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  1. = Anira's Journal
  2. :icons: font
  3. :toc:
  5. == December 4, 2287
  7. I found an empty journal at Red Rocket!
  9. I've checked this place so many times, I'm not sure how I missed it. Maybe one of the traders brought it.
  11. It's in surprisingly good shape: a little singed on one edge but otherwise perfect!
  13. I thought I could use it to collect my thoughts. I've added some organized lists in the front but I think the rest will be mostly loose journal entries, reminders to myself, that sort of thing.
  15. I guess I'll summarize what's happened in the last... gosh it's been almost 6 weeks since I left the vault.
  17. I'd been dodging this salesman for weeks. Finally gave in and signed up for Vault life. Not 10 minutes later, the sirens went off. I guess we signed up just in time. Sort of.
  19. It wasn't what they promised. They froze us in these cryo chambers.
  21. When I woke up, I saw some people messing about outside the chambers. They killed Nate and kidnapped Shaun! Bastards!
  23. I met a Synth detective named Valentine. He seems like a decent guy, despite what people say about Synths.
  25. When I described the people who took Shaun, he said the man sounded familiar and game me a name: Kellog.
  27. [ ] Kellog lives in Diamond City. I need to get the key to his house somehow. They mayor was no help. Said he couldn't do anything without evidence.
  29. Sounds like they don't bother investigating disappearances anyway. They just chalk them up to the "Institute". Whoever they are. If I hadn't fought Synths myself, I'm not sure I'd believe they exist.
  31. Let's see... what else?
  33. Oh, right: The Minutemen. I saved a small group of people from raiders. one of them, Preston, wants to rebuild the Minuteman. After we got back home to Sanctuary Hills, we talked a bit more, and it sounds like a way to help people, and maybe find Shaun, so I agreed.
  35. He made me General! That's not what I had in mind. He said it had to be this way -- he couldn't be general -- and gave some excuse that I've forgotten but sounded like bullshit. But he was very insistent.
  37. I met a reporter named Piper. She interviewed me about being a Vault Dweller. I guess they don't get many of those in Diamond City, especially ones who were alive when the bombs dropped.
  39. *200 years ago*. I still haven't gotten used to that.
  41. She asked if she could travel with me and I said sure. And, eventually... well, I fell for her.
  43. It's odd to feel guilty for being happy. Nate was killed not even 2 months ago. I love him. I miss him. I'm going to *kill* the people that killed him and took Shaun. I'm... grieving still, obviously, but I think I'm falling in love with Piper.
  45. I've met a few other people I should note as well.
  47. I found a dog wandering around Red Rocket. Markings like a German Shepard, but they can't still have purebreds can they? He followed me. Maybe thought I had food. (He was right.) I named him Dogmeat.
  49. Paladin Danse, from the Brotherhood of Steel. I helped him out with some ghouls at S. Boston PD and helped him clear our ArcJet. After, he tried to recruit me into the Brotherhood. Gave me his custom laser rifle too. I said I'd think about it. Piper doesn't seem to trust him.
  51. Ada. Met her after her troop was killed. Very pleasant for a military robot.
  53. Strong -- the only Super Mutant who hasn't tried to kill me (there must be a way to broker peace!) Some jackass wanted to teach them "culture". Ugh.
  55. Oh, and Codsworth is here! He had been staying near the house for the last 200 years! "You're late for dinner," he said. Robots have an odd sense of time.
  57. == Some places to return to:
  59. [x] Concord -- there is a safe in one of the houses
  61. [x] Lexington -- there is a terminal on the outside of an industrial looking bldg. I should go back there and explore.
  63. [x] Greygarden Homestead -- there is a locked door in the basement.
  65. [ ] Backstreet Apparel -- I cleared it out, but there were two safes I couldn't pick.
  67. [ ] Mystic Pines -- found a gate I couldn't open. There is a plastic flamingo out front. I also found a safe.
  69. [ ] East of Tenpines Bluff -- terminal in a train car
  71. [ ] General Atomics Galleria -- terminal on the Director's platform
  73. [ ] Listening Post Bravo -- I could only get into the first room. There is a gate and a terminal. Maybe the terminal controls the gate?
  75. [ ] National Guard Training Yard -- there is a large structure that looks like a bunker, separate from the main bldg. Door was locked. Is it the armory?
  77. [ ] Kendall Hospital -- safe in a raider camp nearby.
  79. [ ] Monsignor Plaza -- I found a locked door in the basement. The Geiger counter in my PipBoy was going wild. i won't be able to go back unless I can find some protective gear.
  81. [ ] Weston Water Treatment Plant -- safe
  83. [ ] Drumlin Diner -- SSW of the diner, there is a false sewer pipe. Inside is a locked gate, and a terminal that I assume controls it.
  85. [x] Starlight Drive-in -- I decided to explore the grounds a bit more thoroughly. Turns out there is a bldg behind the screen! There is a safe in the floor.
  87. [ ] Andrew Station -- there is a bed bear the tracks with a safe next to it. There were also a bunch of kitted up raiders. I had to run!
