Double Cross - Forbidden Fruit - Part 1

Jan 23rd, 2015
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  1. 18:21 LeahofCherem Deep in the night when people sleep, something abnormal stalks the dark.
  2. 18:21 LeahofCherem Once like them, it has been warped and broken, split in two and made into something it never wanted to be. Part of another world, it aches to be "normal" again. A path that would never be open to it ever again.
  3. 18:21 LeahofCherem However, in the shadows of tree and tower, it found a purpose. Once alone, it has found something to fight for. But whatever future it sees, it is a path that will be drenched in blood and suffering if left unchecked.
  4. 18:21 LeahofCherem This is the story of something that was lost. Something that has been found.
  5. 18:21 LeahofCherem - /Double Cross - Forbidden Fruit/ -
  6. 18:21 LeahofCherem Welcome to Double Cross. This is the world of traitors.
  7. 18:21 *** Mr_Rage joined #DXthegame
  8. 18:38 LeahofCherem "Please report to Room 4-X as soon as classes allow." The message was passed onto Ai Yuu and Tsuboki Junko by a tight-lipped boy who you recognize as once having been Class President in Primary School. "School business." By which he means UGN.
  9. 18:39 LeahofCherem As the nexus of UGN presence in City N, this kind of call isn't really that rare, but it still gets a few whispers from students who are probably not themselves Overeds.
  10. 18:39 LeahofCherem Unable to understand the blessing or curse within your blood, they make way for you when you walk down the halls and up the stairs, to the room unofficially known as "The Hound's Room", for Professor Hanase.
  11. 18:39 LeahofCherem Officially, it's Chemistry Room 4-X.
  12. 18:39 LeahofCherem The door slides open smoothly, almost painfully quiet, and the only sound is the sound of pen on whiteboard. At the front of the classroom, the "Hound", Hanase, is busy writing in some japanese dialect you can barely make heads or tails of. From what it looks like, he's making a web, although of what you can only guess.
  13. 18:39 LeahofCherem A short, stocky man with hair probably cut by himself and a tan to be expected from an Islander, he folds his arms, examining his work. He doesn't look up when you enter.
  14. 18:45 Tsuboki_Junko Junko finds herself a seat and sits down, feet up and crossed at the ankles while she lights a cigarette.
  15. 18:47 Mr_Rage Ai blinks, her more inhuman features restrained as usual for a school day. She could even pass for normal, so long as nobody took a hard look at her mouth or eyes.
  16. 18:48 LeahofCherem His nose almost audibly twitches when he sniffs. "Good to know he was able to find you. Were you ditching class?" The "physics professor" turns around slowly, his light blue button-up shirt's sleeves rolled up and his vivid red tie slightly loosened. His brow is low and his face ugly, like somebody applied his classes to him with prejudice. In his spare -
  17. 18:49 LeahofCherem - time, he lectures classes. Any other time, he is one of the UGN's agents, working to combat and contain Overed radicals and fight False Hearts wherever they rear their head. You vaguely recall his unofficial title comes from what he and his direct subordinates are referred to: "bloodhounds".
  18. 18:50 Mr_Rage "No!" The Chimera huffs at even the accusation, her skirt dancing briefly as her tails verge on coming out.
  19. 18:52 LeahofCherem "Is she lying?" He glances at the student who led you, and before the boy can answer shrugs, "Doesn't matter. Guard the door." He waits for the door to close behind the student and rolls his head around his neck. "Anyways, we've got work for you two."
  20. 18:52 Tsuboki_Junko "Tch," is Junko's answer, looking up and away from his gaze. She looked normal enough for a delinquent with her long hair dyed blonde, even if a few inches of black roots did show. She even seemed to enjoy wearing a boy's uniform even if she wasn't going to tell anyone where she got it.
  21. 18:55 LeahofCherem "Don't give me that. This is a serious thing. People are going missing here." He reaches into his pocket and there's a clicking noise, as the lights dim and a projector slowly flickers on. A map of CITY N appears before you, a satellite image probably not torn off of google maps, and with a laser pointer he circles a patch of green, brown, and blue.
  22. 18:56 LeahofCherem "Akai Park. Familiar with the area?"
  23. 18:57 Tsuboki_Junko "Maybe."
  24. 19:01 Mr_Rage "Akai... I think I played there once."
