Twilight in the Dark

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  1. >Day twenty of trying to get him out of there, results seemed to be the same.
  2. >Why were you trying to get through to this supposed being?
  3. >Well, that’s because you are Twilight Sparkle, sighing as you looked upon the door that was the entrance of one Anonymous.
  4. >He showed up here nearly a month ago, how and why, you couldn’t quite fathom or explain quite yet.
  5. >Though you were trying your best to, as well as doing what you could do to know more of him.
  6. >Sadly, that turned up nothing but fault. For you see, he refused to answer the door most of the time, only coming out at the wee hours of sunset to walk about the place.
  7. >Despite this being death to your schedule, you were not going to let a resident of Ponyville, let alone somepony as rare as this to go unnoticed.
  8. >After all, you did have some information after all. That in being: He was a being called a Human, he came from a planet called Earth was it? Yes, Earth, and...nothing much else.
  9. >Oh! And of course, he was once more blaring some odd music out from his home, the entirety of Ponyville being able to hear the thing.
  10. >Seriously, you could hear it from the castle even; through the dense crystal walls no less.
  13. >Alas this once more yielded nothing, as you heard yet another line of the ruckus.
  15. >What it could mean, you knew not.
  17. >Sighing once more at coming up empty-hooved, you turn to head back to the castle, suddenly spinning around at the softening music.
  18. >From there you stop to the sounds of tumbling locks, and the door creaking open ever so lightly.
  19. >” Yeah…,’’ he muttered out, the dry, raspy tone sounding like dust itself. >His accent still noted, but sounding more akin to a broken record than anything else.
  20. >Somehow he had ended up looking worse than before.
  21. >Another observation you seemed to notice about him, he looked so…ill.
  22. >You couldn’t put your hoof on it, but it always brought worry given that he never seemed to address it, and if you chose to bring it up, he simply opted to deflect the question.
  23. >Today he happened to have a lovely serving to flushed skin to the point of near transparency by the looks of things, baggy eyes (containing a dead look no less), and the stench of not having had showered for about a week.
  24. >Seriously, he reeked!
  25. >Concern going to level two now, as you looked him up and down, pondering your words over for a second.
  26. ”Ah, Anon! Thank you for opening the door, I was wondering if you were alright?”
  27. >” I’m fine, nothin' ta’ worry about here…”
  28. >Again with the same response, the continued reaction drawing about possibilities of an underlying problem here.
  29. >Concern level was at three.
  30. ”Are you sure? You seem to to be playing your music rather loud, and it’s kind of disturbing everypony.”
  31. >” Oh…sorry, I should've known, my apologies Twilight…”
  32. >Wow..that could have gone better, come on Twilight, you gotta have something you could use to get through to him.
  33. >AHAH! You could invite him to the castle! No doubt a formal sit-down would assist in gathering what had been lying dormant all this time.
  34. ”In any case, I was wondering if you’d like to come to the castle? It’s a lovely day out, and I could perhaps put on some tea? I would love to get to know more about you after all.”
  35. >You could see his facial features flick about for a moment as if questioning something, before falling flat in a matter of seconds. His eyes once more dropping down, as low as the beanie resting above his face.
  36. >” I suppose if it’s not any trouble? I’d hate ta’ waste your time or somethin’ Twilight.”
  37. >Waste your time? Where in Equestria, did he get that idea from?
  38. “Oh, it’s no trouble! No trouble at all! I would be honoured!”
  39. >You noted his features shift again, no doubt thinking the choice over, a slow sigh escaping his lips as he nods.
  40. >” Well…alright, if you insist.”
  41. >Score!
  42. ”Great! Meet me at my castle in about…two hours? Yeah, two hours should be fine! See you then Anonymous!”
  43. >And with that, you would trot off, the smile as to having finally achieved some possible progress on Anon coming into full view. Now…there was only the task of preparing the castle.
  44. >As it were though, you were confused.
  45. >Why were you confused? Well, you were Anon, of course, sighing as you watched the one Princess of Friendship trot off all giddy.
  46. >Why would she even come to ask you to visit her anyhow?
  47. >Did she not see the mess you were in?
  48. >No doubt you were going to fuck something up if you happened to come over no?
  49. >Still she insisted, and whilst you would much rather stay away from possibly making everyone’s (everyponys)? everypony’s life worse, you still opted to have some semblance of morality.
  50. >If anything, at least you could say you were kind before you inevitably made her hate you for the rest of your natural-born life.
  51. >Sighing, you once more turn up the tunes, slugging your way over to your bathroom.
