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  1. 23:50 <@shortcircuit> generic: Congrats, BTW. I think you'll hate college at first, but anyone who's to any degree adaptable can make it work for them.
  2. 23:51 <@shortcircuit> generic: I strongly suggest registering yourself as a math tutor as soon as possible.
  3. 23:53 <@shortcircuit> generic: Meanwhile, push, push and push for scholarships. I suspect you can pull off some merit-based ones, but you might need to get a couple semesters of 3.5+ GPA before you'll be eligible for them.
  4. 23:53 <@shortcircuit> *for any of them
  5. 23:54 <@shortcircuit> 3.5 seems to be a prereq for just about any scholarship in general. I wound up paying my own way, as far as I went.
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