> ... "Uuu..."
  681. [22:31:50] <Littleflower> Sniffle.
  682. [22:32:02] * Bruin finds it odd that plantpeople seems like a waste of an important resource...
  683. [22:32:11] <Littleflower> They're totally crying sap.
  684. [22:32:27] <Bruin> (Wouldn't really flow that smoothly :O)
  685. [22:32:32] * Cael climbs to his feet, approaching the plants, before kneeling down and offering his hand. A little intuitive plant magic, and a rose springs from his fingertips. "You have my word no harm will come to you. We're members of a group called the Seekers. It's actually our job to help people." he smiles. "We would love to have you with us... what are your names?"
  686. [22:32:33] <Littleflower> "UUUUAAAAH I'm so scared, Mommy!  B-But we're together so..."
  687. [22:33:11] <Littleflower> The little one calms down and blinks at the rose.  At closer inspection they really ARE identical.
  688. [22:33:39] <&Samara> "I-I'm Samara..."  Sniffsniff.
  689. [22:34:24] <Littleflower> Sniff.  "Um... I'm Samara too... Mommy can grow us really easily, but it's still not enough to bring the whle forest back."
  690. [22:34:34] <Littleflower> +o
  691. [22:34:44] <Cael> He reaches down and plants the rose into the ground, it takes root fairly quickly due to more lolintuitive magic. "You'll just be transplanted into a new home, like this little one. I'm Cael, of the Grove. ...I don't believe I've even met another race so similar to the Sylvari, yet so different..." he frowns, though. "I see..."
  692. [22:35:15] <Littleflower> For even more reference, their skin isn't quite as salad-y as Cael's is, though they're definitely very clearly plants.
  693. [22:35:24] <Leen> actually in a completely identical situation, now that she thinks about it! But this isn't the time to tell her own story, this is no time to get pity! "...Oh, I'm Leen, pleased to meet you~"
  694. [22:35:28] <Cael> "You are the last of your people, Samara? Was this all done by loggers?"
  695. [22:35:52] <&Samara> Their skin is similar in texture to how stems of plants are.  Kind of.
  696. [22:36:03] <Littleflower> And then Giantree decided not to log this session.
  697. [22:36:43] * Cael is really interested in how someone can... clone themselves like that, and still have it be their child. That's really neat. But he tries not to stare.
  698. [22:37:08] <Littleflower> There are a couple more similar buds nearby, but they don't look ready to bloom yet.
  699. [22:37:12] <&Samara> "Y-yes, I think so...they all want t-those trees.." She points to the Cybele Ash.  "And they aren't patient enough to just grow their o-own!  It's awful!"
  700. [22:37:28] * Cael fishes for a handkerchief and goes to try to wipe the sap streaming down her face.
  701. [22:37:29] <Bruin> (It's funny that Bruin is so good a diplomat, considering his mission is basically a census of sorts before galactic conquest)
  702. [22:37:51] <Cael> "I see..."
  703. [22:38:37] <Littleflower> "W-We didn't know what to do, so we just protected this forest..."
  704. [22:39:36] <Cael> "We actually came to take some seeds so we -could- grow our own... ...I wish there was something we could do to save this forest as well, though."
  705. [22:39:38] <Bruin> "Hm...does anyone by chance know if it might be possible to cloak these trees from anything but the naked eye?"
  706. [22:39:41] * Cael frowns.
  707. [22:40:16] <Cael> "That sounds like something a mesmer could manage, but a mesmer I'm not, unfortunately. The arts of illusion are beyond me."
  708. [22:40:24] <Gamma> "I know little of magic beyond the basic riot-control incantations."
  709. [22:40:52] * Cael wipes the sap from the little Samara's face too.
  710. [22:40:52] <Bruin> "I did not mean magic...hmmm...perhaps on the ship"
  711. [22:40:53] <&Samara> "Y-you said the environment w-was really big, right?"
  712. [22:40:55] <Cael> "There, there."
  713. [22:40:57] * Cael nods.
  714. [22:41:03] * &Samara SNIFF, dabdab.
  715. [22:41:12] <Littleflower> "I-If we had time to grow we could use stronger magic..."  The little one stops crying.  Or tries to.
  716. [22:41:24] <&Samara> "Can...can you take my w-whole forest?"
  717. [22:41:41] <Gamma> "Is this a corporate effort?  What sort of people are doing all this?"
  718. [22:41:49] <Cael> "..." he thinks about it. "I don't... think it's quite that big, Samara." he seems a bit stricken.
  719. [22:41:55] <Leen> "...I wonder..." She's seriously thinking about this.
  720. [22:42:01] <Cael> "I'll have to check with the captain..."
  721. [22:42:27] <Leen> "...We wouldn't be able to get EVERYTHING, but maybe if they have really good teleporters..."
  722. [22:42:44] <Gamma> "We can take a lot of seeds, at the very least, and keep part of the forest alive, and even find some deserted worlds to spread the forest to."
  723. [22:42:50] <Littleflower> Meanwhile on the ship, Jasper sneezes.
  724. [22:43:09] <Gamma> "But that's at the very least, I think we should try to deal with the people deceiving and murdering the forest guardians first."
  725. [22:43:32] * Oxford ( Quit (Quit: Goodnight, and good luck.)
