The Chronicles Of Alexstrasza CH2EP1 Walkthrough

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  1. o======================================================================o
  2. Here's my walkthrough of Chapter 2 Episode 1, version 1.0b. I'll probably update it if there's a new public release of a new version. The walkthrough is based off my complete second playthrough of the game, so it should include a complete list of everything, or at least sufficient enough to get you all the scenes.
  4. A draft/quick list which I made during my first playthrough (so it's slightly incomplete and outdated, but still includes all scenes) is also available, along with an easy-reference list of platinum ore, mushroom, and buried treasure locations complete with screenshots of each - credits go to the other helpful forum users for the screenshots (Kemono, xcopy, and isa.pinter).
  6. Note : After I'm done with the full walkthrough, I might get rid of the draft and make an update quick list. Might also do a scenes list if I have the time and effort.
  8. Updates:
  9. Time/date is in GMT+8 if anyone's curious.
  10. 8/9/14, 2.15pm - Added a list of clothes, for the sake of reference/content. Also, formatted the walkthrough with some colour for (hopefully) easier reading, and fixed some minor typing issues
  11. 7/9/14, 3.45pm - Finished with the guide!
  12. 6/9/14, 1.25am - Worked on the walkthrough a considerable amount. It should be fully complete the next time I work on it.
  13. 5/9/14, 7.15pm - Noted that the two buried treasures (the ring and the gemstone) can be combine into a much more valuable treasure to sell. Thanks to Syrain for the info.
  14. 5/9/14, 12.06pm - Added a new 5th mushroom location, credit to xcopy for finding it along with the screenshot.
  15. o======================================================================o
  17. Content Arrangement:
  18. 0. Notes
  19. 1. Draft/Quick List
  20. 2. Ore vein locations, with screenshots.
  21. 3. Buried treasure locations, with screenshots.
  22. 4. Mushroom locations, with screenshots.
  23. 5. Other stuff.
  24. 6. Full walkthrough [WIP].
  26. Things to note:
  28. - How saves work.
  29. Save files are a little strange. If you use quicksave and quickload (F5 and F6 respectively) throughout the whole game, you won't have any problems. However, if you use the full saves (Slot 01 - Slot 10), the game will only load from the latest saved slot. You can find your save files in <Game install directory>\Binaries\Win32\UserCode\
  31. My personal method of save management is as follows (remember to make your you're not overwriting an important save while doing this.):
  32. i. Save the game as I normally would, up to Slot 10.
  33. ii. Once I run out of slots, I back-up all my current 10 saves, and start saving over from Slot 01 again.
  34. iii. When I intend to load a specific slot, I pick one of the backed-up saves, and rename it to what my latest saved slot is. For example, if I have just saved in Slot08 a second ago and want to load
  35. the save from Slot02, I backup my current Slot08 save and rename my Slot02 save to Slot08. Then, when I load my game, it will load from Slot08 (which is now replaced with Slot02's save).
  37. P.S. QuickSave may be your latest saved slot (instead of Slots 1 - 10, so take note).
  39. - The 'I' key opens your full inventory, while the 'Q' key opens your quick inventory.
  40. - Press F5 to quick save, and F6 to quick load - which loads your latest saved slot (whether it is a quick save or full save). For more information on how save files work in this game, see the top of the post.
  41. - Remember to save often, there are places where you can get stuck and can't move.
  42. - Console commands crash the game, so don't try to change your speed or noclip.
  44. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  45. >> Draft/Quick List
  46. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  47. List is slightly outdated. Missing some stuff, but still complete enough to get all the scenes and complete the game. Full walkthrough below is up-to-date, leaving this here simply for the archive/reference sake.
  48. Quote:
  49. 0. Home.
  50. - Quest start: Get wine.
  51. 1. Real Badman's house.
  52. - Quest start: Get fertilizer.
  53. 2. WhoreCraft Club.
  54. - Quest start: Bunny girl for futa night elves.
  55. * Pick up mushroom nearby, dig up ring near waterfall.
  56. 3. Alchemist's/Doc's house.
