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  1. General story outline: The protagonist finds himself dragged into an ancient war that has been waged in the shadows for almost a millenia after he discovers the secret of his family's bloodline: that his family is one of the handful of clans in Japan who have intermigled with Oni. With him and his loved ones in the crosshairs of an ancient order of warrior monks and exorcists known as the 'Hand of Bishamon' he must now learn how to embrace and master his abilities.
  3. Characters(WIP):
  5. Naoya Shiratori: The protagonist, he has had an abnormally tough body since he was born, becoming a thrill-seeker and vigilante of sorts as he grew into adulthood. Even though in reality he can't fight at all and simply relies on his toughness, he's managed to come out on top all the time so far because everyone he fights simply exhausts themselves trying to take him down. Currently lives on his own and works at a local department store.
  7. Mai Shiratori: Naoya's younger sister. A college freshman who's a really sporty and active type, she spends a lot of her free time cycling and has found herself among kindred spirits after joining the cycling circle at her university. She's pretty easy going and free spirited which has made Naoya prone to worrying about her while they were growing up, even though ultimately it was usually her who always had to help him out of sticky situations
  9. Mamoru Usada: One of Naoya's coworkers, a very shy and timid young man whose mannerisms are almost reminiscent of a small animal. His timid nature and feminine features has gained him a cult following with some female customers...and also a few male admirers. He can be surprisingly manly when push comes to shove.
  11. Mikoto Jinguuji: An old friend and former classmate of Naoya's. They've been close friends since middle school to most people's surprise. Mikoto has always been perceived as the cool, intelligent and completely unapproachable bespectacled beauty throughout their time in school. She's now a very productive office lady climbing the corporate ladder.
  13. Gen Shiratori: Naoya's grandfather, a friendly old man with a refreshing youthfulnesss to him. Good booze, food, and women which he surrounds himself with on a day to day basis at his estate are his lifelong passions, which causes many people to just consider him a stereotypical rich, depraved pervert. He actually just enjoys the company.
  15. Eiji Shiratori: Naoya's younger cousin and a third year in high school. He's a well mannered young man who keeps to himself but is also known for being quite sly, ruthless even. Especially when if someone is threatening his younger sister, Kanae. His hobby is collecting plush toys for his sister from the arcade's crane machines, that and his overprotective attitude when it comes to his sister has given him an unredeemable reputation as a hardcore siscon among his peers, which ended up killing the popularity he had with girls by his second year in high school unfortunately.
  17. Kanae Shiratori: Eiji's younger sister and a second year in high school. Despite her brother's protective nature she's actually not the type who needs protecting at all. She's considered a prodigy when it comes to fighting and is fully aware of her capabilities. She's headstrong yet carries herself with the type of grace you'd expect royalty to have, which has made her both famous and infamous among her peers. She also has admired Naoya since she was a little girl because of his sense of justice and bravery which has inspired her to aim for new heights when it comes to martial arts.
  19. Akihiko Shiratori: Naoya's uncle and the father of Eiji and Kanae. A very stern and serious man...from his appearance at least, he's actually extremely doting on his children and values family over everything. He took Naoya and his sister in as children and raised them like his own after their parents were killed in an accident
  21. Miyuki Shiratori: Akihiko's wife. She's kind and beautiful but that doesn't mean she's just some common housewife, she and Akihiko were actually rivals of sorts who later ended up falling in love when they were younger and still practiced martial arts. While Akihiko was doting, she was strict and made sure that her children became high achievers.
  23. Hanako Shiratori: Naoya's aunt. She's a very eccentric type for sure, she even scares her own father at times with her abnormal strength and the fact that usually no one can truly tell what she's thinking. She was born with a similar ability to Naoya's but it's much more potent, to the point that she's more or less immortal. She currently travels the world challenging the strongest fighters, demons, and super natural creatures she can find to test the limits of her power.
  25. Tomoe: A woman who Naoya ocassionally engages in friendly conversation with whenever they bump into eachother, they originally became acquainted after he returned her belongings which were stolen by a purse snatcher. She's usually quiet and never reveals much about herself but the two of them get along surprisingly well, she always explains their relationship as 'something that surpasses mere words'. As you can imagine, many misunderstandings ensue when the two are together.
  27. Kiruha: A fox spirit who has protected the ancestral lands of the Shiratori clan since the Heian period. She decided to watch over the clan after falling in love with a young scion of the clan centuries ago. She's quite aloof and generally unpredictable, sometimes leaving her shrine on a whim whether it be to explore or simply play pranks on mortals
  29. Sousuke Kawamori: One of the leading members of the Hand of Bishamon, he's a pariah amongst many of his colleages because of his independence and morally ambiguous methods, though many consider the actions of his late older sister Yuri to be the biggest affront to their organization and values. Despite all of that not many people actually have tried to dispute his position, he had already proved his skill enough times at this point.
  31. Yuri Kawamori(Deceased): A powerful priestess from the Hand of Bishamon, she and her younger brother were orphans but both born with an abnormally high amount of spiritual power and were taken into the organization's ranks at an early age. She personally had slain and exorcised countless demons and evil spirits quickly becoming widely known as the "Maiden of Light" amongst her fellow exorcists. Those days of glory didn't last very long though, at some point she was given a mission to hunt down an enclave of demon hybrids who had infiltrated human society. No one, not even she herself had expected that she would fall in love with one of the aforementioned hybrids, turn traitor, and desert the organization. She and her lover were struck down by her former allies years later after being tracked down, though their suspicions didn't stop there. They turned to her younger brother Sousuke who was still an apprentice at the time and throughly interrogated him. It was widely believed that the reason Yuri was seduced by such a being was because of her attunation to the spiritual realm, something that Sousuke possessed as well. People with such gifts are much more prone to feeling empathy for other living things, even if it's their enemies. It was a known fact that Yuri despite her countless successful missions was always mentally exhausted after battle and often would vent and share her doubts about her missions with people who she was close with.
  33. The Comrade:
  35. A very enigmatic and strange figure who is worshipped by a group of cultists, this cult seems to have no name but they are easily recognizable by their strange and almost unnatural bodies and their zealous dedication to achieving their leader's ideals. Though at the moment no one can say with certainty what those ideals are or what this man and his cultists even hope to achieve
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