  726. [22:44:19] <Leen> They'll probably have to end up paying for the mission. But it's OK! "There's probably still some here, so we'll find them, and if we must, we'll beat them up for you~"
  727. [22:44:33] <Cael> "Sometimes, all you can save is a cutting.. But we'll save as much as we can."
  728. [22:45:19] * Cael stands up again, pocketing his handerchief. "I don't know if we can handle them all... The captain said this world wasn't restricted, and the demand is high. That means that there are probably quite a few potential profiteers here."
  729. [22:45:41] * Lene ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  730. [22:45:49] <Bruin> "Perhaps we could at least get a list of each species of flora and attempt to salvage a seed or sample of each?"
  731. [22:45:59] <Bruin> "At least so Samra can feel at home.
  732. [22:45:59] <Bruin> "
  733. [22:46:12] <Cael> "I'll call the captain and see how much room we have."
  734. [22:46:42] * Cael steps a little way and begins to fiddle with his communicator.
  735. [22:46:48] * Genshuku ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  736. [22:47:04] * Leeen ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  737. [22:47:30] * Leen ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  738. [22:50:12] * Cael has been getting used to technology remarkably fast over the past few days. Not enough for a systems skill, but enough to probably contact the captain!
  739. [22:50:28] <&Samara> (oh right)
  740. [22:50:28] <Gamma> "Well, whatever we can do is better than nothing.  Cael, can we get a sensor reading of this planet?  It should show us where logging is going on, at least."
  741. [22:50:49] <&Samara> The Cap'n eventually responds!  "Hey Cael, what's up?"
  742. [22:51:36] <Littleflower> Cael gets bothered by Gammy while he's on the spacephone!  Even in space, that still happens!  Don't you hate that?
  743. [22:51:37] <Genshuku> "You should probably explain the turn of events first!"
  744. [22:51:51] <Littleflower> Next thing you know - sup Genshuku - there'll be people communicating while piloting spaceships!
  745. [22:51:56] * Genshuku is now known as Leen
  746. [22:51:57] <Leen> SHUT UP.
  747. [22:52:00] <Littleflower> ~
  748. [22:53:50] <Cael> "Captain, we have a bit of a situation down here. Right, I'll ask her, Gamma. In any case, captain, we've run into someone down here, named Samara. She seems to be indiginous, and she's a floral being like myself, and as far as I can tell, the last of her kind. She's trying to protect what little of her forest has been untouched by loggers. my question is, how much of a forest could
  749. [22:53:50] <Cael> we feasibly fit into the artificial environment without bothering anything?"
  750. [22:54:31] <Cael> "...I realize that's an assumption on my part, but she has nowhere else to turn at the moment."
  751. [22:55:30] <&Samara> You can almost hear the WHAT in the Cap'n.  "Uh...Stella, Croselie, Norman, we need to get some calculations.  Contact Jasper.  We need to figure out how much of that forest they're on they can teleport.  You heard me right."
  752. [22:55:43] <Cael> "...also Gamma would like sensor readings, could you pass that on to the comm team? That's what they do, right?"
  753. [22:55:50] <Littleflower> The three of them burst in a choir of "Yes, Ma'am!" and "Aye aye!"s.
  754. [22:56:05] <Littleflower> ... Er, a chorus.
  755. [22:56:16] <Cael> "...I'm sorry for the trouble, ma'am. Thank you, so much."
  756. [22:56:23] <Leen> ...Are they actually going to work at a reasonable speed? MIRACLES HAPPEN!
  757. [22:56:29] <Littleflower> Cael can hear munching in the background by the way, Elie is REALLY loud today.
  758. [22:57:42] <Littleflower> Stella: "Cap'n!  Uhh, he says he might be able t-"
  759. [22:57:51] <Littleflower> Norman butts in.  "You forgot to include where he said 'that's ridiculous.'"
  760. [22:58:15] <Littleflower> Stella: "Oh, right!  He says that's ridiculous but he can probably manage it!  It'll take a LOT of resources though, we'll have to go refuel and all that junk!"
  761. [22:58:35] <Littleflower> Apparently it's either speaker-communicator or they're really loud.
  762. [22:58:48] <Littleflower> Actually, Stella being really loud isn't even a stretch.  Norman though, that's odd.
  763. [22:59:07] <&Samara> And the Cap'n's response.  "No big deal, do it!"
  764. [22:59:18] <Littleflower> Stella: "Aye-aye!"
  765. [22:59:21] <Leen> ~, is Leen's mind. Her mind is the tilde.
  766. [22:59:36] * Cael busts into a grin, and turns to the others. "...The captain is going to teleport as much of this place up as she can."
  767. [22:59:49] <&Samara> "R-really?"  Sniff.
  768. [22:59:57] <Gamma> "Really."
  769. [23:00:07] <Gamma> "We'll probably be neighbours!"
  770. [23:00:14] <Littleflower> "Y-You really mean it?"  The little one starts tearing up again.
  772. [23:00:49] * &Samara starts hugging the little one and soooob.
  773. [23:01:01] <Cael> "Of course! The captain doesn't say things she doesn't mean. ...I mean, it sounds like it's going to be expensive, but I'm willing to help share the burden if need be."
  774. [23:01:21] <Cael> "...not that I have much, but volunteer work goes a good way, right?"
  775. [23:01:23] * Gamma finds his eyes unduly irritated, and hurriedly removes his helmet to brush them clean of unwanted ocular lubricant.
  776. [23:01:25] <Littleflower> Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumble.