  52. >You looked like a mess.
  53. >Then again, when were you not?
  54. > Shrugging to yourself, you lean your hand down to your toothbrush before slowly retracting it.
  55. >What was the point? She was just going to hate you after today anyhow.
  56. >Sighing once more, you say fuck it, opting to just throw on some better clothes, and add a bit of cologne here and there.
  57. >You know, one that didn't smell like you pulled it out of the nearest landfill.
  58. >With that, you come to plop your ass down once more onto your bed, letting the remaining bits of the playlist dwindle the time needed before your meeting with Twilight.
  59. >As it were, you hardly seemed to notice it all fly by, looking up once more at about two hours, and thirty minutes later.
  60. >Great, you already fucked something up, this was going to go absolutely wonderfully.
  61. >Dragging your sorry ass out of bed, you flip the music off, locking the door, and looking out into the now somewhat early evening of Ponyville.
  62. “Well, time to be the bane of her life,’’ you come to mutter under your breath.
  63. >With that, beginning your trek over to the Crystal Castle, with an ever-slow gate.
  64. >Soon enough though, you would meet the gigantic doors of the castle, the sun now having had made it to about Three O’ clock.
  65. >Making your way up the steps, you knock ever so gently on the door to receive…nothing?
  66. >Heh, maybe she realized how much of a loser you happened to be?
  67. >These thoughts were soon silenced via the door's opening, Twilight’s small dragon companion Spike, coming to the door.
  68. >” Ah Anon! Twilight’s been excepting you! She’s heh…pacing in the main room.”
  69. >Pacing in the what now?
  70. >Why was she…
  71. >You didn’t get a chance to finish that thought, as you were pulled off by the dragon in question.
  72. “Oi, watch it would’cha?”
  73. >Instantly you were brought to another halt, eye to eye with the mare in question.
  74. >A steaming kettle of tea was first to be seen, smoke billowing out of it, as well as the two cups on either side of the table.
  75. >It also seemed that Twilight herself was a bit frazzled, her mane sticking up in random places.
  76. >Upon seeing you, she dawned a light blush. Said blush, becoming a smile seconds later.
  77. >” Ah! Anon! You came!”
  78. >Almost as quickly as you arrived you were greeted to a soft, wing-filled hug by the princess in question, gently moving your arm up, before sighing internally and dropping it.
  79. >Again, she wouldn’t take kindly to your company after today, so what was the point?
  80. >Never the less, it would seem she didn’t notice that, fluttering back over to the chairs in question; said chairs also being brought out by magic, first yours then hers.
  81. >With a subtle hoof-movement, she then motions you to sit.
  82. >You oblige, of course, slowly making your way over, plopping yourself down on the (surprisingly warm) crystal.
  83. >The tea was also pretty good too, and as an Englishman, you could attest.
  84. >Seems she put out the stops, again, making you feel bad for what was about to come.
  85. >” So Anon, how have you been? How’s the life in Ponyville treating you?”
  86. >Starting with that route of thought huh?
  87. >How were you supposed to get that one out without saying something stupid?
  88. “Well…fine I suppose. It’s here, it’s there, nothin' much you know?”
  89. >This got an eyebrow raise out of her, as you both took an in-sync sip of your respective cups.
  90. >Placing them both down yet again at the same time.
  91. >You would also note her eyes flicking back and forth as if calculating something.
  92. >” Really? I’m quite surprised by that. Usually, there’s always something happening in Ponyville. How about friends, have you made any since our last talk?”
  93. >Oh gods, how were you supposed to answer that one without raising any red flags?
  94. >” Umm, not many ponies come down to my home you know? I mean, other than the bloody mail-mare, but she’s always off in a huff.”
  95. >Again that eye glance, a small tingle of tenseness running up your back as you saw it again.
  96. >An internal shock if you had to put a number to it.
  97. >” Oh, and if you don’t mind me asking, what was that music you were playing? It sounded quite…interesting.”
  98. >What? For what reason could she possibly be interested in that?
  99. “Oh that…just some old tunes I have, nothing much really.”
  100. >” I must digress! Actually, I think they are unique, you must share it with me sometimes.”
  101. >Again, why would she be interested in that. Hell, why would she be interested in anything you had? You knew what you had? The answer, utter void and gas.
  102. “I mean…I suppose it couldn’t hurt? I wouldn’t want to be a burden on you or anything.”
  103. >” Oh me? Oh don’t be silly Anonymous, it’s not a burden.”
