Lunar Magick

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  3. The species of aliens known as the Lunars originally arose on Earth’s moon, hence their namesake. From the dawn of their civilisation, they have worshipped two gods and practiced their magicks. These gods have strange names, even for their language, and as such have yet to be translated. Instead, we will refer to the concepts they evoke and hearken to. The first of their deities is Theia, the Dead Mother. It is widely held that she sacrificed herself to birth both their home and their species, committing her body, soul, and power in the cataclysmic event that led to the Lunars’ conception. Though their religion dictates her death, she is still venerated and holds a place of great importance in their culture, conception of magick, and identity. Some sects and cults, whom the mainline religion declares heretics, portend that she never truly died, and that through some secret rituals it is possible to attain greater, forbidden Magick.
  5. The second deity they worship is The Man in the Moon, Theia’s Son, and their First King. He is the one who taught them all that they know, from science, to philosophy, to art, to Magick. He ruled over them at the onset, guided them as a shining example, and then completed his Ascension, leaving his descendants to rule the civilisation he had built. To our great frustration, none of the priests wished to share any details concerning the Ascension, including why it happened. The Lunars seem to have some knowledge about the God-King’s departure, but whether their silence stems from partial ignorance, a love of secrets, or that the very concept is too alien for our minds to comprehend, we do not know. Even those self-declared Theia’s Sons had no words for us on the matter, only cold, stony silence.
  7. The Lunar systems of Magick are primarily divine in nature, deriving great power from their living god, The Man in the Moon. Their nature presupposes a direct link to him, granting them access to immense wells of power which can be channelled in certain ways in exchange for some form of collective belief or faith, though the last bit remains hazy. It may be that these spectacular feats are not Magick based, but rather innate abilities and techniques derived from such, labelled as Logick by our scribes, due to their widespread use. However, it is also possible that their culture and society functions more strongly under a collective faith system than previously anticipated, making these feats of divine Magick appear more naturalized. Nevertheless, Lunars may access any of the three systems of Magick: The Rabbit in the Moon, Exalted Lights, and Luna’s Satellites. It is to be noted that while every member of the race can theoretically utilise any of these Magicks, their bodies cannot always handle the strain, and thus are usually attuned to one or two of these systems. Bodies capable of handling all three systems have been recorded, but are incredibly rare, the stuff of dawn epochs, myths and legends.
  9. The first Magick is The Rabbit in the Moon. It serves as the baseline for all of their magical skills, and is usually paired with another magick. That being said, the other systems do not require this system to function. This Magick’s primary focus lies in creating constructs of lunar light, magickal energy that is derived directly from The Man in the Moon. These energy constructs have substance, and are the primary means of attack available to a Lunar. Most commonly, the opalized light takes one of two forms, each with a separate intent: Lunar Crescents, with the intent to kill widely at middling range, and Moonbeams, with the intent to pierce with precision from afar. The Crescents are incredibly destructive against unarmoured opponents, dealing true death upon the flesh and soul of any they cut, stripping away even the immortality of higher beings by attacking their very essence and annihilating it. However, they deal poorly with armour – especially those of magical nature – due to their specialized intent of harming organic matter. The Moonbeams cover this weakness, being designed to pierce through armour, especially when more investment is poured into the spell. This system’s secondary focus is on Marks, or Moonbrands, which can be placed on a target through various means including direct contact, contact with the lunar light, magical traps or landmines, coursed through  or at the limits of the Lunar Field (more on that later), etc. These brands add another layer to each magick system, creating additional effects when that system interacts with a marked target. For the Crescents, they become much sharper to branded victims, now being able to slice through armour and inorganic matter. For the Moonbeams, they become “breakers”, fully shattering any and all defenses they encounter on their way to the marked target, magical or otherwise. Additionally, both the Lunar Crescents and the Moonbeams find themselves slightly pulled towards marked targets, arching into them in spite of slight dodges.
  11. The second Magick is Exalted Lights. Its primary purpose is to turn The Rabbit in the Moon’s constructs into static things, which remain so long as the user concentrates on them. While the first Magick does allow moulding the shape of the lunar light to some extent, this Magick specialises in this task, allowing the user to manipulate the energy more deftly and to greater effect. The creation of blades, javelins, shields, or other constructs of variable alterable sizes are common practice to masters of this system. The Moonbrand’s effect on this Magick is to cause the light to seek out the mark once it has hit the opponent, burying into them in a painfully invasive fashion until they reach the mark, being sustained by this quest all the while. Once the light reaches the mark, it overloads it and causes it to explode violently. This turns victims into ticking time bombs. When used in conjunction with the Rabbit system, Crescent-fuelled marks’ explosion will distribute the true-killing effect through the entire opponent, effectively eradicating their essence. The secondary purpose of Exalted Lights is to exalt the user, treating his aura as though it were the Lunar Field – essentially granting him the personalized effect of being on the Moon’s surface. This makes him lighter and faster given the personal gravity field, creates a small barrier of soundless, airless vacuum around him and enhances his Star-speckled Eye’s sight within his aura. The Moonbrand’s effect in this case is to impose the Lunar Field to the victim, regardless of where they are.
  13. The third Magick is Luna’s Satellites. The main intent of this Magick is to create a plethora of satellites which are used in conjunction to the user’s other systems and biology. These satellites can be programmed for various purposes, and may act independently once they have been summoned. Each of the satellites serves as an extension of the Star-speckled Eye’s sight, greatly augmenting the user’s mental map. Additionally, they can exert gravitational influence, especially in relation to the lunar light, allowing the user to arch their shots and add complex manoeuvres to their assaults. There are two recorded types of satellites, the bigger sphere, roughly the diameter of a man’s forearm, and the smaller, fist sized satellite. The latter is most often seen orbiting the user, defending and attacking with beams of lunar light, which they can charge for bigger, more powerful armour piercing shots, or they can rapid fire. The former is used across the field, to redirect attacks, through arching, or reflecting beams between each other. The larger moons have an added utility, however, and that is spreading a Lunar Field, which is this Magick’s secondary intent. These dust fields can be directly cast by the user, or through the moons, which naturally produce the dusty field when hit by a beam of lunar light. This Lunar Field recreates the Moon’s vacuum-like, low-gravity, dust-ridden surface, along with all of its properties, making it the ideal environment for the Lunars while simultaneously putting opponents at a disadvantage. Within this Lunar Field, the user gains a tactile sense through the dust which he can manipulate and spread, widening the field. In this system, the Moonbrands grant a tracking and homing mechanism, allowing the satellites to track and take down foes and their attacks, no matter where they are, or how they hide. As for the Lunar Field, marked opponents within it find themselves partially to fully silenced, worsening their imposed muteness by negating magick that seeks to counter or ignore the field and the marks.
  15. Prepping table for moon creation
  16. Turns of prep
  17. Moon quality    High-grade  Mid-grade   Low-grade   Scrap-grade
  18. 1 turn              0           1           2           many
  19. 2 turns             1           2           many      even more
  20. 3 turns             2         many      even more    uncountable
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