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  1. There are some persons who pretend that life is only a succession of
  2. misfortunes, which is as much as to say that life itself is a misfortune;
  3. but if life is a misfortune, death must be exactly the reverse and
  4. therefore death must be happiness, since death is the very reverse of
  5. life. That deduction may appear too finely drawn. But those who say that
  6. life is a succession of misfortunes are certainly either ill or poor;
  7. for, if they enjoyed good health, if they had cheerfulness in their heart
  8. and money in their purse, if they had for their enjoyment a Cecilia, a
  9. Marinetta, and even a more lovely beauty in perspective, they would soon
  10. entertain a very different opinion of life! I hold them to be a race of
  11. pessimists, recruited amongst beggarly philosophers and knavish,
  12. atrabilious theologians. If pleasure does exist, and if life is necessary
  13. to enjoy pleasure, then life is happiness. There are misfortunes, as I
  14. know by experience; but the very existence of such misfortunes proves
  15. that the sum-total of happiness is greater. Because a few thorns are to
  16. be found in a basket full of roses, is the existence of those beautiful
  17. flowers to be denied? No; it is a slander to deny that life is happiness.
  18. When I am in a dark room, it pleases me greatly to see through a window
  19. an immense horizon before me.
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