  25. 19:01 LeahofCherem "Well, here's a chance to get more familiar with it. Young people these days." The professor shakes his head. "It's a pleasant enough place, but we've been receiving reports of people going missing and reappearing. Their symptoms tend to resemble intense dehydration and fungal infection, and while we haven't had any deaths as of yet..."
  26. 19:01 LeahofCherem "Good. So you know."
  27. 19:02 LeahofCherem "Now, we've already got a member there working on it, but so far this doesn't seem like anything too serious. So, you two can take care of this, in case something shows up or this is some crazy new grass roots way of terrorizing the public."
  28. 19:04 Tsuboki_Junko Junko blows smoke out her nose, arms crossed. "Anything else?"
  29. 19:07 LeahofCherem "Yes. If there's anything there, just be careful. Avoid civillian casualties at all costs, but keep your own heads attached." He turns the projector off, the lights returning to normal. " You'll be meeting with "Raiji", one of our trained agents. He said he's camping at a coffee bar not far from the park. Don't worry about your homework either, your teachers
  30. 19:07 LeahofCherem said they'll have packets and notes for you when you get back."
  31. 19:09 Mr_Rage "Mn..." Ai wrinkles her nose, but accepts it.
  32. 19:10 Tsuboki_Junko "Great thanks for our hard work. Fucking coffee bar too. Be lucky I don't strangle him with his scarf." She gets up and hunches slightly in sukeban fashion, hands deep in her pockets. "C'mon Ai."
  33. 19:10 Mr_Rage "Hai!" Off she goes.
  34. 19:10 LeahofCherem === END SCENE ===
  35. 19:16 LeahofCherem Not terribly far from "red park" or whatever the locals call it, Jaime Knapp found herself examining the torn pieces of a sewer grate. Seemingly pulled apart and thrown about, the pieces must've been mangled by something with a massive amount of strength. Most likely a Chimera or a Salamandra with a temper problem.
  36. 19:17 LeahofCherem Following the map of the sewers she got by walking along the roads, Jaime was busy taking a quick break from beating the pavement when a hand slipped over her eye from behind. Cold fingers that send a warm rush down her spine, that perfume that takes way, way too long to get it out of her clothing.
  37. 19:17 LeahofCherem A semi-sultry voice with a slightly mocking, teasing tone. "Ah, guess who?"
  38. 19:17 LeahofCherem It has to be Sachiko. How she was able to get behind Jaime and do this is a mystery, but that's really the relationship in a nutshell. Maybe she willfully ignored her.
  39. 19:20 Midnight_ "Gah! Sach! What are you doin here?" Jamie whirls around, surprised.
  40. 19:28 LeahofCherem She smiles playfully behind that veil of long, silky black hair, eyes laughing as her lips curl up. "I was coming home from work, to my lonely apartment, alone, when I saw somebody else just as lonely as I was." She grins, taking a slow step back. "And then I saw you!"
  41. 19:32 Midnight_ "And *then* you saw me. Right." Jamie says, barely restraining a grin. "You know I was looking for someone too."
  42. 19:33 LeahofCherem "And you certainly found me, didn't you?" She reaches up to cover her mouth as she grins at her own bad joke. "Aaah, and I was feeling lonely too. Why don't you accompany me for a bit?"
  43. 19:35 Midnight_ Jamie looks at her map and then over at Sachiko. She folds away the map. "Well I might as well. I won't be able to think about anything else anyways."
  44. 19:38 LeahofCherem "Just the way it ought to be," she declares, before stepping forward to grab Jaime's arm with both of hers. "There's a park not far from here, and I'm not feeling hungry yet. Let's go for a walk, shall we?" Her tone doesn't give Jaime much room to deny her, but those upturned eyes would probably shut down any real feelings of regret.
  45. 19:41 Midnight_ "A walk in the park eh? I figured you'd want to go a strip club." Jamie says with a smirk. "The park it is."
  46. 19:43 LeahofCherem "That's for later, isn't it? We could always just skip that and end up somewhere else though," she says with a sultry smile. Her pace matches yours as she continues, "After all, my plans for last night were ruined when my date didn't show up. I'm sure you would never do that to me, would you?"
  47. 19:44 Midnight_ "I told you that I was close to a lead. Besides, we can make up for it tonight."
