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  1. Hi! Welcome to this server. This server is just a simple throwaway server that I made, so that my friend can test his plugins.
  2. I dont take this server very seriously.
  3. Mod / admins dont really have the power to ban , they can only throw events really.
  4. A few people have asked for a discord, so here it is. Its a clickable link.
  5. <link=""><color=#cdf><u>Discord</u></color></link>
  6. You can report mods / admin for making it only fun for them / always doing an event even if the people dont want to , or you can try to apply for mod!
  8. Plugins on the server!
  9. A plugin that allows you to type ".Roulette" in the player console and have a chance of dying!
  10. 914 items upgrade in hand!
  11. Blackout for events!
  12. A few Custom loadouts!
  13. On death , all of your grenades and flashes (if any) will detonate!
  14. A custom Shotgun found in 049's room , and 3 chaos spawn with it!
  15. A custom Tranqulizer gun found in 173's armory!
  16. A custom HMD "sniper" that commanders spawn with , or you can find it in 096's room!
  17. Extreme late join mod! (Almost always spawns late people in no matter how long the round has been going on for)
  18. A plugin were if someone disconnects in the middle of a game , a spectator will take there place! (including SCP's!)
  19. A plugin were 049-2's can infect people , making them slowly lose health until they turn into a 049-2
  20. A plugin , that force drops somebody's items if the disconnect! It can help in situations like getting stuck in 914!
  21. A loading screen plugin. So at the start of the round when you are waiting for players to connect it show random halls and doors of the facility!
  24. I am always accepting new plugins , so feel free to join the discord and recommend some!
  27. I guess I state the rules here?
  28. This is just so the server doesnt fall into chaos.
  29. Dont TK for no reason at all.
  30. Dont unironically whine about being abused, (unless an admin/mod is taking it too far) you will just be ignored.
  31. If you want a certain configuration option to be changes you can ask (Enable or disable decontanimation, friendly fire, etc) just don't whine if I say no.
  32. Dont be racist (unironically)
  33. Dont ask for mod or admin in game or beg for it on the discord . If you want to try and apply you can join the discord.
  34. Dont be a dick.
  35. Dont expect this server to be up 24/7
  36. This server will be up from 3-4ish PM to around 10 PM on the weekdays but on weekends it will probably be up the entire weekend.
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