Dog semen can work like a form of birth control for women

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  1. Dog semen can work like a form of birth control for women
  2. 1) Dog sperm is both faster and stronger then human sperm.
  4. - A dog’s uterine track is much longer and harsher then a woman’s. Thus the canine sperm must be more robust
  6. 2) Canine sperm can live in a woman for 9 days.
  8. -Even if her cervix is not ripe and open for sperm, the shape and pressure of the dogs cock forces most of the semen into the woman’s uterus. This is why women claim to feel the “Heat” of the dog’s semen. It is actually the cramping they feel as their uterus is pumped full. This alone may cause her period to start in the next day or two.
  10. 3) Human sperm only lasts 3 days.
  12. Human sperm only gets past the cervix if the woman is ripe to be bred. Otherwise it falls out of her vagina over the next day or two.
  14. 4) If during those 9 days she were to ovulate, the canine sperm will penetrate and fertilize her egg.
  16. - Yes technically the canine sperm will force its way through the eggs cell wall.
  18. 5) Because the chromosomes don’t match, her egg dies shortly after.
  20. - That is right, for a very brief moment she will be pregnant with her canine lovers offspring.
  22. - in fact her egg still gives off some pregnancy hormones. Some women even report some pregnancy symptoms because of this:
  24. Sore Genitals
  26. Tender Breasts
  28. Even Morning Sickness
  30. 6) Leaving her infertile for the rest of her cycle.
  32. - Women usually only ovulate one egg per Cycle. With the amount of canine sperm in her there is no risk if a second or third egg is released.
  34. 7)That is it!
  36. You can google “Can a woman get pregnant from a dog” then look at the first Web MD article
  38. I know this may seem like a repost as you can find an article that I submitted to another tumblr page. This is a more in-depth article covering the same subject.
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