SCP-SL Rules (Site22)

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  1. Welcome to <color=#4286f4>Community Site-22</color>
  3. <b>Join the <link=""><color=#7289DA><u><size=+1>Discord</size></u></color></link> <<-Click Here to stay updated on all recent goings on, rules and also contacting staff or the server owner!
  5. <color="red"> The Rules</color>
  6. 1. No Racism or slurs of any kind. Anything that is homophobic will be a week's ban, any phrases or slurs said even by one's own ethnicity (Example: "I can say it because I am ___") still is not allowed.
  7.     1-A. Being toxic or harassing other players in our community is not going to be tolerated.
  8.     (Ex: shutting doors on teammates, making fun of a players age, insulting extensively and so on.)
  10.     1-B. Mic spam is alright but if done or abused too often may result in a kick if necessary. Players may also mute you so do not be
  11.     surprised.
  13. 2. No Ghosting in any form. This means do not use discord or any communication in a different program to talk with other players who you should not talk to within the game.
  15. 3. No cheating, hacking, abuse of in-game glitches or so on. It will result in a permanent and direct IP-Ban and most likely will also follow with a global ban from all servers issued by official SCP:SL Staff.
  16.     3-A. Holding SHIFT to keep from being disarmed will result in a warning on first offence and further offences will result in
  17.     temporary bans. This only applies when the offender is standing still, moving back or forth but not directly running.
  19.     3-B. We strongly advise not using any in-game glitches as it ruins the fun but will also result in a warning and temporary bans if
  20.     continued.
  22.     3-C. Either killing yourself as a Zombie or being revided as one are not allowed. The first occurence of this will result in a
  23.     warning and a forced respawn as a Zombie. (049-2) If done again, it will result in a temp kick. Punishments will increase further.
  24.     If you are a Zombie and leave again after being turned, it will be a Days ban.
  26. 4. No camping or hiding in an area for an extensive amount of time, especially if it keeps the game lasting longer than it should.
  28. 5. No admin abuse, staff manipulation or any of the sort unless it is approved by the server owner. If you are staff, read the "Staff
  29.    Rules" summary.
  30.     5-A. As SCP-079 you cannot open SCP-106's recontainment doors, nor can you kill other fellow SCPs. Doing so will result in a ban.
  32. 6. If attempting to evade bans you will be given a punishment worse than the one prior. This can lead up to permanent ban from all
  33.    global servers.
  35. 7. We strongly advise you to notify any staff for Community Site-22 that you report any rules being broken. This is so it will help
  36.    improve the server and its community, thank you!
  38. Those are the standard player rules, go have fun!
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