  48. 19:47 LeahofCherem "Aha, good!" She makes a cheerful sound, "I need to have a drink anyways, I called it quits last night and it was the worst decision ever." Her face changes from smiling to despair in a heartbeat, "I should've just stayed and had some nice young thing pay for me." She sighs as you enter the park proper. "It's led me here with you, so it can't be that bad."
  49. 19:50 Midnight_ "You drink too much Sachi." SHe said with a bit of a sigh. "But yeah, I gotta say, this is a beautiful place. What made you wanna come out here?"
  50. 19:53 LeahofCherem "Aaah, I've heard a legend about this place. When two people from two different paths walk the same road, they're destined to be together, for better of for worse." She sighs wistfully and continues. "If only. Then we'd be tied together more than we already are." She presses her nose to Jaime's shoulder and laughs a little.
  51. 19:53 LeahofCherem "But really I lost a bracelet here. Can you help me find it? You're good at that kind of thing."
  52. 19:59 LeahofCherem === END SCENE ===
  53. 20:04 LeahofCherem A coffee bar. Typical. It's really just a cafe that specializes in coffee, but it didn't stop this snot-nosed little punk from picking it. With dark brown hair accented by a yellow flat cap and a pair of obnoxiously thick glasses, the child known as "Raiji" is sipping at a coffee that is painfully dark to look at.
  54. 20:06 LeahofCherem Dressed in the blue blazer and blue-black-brown-beige plaid pants, he's sitting in a booth, nursing the coffee as he waits for Junko and Ai. When the door jingles to announce their entry into this western, bohemian-styled cafe, he looks up briefly, hand moving up to adjust his glasses.
  55. 20:09 Mr_Rage Ai scratches her nose, ears twitching.
  56. 20:10 LeahofCherem "You sure took your time getting here," he says drying in a voice that hasn't hit puberty yet. "Did you get lost?" His tone is dripping with sarcasm, glancing at Ai, "Who's she? Another University student?"
  57. 20:10 LeahofCherem dryly in a voice*
  58. 20:10 Tsuboki_Junko Junko takes her cigarette out of her mouth long enough to make a gagging sound. "Yeah, she's cool. Can't say the same about the people here the way they're dressed."
  59. 20:12 LeahofCherem "I don't know if I understand your idea of cool, but I don't think anybody here would care about our opinions regarding fashion anyways." He kicks his feet under the table back and forth, "So Hanase sent you regarding the disappearances?"
  60. 20:14 Tsuboki_Junko "That's right. Seems straightforward enough. Wait in the park for whoever or whatever it is and nail in."
  61. 20:16 LeahofCherem "Straightforward as always. Although, that might not be such a fitting term for you." He stands up and brushes off his pants, "Well, no use dawdling, time spent here is time people could be going missing. The police discovered a woman not too far from here, but they didn't call for an ambulance, so..."
  62. 20:18 Tsuboki_Junko Junko grumbles, hands making fists in her pockets as she follows along.
  63. 20:21 LeahofCherem "You're Ai, aren't you? Is that your given name?" He looks at Ai over his shoulder as he pulls his backpack on and takes his coffee.
  64. 20:21 Mr_Rage "Mhm! My dad gave it to me."
  65. 20:22 Tsuboki_Junko "No honorifics? Bold."
  66. 20:22 LeahofCherem "..." He doesn't seem to even be able to try to understand it. "Uh...."
  67. 20:22 LeahofCherem "What is she going to do, beat me up? She seems a lot less inclined than other people I know."
  68. 20:23 Mr_Rage The chimera tilts her head, blinking.
  69. 20:25 LeahofCherem "I meant your family name. Is that what I should call you? Ai-san? Or is it Yuu?" He goes through the door, holding it open for you and sipping his coffee. He certainly gets a few looks from patrons, being a short-stack with two at least high-school girls."
  70. 20:25 Mr_Rage "Just Ai," she clarifies on her way out, as brazen as Junko in certain ways.
  71. 20:29 LeahofCherem "... That so..." He shrugs and tries to lead the way, having to almost jog to keep ahead of the two girls. "So here in Akai Park, there have been multiple disturbances over the past few months. They supposedly were only happening at night, but now people are supposedly going missing during the day and not reappearing for days."
  72. 20:32 Tsuboki_Junko "What...er...state are they in when they show up again?"