  777. [23:02:05] <Gamma> "...Is that the teleporter?"
  778. [23:02:05] <Littleflower> Mini-Samara looks side-to-side, terrified, and retreats into her flower.
  779. [23:02:12] <Cael> "...I sure hope so."
  780. [23:02:16] <Littleflower> While the WHOLE GROUND STARTS SHAKING.
  781. [23:02:22] <Gamma> (time for a BETTER VIEW)
  782. [23:02:31] <Gamma> 2d6+6 Athletics up the side of a tree
  783. [23:02:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, Athletics up the side of a tree: 10 [2d6=1,3]
  784. [23:02:48] <Leen> A fissure tears through the ground, everyone falls in. Then they teleport inside the engine. BAD END 14.
  785. [23:02:52] <Gamma> (Dicemaid, baby, why you gotta be so cold?)
  786. [23:03:00] <Littleflower> Hmm, you manage to snag a low branch, but the trees around here aren't as climbable as it looked at first!
  787. [23:03:19] <Littleflower> What you DO see from that view or even in general is the sky disappearing!
  788. [23:03:36] <Gamma> "...What's happening to the sky?"
  789. [23:03:46] <Leen> "...This is probably what mass teleporting looks like, huh?"
  790. [23:03:52] * &Samara clutches mini-her really tightly as the ground keeps rumbling and the sky is disappearing and aaaaaaah
  791. [23:04:15] * Cael holds on to a tree trunk. "Well then! Looks like we're going up!"
  792. [23:04:22] <Leen> "At least, I hope it is and not an error or something!" That would suck. She's have to cover from the enviromental damage of DEEP SPACE. Or Sentinel it.
  793. [23:04:46] <Littleflower> Everything BLINKS out!  And then it all SMASHES down like it was literally just dropped from the sky, causing everything to shake.  Everybody probably gets heaved around too!
  794. [23:04:57] <Littleflower> Except for Bruin because he has Ride the Storm and that's silly like that.
  795. [23:05:06] <&Samara> "A-aaaah!"  FLOMPF.
  796. [23:05:47] <&Samara> Samsara falls over.  You can clearly tell that she actually has legs under that leafy foliage that looks like a dress, although they're rooted.  Maybe she can unroot them?  WHO KNOWS.
  797. [23:06:00] <Littleflower> The sky looks like BLACKNESS instead of clouds... for all of a few seconds.  With a 'vwip' noise the appearance of sky blips back on, though it's even cleaner looking than earlier.
  798. [23:06:31] <Leen> "W-whoa~" Fun, yet rough. Li1,1[DATA REDACTED]
  799. [23:06:43] <Gamma> (What's the roll to CATCH A FALLING GIRL?)
  800. [23:07:04] <Littleflower> "4... repeat, anybody currently in the recreation area is highly advised to vacate!  Everything'll be normal in just a second if you'll please- ... oh, what do you mean my announcement's too late?"
  801. [23:07:17] <&Samara> Goddammit Gamma why haven't you just invested in a MANLINESS or GENTLEMANLINESS skill yet
  802. [23:07:21] <&Samara> Roll Athletics, I guess!
  803. [23:07:29] <Gamma> 2d6+6
  804. [23:07:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=2,4]
  805. [23:07:50] <Littleflower> "4Oh well, there was probably nobody there anyway!"
  806. [23:07:58] <Littleflower> The intercom is as loud as ever.
  807. [23:08:09] <Cael> "...I hope Marah wasn't over this way."
  808. [23:08:21] <Gamma> (Because I don't have Skillful Hero or points to burn)
  809. [23:08:36] <Littleflower> (that feel when Marah would probably BENEFIT from having earth dropped on her)
  810. [23:08:38] <Cael> "Marah, and Samara... hah, that's going to take some getting used to..."
  811. [23:08:49] <Littleflower> Samaramararara.
  812. [23:08:56] <&Samara> You make the catch, though not particularly cleanly.  Might end up getting a little brusque.
  813. [23:09:00] <Leen> ...Leen decides to go check if people are here. Because that'd be awful if there was someone in here somewhere! Ow.
  814. [23:09:05] * Bruin totally standing as though the entire world hadn't just zipped through space. Seriuosly, you guys are so clumsy.
  815. [23:09:22] <Cael> "Well, we're here!" he announces to the plantgirls.
  816. [23:09:42] <Littleflower> It's just Samara and a bunch of closed flowers now actually.
  817. [23:10:30] <Leen> "...OK, good! Everyone's safe~"
  818. [23:10:35] <Cael> "No more having to worry about protecting your home anymore. Welcome to the Exceliaire!"
  819. [23:10:55] <Littleflower> +1 destiny for spelling it right
  820. [23:11:01] <Littleflower> ... just kidding but can you imagine?
  821. [23:11:19] <Cael> pfft
  822. [23:11:20] <Leen> Leen was totally about to do that! Except for spelling out. Ha. "Y-yeah, welcome aboard~"
  823. [23:11:25] <Bruin> The bear lets slip a wide grin. "I really didn't think that would work, actually."
  824. [23:12:16] * &Samara gets up and opens her eyes, looking around, looking at the sky above them. "O-oh wow..."
  825. [23:12:17] * PaperWebStickStar (WebLaptop@EFCE8BF9.12CCE12C.D4EF3F1E.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  826. [23:12:29] <Leen> "But we managed to convince them that we're not jerks, which is true! ...Might have to watch out for ULTROS, though he's not a HARMFUL jerk..."