  57. * Pick up knife upstairs.
  58. - Quest start: Deliver ED potion to guard.
  59. - Quest start: Collect grave moss.
  60. 4. City gate.
  61. > Quest complete: Hand over the ED potion.
  62. 5. 'Whore' tied to tree (Janette).
  63. * Cut rope using knife.
  64. - Quest start: Retrieve clothes.
  65. 6. Enter city (through shortcut).
  66. * Look through keyhole on right door.
  67. 7. Goblin's house.
  68. * Get dancer's costume in upstairs wardrobe.
  69. 8. Janette's house.
  70. * Get clothes from upstairs wardrobe.
  71. 9. Jannete.
  72. > Quest complete: Give her her clothes back.
  73. - Quest start: Meet up in tavern.
  74. 10. Cemetary.
  75. > Quest start: Find demonic necklace.
  76. * See map.
  77. 11. Shop
  78. * Sell shovel, ring.
  79. * Buy fertilizer.
  80. 12. Real Badman's house.
  81. > Quest complete: Give him the fertilizer.
  82. + Gold
  83. 13. Shop
  84. * Buy pickaxe, shovel.
  85. * Mine ore veins (at least 1 required, cemetery closest).
  86. 14. Shop
  87. * Sell ore (at least 1 required).
  88. * Buy wine.
  89. 15. Strange tree (from map).
  90. * Dig for necklace under rock.
  91. * Pick up mushroom nearby.
  92. 16. Shop.
  93. * Sell necklace.
  94. * Buy bunny costume.
  95. 17. Lake.
  96. * Service futa night elves.
  97. 18. WhoreCraft Club.
  98. > Quest complete: Collect pay for futa job.
  99. + Gold
  100. - Quest start: Help the lonely hunter.
  101. 19. Shop.
  102. * Sell bunny costume.
  103. * Re-buy demonic necklace. Buy maid outfit.
  104. 20. Cemetary.
  105. > Quest complete: Return the necklace and free the dwarf directory.
  106. * Collect grave moss (x3).
  107. 21. Alchemist's/Doc's house.
  108. > Quest complete: Hand in 1 of the 3 grave moss.
  109. + Gold
  110. 22. Hunter's house.
  111. * Service the lonely hunter.
  112. [?] + Gold
  113. 23. Stables beside club.
  114. * Film the porno.
  115. + Gold
  116. 24. Whorecraft Club.
  117. > Quest complete: Collect pay for hunter job.
  118. + Gold
  119. 25. Shop.
  120. * Buy dildo.
  121. 26. Home.
  122. * Have shower with aunt.
  123. * Play with self on bed.
  124. > Quest complete: Hand over the wine.
  125. * Go to bed (under stairs).
  126. // Highly optional
  127. 27. Shop.
  128. * Sell everything, get over 1400 gold.
  129. 28. Cemetary.
  130. * Buy BDSM outfit.
  131. //
  132. 29. Tavern.
  133. * Meet Janette.
  134. 30. Shop.
  135. * Sell BDSM outfit if short on gold, can re-buy later.
  136. * Re-buy maid outfit.
  137. 31. Tarven.
  138. * Return to Janette after getting maid outfit.
  139. 32. Dealer's house.
  140. * Talk to Jan under tree opposite front gate.
  141. * Enter house, open back gate and deal with the guards.
  142. 33. WhoreCraft Club.
  143. * Enter hideout on upper floor.
  144. 34. Mayor's house.
  145. > Quest start: Go stay with Doc the Alchemist.
  146. > Quest start: Find Jaina's student.
  147. 35. Worgen ruins.
  148. - Quest complete: Free Alori and Tri'Ka from the worgens.
  149. * Lure the female worgen into the trap.
  150. 36. Alchemist's/Doc's house.
  151. - Quest complete: Enter Doc's house.
  152. * Help him with the problem.
  153. 37. Forest near WhoreCraft Club.
  154. * Approach Doc's wife being assaulted.
  155. 38. Warehouse.
  156. * Climb up corner of roof, sneak in through window.
  157. 39. Ship.