  73. 20:34 LeahofCherem "I've tried to get into the Police reports for actual inspector's words, but so far everything is getting buried. What I can get is what the media gets: people waking up dehydrated like they've been sucked dry, covered in moss and lichen like they just... fell asleep in the forest." He frowns. "There's supposed to be a police unit in the park right now, with-
  74. 20:34 LeahofCherem - a victim that was reported not too long ago."
  75. 20:34 Mr_Rage "Hmmh..."
  76. 20:37 Tsuboki_Junko "Guess we should head over and take a look."
  77. 20:38 LeahofCherem Good idea. Don't ever let anybody belittle you for them. Over there." The boy stops suddenly, pointing to where a path has been taped off and a police officer is standing guard. "Down that path, there is supposed to be a woman, but when I tried to go they sent me packing." He curls his fist into a ball angrily. "Annoying."
  78. 20:41 LeahofCherem "Now that there's three of us here though... Maybe a distraction.. but splitting up..." He frowns, rubbing his forehead with the palm of his fist.
  79. 20:42 Tsuboki_Junko "I'll go take a look, maybe I know the officers." She grinned, very well meaning maybe they'd lectured her in a police box already. "Keep an eye on Ai."
  80. 20:58 *** Pinko joined #DXthegame
  81. 21:07 LeahofCherem "Is your criminal record really so extensive?" He adjusts his glasses again but Raiji doesn't stop Junko, looking at Ai from the corner of his eye. "So... what kind of stuff do you do?"
  82. 21:11 Tsuboki_Junko She just rolls her shoulders, a glance over one and she's off looking for cops.
  83. 21:11 Mr_Rage "Hmh? Martial arts! I'm gonna be like Bruce Lee when I grow up!" Ai >:3's
  84. 21:14 LeahofCherem The officer standing guard doesn't take long to notice her, sternly watching her. "I'm sorry Miss, but this path is closed right now."
  85. 21:14 LeahofCherem "Ah, the martial artist. Do you enjoy kung fu movies?"
  86. 21:14 Mr_Rage "Yes!" Ai's eyes widen, sparkling.
  87. 21:15 Tsuboki_Junko "Oh yeah? What's going on?"
  88. 21:16 LeahofCherem "What do you think of-" He starts talking about Jackie Chan and Chao Yun-Fat and movies like it's the most natural thing in the world. It's like talking to a really snotty Wikipedia.
  89. 21:17 LeahofCherem "Criminal Investigation. We can't say anything more regarding it." The officer crosses his arms in front of him, one of his hands resting on his radio.
  90. 21:17 Mr_Rage Despite that, Ai mostly manages to keep up. Her opinions are simple, and she doesn't have much sense of history, but the girl's probably seen every martial arts movie he cares to name.
  91. 21:20 Tsuboki_Junko Junko snorts and turns back the way she'd come. "Not as infamous as I thought it turns out."
  92. 21:24 LeahofCherem Raiji looks a little impressed for a moment. "Well. I guess that'll be something to remember talking about." He turns to Junko. "No luck huh? Maybe we could just sneak around."
  93. 21:25 Tsuboki_Junko "Yeah I guess there's that too."
  94. 21:29 Midnight_ Two lovely women walking arm in arm approach the scene. "-telling you, I'm not psychic. I have no idea where your bracelet is. My bet is someone picked it up."
  95. 21:32 LeahofCherem "You barely even looked! But, you're right, I guess. It was such a pretty bracelet too." The japanese one of the pair makes a crestfallen face, "Ask the officer... Wait... why is this path taped over?"
  96. 21:33 Midnight_ "Good. Question..." Jamie says, curiosity piqued. "Maybe I should go ask."
  97. 21:34 Tsuboki_Junko "Don't bother," Junko chimes in, lighting up a fresh cigarette.
  98. 21:35 LeahofCherem The officer looks between the pairs of women and makes a face like somebody just dropped a suspicious, bleeding bag in front of him. To his credit, he doesn't say anything, but he backs up a bit.
  99. 21:35 Midnight_ Looking sidelong at the kid smoking, "Oh yeah? Why's that kid?"
  100. 21:37 LeahofCherem "The officer..." The young boy makes a face, scanning Jaime and make a little nod. "Ah... You... You're familiar. Somehow."
  101. 21:37 Tsuboki_Junko Kid? "Ain't the talkative type."
  102. 21:38 Midnight_ "We'll see about that." She walks off towards the cop, ignoring the boy.