  827. [23:12:57] <Cael> "I didn't have doubts. The asura I worked with taught me never to underestimate the power of science. But then again it's because they screwed up their own teleport that I ended up here. ...Hm."
  828. [23:12:59] <Leen> "...I can imagine, the moment he hears about what happened..." Hm.
  829. [23:13:48] <Cael> "Yes, Samara, if you see a purple creature with eight arms, do try to avoid him. He's... a rather abrasive sort. Especially around women."
  830. [23:13:49] * Gamma catches the flowergirl, brusque or not, and sets her back on her feet.
  831. [23:13:56] <Cael> "But everyone else should be fine."
  832. [23:14:09] <Bruin> (Cael x Samara)
  833. [23:14:11] <Gamma> "Telling him you prefer muscleheads might cause him to pop."
  834. [23:14:24] <Gamma> "I've studied his dossier since the initial encounter."
  835. [23:14:27] * &Samara BLUSHES as she realizes that Gamma caught her. She blushes yellow, since yellow sap.
  836. [23:14:43] * Cael unfortunately was too slow to do the manly rescue thing
  837. [23:14:49] <Gamma> "...Are you alright, miss?"
  838. [23:15:58] <Littleflower> ... Does she have feet?
  839. [23:16:15] <Leen> "...Huh. Knowing Cap'n, we...failed the mission...successfully! Good work, everyone~"
  840. [23:16:17] <Gamma> (I think they were mentioned earlier)
  841. [23:16:38] <Cael> "Failed? I think not."
  842. [23:16:43] <Gamma> "We retrieved seeds, so we succeeded, I think."
  843. [23:17:03] <Gamma> Whoops, not feet, root-things.  
  844. [23:17:10] <Leen> (><&Samara> Samsara falls over.  You can clearly tell that she actually has legs under that leafy foliage that looks like a dress)
  845. [23:17:13] * Cael gestures to the Cybele Ashes that were just behind the plantgirl. :3c
  846. [23:17:28] <&Samara> She does have feet!  As she reorients herself you can actually see her feet transition into roots and go back into the soil!
  847. [23:17:31] <Littleflower> (Oh, guess he did say that!  The others have none because they haven't fully bloomed then.)
  848. [23:17:55] <Leen> "...Oh. ...Right." ...HUH. "...Yeah, that is right! Mission definitely accomplished, then~" Derp derp.
  849. [23:17:57] * Cael seems fascinated by rootfeet a moment.
  850. [23:18:20] <Littleflower> It's something Spica can do too, but thinking on it, nobody's actually seen her do that yet, have they?  Weird.
  851. [23:18:30] <Gamma> (brb)
  852. [23:18:36] <Cael> "I wonder what it's like to actually take root..."
  853. [23:18:58] <Leen> "...Probably really snug~"
  854. [23:19:09] <&Samara> "Hmmm?  YOu can't?  Oh w-wow, then I guess you've never heard the voice of the e-earth, have you?"
  855. [23:19:50] * Cael pulls a foot out of his shoe and wiggles it. His feet are made of the same sturdy, leafy material the rest of his body is, with normal toes.
  856. [23:19:52] <Gamma> (back)
  857. [23:20:22] * Gamma still has his helmet off, "Clarification requested, the earth has a voice?"
  858. [23:20:48] <Cael> "Unfortunately not. But my kind do heed the Dream, through our mother, the Pale Tree... It's probably not the same."
  859. [23:21:11] * &Samara stiffens for a bit as she closes her eyes, looking like she's listening to something before opening her eyes again. "W-well, not voice as in sound but...I can...c-communicate with it..."
  860. [23:21:17] <Bruin> Normal toes he says. Wiggles bear toes. Don't even need shoes.
  861. [23:21:27] <Cael>
  862. [23:21:45] <Leen> "...Voice of the earth...what does this earth say, I wonder~?"
  863. [23:21:45] <&Samara> "The earth here says all w-were telling the truth...t-t-thank you..."
  864. [23:21:50] * Cael smiles.
  865. [23:21:59] <Leen> ANSWERED PROMPTLY! "You're welcome~!"
  866. [23:21:59] <Bruin> (I never noticed they shortcutted the toes)
  867. [23:23:14] <Gamma> "It's our pleasure, really!"
  868. [23:23:29] <Littleflower> The intercom blips back on again.  "4Aaaaand... transportation complete!  The scan results show no living organisms were crushed in the process, but if you were smashed and we didn't notice you, please report to the bridge if-slash-when possible!  Thanks!"
  869. [23:24:10] <Cael> "Of course. We'll do our best to protect the lovely new addition to our home. And her home as well." he gives a bow, before stuffing his foot back into his boot.
  870. [23:24:26] <Leen> "...T-the earth doesn't say anything about someone smashed, does it?" JUST BEING SURE.
  871. [23:25:46] <&Samara> "Hm? s-see-"  She's cut off by a MASSIVE ROAR FROM BENEATH THE GROUND AND SUDDENLY A GIANT MASS BURSTING OUT
  872. [23:25:51] <&Samara> JESUS CHRIST IT'S A DRAGON HOLY FUCK
  873. [23:26:02] <Littleflower> (I love you; didn't even have to ask)
  874. [23:26:05] <Cael> "By the tree! What did we bring back with us?!"
