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1-3* units

lillyaaa Dec 13th, 2018 58 Never
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  1. - mash kyrielight
  2. extremely strong GOAT tier unit, she gets especially strong during and after camelot where she gets a couple of upgrades to her skills and noble phantasm. also she has a 0 team cost. probably the best defensive unit in the entire game. her skills are worth getting to 10/10/10 too!
  4. sabers:
  5. - julius caesar (single target. quite annoying to level up because he requires highly sought after materials but he's not particularly awful. he looks kinda ugly but he's not terrible)
  7. archer:
  8. - arash (one of the best units in the game and he's really cheap. his noble phantasm does AoE damage and he dies after using it so you can get a better and more useful support in. he's mostly used for farming purposes and i wouldn't recommend using him for the story mode but he's an essential unit to have later on for farming. he should be one of the fiirst guys to raise. get his skills to 1/1/9 or even 10 if you feel comfortable using the lore)
  9. - robin hood (he's quite good for ST nuking)
  10. - euryale (shines in a couple of fights during camelot. she has a charm and does lots of damage against male targets. outside of this niche she's still quite good; i'd recommend raising her for sure)
  11. - david (chad unit david helps stall teams with his team-wide evade. not the GOATest unit but he's useful in a couple of scenarios)
  13. lancer:
  14. - leonidas (KEEP THIS HOMIE AT LEVEL 1!!!!!! he provides a taunt which is extremely useful for cheesing the later bosses)
  15. - cu chulainn (chad unit. called a cockroach because he has a lot of survivability. not someone you need for story mode but he's cool and worth raising eventually)
  16. - jaguar man (taiga)
  18. rider:
  19. - georgios (same as leonidas)
  20. - ushiwakamaru (can be a little awkward sometimes but she's a very good budget single target unit that is worth raising)
  21. - medusa
  23. casters:
  24. - mozart (he buffs your team quite well which can be useful for certain farming/boss killing purposes. he's not essential or anything but he's nice to have)
  25. - shakespeare (essential farming unit)
  26. - hans christian andersen (he's okay for some buffing purposes)
  27. - medea (yes)
  28. - geronimo (worst unit in the game)
  30. assassins:
  31. - hassan of the cursed arm (budget fuuma)
  32. - fuuma kotaro (budget jack)
  34. berserker:
  35. - spartacus (essential farming unit because of AoE NP and self NP charge)
  36. - asterios (can be absolutely broken in the correct setup)
  37. - lu bu (really strong farming unit, especially at NP5, because he can nuke basically anything. outdamages even a lot of 5*s)
  39. so here's a final list of shit you should prioritize a lot:
  41. High priority: MASH!!!!!!!!!!!, euryale, arash, spartacus (yes i know he's really ugly but its worth it i swear)
  42. Mid priority: lu bu, david, robin hood, ushi, shakespeare
  43. Low priority: the rest
  45. the other 1-3* not mentioned are either particularly niche or not something you should worry about as of right now even though a couple of the omitted ones are pretty damn good (paracelsus, serenity hassan)
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