  103. 21:41 LeahofCherem The officer looks up, a tired look on his face. "Ma'am? Can I help you?"
  104. 21:44 Midnight_ "Yeah. I need you to tell me everything you know about this situation. Pronto." She flashed her attorney card fast enough that he could see it but not fast enough to read it.
  105. 21:47 Tsuboki_Junko Junko takes a moment to examine Jamie's partner while things are quiet.
  106. 21:49 LeahofCherem The woman is attractive and young (older than Junko though), with long black hair and a face that is almost meant to be watched. The way her eyes follow Jaime is like a cat with it's toy, a sense of pride that her partner's slick enough to do this kind of thing, a little surprise at how the officer starts answering, and a burning fire.
  107. 21:50 Tsuboki_Junko Junko looks away, trying to be subtle as she looks at Ai.
  108. 21:51 LeahofCherem "Ah. Well, we got a call an hour or two ago about a body being discovered. Post-mortem, looks to have been there for several hours without being discovered. Covered in moss and spores, although those may have been there when she was still alive. Elderly woman, but seems she was strangled." He sighs, rubbing his forehead and he tries to think of anything else.
  109. 21:52 Midnight_ "Mmmhm." Jamie nods. "That's what they said down at the office. If you'll give me a moment, I need to confer with my associate."
  110. 21:54 LeahofCherem "Ah, oh, right, and we might have a witness, but..." He hesitates, glancing at the others.
  111. 21:55 Midnight_ She pauses. "A witness?"
  112. 21:57 LeahofCherem "Er... yes. From what we heard, he might've seen when she disappeared, but..." He looks around, and his voice goes quiet. "He doesn't want to cooperate anymore, apparantly."
  113. 21:58 Midnight_ "I see. Just a moment." She returns to her date with a grin. "That was easy. Wanna see a crime scene? Maybe question a witness?"
  114. 22:01 Tsuboki_Junko "Oi." Junko approaches the pair, puffing smoke.
  115. 22:02 Midnight_ "What?" Jamie turns.
  116. 22:02 LeahofCherem Sachiko smiles a little, "And see what you really do? Why not?" She blinks, looking at Junko as she approaches. Her eyes glance up and down her, and she takes hold of Jaime's arm again.
  117. 22:03 Tsuboki_Junko "I'll make this easy. Take us in there with you," she thumbs over her shoulder to the other two. "Or I make enough of a scene that we're all kicked out of the park."
  118. 22:06 Pinko Ian was getting dragged by the arm, a resigned look on his face as he was lazily hustled around by his sister. They had spent much less time together since he had awakened his powers and became an Overed, so he was at least happy about that. Still, though, he was only giving her half an ear, his eyes peeled to his surroundings, knowing the park had been unsaf
  119. 22:06 Pinko unsafe rcently.
  120. 22:07 Midnight_ "You think you can strongarm me kid?" SHe smirks, "In their eyes we're officials who are accosted by some truants. What makes you think they won't just kick you and your friends out?" Her eyes lit up for a second. "Besides, what do you want back there for anyways? And don't tell me it's just curiosity. Because I know it's not. Not if you're this determined."
  121. 22:07 LeahofCherem "It can't be that bad," Lena insists quietly. "It's just a walk, how bad could it..." The girl pauses, staring at the scene unfolding.
  122. 22:08 LeahofCherem The officer is, somehow, far away enough that he doesn't hear this. He probably isn't paid enough to deal with this.
  123. 22:09 Tsuboki_Junko "It ain't curiosity and it ain't your business."
  124. 22:09 Midnight_ "It is if you want me to help you guys get back there."
  125. 22:11 Tsuboki_Junko She rolls her shoulders and moves past the pair. "Hey, officer! Wanna see something freaky?"
  126. 22:12 Midnight_ Jamie just watches, curious. She does place herself in between
  127. 22:12 Midnight_ Junko and Sachi, though
  128. 22:12 LeahofCherem "I'm sure I've seen plenty freaky, ma'am, is there anything I can help you with?"
  129. 22:14 Pinko Ian clutches an arm around his sister instinctively, slowly approaching the scene. It was still odd for him to be in complete control of his movements, in tune with the waves his body was producing. Carefully, he approaches the security tape while most of the officers were busy with others. "Right, you stay here, okay?", says Ian as he tries to sneak in.