  158. * Meet up with the others.
  160. /!\ GAME END
  163. ** Note: Credits go to Kemono for the screenshots below. Thanks! Source: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=365&p=3424#p342 **
  164. ** Note 2: Thanks to xcopy for the 5th mushroom location. Same source as above. **
  166. >> Ore vein locations
  167. You'll need the pickaxe to mine these. Costs 75 gold in the city store.
  168. The platinum ore sells for 125 gold each, a very good source of money.
  169. Quote:
  170. 1. Behind the stables at your starting home.
  172. 2. On a hill facing Doc's house (the alchemist). Missed this one personally.
  174. 3. In the cemetery, against a rock right at the end near the inaccessible house. This one is closest to the city shop, so you can go right for this one after buying it for a quick 125 gold.
  176. 4. In the forest, near the funky looking tree where you find the demonic necklace for the succubi - behind a rock formation.
  180. >> Buried treasure locations
  181. You'll need the shovel to dig these up. Get the shovel for free outside your starting home, it's leaning against the well to the left after you exit the house. Sells for 15 itself gold at the shop.
  182. Update: You can combine both the ring and the gemstone to create a new Ring with gemstone that sells for 700 gold. Don't sell them individually! Thanks to Syrain for the info.
  183. Quote:
  184. 1. On the way down to the waterfall beside the broken bridge at the end of the forest. You can see the waterfall in this screenshot. Item: 'Ring without a gemstone', sells for 10 gold INDIVIDUALLY.
  186. 2. Very near the worgen ruins, where Alori and Tri'Ka are taken prisoner. This place is outdoors outside the city. Item: 'Very expensive ruby', sells for 270 gold INDIVIDUALLY.
  190. >> Mushroom locations
  191. You only need 1 to complete the quest given to you by Doc the Alchemist. All of them are found in the forest outside the city. The other 3 you can freely sell for a meager 20 gold each.
  192. Quote:
  193. 1. Opposite the path up to Doc's house nearby Real Badman's farmhouse. It's very close to a large rock. You can see the arch in the screenshot.
  195. 2. Opposite the hunter's house (the one with the two skull adornments outside, same hunter from the Whorecraft Club quest), by a fallen trunk. You can see the house in the screenshot.
  197. 3. Right beside the strange tree from the cemetery succubi quest.
  199. 4. Behind the lone house with the big wheat field, opposite the Whorecraft Club. Follow the view as seen in the screenshot.
  201. [NEW] 5. At the end of the path downslope towards the waterfall. You can see the waterfall in the screenshot.
  205. >> Other stuff
  207. Outfits/Clothes (unlockable):
  208. Quote:
  209. 1. My standard silken outfit
  210. - You get this at the start of the game by default.
  211. 2. Tight spandex leggings and a top that barely holds my tits (Dancer's outfit)
  212. - Found in the secret-entrance-into-the-city house, in a wardrobe by the bed.
  213. 3. Sexy maid's outfit
  214. - Bought from the city shop for
  215. 4. Bunny-girl outfit
  216. - Bought from the city shop for 900 gold.
  217. 5. BDSM outfit
  218. - Bought from the cemetery succubus AFTER you've completed the related quest (Quest F: Finding the demonic necklace. in the walkthrough below).
  220. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  221. >> Full guide/Walkthrough
  222. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  223. Notes:
  224. - There are some objectives that take some time to complete, so I've noted them down as "quests".
  225. - Lines below marked with an asterisk (*) are additional actions you can take to access dialogue and other miscellany.
  227. [I.] Starting out (Home)
  229. Quest A start: Get a bottle of wine from the city.
  230. You're asked by your "master" to get a bottle of wine from the city.
  232. * Speak to your "master" to complain about him taking all your money.
  233. * You can play Sironas' guitar, it's cool but does nothing practical.
  234. 1. Leave the house through the door, you'll have to get dressed first. Get the standard outfit from the wardrobe near the door, and put it on using the inventory (press 'i' or 'q' keys).