  875. [23:26:24] <Gamma> "Oh, I wonder if they're reporting to the bridge." Gamma calmly puts his helmet back on, and ignites his lightsaber.
  876. [23:26:24] * Cael reflexively goes for his weapons.
  877. [23:26:37] <Littleflower> By the way, 1 destiny to everybody for participating, and of course 1 shared exp, bringing everybody up to level 7!  Though there's no hurry to stat now.  Or is there?
  878. [23:26:38] <&Samara> ...and then it shrinks down into Marah, who looks pretty angry.  "W-why did you dump all of this on Maramara!  That hurt!"
  879. [23:26:41] <Gamma> (Wait, is it Marah-colored?)
  880. [23:26:46] <Cael> "...Marah?"
  881. [23:26:50] <Bruin> (Good guy dragon)
  882. [23:26:58] <Gamma> (WE ARE SAFE)
  883. [23:27:00] <&Samara> (God I)
  884. [23:27:05] <Cael> "...I didn't know you could do that... um, sorry about that."
  885. [23:27:11] <&Samara> (Have been wanting an excuse for her to do that for ages)
  886. [23:27:14] <Gamma> "...You can turn into a dragon?  Oh, we were just trying to protect these people."
  887. [23:27:18] * Cael puts his gun back and just looks awkwardly at the girl.
  888. [23:27:22] * Bruin probably not as surprised as he should be. "Our apologies, Marah."
  889. [23:27:23] <Cael> "Are... are you alright?"
  890. [23:27:23] <Gamma> "Are you alright?"
  891. [23:27:51] <Gamma> "We brought you a forest."
  892. [23:27:52] <Roara> (STATTING RIGHT NOW)
  893. [23:28:00] <Bruin> "And once again, I thank you for your assistance with the ghosts."
  894. [23:28:07] <Gamma> "It seems to fit under your jurisdiction."
  895. [23:28:12] <Roara> (leveling up from doing nothing is literally the only way i'll accept vanity leveling up)
  896. [23:28:25] <Littleflower> (She's doing nothing?  How lewd.)
  897. [23:28:27] <&Samara> Marah starts getting dirt off of her and scowling.  "Maramara is all right, but now she has to take a bath!  Don't do that again!"  She sticks her tongue out at you guys and stomps off.
  898. [23:28:40] <Bruin> (Vanity doesn't actually get levels, that would imply change)
  899. [23:28:53] <Leen> Leen knew who it was. INSTINCT. KNOWING WHO SHE FOUGHT BEFORE. In this case, tutorials! "W-we'll explain later!"
  900. [23:28:57] <Roara> (levels get vain)
  901. [23:29:21] <&Samara> Meanwhile poor Samara got knocked over by Dragonmarah and is all swirlyeyed.
  902. [23:29:28] <&Samara> @_@
  903. [23:29:41] * Cael goes to help Samara up.
  904. [23:30:02] <Leen> "...Ah. It gets wild here sometimes, I hope you don't mind~"
  905. [23:30:08] <Littleflower> To be fair, the tutorial fight against dummy-Marah only looked like a vague imitation of her, but then again there's nobody else on the ship with dragon-wings!
  906. [23:30:38] <&Samara> She's helped up and shakes her head a bit to fix her swirlyness. "N-nnnn what w-was that?"
  907. [23:30:46] <Bruin> (Bruin has dragon wings)
  908. [23:31:02] <Gamma> (Spica has wings like a fish)
  909. [23:31:07] <Leen> (Even if you do you don't count)
  910. [23:31:21] <Bruin> (He found them. On a dragon. He wanted them.)
  911. [23:31:25] <Gamma> "Our noble Secretary of Agriculture."
  912. [23:31:27] * Cael scoops up the plantgirl, helping her to her feet. "That was... Marah. Another resident. I think we accidentally dropped part of the forest onto her. ...she seems to be alright, though. I think you'll be neighbors, actually."
  913. [23:31:57] <Cael> "...I might move out here myself. It's certainly more wide open."
  914. [23:32:11] <&Samara> "I-I hope I won't upset her..."
  915. [23:32:23] <Gamma> "I have not had cause to regret my choice of bivouac."
  916. [23:32:28] <Littleflower> (Months later, they get married)
  917. [23:32:38] <Littleflower> (lax space morals)
  918. [23:32:39] <Gamma> "You will get along splendidly.  Marah likes plants."
  919. [23:32:46] <Gamma> (Who, Cael and Gamma?)
  920. [23:32:52] <Bruin> (Gamma and EVERYONE)(
  921. [23:32:56] <Littleflower> (Marah and Samara, but that's a good pairing too)
  922. [23:32:59] <&Samara> "I-is that so?  G-good..."
  924. [23:33:23] <castfromhp> (lax future morals etc)
  925. [23:33:23] <Leen> The population in space increases eternally.
  926. [23:33:34] <Littleflower> (I JUST SAID THAT)
  927. [23:33:41] <Cael> There's plenty of Cael to go around, ladies~
  928. [23:33:42] <Gamma> (Samara and Marah's age difference seems a bit extreme for that, but...lax future morals)
  929. [23:34:09] <&Samara> (1,1which way?)
  930. [23:34:22] <Leen> And yet, there hasn't been sex! STRANGE, ISN'T IT. "...Ah, I think I could just stay right here for a while..."