  130. 22:15 LeahofCherem Lena pauses, "Eh? Onii-chan, but..." She watches nervously.
  131. 22:16 Tsuboki_Junko "I really doubt it." She took her cigarette between two fingers and dropped it, stamping it out. In the couple of moments that took she'd changed slightly. Her right arm was different, the forearm much larger now and ending in wicked claws. Black fur covered the arm and didnt end until it reached her cheek.
  132. 22:16 Tsuboki_Junko "Got something for this?"
  133. 22:17 Midnight_ Jamie fingers the gun behind her back. "Sachi. Run."
  134. 22:18 LeahofCherem "Eh? But-" She starts walking backwards quickly, "You can't just order me to run, what if I trip and-" She blinks, her eyes not exactly believing what she's seeing.
  135. 22:19 Midnight_ "Sachi! Run!"
  136. 22:19 LeahofCherem The officer stares. His eyes go wide, and his face goes pale. "What the.." He can't really word it, but he stumbles back. He collapses, and doesn't move.
  137. 22:19 LeahofCherem She doesn't even hesitate after that. She's out of that place like the officer is out of conciousness.
  138. 22:20 Tsuboki_Junko Junko sighs, shaking out her arm until it's back to normal. "Guess that'll do. C'mon Ai."
  139. 22:20 LeahofCherem "... Uh." Raiji clears his throat, pointing at Jaime. "You seem to have forgotten at least one part of this equation."
  140. 22:21 Tsuboki_Junko "Hm? Oh, right."
  141. 22:21 Midnight_ Jamie looks at them and calmly draws her firearm. "Yeah. Guess you forgot about me."
  142. 22:21 LeahofCherem "... Shoot."
  143. 22:21 LeahofCherem As in, a curse. Raiji rubs his forehead, and then there's the smell of ozone in the air.
  144. 22:22 Tsuboki_Junko "Oh no, a gun." She delivers the line deadpan.
  145. 22:22 LeahofCherem The Renegade in your limbs starts to tremble, reacting to the warding.
  146. 22:22 Mr_Rage Ai wiggles her nose, frowning sharply.
  147. 22:23 Pinko Before Ian could even be in there, a commotion happens and he feels something... odd in him tingle. "Hey, you feel that?", he asks Lena?
  148. 22:23 LeahofCherem Lena blinks, "Eh? Oh... That smell..." She stumbles a little, leaning against a conveniently-placed wall.
  149. 22:23 Pinko .*
  150. 22:23 Midnight_ Jamie notices the warding but doesn't drop. She rubs her temples. "Damn Overeds. Can't just act normal. Can't do anything the easy way."
  151. 22:24 LeahofCherem "Admittedly, this is 'the easy way'." Raiji adjusts his glasses. "Although, that's not a word that you should be knowing."
  152. 22:25 Tsuboki_Junko "Maybe Ai should eat that gun."
  153. 22:26 Midnight_ "There's a lot of things I shouldn't know." She says looking at them. "I'm not about to get into a fight with three-" SHe looks over at the only other person still standing, Ian, "maybe four, Overeds. Specially if you're UGN."
  154. 22:26 LeahofCherem "Maybe you should just knock her out and we can be done with this farce. We have a job to do, and this standing around is time that more people can come and see us." He turns, noticing Lena. "Like... that one."
  155. 22:27 Tsuboki_Junko "Right, right. Just hold still lady and it'll be over soon."
  156. 22:27 Midnight_ "Don't even think about it. I said I didn't want to fight. Not that I wouldn't."
  157. 22:28 Pinko Ian tightens his grip on Lena, setting her on the ground carefully. "I knew this was a bad idea.", he mutters to himself as as he stands, confused, not sure of who could be an ally, and who could be an enemy.
  158. 22:29 LeahofCherem "Ara~, what sort of mischief is this?" That dumb voice, conveniently placed and coming from behind Ian. "Junko? And... Knapp-kun? Was that it?" That lilting tone, entirely unaware of the drama about to unfold.
  159. 22:30 Tsuboki_Junko "Ah crap, it's Nee-san."
  160. 22:30 LeahofCherem "... Do you know this person?" Raiji looks around. "Any more people? Do any of you know anybody else. Is there anybody new coming to this."
  161. 22:30 Mr_Rage "Rrr?" Ai swivels.