  235. 2. Outside the house, grab the shovel leaning against the well to your left, then follow along the path to leave. The road to the stables is a dead end. There is a platinum ore vein behind this stable, but you'll need a pickaxe to mine it, which we'll get much later. Follow further up the slope path to leave your house compound.
  236. * You can say hi to your horse Windy - no scene here unfortunately.
  237. 3. Down the hillside, there is a shallow lake with some futa night elves (you'll need to find them here later). Behind them are a couple inaccessible houses and a Skyrim Dark Brotherhood door.
  238. * If you 'use' the door, it tells you your time has not come yet. I don't think the door does anything else.
  239. 4. After that, leave this starting area by following the left hillside. Turn left past the lake and you'll come across a fallen log you'll have to walk under.
  241. [II.] Exploring the wilderness (Forest)
  243. 1. The first building you'll probably come is an inaccessible house surrounded by rose bushes, with a barn beside it. Geto in through the big window holes on the side of the barn. Inside is Real Badman, the tauren from the previous episodes.
  245. Quest B start: Fertilizer for Badman.
  246. Badman asks for your help to get fertilizer for his "herbs".
  248. 2. Leave through the door. On your way out, you'll run into his blood elf wife, Kyla. You'll briefly introduce yourself then you can carry on.
  249. 3. Turn left and further travel along this hillside by taking the left path. The next building you'll come across is the hunter's house with the two skull adornments. Right opposite his house is a large fallen log, go to the right end and pick up the mushrooms.
  250. Screenshot:
  251. 4. Nothing else to do here, so carry on along the path keeping left. At the edge of the path you'll come across another skull-on-a-stick with a lamp on it. Right ahead, you'll notice a large clearing in the lower ground, proceed down here towards the pile of trees on the green.
  252. 5. In the center, there is a weird tree with tendril-like branches. We'll call this the Funky Tree. You can see a mushroom very plainly right beside it - pick it up.
  253. 6. Looking to the right, there is a weird rock formation with a tall rock jutting out. Behind it is another platinum ore vein, so try to remember this location.
  254. 7. Right ahead (along the edge of the map) there is a Worgen camp along the rocks, where Alori and Tri'ka (from previous episodes) are taken prisoner. Can't help them right now. Dig for the buried treasure here by the camp, to get a valuable item (Very expensive ruby) - you'll have to use your shovel from the inventory. Keep this item to combine with the other buried treasure later.
  255. Screenshot:
  256. * Talking to the lady worgen leader will have her chase you away.
  257. 8. Now that we're at the edge of the map, time to double back - use the path at the Worgen camps to follow back. You'll pass the really big building with the tavern sign that has a barn beside it (we'll need to return here later for a scene, this is the 'barn beside the club').
  258. 9. The building on the hill beside it is the Whorecraft Club, run by a draenei called Lightning - uh, I mean Auriella. Listen to the many customers complain one by one, then try to score a job which she will finally give you.
  260. Quest C start: Bunny girl for the night elves.
  261. A group of night elves *ladies* by the lake are looking for a bunny girl for entertainment.
  263. * There's a draenei and tauren having fun in the VIP section near the back of this floor. A fel orc bodyguard blocks your way, so you can only look.
  264. 10. We're all done in the club, so leave and go straight forward towards the lone house with the big wheat field right in front of it. Go behind it where you'll find the third mushroom by the big rock. This one might be a little hard to spot, so refer to the screenshot below.
  265. Screenshot:
  266. 11. Look left towards the horizon where there's a busted bridge over a really low valley stream. Go to the far right edge past the really huge rock along the valley. Then, follow along the right edge downwards toward the waterfall until you find another dirt mound. Dig this one for the 'Ring without a gemstone'. This is the last buried treasure, but we still need the shovel for another quest.
  267. Screenshot:
  268. Update: Just found out that you can combine the ring and the gemstone from before into a much more valuable item. Thanks, Syrain!
  269. + Now that you have both the ring and the gemstone, combine both of them into the 'Ring with gemstone' which sells for a whopping 700 gold! Individually, they are only worth 10 gold and 270 gold respectively. We'll sell it at the shop later.