  931. [23:34:22] <Littleflower> (1,1^)
  932. [23:34:24] <Gamma> (This ship needs a MAN CALENDAR, Cael, we gotta start displaying our macho wares)
  933. [23:34:40] <Cael> (Indeed)
  934. [23:34:40] <Gamma> (We can sell it to the mostly-female crew and make a bundle!)
  935. [23:34:45] <Leen> Plop.
  936. [23:35:00] <&Samara> "I-I need a rest too...I-I hope you don't mind..."
  937. [23:35:13] <Gamma> (Who all can we get in it?  Gamma, Cael, and Jazz, for sure.  Bruin...this might not be for you, sorry bro :< )
  938. [23:35:15] <Cael> (Bruin, Cael, and Gamma together unlock the space-manly men unite attack)
  939. [23:35:30] <Leen> "It's alright~" Combination attacks, go homebrew them.
  940. [23:35:46] * Cael nods.
  941. [23:35:56] <Cael> "Of course, you've been through a lot in a short time."
  942. [23:36:00] <Littleflower> What do you mean homebrew, combination attacks were always a thing- combination KMs though, hmmm.
  943. [23:36:00] <&Samara> Except there are ALREADY RULES FOR TEAMWORK ATTACKS, silly Leen.
  944. [23:36:04] <Gamma> (Our armor/bark/fur dissolves, and the glow from our sculpted pecs blasts through the deepest darkness)
  945. [23:36:13] <Cael> "Make yourself at home, Samara."
  946. [23:36:15] <&Samara> (That is amazing)
  947. [23:36:25] <Bruin> (I want that to be a thing)
  948. [23:36:29] <Gamma> (It is the technique known as...Macho Beam)
  949. [23:36:31] <Leen> (^)
  950. [23:36:57] <&Samara> "O-okay...let' a bit later, o-okay?"  With that...she suddenly just sorta' folds in on herself and reverts to just being foliage.  HUH.
  951. [23:37:20] <Roara> (i could grab teleport or haste or any other number of useful and awesome spells. 1,1i grabbed advanced illusion)
  952. [23:38:01] <&Samara> (brofist)
  953. [23:38:04] <Bruin> (Bear pecs?)
  954. [23:38:10] <Littleflower> (Yeah, I'll allow that)
  955. [23:38:43] <Cael> Unfortunately in FFD6 odd levels are dead levels! +1 dex, +2 weaponsmith, some health, nothing else. Booo
  956. [23:39:01] <Roara> (if you're a mageclass you get expert magic)
  957. [23:39:05] <Roara> (at level 7)
  958. [23:39:11] <&Samara> (^)
  959. [23:39:14] <&Samara> (Fucking mages)
  960. [23:39:18] * Cael decides to leave the forest area and have a look around at how much of the place was taken up by the new forest.
  961. [23:39:33] <&Samara> (no sense of right or wrong.)
  962. [23:39:35] <Roara> (or just a spell in general if you're a FAKE MAGE CLASS, like PALADIN)
  963. [23:39:41] <Bruin> (I only get intermediate magic :( )
  964. [23:40:11] <Leen> "...To rest, or...wait...I already took several naps!" She gets up right away. "Busy busy~" For Leen, levels are MORE REGENERATION AND HP. And a bit of magic, maybe. Can she even need anything else? "I think I'll look up something...maybe review that movie..."
  965. [23:40:24] <Bruin> (And I have to try to resist the allure of ignoring anything else and just picking Melt immediately)
  966. [23:40:29] <Littleflower> It's a lot of it, but as it turns out there was extra room in the ship!  It IS, after all, a ridiculously big ship- like a battleship-class luxury cruiser or something.  Or at least phrasing it like that defines its size, even though that's not really what it is.
  967. [23:40:38] <Littleflower> Don't forget, it's big enough to be similar to a space station!
  968. [23:41:03] * Cael will probably have to go talk to the captain at some point, but he notes this for now!
  969. [23:41:04] <Bruin> (That didn't define its size AT ALL)
  970. [23:41:15] <Roara> (wait are they on the ship now? does this mean i can roleplay? :< )
  971. [23:41:18] * Inu24 ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  972. [23:41:23] * Cael is now known as Kain
  973. [23:41:27] <Leen> Either way, she wanders to the nearest computer.
  974. [23:41:31] <&Samara> (Yeah, they're on the ship right now.)
  975. [23:41:39] <&Samara> (in the garden/agricultural area)
  976. [23:42:00] <Littleflower> The nearest could be at anybody's quarters, Leenchan, but if you exit the garden you can probably find some outside.
  977. [23:42:46] <Kain> (Gonna dip out here)
  978. [23:42:58] <Leen> She's not about to intrude on anyone's quarters! Unless someone realizes that she's going to a computer and lets them use their place, she'll find one outside! ...Inside. Outside inside but outside fuck it
  979. [23:43:16] * Roara is now known as Vanity
  980. [23:43:18] * Vanity roleplays~!
  981. [23:43:31] <Littleflower> (Yeah, I'd like to go become soon, but I'll see what this is about)
  982. [23:43:47] * Captain_SNES ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  983. [23:43:54] <Leen> Maybe she'll find Vanity RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR, wondering what all the fuss was about? A FOREST was teleported in here, after all.
  984. [23:44:02] * Vanity is roleplaying.
