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Twilight and Spike's medical test (PISS)

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  1. “Spike! Are you around here?” Twilight yelled, her throat sore from yelling.
  2. >She had been looking for the dragon all around town.
  3. >He had said he was going to Rarity’s, but she never expected him to be this difficult to find.
  4. >She had fallen behind on her schedule because of it, and was rather annoyed at his lack of planning.
  5. “If he had just filed that he was going to leave rarity’s house later, I wouldn't have this problem…” She mumbled to herself.
  6. >Normally, in the event of an unplanned schedule change, she would just push everything back and stay up late catching up.
  7. >This was something she couldn't postpone, not even if she wanted to.
  8. >She had gone to Rarity’s house, and had been directed to Fluttershy’s house, upon reaching her house, she had been redirected to another.
  9. >This wild goose chase had been going on for some time, and her wit was at its end.
  10. >Her legs quivered slightly, tire from walking so far- that and she need to use the bathroom.
  11. >She was long overdue for some medical tests, one of which was a urine sample.
  12. >Dragons were known for their acute mineral tasting qualities, and she either had to get Spike to test it, or find a dragon and pay him.
  13. >As embarrassing as it would be, it had to be done.
  14. >Finding another dragon was out of the question, her bladder was far too full for any sizable distance.
  15. >Her trek had brought her to Sweet  Apple acres, and her sharp eyes were scanning the orchard for the blight of purple dragon with green scales.
  16. >After AJ had saved his life again, he often had gone to help the Apple mare, despite Applejack’s reassurance (and often protest).
  17. >Catching a glimpse of purple, she runs towards her target.
  18. >She was hoping it wasn't one of the CMC’S attempt at getting a cutie mark and that she had mistaken spike for another look alike.
  19. >Approaching the sight, she exhales a sigh of relief.
  20. >More worried about her own bladder and integrity than Spike’s current affairs, she hoists him into the air with magic.
  21. > “H-Hey! What gives! Can’t a dragon have a moment of peace and quiet in this town?”
  22. >Twilight, who was beyond negotiation, simply huffed at the dragon’s remark.
  23. “You get your free time, if you schedule it!”
  24. >Spike rolled his eyes, arguing with the alicorn about scheduling was pointless.
  25. >Twilight’s trot back to the library was brief, her expression changing from an angered look, to a worried one.
  26. >Twilight hadn't actually told Spike she wanted to have him taste her piss, she hoped it wouldn't gross him out too much.
  27. >That, and she was embarrassed beyond belief.
  28. >She sets him down by the door, and fumbles to unlock the door with her magic.
  29. >Spike stared at the alicorn above him, there was something wrong.
  30. >He had seen it before, a look of panic in her eyes.
  31. >His gaze drifted away from her face, towards her crotch as a drop of amber liquid dripped from it.
  32. >His eyes went wide, and his brain redirected blood to another southern limb.
  33. >His member was clearly eager to rise again, after Twilight had interrupted him from his session.
  34. >Despite desiring the liquid, now was not was not the time, nor the place.
  35. >He quickly tries to cover his erection, hoping Twilight wouldn't notice.
  37. >Finally getting the door open, she scrambles inside, dragging Spike with her.
  38. >Swinging around and locking the door, her expression changes to one of relief.
  39. >That however, only lasts a second as Twilight turns to her dragon, she needed to get this overwith before she sprung another leak.
  40. “Spike… I know this may be a weird request, but… would you mind tasting my urine?”
  41. >Spike blushed, her request was far greater than he ever imagined.
  42. >He entered a trance-like state, thinking about Twilight’s marehood dripping into his awaiting mouth, her sweet personal mixture flowing down his tastebuds.
  43. >He had always wanted to see if different ponies had unique flavors, but he had been unsure how exactly to ask. >His already semi-erect penis became a little harder with anticipation, poking up and trying to escape the hard scale sheath that hid it.
  44. >If he wanted to do this, he would have to do it cool.
  45. >He didn’t want Twilight to revoke her offer because he seemed either not excited, or too aroused at the proposal.
