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  1. Offering you a hello as I place my bag down on a table, I look down the line of kennels, asking, "would you like me to feed this side?" my blonde head nodding to the row opposite you, trying to find a way to be useful as a volunteer
  2. 21:57:07
  3. G|RobertNeville
  4. "That'd be great. Just be careful with the food. The bag weighs about as much as you do lol" *He points to the bag by your feet. As soon as you turn to look for the bag and scoop, you can almost feel his eyes on your butt already*
  5. 21:59:11
  6. G|aKnottyGirl4RP
  7. Nodding, I rub my hands together as though it will summon some additional strength, bending at the waist, hips jutting back as I grip the edges and try to lift, failing abysmally and laughing at my own defeat. Chewing my lower lip and lifting a brow, I shrug and resign to fill a bowl at a time, returning to the bag after each kennel until the bag itself is light enough to carry*
  8. 22:00:48
  9. G|RobertNeville
  10. each dog wagging its tail as you walk up to the kennel. jumping around excited, tails wagging. not just to be fed, but also a new person here. new smells. the smaller dogs are first in your line, but the dogs seem to get bigger and bigger as you go down the row
  11. 22:07:55
  12. G|aKnottyGirl4RP
  13. (Sorry, was waiting for another post) Sliding a finger through the cages to let them sniff me while also rubbing the snouts of the little ones, my confidence starts to wane when the dogs get bigger, their size more intimidating than any demeanor. Looking to a German shepherd, I smile and speak gently, offering the bowl of food, but wanting to make contact with him before letting him partake in his dinner*
  14. 22:10:02
  15. G|RobertNeville
  16. each dog showing its own personality. some happy, others a bit tense, one that ignored you and continued to lick himself, another slept, then you met Duke at the end. His eyes watching you the whole time. HIs body tense and gaze locked on you. His nose sniffing your hand when you offer it. Then licking. The entire time, never taking his intense eyes off of you
  17. 22:12:55
  18. G|aKnottyGirl4RP
  19. Heart pounding when he approaches my hand, I almost expect him to take a nip, the lick instead taking me by surprise, making me smile, my hand moving deeper into the cage, stroking his maw then scratching his head as my bright baby blues remain locked on his, gently cooing, "Hi, Duke. I'm Cayla" introducing myself as though he's another human*
  20. 22:15:22
  21. G|RobertNeville
  22. The beast sniffs up your wrist. He opens his powerful jaw and wraps the wet lips around your hand. Not biting, but holding on with no intention of letting go. His eyes locked on you. Tugging on your arm, nearly pulling you into the cage's door. Growling in his throat when your body won't fit through the closed door. So he pulls again, harder this time. The alpha obviously attempting you pull you into his cage
  23. 22:19:14
  24. G|aKnottyGirl4RP
  25. My heart skips a beat when he grips me, my other hand reaching against the cage door to try and fight your pull. Feeling your jaws clamp a little when I resist, I chew my lower lip nervously and look over my shoulder, about to speak until I realize I'm alone, only the random barks of dogs filling the room. Mind racing, I reach for the master key and unlock the door, intending to gain enough leverage to free myself from your
  26. 22:20:03
  27. G|aKnottyGirl4RP
  28. from the dog's strong pull, my young frame stepping into the cage as I laugh, "I need to feed the rest of your brother's and sisters, Duke" and tug gently again*
  29. 22:22:02
  30. G|RobertNeville
  31. paws planting on the grassy floor and lifting the tail, no intention of letting go. natural instinct of PULL flashing through the brain. The harder you pull, the harder he pulls. Tugging, growling, until you are forced into the cage. The door closing behind you as soon as your feet cross the threshhold. The other dogs watching. Knowing you are now in Duke's personal cage. And only one of you can be the alpha
  32. 22:25:05
  33. G|aKnottyGirl4RP
  34. My brows furrow and I try to raise my voice, being stern as I insist, "Release, Duke" the clang of the door behind me making me jump with surprise, distracted as I turn to see the door, my momentary lapse giving him another advantage, pulling me off balance, catching myself at the last moment but still lowered to my knees before the large shepherd
  35. 22:28:08
  36. G|RobertNeville
  37. the bitch is now on her knees. one more hard tug pulls you off again, causing you to fall forward. Leaving you with the choice of putting your hands out to ctach you, or to fall face first to the grass. The moment your self preservation instinct hits you and your hands hit the floor, your fate was seeled. Duke now had you in position. He knew it and the pack watching knew it. Duke then jumps his front paws up onto your shoulde
  38. 22:28:44
  39. G|RobertNeville
  40. shoulders. His furry tummy on top of your head. Your face trapped under his body. And then you see it. His red rocket begin to push out in front of you
  41. 22:33:00
  42. G|aKnottyGirl4RP
  43. I grunt and protest, "Duke..." with the furrow of my brows, hands pressing against the grass as I try to stand, your weight above me effectively keeping me pinned, only having about a 30lbs advantage over you that's completely useless in this position. Lifting my head, my bright blue eyes finally catch sight of your low hanging balls and dark sheath, my porcelain cheeks blushing as I see your red rocket starting to protrude,
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