  89. [ ] South Boston Police Department -- locked jail cell and a terminal
  91. [ ] South Boston Military Checkpoint -- wall safe
  93. [ ] General Atomics -- 3rd Floor, terminal
  95. [x] Boston Common -- found a strange symbol on the ground. I should go back and sketch it. Maybe someone knows what it is.
  97. [ ] Satellite Array -- I think this is where I need to go to find out what happened to those BoS folks, but the place is crawling with Super Mutants.
  99. [ ] Parson's Asylum -- the door was locked and there is no way I'll be able to pick it. I'll need a key. Unfortunately, the Gunners seem to own the place. They wouldn't even talk to me. Just started shooting. Something shady is going on there.
  101. ----
  103. I went back to the Super Duper Mart in Lexington. Made it past the terminal, and inside was another of those odd symbols in white paint. On the wall next to the door. Is this some kind of code?
  105. A feral ghoul was carrying a pool cue. Other ferals seem to get mad when I hit them with it. Well, madder than usual.
  107. Another feral was carrying a shotgun. It looks like it's been modified to pack more of a punch.
  109. I wnet to Cabot House. Forgotten why I was going there. Right: Edward had a job for me. He's sending me to Parson's. Good. maybe I can find out what's going on up there.
  111. I went back to Bostom Common on the way elsewhere. It's the same symbol.
  113. I went to the Combat Zone, despite Codsworth's protest. I'd intended ot just check it out. Spectate. Well, I guess my reputation precedes me because all the raider's immediately attacked me.
  115. Met a ghoul man named Tommy, and human woman, Cait. They weren't thrilled I killed their clientelle. Tommy offered me ot take over Cait's contract. Entertainer to body guard, I guess.
  117. == December 6, 2287
  119. Stopped by Sunshine Tidings Co-op, to shore up their defenses and assign a Provisioner so they are connected to the supply network. Found a copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide in a building ai hadn't checked before. This one had tips on butchering.
  121. On the way there, I found an old shipping depot. There was a copy of Grognak the Barbarian in a back room. I wonder if Shaun will like comics when he's older.
  123. [x] Thicket Excavations: a guy said he needed to drain the quarry so he could search for "salvage". Sure. Anyway, I helped him fix the pump -- pissed off some mirelurks in the process -- but I guess it's going to take a while to drain. I should check back later.
  125. Broke into the Federal Ration Stockpile and gave the raiders there a headache. Found a US Covert Ops Manual, "Facepaint Fundamentals". Not that it did them much good. Also nicked a password and a nice sniper rifle off the leader's corpse. Time to check the rest of the facility.
  127. I found some random letters on the table, next to the ops manual. The leader's sister had been taken by a rival gang. I guess even raiders have family.
  129. --[ ]-- They're keeping her at Beantown Brewery. Or were. Pretty sure I cleared that out already. I should go back and make sure she's still there.
  131. Nevermind. I hacked Red's terminal. The last log entry mentions somone cuttying the Beantown gang down. I guess that's me. Shit. The log also says Red couldn't find Lily and she must have been moved.
  133. Fuck. All these raider gangs run together.
  135. I wish they'd stop shooting on sight and I could actually talk to some of them.
  137. == December 8, 2287
  139. I had to stop by Oberland to build some more dorms, so I popped over to Beantown after since it's nearby. Tower Tom's logs said Lily attacked him, and he killed her. Dropped her body in one of the vats, and wrote letters to Red himself to keep the food racket going. Cold.
  141. Also found the recipe to Gwinnet beer while I was there. Corporate espionage? Not that it does anyone any good now.
  143. I stumbled across a space ship between Oberland and Hangman's Alley. A freakin' spaceship. I didn't think this world could surprise me anymore. The crash tore a trench in the earth.
  145. I met a woman at Egret Tours Marina who claims to be a synth. She looks human to me, but I guess that's the point. She says "they" made her kill her grandson. The guilt and grief is tearing her up. I said she could join the Minutement.
  147. [ ] Other things I have to do now, but I should check out Vault 81, south of Oberland.
  149. == December 9, 2287
  151. I went back to Thicket Excavations. Sully had turned it into a raider camp. Quick too: it's only been 3 days and he had 2 dozen men, shacks, even domesticated Mirelurks. Should have realized he was shady.
  153. I found Sully at the bottom. Weirdo was running around in othing but his underwear, skull facepaint, and that ridiculous hat of his.
  155. WARNING: Disabling a Mr. Gutsy's arms so it can't shoot at you is a very bad idea. It will chase you down and detonate its core. I barely escaped.
  157. == December 10, 2287
  159. The Forger are brutal, and ruthless, even by raider standards. Or were. Jake attacked me, on his boss' orders. I had to put him down.
  161. Poor kid. I could tell he was scared. He made a mistake and had no way out.
  163. I returned the sword to Abraham. When he asked about Jake, I evaded the question. Asked him if he cared anymore. He said no. I wonder if he would feel the same if he knew I had killed Jake myself.
  165. Then Abraham gave me the sword. I thought it was a family heirloom or something. All this death for a sword he doesn't even want.
  167. The only good thing to come of this is that Abraham agreed to join the Minutemen.
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