  162. 22:31 Midnight_ "M-Mary?" The last person she was expecting. "Seriously. Who are you people and what the hell is going on?"
  163. 22:32 LeahofCherem "Jeez! Why do you talk about me with that tone? And I wanted to just enjoy the park too..." Mary makes a sad face, "I don't know. Knapp-kun, this is Junko. She's my beloved imouto." She looks between Ian and Ai. "I don't... know you two though."
  164. 22:33 Tsuboki_Junko "This is getting really complicated. Gah!" She aggressively starts scratching at the top of her head.
  165. 22:34 LeahofCherem "... Why is the police officer asleep?"
  166. 22:35 Midnight_ "Because the crazy chain smoker decided to go full monster and scared him to death. Then one of the other ones pulled the sleeping trick you all like to do so much."
  167. 22:35 Tsuboki_Junko Junko rolls her eyes so heard she risks detaching a retena. "I tried to be civil ya hag."
  168. 22:36 Midnight_ "And I was gonna cut you a deal!"
  169. 22:36 LeahofCherem Raiji sighs, "We have been asked to investigate recent disappearances in the park by the UGN. We were stopped by the officer, they tried to get past him, and now we're here."
  170. 22:37 Tsuboki_Junko "And now it's clear."
  171. 22:37 LeahofCherem "I don't know who that is-" he points at Ian, "Or you, lady. The girl with a gun, maybe I've seen her face before, no idea, and yes, now we can go."
  172. 22:38 Pinko Hesitant about leaving his sister alone, Ian simply observes the scene from a distance. "So, no one's gonna kill anyone, right?", he asks, his eyes glancing towards one of the unconcious officer's holster, just in case.
  173. 22:41 LeahofCherem "Why would that happen?" Mary sounds genuinely confused. "We can go and see now... Although, you..."
  174. 22:46 Pinko "Ian's the name.", he says with a nod, still watching over his sister carefully. "We just came to walk in the park."
  175. 22:47 LeahofCherem "Aaaah... So, how about we all go and walk in the park now? Aren't these things more fun in groups?"
  176. 22:47 Midnight_ "So did several of us, I gather. But I guess now we're going to go investigate a murder."
  177. 22:48 LeahofCherem "Murder?" Mary makes a face, "Oh... So it's that kind of work for the UGN..." She seems to have already forgotten what Raiji said earlier.
  178. 22:51 Tsuboki_Junko "Enough holding our dicks, lets go." Hands shoved in her pockets Junko heads off.
  179. 22:51 Mr_Rage "Rr!" Ai moves to follow.
  180. 22:51 Midnight_ "I'm going to assume there are still cops back there." Jamie says walking to catch up to Junko. "Can we do things my way and not just knock everyone out? They have a witness for god's sake."
  181. 22:51 LeahofCherem Raiji looks at the others, and shrugs. It's not his place to worry about this kind of thing, it seems. He goes to follow the others.
  182. 22:52 Pinko Ian sighs and glances at his unconcious sister. "She'll be fine, right?", he asks.
  183. 22:52 LeahofCherem "I can watch your sister, Ian-san." Mary smiles, "Junko can tell you I'm very good with children."
  184. 22:53 Pinko "Right, off I am with a bunch of strangers, t-.", he says before being cut short as he recognizes an attorney that's crossed his path more than once. "Well, shit.", he says with a frown.
  185. 22:54 Tsuboki_Junko Junko puffs away on her cigarette. "Yeah yeah, keep from being a prick to Ai and I guess we'll get along just fine."
  186. 22:54 LeahofCherem Down the path, there's no more tape, but you can see the body: apparently there was just the one guarding the place. Maybe the others are on break. In any case, there is a scene, with a body covered in a thin white sheet. One shrivled, wrinkled hand is peeking out from the side, curled and seemingly coated with green and white powder.
  187. 22:57 Midnight_ Jamie hovers over the body and pulls back the sheet, cocking her head to the side as if she's thinking.
  188. 22:58 Pinko Ian lit a cigarette as he observed. the scene, leaning against a tree. "So what are we doing here anyway? This stuff, it's done by those 'Overeds', right? What kind of evidence can you pick up from that?"
