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  2. March 16 [22:24]   Satyajit: I did point out that people allowed roleplayers like Mme Lacroix (when she was around) and that group of Hanzo/Genji/McCree roleplayers to post paragraph posts in the main channel frequently without any repercussions, so it is easy to regard it as favoritism/a heavy bias when people with one-liners and semi-paragraphs to go to Legends.  .
  3. March 16 [22:25]   Satyajit: To be honest, their roleplay was an eye-sore to the point I eventually blocked them, not because it was long, but because it was blocks/walls of text with the [sub] tag.
  4. March 16 [22:28]   Satyajit: Hell, even one of the room's mods paragraph roleplayed in the main channel all of the time when Wraithlike, El Diablo, and someone else that played with Angelo was active in the channel.  And the only other time I've ever seen that rule enforced in this channel is when it was  Hanzo/Soldier 76, Jesse, Junkrat- and anyone associated with them sans Wraithlike did pretty much anything IC in room, and there was a very very strong vibe that it was a case of being bias.
  5. March 16 [22:29]   Satyajit: Hell, there have been people heavy-paragraph/multi-paragraph roleplaying in this room who weren't even on Overwatch canons/RPing in an OW setting (I recall it beinng an Ahri and someone else).
  6. March 16 [22:33]   Satyajit: I doubt they will listen.  I brought these issues up in the room last night, sans the bit with Angelo.  From what I know, though I take it with a grain of salt, there's a very strained/tense relationship with Hanzo, and I know he's banned from OW anyway.
  7. March 16 [22:43]   Satyajit: Either way, I never report the paragraph roleplaying because it's only been a problem when some people are able to get away with it, while others aren't.  I mean, I've been on both ends - being told to take it somewhere else (not surprisingly, when I played with that group), and nobody telling me anything (which has been pretty much any time I've posted in the main channel with other people.  And honestly, if there was anything I would have saw as problematic, it's the gross misuse of [sub] tags, and what starts to feel like the only way anyone gets away with heavy roleplaying in the channel..  
  8. March 16 [22:51]   Satyajit: Real talk, I think the rule is outdated, and was conjured up by a room owner  (who I've only seen once or twice in the past six months) who wanted a more lax/casual environment.  But roleplaying is really all the room has left going for it, and you'd probably know betterthan me, but it doesn't exactly deter from people going about with being light-hearted/hoogy.  There are more problematic issues/room-killers like Bonbon Rubbermare who does nothing but complain or people who still make comments about the "flood/sea/etc. of blue/pink" and make things uncomfortable.
  9. March 16 [22:56]   Satyajit: If I wasn't associated withh Hanzo's group, and wasn't sure I was loathed by the mods in this room, I would have applied.  I also don't want to say too much about the other mods.  But I see one of them active at least daily in Retreat.
  10. March 16 [23:03]   Satyajit: Which makes me see it as all the more bias when it has been the only other instance of that rule being enforced that I've really seen.
  11. [16:52]   Satyajit: I can, but I request that in no way is this going to be used against [i]me[/i.  I honestly doubt they will take anything I said with a grain of salt, especially after thedebacle the other night where people voiced their concerns and were pretty much told "We're the mods.  We make the rules."  By no means do I hold any grievances towards any of the people I mentioned (Mme., the Hanzo/Genji/McCree group, Angelo, etc.), but I merely brought their names up because I have seen them doing lengthier RPs frequently with little, if any repercussions, which makes it easy to see why anyone would think there was some bias.  Granted, it could all just be coincidental, but I can see where others could see it as the same issue.
  12. [16:52]   Satyajit: Apologies for what a mess that might have looked like.  I'm nursing a migraine.
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