  985. [23:44:06] * Inu888 ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  986. [23:44:06] * Inu24 is now known as Inu888
  987. [23:44:36] <Leen> Of course, she WILL reach a computer, and she'll totally search 'Seraphic Gate' either way. /me is something to be used rarely.
  988. [23:44:46] * Vanity is a beautiful and sparkly prince, trying her best to discuss peace with her 1,1fake ANCESTRAL ENEMIES
  989. [23:45:18] <Vanity> Since she just learned a relatively expensive illusion spell, she's using it, and so anyone who finds her would actually see this happening!
  990. [23:45:53] * Bruin is used rarely.
  991. [23:46:28] <Vanity> The duke gives the prince little quarter. After all, while their military might may be evenly matched, his vast experience outweighs the pretty boy prince's by far, but then again, the idea of trading... and, really, friendship is one way to defeat one's enemy!
  992. [23:47:02] <Leen> ...Of course she can google and watch this at the same time, thanks to UNDEFINED LOCATIONS. Leen watches with interest after plugging the term in!
  993. [23:47:04] <Vanity> An alliance forms, shaky, but in the way that all new beginnings are!
  994. [23:47:45] <Littleflower> Seraphic Gate: A space-time anomaly generally defined as an 'OPA;' its actual purpose and origin are unknown, but it often takes the form of a large fortress suspended in space with its own gravitational field, ignoring laws of physics that would ordinarily prevent it from existing where it spawns.  It often goes by other names and forms, and is the subject of much speculation- some say it appears only after the galaxy has been saved by heroic deeds, others say it's coincidental and its appearance is random.  It's officially designated by the Federation as one of the most dangerous OPAs in the galaxy and warnings have been issued to avoid anything resembling it.  There's no data on what's actually inside of it.
  995. [23:47:54] <Littleflower> However, there is a listing of its previous appearances.
  996. [23:48:15] <Leen> You bet she's going through those!
  997. [23:48:16] <Littleflower> Expel, Roak, Asgard, Elicoor II, Radiata, Earth...
  998. [23:48:35] <Vanity> (i wish there were more combat-useless spells in late time magic :< )
  999. [23:48:49] <Littleflower> (time magic sucks for combat spells, just sayin')
  1000. [23:49:00] <Leen> (FLARE STAR)
  1001. [23:49:05] <Vanity> (yes that's why i want more noncombat spells D: )
  1002. [23:49:14] <Vanity> (also not really, haste is fucking awesome)
  1003. [23:49:16] <Littleflower> (oh wait misread that)
  1004. [23:49:17] <Leen> (plus any power boost or marm piercing)
  1005. [23:49:24] <Littleflower> (... well still)
  1006. [23:49:42] <Vanity> (probably all the spells you're referring to require power though)
  1007. [23:49:57] <Vanity> (and i have two in that, so yeah they'd be pretty bad)
  1008. [23:50:03] <Littleflower> (Vanity is pretty much exactly what I'd play if I ever wrote a time mage, just fyi)
  1009. [23:50:15] <Littleflower> (spell choice and ability-wise, that is)
  1010. [23:50:45] <Vanity> (it works pretty well even without red mage bullshit)
  1011. [23:50:54] <Littleflower> The Seraphic Gate also appeared in numerous galactic coordinates that don't seem to relate to anything in particular, possibly even more of those than on planets!
  1012. [23:51:16] <Littleflower> There's no recorded pattern in times of its appearances, hence the speculation regarding it.  Gaps in years seem almost random.
  1013. [23:51:44] <Leen> ...It wouldn't hurt to make sure all of those planets are STILL INTACT (save Earth, which obviously isn't). Those are googled just to see if they expired!
  1014. [23:51:49] <Littleflower> Also, there's been entertainment media based around it often, because it's a rumor much like the OPAs on Earth.
  1015. [23:52:50] <Littleflower> Roak and Expel are still officially recognized under and protected by the Federation... Elicoor also.  Actually, ALL of those are fine, sans Asgard, which is claimed to be a myth and not an actual place, although there's no proof of it.
  1016. [23:54:10] <Bruin> (Also wouldn't hurt to look for patterns in PLACES of its appearance, you only said no pattern in times :D)
  1017. [23:54:41] <Littleflower> Though, actually, that's only of the ones on that list.  There aren't any LASTING spatial distortions where they appear, and often they disappear as bizarrely as they appeared.
  1018. [23:55:02] <Littleflower> There are hundreds of planets listed and a few of them, of those, don't exist anymore.
  1019. [23:55:02] <Vanity> "Oh, Leen's back. We'll play later," Vanity says, reverting from prince back to voidling girl. The duke, and other aspects of her roleplay, remain though, and may or may not continue on with their imaginary lives.
  1020. [23:55:46] <Leen> Those planets seem far off enough, most likely!  She'd go through them all, but EH WHY BOTHER, LET'S DOWNLOAD THE LIST TO MEMORY. Fucking machines.
  1021. [23:55:56] <Littleflower> No sense of right and wrong!
  1022. [23:56:39] <Leen> ...When she's done she'll download the VMU list to memory as well. That way she'll actually catch that there's another around without having to do that reading thing!
  1023. [23:57:19] <Littleflower> 'Unlisted' doesn't mean 'around,' it could just mean somebody forgot to update the list nearly a thousand years ago.
  1024. [23:58:40] <Leen> It COULD. But HOPE is a thing! ...Ok, there's time to address Vanity now! "Oh, hi Vanity~ We brought over a forest today~"
  1025. [23:59:03] <Vanity> "A forest? Does it have iguanas?!"