  46. “Anything for you Twi! Just let me ask, why me?”
  47. >Twilight blushed, not expecting it to go over as well as it had.
  48. >She stammers out her answer, a little embarrassed at Spike’s willingness.
  49. “W-Well, I’m performing a medical test. I need you to have a taste and tell me if you think it tastes too much like sulphur.
  50. >Theres a disease going around that can give ponies a difficult time relieving themselves.
  51. >Its seems to be localised in the bladder, so the best way to find it is in the urine.”
  52. “Oh, is it… safe?” Spike asked, a little worried of contracting the disease himself.
  53. “Oh don’t worry Spike, it’s exclusive to the equine genus.” Twilight replied, she wouldn’t want to do anything that could harm him.
  54. >Spike watched as another golden drop fell from twilights hind quarters, she had less than a minute until the wonderful liquid forced its way out.
  55. >His mouth watered, his fantasy happening right before him.
  56. “Spike? I need an answer now, if you delay, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to the bathroom if you say no.”
  57. >Shaking his head out of the trance, he smiled at the alicorn.
  58. “Oh sorry Twi, its just… Well, you really don’t know how long I’ve been wanting this. Yeah, I’ll do it.”
  59. >Twilight was a confused with what the dragon meant, what did he mean by he had been wanting this?
  60. >Despite this however, she had little time to think about it further.
  61. >She turned around and presented her rear to the dragon, waiting for him to tell her when he was in position.
  63. >Spike gave no such warning, instead he clamped down on twilights open vulva.
  64. >The sudden movement surprises her, and she finally releases her bladder.
  65. >To spikes delight, Twilight’s sudden cascade of urine came with a force.
  66. >He did not simply drink it, he had a job to do first.
  67. >Instead of swallowing, he let it fill up in his mouth, letting him taste it.
  68. >To be honest, spike had no idea what sulphur tasted like.
  69. >He figured ‘Brimstone smells like sulphur, and brimstone smells like rotting eggs. Find something that tastes like rotting eggs.’
  70. >After tasting no such eggs, and he let himself swallow his mouth full of piss.
  71. >The stream was still strong, however, and spike wanted to try something.
  72. >Slowly his tongue slithered into twilights hole, prodding the insides.
  73. >With the tongue more or less blocking the flow of the urine, it exploded out of twilights backside, spraying spike’s face with it.
  74. >Twilight shook a few times, surprised at spike’s invasion.
  75. >She wasn’t mad at him, what he was doing was unlike anything she had ever experienced.
  76. >Twilight was well versed on the sexual acts a pony could participate, but she had no idea how… incredible they actually were.
  77. >Years of underfunded sex ed classes had made the alicorn afraid of sex, and the dangers it imposed.
  78. >But this? This feeling? It might make the experience worth it.
  79. >Sparkle moaned, both at the feeling of her bladder emptying, the feeling of it spraying back into her flank, and Spike’s tongue inside her.
  80. >She felt another pressure growing in her rear, not unlike that which she felt before she started her leak.
  81. >Shuddering, she feels Spike’s tongue going further into her body, and she released herself.
  82. >Waves of pleasure shot down the alicorns spine, as shots of fluid rocket out of her body, and into spikes face.
  83. >Finally, feeling her body go limp from the energy she just expended, she keels to the floor, and lets her body expel itself completely.
  84. >Spike sat down as well, watching the purple mare before him.
  85. >His member was now fully unsheathed.
  86. >Twilight took a look at the dragon, his erection clearly visible to her that he enjoyed it as much as she did.
  87. “Did you..” She pants out, hoping spike could finish her sentence for her.
  88. “Yeah, you’re good. No sulfur detected by your number one assistant.” Spike said, wiping twilights marecum off his face. “Thanks… put ‘do something special for spike’ on my schedule. lets say 8:00?”
  89. “Sure thing twi. Do you want anything else?”
  90. “No thanks, I’m good.”
  91. >And with that, she fell asleep, her fluids pooling around her, seeping into her fur.
  92. >She would wake in a little bit, her body reminding her of something else she would have to do to do, but for now, she needed to rest.
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