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SolarWinds hacking DGA decoded

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Dec 18th, 2020
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  1. The #DGA decoding of #SolarWinds attack point toward certain companies (not saying they were hacked, but references are there) LukOil, @innoutburger In-N-Out Burger, NIH, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation @Hewlett_Found, Kansas City Power and Light Company @evergypower @NERC_Official
  2. #SUNBURST #UNC2452
  5. Unique Reference What it may point to Industry Site
  6. Aerion Supersonic? Areospace
  7. BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. BioTech
  8. Sana Biotechnology BioTech
  9. Deloitte Consulting
  10. cs.haystax.loc Haystax Cybersecurity
  11. securview.local SecureView? Cybersecurity
  12. cda.corp CDA InterCorp DIBS
  13. Computer Systems Center Inc DIBS
  14. cds.capilanou. Capilano University Education - Higher Learning
  15. College of the Siskiyous Education - Higher Learning
  16. Insead Business School Education - Higher Learning
  17. its.iastate.ed Iowa State University Education - Higher Learning
  18. Kent State University Education - Higher Learning
  19. staff.technion Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Education - Higher Learning
  20. ad.library.ucl UCLA Library? Education - Higher Learning
  21. Weizmann Institute of Science Education - Higher Learning
  22. magnoliaisd.loc Magnolia Independent School District i Eduction
  23. Saskatoon Public Schools Eduction
  24. St. Margaret's Episcopal School Eduction
  25. int.lukoil-int Lukoil Energy
  26. cosgroves.local Cosgroves Engineering
  27. Netflxi DVD? Entertainment
  28. Bank BTB Financial Services
  29. Bank of Oklahoma Financial Services
  30. deniz.denizbank DenizBank Financial Services
  31. Ecobank Financial Services
  32. Ingosstrakh Insurance Company? Financial Services
  33. State Compensation Insurance Fund Financial Services
  34. The Bank of Punjab Financial Services
  35. woodruff-sawyer Woodruff Sawyer Financial Services
  36. American AgCredit Financial Services
  37. BancCentral Financial Services
  38. Banco Formosa Financial Services
  39. signaturebank.l Signature Bank Financial Services
  40. Dannish Financial Services Financial Services
  41. innout.corp In-N-Out Burger? Food
  42. Taylor Farms Food
  43. APU Company Food
  44. dhhs- Department of Health and Human Services? Govt - (National Level)
  45. Gobierno del Perú Govt - (National Level)
  46. nih.if National Institutes of Health (NIH) Govt - (National Level)
  47. UN City (United Nations) Govt - (National Level)
  48. UN's The Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific serves? Govt - (National Level)
  49. Arizona Superior Court in Pima County Govt - Local
  50. City of Barrie (Canada) Govt - Local
  51. City of Dublin (California) Govt - Local
  52. City of Page Govt - Local
  53. dufferincounty. Dufferin County Govt - Local
  54. Gloucester County? Govt - Local
  55. Helix Water Disctric Govt - Local
  56. city.kingston. Kingston in NY and in Ontario, Canada Govt - Local
  57. moncton.loc Moncton City in Canada? Govt - Local
  58. Newton Public Schools USD 373 Govt - Local
  59. central.pima.g Pima County (Arizona) Govt - Local
  60. Regina Public Schools Govt - Local
  61. Roanoke County Govt - Local
  62. Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District Govt - Local
  63. Douglas-Omaha Technology Commission Govt - State
  64. dmv.state.nv. Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles Govt - State
  65. Rhode Island Public Transit Authority. Govt - State
  66. The New South Wales Ministry of Health Govt - State
  67. The State Bar of California Govt - State
  68. CRIHB California Rural Indian Health Board: Home Govt - State
  69. State of Virginia Govt Site (no subdomain specified) Govt - State
  70. Hilton Grand Vacations Hospitality
  71. NeoPhotonics IT
  72. Intel? IT
  73. NeoPhotonics IT
  74. Allegronet IT
  75. admin.callidusc CallidusCloud IT
  76. Cisco IT
  77. Digital Sense? IT
  78. Glu Mobile IT
  79. e-idsolutions. IDSolutions IT
  80. ITPS IT
  81. Mixon Hill IT
  83. ad.optimizely. Optimizely IT
  84. Professional Computer Systems, Co IT
  85. ThoughSpot IT
  86. Khazak IT company IT
  87. Edison Price Lighting Manufacturing
  88. fisherbartoninc Fisher Barton Manufacturing
  89. Zippertubing Manufacturing
  90. IroForm Manufacturing
  91. RAI? Media
  92. christieclinic. Christie Clinic Medical
  93. Adventist HealthCare? Medical
  94. Alameda Health System Medical
  95. ad.azarthritis Arizona Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates, P.C. Medical
  96. Public Hospitals Authorit Medical
  97. sdch.local South Davis Community Hospital? Medical
  98. Varian Medical Systems Medical
  99. PQ Corporation Misc.
  100. cfsi.local Center for Financial Services Innovation or Congressional Fire Services Institute N/A
  101. Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber of Commerce Non Profit
  102. Cox Telco
  103. fidelitycomm.lo Fidelity Communications Telco
  105. corp.stratusnet Stratus Networks Telco
  106. wfhf1.hewlett. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Think Tank
  107. Kansas City Power and Light Company Utilities
  108. Vestfor Utilities
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