  1026. [23:59:09] <Vanity> "Iguanas are really cool!"
  1027. [23:59:34] <Leen> ...Did she see any?
  1028. Session Time: Tue Nov 13 00:00:07 2012
  1029. [00:00:48] <Littleflower> 1d100 iguana check
  1030. [00:00:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Littleflower, iguana check: 44 [1d100=44]
  1031. [00:00:52] <Littleflower> DUBS
  1032. [00:00:57] <Littleflower> Maybe!
  1033. [00:02:25] <Leen> "...There COULD be! I don't remember seeing them but it's worth checking out, let's go~"
  1034. [00:02:59] <Leen> She just wants to show her the forest she brought back, to be honest. And maybe the iguanas. Hee~
  1035. [00:03:45] <Vanity> "Okay." hoverhover~
  1036. [00:06:27] * Ramiel ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032])
  1037. [00:08:40] <Leen> Normally this would be where it stops, but that's kind of cruel to someone that just started! ...But she's definitely looking for those iguanas singlemindedly.
  1038. [00:09:05] <Leen> ...Or anything else of interest, really!
  1039. [00:09:38] <Vanity> (i actually have to go to bed soon)
  1040. [00:09:48] <Vanity> (...ok an hour ago, i'm really bad at this going to bed soon thing)
  1041. [00:11:24] <&Samara> (It's okay, I have to go to bed too.)
  1042. [00:12:14] <Leen> ...Well, they hunt for iguanas, then! BETTER NOW THAN NEVER!
  1043. [00:12:58] <Bruin> ( going to go ahead and spend my 3 hard-earned points of Destiny to return to Dragoon D:)
  1044. [00:15:07] <Leen> (AND I'M GOING TO BE PALADIN FOREVER)
  1045. [00:16:11] * Vanity goes searching for iguanas.
  1046. [00:16:19] <Vanity> 2d6+8 IGUANA SEARCHING CHECK
  1047. [00:16:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Vanity, IGUANA SEARCHING CHECK: 16 [2d6=5,3]
  1048. [00:16:30] <Vanity> (its a mystery whether this roll was awareness or vanity)
  1049. [00:17:34] <&Samara> You MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE FOUND IGUANAS
  1050. [00:17:59] <&Samara> (Bruin never DID get much out of Darkside.)
  1051. [00:18:05] <Bruin> (Never used it once)
  1052. [00:18:25] <&Samara> (Plus Jumpingbear is the most badass image)
  1053. [00:18:38] <Bruin> (It's basically a surefire way to get yourself killed if you're not a tank DK)
  1054. [00:19:05] <Bruin> (Also, innate Jump + Ride the Storm = the environment is my bitch)
  1055. [00:19:10] * Dust ( Quit (Quit: The computer fell asleep)
  1056. [00:21:19] <Bruin> (By the beard of Zeus, I didn't see the new Dragoon skill Rising Strength)
  1057. [00:21:31] <&Samara> (There's a new Dragoon skill?)
  1058. [00:21:38] <&Samara> (Also Dust left ;_;)
  1059. [00:22:33] <Littleflower> (I don't see it- and am back by the by)
  1060. [00:22:37] <Bruin> (Unless I was just blind before: After dropping one enemy (presumably requires the killing blow?), activated as an Instant for remainder of combat, lets you reroll one dice for physical attacks (but not Teamwork attacks))
  1061. [00:22:44] <&Samara> (...holy SHIT THAT'S AWESOME)
  1062. [00:22:45] <Bruin> (Rising Strength)
  1063. [00:22:58] <&Samara> (Oh, you're back?)
  1064. [00:23:00] <Kain> (What)
  1065. [00:23:03] <&Samara> (Then I should get to zzzzing)
  1066. [00:23:03] <Kain> (Where is that at?)
  1067. [00:23:14] <&Samara> (Top of Page 32.)
  1068. [00:23:19] <Littleflower> (Well, I'm 'back,' I'm leaving again in a few seconds)
  1069. [00:23:22] <&Samara> (In V1.3)
  1070. [00:23:30] <Kain> (That's still Ferocity in my pdf)
  1071. [00:23:33] <&Samara> (I need to zzz anyway.)
  1072. [00:23:40] <Littleflower> (Yeah, I have Ferocity too)
  1073. [00:23:43] <Bruin> (Then get a newer pdf)
  1074. [00:23:44] <Kain> (Was there ANOTHER 1.3?)
  1075. [00:23:54] <&Samara> (...Rising Strength is right above Ferocity.)
  1076. [00:24:03] <Littleflower> (Just blank space)
  1077. [00:24:17] <Littleflower> (Deep Breathing, end of page 31, Ferocity)
  1078. [00:24:26] <&Samara> ((Huh, weird, I see it.)
  1079. [00:24:44] <&Samara> (Go...double-check your PDF download or something.  I'd ask Dust BUT SHE JUST LEFT ;_;)
  1080. [00:24:58] <Leen> (The PDF should have 1.3 in the file name!)
  1081. [00:24:58] <Littleflower> (It's- wait do we even need parentheses anymore
  1082. [00:25:03] <Littleflower> It's definitely v1.3, yeah
  1083. [00:25:06] <Leen> no not really
  1084. [00:25:10] <&Samara> Yeah Session's over.
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