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  1. atv@atv-xbmc:~/xbmc-head$ make -C xbmc/filesystem/
  2. make: Entering directory `/home/atv/xbmc-head/xbmc/filesystem'
  3. CPP     FileFactory.o
  4. FileFactory.cpp: In static member function ‘static XFILE::IFile* XFILE::CFileFactory::CreateLoader(const CURL&)’:
  5. FileFactory.cpp:171: error: ‘shit’ was not declared in this scope
  6. /home/atv/xbmc-head/xbmc/utils/CharsetConverter.h: At global scope:
  7. /home/atv/xbmc-head/xbmc/utils/CharsetConverter.h:83: warning: ‘g_charsetConverter’ defined but not used
  8. make: *** [FileFactory.o] Error 1
  9. make: Leaving directory `/home/atv/xbmc-head/xbmc/filesystem'
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