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  1. <color=blue>Hi! Welcome to SCP Heaven for Gamers, please read the Rules before playing:</color>          
  2.                       Rule 1 (Behavior): Dont be a Dickhead.
  3.                       Rule 2 (Hax) : Hacking (Godmode, ESP, Aimbot ect.) is strictly forbidden!
  4.                       Rule 3 (Behavior 2.0): Be Nice to other People.
  5.                       Rule 4 (Events): Accept that Admin Events are Happening. If you dont accept, go on another Server.
  6.                       Rule 5 (T h e  f u n): Have fun!
  7. <color=blue> Server Owner: TheGameLegend27 </color>
  8. <color=red> Lead Admin: Mihai the Gamer </color>
  9. <color=red> Admin: None </color>
  10. <color=black> Moderator: SLIPPERY GOD, Not DerpO</color>
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