  270. Update: Added this line below for the 5th mushroom location. Credit to xcopy for finding this one.
  271. + There's another mushroom at the end of this path down towards the water. Keep following it and you'll come across a mushroom by the hill.
  272. + Screenshot:
  273. 12. Go back and follow this path all the way back up into the forest until you see a slope upwards on the left - there's an arch here as a clear landmark. Opposite this slow, you can see a little lower elevation ground with a rock. Walk up to it where you'll find the fourth and last of the 'shrooms.
  274. Screenshot:
  275. 13. Finally, go up the slope through the arch. At the end of the road, you'll find Dr. Freud (Doc) the alchemist's home. Opposite it is a tree with a third platinum ore vein - which for now we still can mine yet.
  276. Screenshot:
  277. 14. Now, enter Doc's house.
  279. [III.] Getting into the city (Outside city walls)
  281. 1. Inside the house, talk to the old geezer sitting down. He'll ask you to find him some mushrooms (poly- what?). Good thing we have 5 handfuls with us already, so immediately hand one over.
  282. 2. He'll give you chump change (25 gold) for your help, and ask for you to deliver a Potion of mighty potence to the city gate guard. He'll also ask for your help to acquire some grave moss. Before we leave, go upstairs and pick up the sharp dagger on the tea table in the corner. Now we're good to go.
  284. Quest D start: Grave moss for the doctor.
  285. We need to help Doc get some grave moss. He's very helpful in telling you that it grows near graves.
  287. 3. Carry on the path and turn left when you reach it. You'll see the gate with the guard there. Give him that pussy whipped guy the potion from Doc.
  288. 4. Talk to him again and he'll tell you about the secret entrance. Go back and turn left, keep your eyes peeled on this left rockface, you'll see a brown door behind some plants quite close to the gate. Walk past it for now, follow the path until you reach the edge by the lake. To the left here, you'll see a blood elf 'whore' tied up and abused. Rescue her, and use the sharp dagger from before to free her.
  290. Quest E start: Janette's clothes.
  291. Janette the blood elf needs your help to retrieve her clothes from her house in the city.
  293. 5. Now, go back to the secret entrance and enter.
  294. * Turn right and go up to the door to look through the keyhole to watch a scene.
  295. 6. Take the left door into the home. To leave the house and into the city, you'll have to get the key from an upstairs table to unlock the door.
  296. * Get the Dancer's spandex outfit (Tight spandex leggings and a top that barely holds my tits) from the wardrobe here by the bed.
  297. 7. Leave through the front door by using the key you've found upstairs.
  299. [IV.] Exploring the city (City)
  301. 1. Now that we've made it inside the city, turn left here through the road where 3 guys can be seen together. They'll converse a little bit.
  302. * Go to the guard and artisan by the statue to hear them comment on the statue. The inn (big building behind here) is accessible but there's nothing inside. If you left the city after entering it and ran into Joy on her bike, she'll be here. Neither the receptionist nor Joy can be interacted with.
  303. 2. Straight ahead from the 3 guys is where Janette's house is (next to the statue, as she said). Go in there and retrieve her dress from the wardrobe right beside the door. The goon who raped Janette stops you at the door, this time with Tobias, the mayor's son. They threaten you, asking you to return the ring stolen from them - but not before they have their way with you. After that, leave the building.
  304. 2. From here, turn right and go further into town. When you reach a wide area, you can see the city shop on the left with a big sign above the door. Step inside.
  305. 4. Talk to the shopkeeper. She takes a second to respond to your 'use' key. Click on your name 'Sironas' at the center to go to the sell menu. By now, this is what you should have that are available to sell: Shovel, 4 mushrooms, Ring with gemstone.
  306. 5. Sell the 4 mushrooms and the ring. Now, you (should) have 805 gold.
  307. 6. Buy the pickaxe (75 gold) and fertilizer (40 gold) - not that you can sell stuff for 100% of their value at any time so you can play around with the stuff in the shop. You could buy both the wine and dildo now if you want to, but I'll be leaving them aside for the time being until we're ready to head back home later.