  104. >Lies! All lies! You were a burden! You were nothing more!
  105. >But you don’t say anything, you just sip your tea, as she continues to her calculating glances. More fire being spewed up with the passing seconds. Though something else coming from it as well, something more…cold.
  106. “What about you Twilight?”
  107. >Hmm?” She asks, ears perked in an admittingly adorable way.
  108. “What have you been up to?”
  109. >” Oh me? Well, the same old, same old. Princess duties here and there, your typical delegations now and again, and the occasional flag dropping.”
  110. >The what?
  111. >” Other than that though, I am spending my time with my friends. OH! YOU SHOULD MEET THEM! They are lovely ponies Anon, I’m sure you’ll fight right in.”
  112. >At the word “friends”, you begin blurring out, the mare’s words seeming to clump together, as white noise overtook your senses.
  113. >Heh..and the funny thing was, the thoughts were right.
  114. >Seems Twilight once more noticed your downed look, tilting her head as she said your name.
  115. >The first dozen times or so yielded nothing, but then…
  116. >” ANON!”
  117. >Jolting up, you were met with the concerned Twilight once more, taking a gulp, as you looked down to your (thankfully empty) teacup.
  118. “Uhh…hey umm listen Twilight, I gotta go do somethin’. It’s been a blast and a half, but umm...I gotta go.”
  119. >And with that you nearly race out the door, the ever more concerned look on the mare’s face not being seen in your mad dash.
  120. >Nor did you hear her yell out “SEE YOU SOON!”
  121. >You did it though.
  122. >Congratulations Anon, you fucked up! You could tell without a shadow of a doubt, that she was done with you now.
  123. >As such, you race right back home, slamming the door shut behind you with a fury of a thousand suns. From there, you pop a bottle of cider, savouring the hiss, and slam the playlist on shuffle; volume to max. Ponies be damned, this was how you were going to sleep tonight.
  125. >And once more, you were concerned.
  126. >Why? Well, that’s because you were Twilight, of course, gently putting away the cups and the kettle.
  127. >What could have roused him like that?
  128. >Was it something you said?
  129. >No, it couldn’t be. And what was with that question about him being a burden?
  130. >Why did he seem to constantly ask himself and those around him that?
  131. >You didn’t quite know, but you were going to find out. Alas, you needed more data.
  132. >You also needed to check on Anonymous.
  133. >Truly, you hoped he happened to be alright, in whatever way that would be.
  134.  >As it were, the night would soon become day, your head pounding in protest as you got up.
  135. >Why was this?
  136. >Well, because you were Anon once more, sighing, as you clutched your head in agony.
  137. >How much did you happen to drink last night?
  138. >Looking about, you soon get your answer in the form of four strewn-about bottles of hard cider, sighing as you slowly drag your sorry carcass out of bed.
  139. >From there you simply toss the bottles into a nearby corner, flipping the music off for the time being.
  140. >Speaking of time, what was it?
  141. >Ten in the morning? Ahh...not too bad, you supposed, considering you had nothing much to do today. (Or any day.)
  142. >Plopping back down onto your bed with a cup of water, you grunt in distaste after the first sip.
  143. >Pony water, not as good as you would hope. None the less, you press on, doing your best to stomach it anyhow.
  144. >Suddenly though, you jolt up at a knock at your door.
  145. >Who could that be at this hour? Nobody comes here on mornings.
  146. >Shambling over you come to gingerly open the door, wincing as the light smacked you in the face.
  147. >The pony in question? Oh, just Twilight.
  148. >Wait, what? Twilight, what could she possibly want with you? It was far too early even for her.
  149. > “Ah Anon, you’re awake!”
  150. >Regrettably.
  151. >” I was wondering if you wanted to go get some breakfast. Heh, I woke up a bit late myself, and well I couldn’t think of a better chance to continue getting to know you!”
  152. >Late? Her? Ok, what was she playing at here?
  153. >You didn’t know the mare all that well, but she didn’t seem like the “late” type.
  154. >Then again, what did you know about people? You simply messed up their lives till they thought you a menace.
  155. >Still, it wouldn’t be the “courteous” thing to decline. Nor would it be kind.
  156. >Besides, if she was giving you a second chance after yesterday’s fuck up, maybe you could have a chance to salvage this no?
  157. >Oh who were you kidding, this was going to fail spectacularly.
  158. >None the less…
  159. “I suppose it couldn’t hurt I guess…Just give me a moment? I just gotta…get a few things.”
  160. >” Oh, no problem at all!”