  189. 22:59 LeahofCherem The sheet comes back without much fighting, but the sight is bad enough. From under the strange mushrooms budding and blossoming from her nose, mouth, and, ugh, eyes, you can see she was indeed an older woman. Her skin is waxy and hair frayed, with thick, purple bruises around her throat.
  190. 22:59 Tsuboki_Junko Junko moves to get a peek under the sheet and makes a face.
  191. 23:00 Midnight_ "All sorts, if you know what to look for." Jamie said. "Deffinitely looks like choking...Seems like maybe she died before the fungus grew though."
  192. 23:01 Pinko "That's fucking gross.", says Ian as he walks closer to the body. "But pretty cool if you ask me."
  193. 23:01 LeahofCherem "Looks like it." Raiji adjusts his glasses, kneeling by the body. For a child, he's pretty calm about this.
  194. 23:02 Tsuboki_Junko "Mostly gross."
  195. 23:02 Midnight_ "Supposed to be a witness around..."
  196. 23:03 Tsuboki_Junko "Bet he got abducted too now."
  197. 23:03 LeahofCherem "He said he wasn't cooperating, right?" Raiji stands up, reaching into his pocket to put a pair of clear gloves. "Maybe we need to find him. Or... that."
  198. 23:04 Pinko "Well, that's nice enough I suppose.", he takes another puff of his smoke. "Did they leave a name? Or what kind of witness they were?"
  199. 23:04 LeahofCherem Raiji draws a bag, looking at Jaime expectantly.
  200. 23:06 Tsuboki_Junko Junko decides to move away from the creepy corpse, peering around the area for signs of more cops or anything else.
  201. 23:07 Midnight_ "Gimme a sec."
  202. 23:07 LeahofCherem Around, there's not much. The ground looks like it's been left untouched for a while, covered in a thin bed of moss and lichen. The trees have a few vines on them: odd, considering the region and how winter would ruin those kinds of plants.
  203. 23:08 LeahofCherem Not really a sign of a struggle, but from what the officer said, she went missing a little while ago, before reappearing.
  204. 23:08 Tsuboki_Junko Junko sniffs, wondering if she should mention anything.
  205. 23:10 Midnight_ Jamie walks over to the collapsed cop and pulls out the radio. "This is Investigator-" SHe releases the button for a second and then presses again. "- calling in for a 10-20 on the witness to the suspected homicide in the park."
  206. 23:13 LeahofCherem There's a silence over the radio, then, "A bit unorthodox, but, he's a night clerk at a nearby convenience store. Was supposed to have seen her the night she disappeared, but we stopped following up on him. Need the address?"
  207. 23:13 Midnight_ "Affirmative."
  208. 23:15 LeahofCherem "Alright-" The dispatcher gives you an address of, indeed, a local all-hours store.
  209. 23:16 LeahofCherem Meanwhile, Raiji is carefully plucking a mushroom from the woman's mouth. He makes a face, examining it closely. "Disgusting... yet fascinating."
  210. 23:16 Tsuboki_Junko "Careful of...what...spores?"
  211. 23:17 LeahofCherem "I think that's exactly what this is, really." He stands up and tosses the mushroom at the ground at a distance, and the thing gives off a fine little sprinking of powder as it hits the ground. "So we have a victim. Dead, this time, not just... hospitalized."
  212. 23:19 Pinko "Yeah? So what does that mean in layman's term, kid?", asks Ian, kinda annoyed as he keeps smoking, observing the handiwork intently.
  213. 23:19 Midnight_ "And we have a witness," Jamie says, returning. "I think I can get the info out of him. I'd like to know what the UGN plans to pay for this kind of work though."
  214. 23:20 LeahofCherem "
  215. 23:21 LeahofCherem "Well, from a cursory look? Whatever has been doing this just learned how far it can push human beings. It hasn't killed yet, that we knew of, all it's victims have been getting sent to the hospital for treatment. Close to death, but not there yet. And now... Well, it's got a taste for blood."
  216. 23:24 LeahofCherem "As for pay... We're a government-funded security and containment wing." Raiji looks at Jaime with a "shit sucks but we deal with it" kind of look strange coming from a child.
  217. 23:27 Midnight_ "Government funding eh?" SHe looks down. "I've worked for less. Let's go."
  218. 23:28 Tsuboki_Junko "Psh, mercenary eh?"
  219. 23:28 Midnight_ "Something like that."
  220. 23:41 LeahofCherem === EPISODE PAUSED ===
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