  308. 7. With the shovel, pickaxe and fertilizer, leave the shop.
  309. 8. Go straight here further into the town all the way to the end until you see the big house with the rose bushes surrounding it. Opposite it, past the inaccessible ruins on the left, is the road to the cemetery. Go to the cemetery.
  310. * You could stop by the mayor's house which has the arch on the path up to it. The guard will stop you from entering and chase you off.
  311. 9. At the cemetery gate, the keeper will warn you not to enter, but we ain't afraid of no ghost.
  313. [V.] First time in the cemetery (Cemetery)
  315. 1. Go straight in, there really aren't any ghosts so don't be afraid of any jump scares. There's a fallen log on the right of the graveyard but it leads to nowhere (dead end).
  316. 2. When you reach the mausoleum-like structure with the 2 succubi guarding it, step up to them to see what's up. You'll be given a lousy map, the tree looks familiar, doesn't it? The dwarf Hemet's prison has the grave moss we need for Doc's quest, so we'll have to free him first.
  318. Quest F start: Finding the demonic necklace.
  319. The succubus twins need your help in the missing artifact, a demonic necklace.
  321. * Talk to the red succubus again for one line if dialogue.
  322. 3. Turn around, but take the right path to the end of the cemetery where there is an inaccessible building. Behind the big rock facing the house it the first ore vein we should mine. Use the pickaxe on it.
  323. Screenshot:
  324. 4. Leave the cemetery the same way you entered, we're done here.
  326. [VI.] Completing the quests (Various locations)
  328. Note: Now that we've been to all the noteworthy places, the next following directions will point you straight to these places instead.
  330. 1. Stop by the shop to sell the first platinum ore for 125 gold.
  331. 2. Leave the city using the same secret entrance we used to get in.
  332. * If this is the first time leaving the city since entering, walking for a little bit outside will have Joy (the blood elf on the bike) nearly run you over. She'll head to the city inn after that.
  333. 3. Our first priority is returning Janette her clothes, she'll still be where she was before. She admits to stealing the ring, and tells you to meet her "tomorrow morning" at Raven's Tavern (the city inn). She won't be there until then.
  335. Quest E complete: Janette's clothes.
  336. Looks like Janette is guilty after all. Sironas will have to help her again now that she's also involved in the whole mess. Reward: None (story advancement).
  338. 4. Next, go to Real Badman's house. He's a little busy right now, but hand over the fertilizer he asked for.
  340. Quest B complete: Fertilizer for Badman.
  341. You gave the tauren what he asked for. Reward: 150 gold & tauren D (optional).
  343. 5. Next, go to the Funky Tree at the end of the forest (it's quite some distance past the hunter's house). This is the clue from the map. The demonic necklace is hidden under the lone rock at the furthest end of the grass patch. isa.pinter has a very good collection of screenshots to help guide you to the amulet required for the succubus quest (from the cemetery). Check it out here:
  344. 6. Press 'use' on the rock. After Sironas points out that she can't lift it up by hand, use the shovel to dig it up. Make sure you pick up the necklace.
  345. 7. Turn right here and go to behind the rock formation where the platinum ore vein is, then mine it .
  346. 8. That's all we can do for now, return to town - take the path up to Doc's house so we can mine the third platinum ore vein.
  347. * You could also go mine the last ore vein behind the stables at Sironas's house right now if you'd like, but I'll be getting to that later since it's quite a long walk.
  348. 9. Head straight to the cemetery and hand over the demonic necklace.
  350. Quest F complete: Finding the demonic necklace.
  351. Now that the succubus twins have their necklace back, hopefully they'll not cause much trouble anymore. Reward: 120 gold & access to the BDSM outfit.
  353. * The purple succubus is still here. Talk to her if you'd like to buy the BDSM outfit (costs 1400 gold). We need the money so we'll come buy it later - it's purely cosmetic and isn't needed for any quests.
  354. * Hemet is free and will head to the barn next to the club to carry on his filming work. We'll pay him a visit later.