  161. >And with that, you nod, closing the door with a sigh. As it were, your current clothes didn’t seem half bad, not as pristine as before, but still not smelling like you yanked it out of the toilet or something.
  162. >As for your smell?
  163. >Well, you did the same as before, running your hands through your black locks, sighing in earnest, your beanie being tossed back upon your head.
  164. >To your surprise, Twilight was still there once you opened the door, a simple nod being all that was needed to tell her you were ready.
  165. >To that she just smiled, trotting to your side, as you both walked off into the now almost mid-day.
  166. >As it were, you had to admit for once in your life you noticed some implications of an appetite, a rumble here and there, but nothing much otherwise.
  167. >Weird but, whatever.
  168. >Never the less, it wouldn’t take long for you to reach the diner she was taking you to, seemingly a new place that served more breakfast-based things as opposed to Sugar Cube Corner.
  169. >You would never admit it, but you hated the intense sweets, you preferred something more…filing for a meal.
  170. >Less time to go back out, and more space for cider.
  171. >The building itself was also far more inviting, reds and dark browns painting the walls, as opposed to the eye-killing pink, and a compliment of some grey roofs, as opposed to…whatever it was Pinkie’s place had as a roof.
  172. >Clinking through the front door, the hostess would instantly perk up, obviously surprised at the sight before her.
  173. >That, and or she was playing it up for Twilight. Either way, she seemed to be at attention.
  174. > “Good Morning! Welcome to Happy Oats, may I interest you in a table for two?”
  175. >God, her attitude was over the top.
  176. >None the less, you see Twilight nod in response, the waitress happily carrying you both to a rather large booth in the back.
  177. >A large oak table, and two red and dark brown chairs stand out as your seats for the afternoon.
  178. > From there, Twilight easily magicked her chair out, doing the same for you, as you sat opposite her.
  179. > “Alright, I’ll be right back for you two lovebirds.”
  180. “ Wait, we’re not..”
  181. >You didn’t have enough time to say something otherwise to the mare, sighing, as you watched her trot off into the kitchen.
  182. >Bloody lovely, just what you needed.
  183. >This even seemed to spur a blush of embarrassment from the mare before you as well, no doubt upset.
  184. > “So Anon, how are you doing? I got worried when you stormed off yesterday.”
  185. >What? Worried about you? No, that couldn’t be right.
  186. >Never the less, you conjured up your bullshit as always.
  187. “Oh, I’m fine, no need ta' worry Twilight.”
  188. >No movement of your features to rouse suspicion just as you usually kept it.
  189. > “Are you sure?”
  190. >You once more answer her with a nod, hoping to put her in a rut. But, it seems she was once more one step ahead of you, her smile still being dawned upon her features despite it all.
  191. > “Well, alright, if you say so. Please do know if anything is ever the matter, I am willing to talk, or just be there if you need me to.”
  192. >You hardly doubted that to hold any water, but you left it at that, looking up as the hostess once more trotted back to you both.
  193. >Around this time, you would finally make out what she looked like, not having had gotten a good look when you walked in here.
  194. >As it were, she dawned a pure off-white coat, green eyes, and a simple orange mane. Nothing too bad in your eyes, but that mattered not.
  195. > “Alright, can I start you two off with something?”
  196. > “Oh, I’ll take a daffodil sandwich and some hay fries for me. As well as a glass of water.”
  197. >Nodding along, she looks to you.
  198. > “And you sir?”
  199. >Not really having had gotten a chance to look at the menu in your dwelling, you just opt for the first thing that comes to mind.
  200. > “Pancakes, beans, and some tea perhaps?”
  201. > Classic English-style as it always should be.
  202. >Even with the surprised look on her face, she nods and pencils it down, trotting off to go get your orders rung up.
  203. >Twilight herself seemed to be slightly more giddy, possibly having had learnt another small part of you.
  204. > “Pancakes and beans huh? An interesting choice, most ponies don’t go for beans.”
  205. “ I like them, proper sweet taste I suppose…”
  206. >Again your tone dull and lifeless, but Twilight seemed to take it in stride, smiling and nodding.
  207. > “I see, perhaps I will have to try it sometime.”
  208. >Not knowing how to carry on the conversation from here, (and not like your ass would have anything to say), you opt to shut your mouth till the food arrived.
  209. >And when it did, boy did it arrive, the intoxicating mix of sugar and carbs concocting in a manner quite like you only remembered from one place.
  210. >As it were, it gave you a taste of solace.
