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  1. [23:37:40] <Yulia> As Yulia wakes up, the first things she does is reach for the top of her head. Even when dealing with eldritch abominations, a proper advisor must always have the correct headgear.
  2. [23:37:46] <Mikaela> Alright uh, let's say...July 10th? After everyone got back from Acton? Add a few hours for being passed out and it's probably fairly late into the evening by now as Mika sits by -oh god damnit Break ;-;
  3. [23:39:17] * Mikaela looks up from the small widgets she's spread over the bedside counter as Yulia stirs, shooting her a worried look. "Yulia! You alright? Been out for hours, y'know."
  4. [23:39:42] <Yulia> "Space," she says simply, as if saying something before she forgets.
  5. [23:40:07] <Yulia> "Celestial collision. With our planet."
  6. [23:40:22] <Yulia> "Orbits."
  7. [23:40:50] <Yulia> "Waiting for something....and hibernating. Waiting for potential."
  8. [23:41:07] <Yulia> "A single star in deep space, blinking."
  9. [23:41:07] <Mikaela> "Ehhhhh...?" Mika seems to have forgotten the original cause of her visit to Yulia's in the intervening hours since the incident. It comes back to her quickly enough though. "...Oh right, that blasted space rock."
  10. [23:42:42] <Yulia> "....and that was all."
  11. [23:43:00] <Yulia> "The scene is a familiar one."
  12. [23:43:08] <Yulia> "One I had seen before in incomplete form."
  13. [23:43:24] <Mikaela> "Interestin', but uh, you feel okay after all o'that?" Mika leans over to check Yulia for fever.
  14. [23:45:06] <Yulia> "Largely irrelevant." She pauses for a bit. "Well enough to get back to work."
  15. [23:46:57] <Mikaela> "Gotta admire that kinda dedication I 'spose." Mika stretches. "Y'know, a few of the others came to visit you while you were out. Trice came by, Rica's been textin' me 'bout it all evening, all that."
  16. [23:48:13] <Yulia> "Interesting."
  17. [23:48:15] <Mikaela> "No surprise the fuckin' thing crashed into our planet, because, y'know, space rock. How else?"
  18. [23:48:38] <Mikaela> "...You sure you're feelin' okay? It's been hours."
  19. [23:48:39] <Yulia> "That is literally all I know except for an interesting tidbit about the star."
  20. [23:48:58] <Yulia> "That very same star was a part of Ephraim's dream."
  21. [23:50:05] <Mikaela> "...Oh?"
  22. [23:50:26] <Mikaela> "What...ehhhh how do I put this, what was he at the time?"
  23. [23:50:27] <Yulia> "This was verified via dream machine, so Isabella knows of it, as well."
  24. [23:50:47] <Yulia> "Considering the rock came from space and seems to be connected to something with a greater purpose....well, that star actually exists."
  25. [23:50:52] <Yulia> "It is simply in deep space."
  26. [23:52:14] <Mikaela> "Y'know, it'd take fuckin' millions of years for any sorta rock to make it all the way from some sorta far off star. Nearest is a handful of lightyears, an' rocks don't go lightspeed either."
  27. [23:52:30] <Mikaela> "Your visions go back pretty far then or somethin'..."
  28. [23:53:19] <Yulia> "Not all of them do."
  29. [23:53:27] <Yulia> "Why this one did, however...."
  30. [23:54:18] <Yulia> "That is interesting."
  31. [23:54:26] <Mikaela> "Y'said this rock was...hibernating?"
  32. [23:54:49] <Mikaela> "Waitin' on somethin'. So it's got some sorta mind to go with its aura."
  33. [23:55:01] <Yulia> "That is what I would conclude, yes."
  34. [23:55:16] <Mikaela> "So was this it speakin' to you?"
  35. [23:55:29] <Mikaela> "Sending some sorta message, y'know?"
  36. [23:55:30] <Yulia> "'Speaking' is an odd word to use."
  37. [23:56:07] <Mikaela> "Some sorta deliberate attempt at communication then. Y'know what I mean anyhow." Mika waves her hand.
  38. [23:56:36] <Yulia> "It was certainly showing me something, yes. Any clairvoyant tracing tends to fade for events more than a week....but for it to go this far, yes, some sort of deliberate communication is likely involved."
  39. [23:57:13] * Yulia adjusts the feather on her hat and straightens out her cloak. "Further study is warranted, just....not another clairvoyant or psychometric dive."
  40. [23:58:23] <Mikaela> "I wouldn't ask ya to try somethin' like that again after what happened this time, y'know?" Mika sits back with a sigh. "Though, strange the lab that I sent it to didn't mention anything 'bout it fuckin' with that sorta thing."
  41. [00:00:13] <Yulia> "Was there anything else you needed from me?"
  42. [00:01:22] <Mikaela> "No, I've just been wonderin' if you were okay, y'know? Does this sorta thing happen often with psychometry?"
  43. [00:01:43] <Mikaela> "Well, 'less you've got any sorta idea what kinda potential this thing is lookin' for..."
  44. [00:01:50] <Yulia> "Not often."
  45. [00:01:59] <Yulia> "As expected, most objects have relatively mundane purposes."
  46. [00:02:10] <Yulia> "What it looks for is not clear to me."
  47. [00:02:23] <Yulia> "I will have to go over the scene in my head for a while."
  48. [00:03:34] <Yulia> "Perhaps trade a few hypotheses with Delphi."
  49. [00:03:48] * Mikaela nods. "An' this star, do ya just know it from Ephraim's dream, or is it somethin' catalogued and named that you could find in a database?"
  50. [00:04:16] <Yulia> "I know of no other references to it. I had tried looking it up before."
  51. [00:06:36] <Mikaela> "Interestin'. Alright then Yulia, I'll let ya rest then. Gonna let all the others know you're alright." Mika brushes some widgets aside as she reaches for her cell phone. "Sorry 'bout all this Yulia. Shit, I had no idea this sorta reaction would happen, y'know? But I'm glad you're okay now."
  52. [00:08:32] <Yulia> "Yes, well."
  53. [00:08:54] <Yulia> "Thank you for the concern. I should get back to work."
  54. [00:10:20] * Mikaela taps out a message on her cellphone and then looks up to Yulia. "I'll leave ya to that then. Thanks for lookin' into this."
  55. [00:11:26] * Mikaela shakes her head in some disbelief at how casually Yulia took the whole episode. "Your resolve is really somethin'. Best of skill then, an' lemme know if I can help with anythin' too."
  56. [00:11:46] <Yulia> "No problem." She dusts off her skirt and heads back to her dorm, seemingly unconcerned about checking out.
  57. [00:12:00] <Mikaela> (and /mini?)
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