  355. 10. Go into the statue area where the dwarf prisoner was being held and pick up the 3 piles of grave moss.
  356. 11. Leave the cemetery and stop by the shop. Sell only 2 of the 3 grave moss (for 50 gold total), we need the last one to give to Doc. Also, sell the 2 other platinum ores (3 if you decided the mine the last one).
  357. 12. Now that we've enough money for everything, buy the rest of what we need which are the Azerothian wine (35 gold), Sexy maid's outfit (250 gold), Bunny-girl outfit (900) gold, and The Bitchmaker 3000 (130 gold). How much gold you have left is unimportant - I had 70 gold after purchasing all the stuff.
  358. 13. Leave the city. The closest stop is the lake right ahead, where the futa night elf druids are still waiting for the bunny girl entertainment. Put on the costume and serve them rabbit poontang.
  360. Quest C complete: Bunny girl for the night elves.
  361. The druids with their stupid fetishes are very happy with the service. Reward: 350 gold (collected from Auriella).
  363. 14. Head on to Doc's house and give him the grave moss.
  365. Quest D complete: Grave moss for the doctor.
  366. Hopefully, the moss is helpful for his "experiments" on his wife. What a strange old dude. Reward: 50 gold.
  368. 15. You won't see him conducting any experiments, so feel free to leave his house immediately and go to the Whorecraft Club. Collect your reward for the bunny girl job, and start the next job.
  370. Quest G start: The lonely hunter.
  371. A hunter living alone is in need of some hot, hot companionship.
  373. 16. Stop by the barn next the club which is to the right after the exit through the door. Help Hemet film his porno for 320 gold pay.
  374. 17. Head to the hunter's house, the one near Real Badman's farmhouse which has the skull adornments. Put on the maid outfit and show him the time of his life.
  376. Quest G complete: The lonely hunter.
  377. Garret isn't so lonely anymore. Reward: 350 gold (collected from Auriella).
  379. 18. Head back to the Whorecraft Club to collect your pay.
  380. 19. Head back to your house at the top of the hills. If you haven't mine the platinum ore vein behind the barn, now would be a good time.
  381. 20. Melissa/The master's wife/"Mommy" will stop you at the door and invite you to join her for a cold shower. She says she will be at the club all night until morning - but she won't actually be there (I've checked). Head inside after that.
  382. 21. Give Varonos the wine, then go to bed as instructed. The bed is the one under the stairs, not the one upstairs. 'Use' it to sleep until the next morning. Time for some "family fun" time.
  384. [VII.] The following day (Various locations)
  386. * You can play with yourself using the dildo before leaving. It's only for fun and doesn't do anything for any quest.
  387. 1. After things are over, go straight to Raven's Tavern to meet Janette. Outside the taven, Lady Sylvanas and her envoy will have arrived. They disappear to who-knows-where after that, so you won't be seeing them for a little while.
  388. * If you want the BDSM outfit, go to the shop to sell the platinum ore and dildo (no use for it anymore). You'll also have to sell the shovel and/or pickaxe to have more than 1400 gold. We won't be needing either anymore, so feel free to do so. Go to the succubus in the cemetery to purchase it.
  389. 2. Inside the tavern/inn, talk to Janette inside upstairs in the inn sitting at a table. You need to be in your default outfit for her to acknowledge you.
  390. * There's a conversation between Lady Sylvanas's two tauren bodyguards if you walk up to their table.
  391. 3. Janette tells you then plan, which requires a maid outfit. Since we already have it in our inventory, immediately 'use' Janette again to show her you're ready.
  392. 4. Go to Janette at the meeting point. She's crouched hiding under a tree directly opposite the front gate of the house with rose bushes surrounding it (she's rather hidden, so I had a hard time finding her there). In case you have difficulty finding the house, it's the one facing the path to the cemetery, hard to miss with all the roses there.
  393. 5. If you walk up to the house gate and 'use' it without your outfit, you'll be chased off. So, put the maid outfit on and get yourself in.
  394. 6. Go through the back door of the house to open the back gate for Janette. Follow Janette's plan and distract the tauren guards nice and good.