  211. >Twilight seemed to notice this, tilting her head once more curiously, but opting not to say anything as you both tucked into your meal without a word.
  212. >Oh god was it good, seriously, it surprised you how well the ponies seemed to match it to the real thing.
  213. >If it were, it gave you a slight tinge of…something, before fading back into nothingness, as you internally sighed to yourself.
  214. >You weren’t worth it.
  215. >Once you both finished up, you come to sip at your tea, tiling your head, as you realized that Twilight was looking at you.
  216. “Hmm?”
  217. >” Oh nothing, nothing at all.”
  218. >Again, this was weird for her, but you didn’t choose to question it.
  219. >Shrugging to yourself once more, you eventually look up to her, patting your pockets to show…well, your fucking worthless arse didn’t have money soo…
  220. > “Oh! Not to worry Anon, I’ve got it!”
  221. >Course she did, well fewer problems for you you supposed, standing up and giving a simple nod to the hostess mare, heading out the way you came.
  222. >It would seem Twilight was not done with her matters of contemplation, however, opting to walk with you back home.
  223. > “So Anon, what’s your plan for the rest of the day?”
  224. >Same as always, sleep till you hopefully passed away. Not like there was anything else you could do that would offer some benefit to this world.
  225. >Still, you contemplated how that would come out to her. Then, you remembered that it didn’t matter, as the situation would only make things worse no matter how you played it.
  226. >You were that much of a fuck up.
  227. “Well Twi, I’m just gonna head back home, and probably have a good ol’ rest.”
  228. >” Again? But Anon, it’s the middle of the day!”
  229. “Best time as any...”
  230. >” But...but that doesn’t make any sense! By the looks of it you operate at day, why would you be going back to sleep in the middle of it?”
  231. “Just am Twi, nothin' to be concerned about. Trust me.”
  232. >” But…”
  233. >She opened her mouth to attempt another rebuttal, sighing to herself as she seemed to realize you’d only shut her down if she tried, muttering something you really couldn’t hear.
  234. >Probably the insults you deserved.
  235. >None the less though, you would soon enough make it back home, the door being opened the inky darkness that was your abode.
  236. >Just how you liked it.
  237. > “Are you sure you want to go back to sleep Anon? I am sure there’s something else better you can do, there has to be something, anything.”
  238. “Sorry Twi, just the way it is. Feel free to swing by I suppose, if you want.”
  239. >And with that, you would shut the door, heading over to the playlist once more and spinning it up, grabbing free another cider as you slogged it down.
  240. >After all, it was all you were good for.
  241. >And now you were sad, well, more than that worried.
  242. >Again, you were Twilight Sparkle, ears down, as you sighed at the now-closed door.
  243. >You could tell something was up, you weren’t stupid, hay, you could tell he was being troubled.
  244. >Though, you couldn’t help or get anywhere if he wouldn’t tell you.
  245. >You had hoped getting a meal would help, but in reality, it only seemed to give the same set of results you usually got.
  246. >Though you did learn that he liked beans, maybe you could do something with that?
  247. >Sighing again, you let your features fall yet again, mulling over what to do.
  248. >You wanted to help him, but you couldn’t even begin to figure out how!
  249. >You hated this, but more so, you hated seeing him like this. There had got to be somepony who knew something, somepony who knew his whereabouts, or what he liked. Pinkie maybe? It was a plausible start.
  250. >Maybe Applejack? You knew he sometimes worked on the farm from time to time when he first arrived.
  251. >Rarity could have something, hay, she always had the latest gossip on everypony around town.
  252. >You doubted Rainbow or Fluttershy would be much help in this situation, he never really hung out with either of them, and you guessed that even if he did, the possibility of them having useful information to you would be null and void.
  253. >You would just have to approach this by investigating through them and continuing your approaches with Anon. If the sources didn’t turn up anything, perhaps he would crack himself.
  254. >Oh Celestia you hoped.
  255. >Maybe you could find a way to tap into his dreams as well?
  256. >You didn’t know.
  257. > Perhaps Luna would be of assistance in those matters? You weren’t sure, but if she oversaw his dreams, maybe she could give you some insight into what was going on there?
  258. >It was your only secondary option at this point, and most likely the most effective.
  259. >No doubt this was going to be your biggest problem to solve yet, but you were determined.
  260. >For Anon!
  261. >You pump your hoof into the air at such a thought, everypony staring, wondering what got into their princess.
  262. >Whoops!
  263. “Eh-heh, sorry everypony!”
  264. >With that though, they trot off to their tasks, you to your mission at hand.
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