  395. 7. After that ordeal, you'll be too messed up to walk. You'll wake up at Doc's house, where Janette has brought you.
  397. [VIII.] On the wanted list (Various locations)
  399. 1. After the prison time and the other cutscenes, Janette tells you to meet her at the Whorecraft Club so head straight there.
  400. 2. Janette's hideout is up the right stairs, last door. Receive her gratitude.
  401. 3. After the cutscenes following the ambush by the mayor's men, you'll have to look for Alexstrasza at the mayor's house. Go up to the gate guard and be let in.
  402. * You can speak to the mayor in his downstairs office for some short dialogue.
  403. 4. Upstairs, you'll find the three guests having a good time. First, speak to Jaina on the left bed. She'll tell you look for her missing student, Alori. She's the one getting ravaged at the worgen camp we stopped by much earlier.
  405. Quest H start: Alori and Tri'Ka.
  406. Jaina's student Alori hasn't been seen for some time. Look for her and see if she's in any trouble.
  408. 5. Then, talk to Alex. She'll tell you to stay safe while they handle the mayor and his son - Doc's house is a good place to be.
  409. 6. Leave town. Before going to Doc's house, stop by the worgen ruins to find Alori, Jaina's student.
  410. 7. Talk to the female worgen leader to scare them off and free Alori and Tri'Ka.
  412. Quest H complete: Alori and Tri'Ka.
  413. Alori and Tri'Ka have been taken captive by the worgen for "violating" the sanctity of their ruins. The name 'Jaina' was more than enough to change their minds. Reward: 300 gold (collected from Jaina).
  415. * Tri'Ka is some distance away, by the path. Talk to him to help him with his plan to get even with the worgen lady. Speak to the female worgen again to do the job. You'll find Tri'Ka enacting sweet revenge at the small ruins by the path.
  416. 8. You can return back to Jaina at the mayor's house for a reward of 300 gold. If you're lazy, go straight go Doc's house because we have no need for gold anymore anyway.
  418. Note: I also looked for Alori at the tavern (in addition to the mayor's house), but she's not there. I'm not sure if she's actually anywhere or has just disappeared.
  420. 9. At Doc's house, you'll find him on the bed upstairs, albeit much younger and with a much more impressive appendage. Help him recover, then help him find his wife who has ran off.
  421. 10. Doc's wife Lexie may be pretty hard to find since the forest is so huge. Follow the path to the left after leaving Doc's house - it's the path with the giant arch, they're dead ahead. Lexie (Lizzie? Jennifer Black?) is being assaulted by none other than Alyniss.
  422. Screenshots:
  423. View 1 - (really small orange dot near the center of the screen, that's them)
  424. View 2 -
  425. 11. Back at Doc's house, Doc will employ your help to retrive some eredar futa cum. You'll finally be reunited with your long lost sister (and half-sister).
  427. [IX.] Final moments (Pirate docks)
  429. 1. After getting some rest until the following morning, you'll have to recover the pirate captain's confiscated navigation equipment for him to be willing to sail you off.
  430. * You can re-enter the tavern by the door, but there's nothing inside whatsoever.
  432. Note: I've checked Doc's house, the tavern, shop, rose house, mayor's house, starting house (Sironas's house, no longer accessible), Dark Brotherhood door, Badman's house, the hunter's house, and the Whorecraft club - nothing different/new in all these places. I assume other places are the same as well.
  434. 2. The equipment is stashed in the warehouse directly opposite, guarded by two guards.
  435. 3. If you walk up the front door, you'll be chased off. Instead, go up the hill on the right, to climb up on the roof the warehouse. 'Use' the first open window to get in through there.
  436. 4. Inside, you'll find Janette doing what she does best. She'll help you get the navigation equipment (or Dishonored rune, hmm...) and asks for you to take her with you when you sail off.
  437. 5. We're all finished, so meet up with the others at the docks outside the pirate town.
  439. > Game complete. There's no farewell party to be seen (aww!), and the game ends with a 'To be continued...' black screen. Congratulations!
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