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Rowe Challenges Infestus For the Throne

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  3. [14:51] Darth Sar'Rai steps up into her usual stance, though before settling in place, she inclines her head to offer the sitting Emperor a respectful bow before turning back to face the already sizable crowd awaiting the start of the meeting.
  5. [14:52] [Caius] Darth Ulterius bowed his head to the Emperor and then took his place after dismissing the shadowy devotees which had followed on his heels.
  7. [14:52] Darth Decon walked next to Titanus with a nod as he then looks to the throne and sees a new face upon it no longer being his master his eye's glowed red as he then stayed silent with a bow of his head as it is to be expected for one leader to be replaced with another as the way of the sith
  9. [14:53] Darth Nemesis made her way to the platform before bowing her head to the Emperor and taking her place amongst the council. Nemesis looked out at the crowd and smiled, noticing a good attendance from all. She was pleased by this.
  11. [14:53] Darth Kalaratri [Lerina] marched down the long pathway, dismissing her two Death Troopers as she made her journey. They would join some of the other troopers along the way, before the new armored guards of the Emperor started their positions. Approaching, she noted the large figure already seated on his Imperial Throne, and took her normal spot on the dais, bowing at the waist low to the Imperial Sovereign, and waited for the proceedings to start.
  13. [14:53] Gaze Dawnshooter stood quietly watching she normally avoided the meetings and after the encounter with the last emperor and Ulterius that was probably wise but the head of her Order had asked her to attend so she did she simply stayed back and quiet
  15. [14:54] Ǥȃɍȇƫƭ Braveheart (garett.braveheart) would kneel to the emperor in respect then stand again noticing Decon stand beside him with a nod which he returned
  17. [14:54] [Caius] Darth Ulterius took note of the cathar's presence.
  19. [14:54] Darth Nefari bowed her head down towards the throne after her arrival.
  21. [14:55] Numaus Desua makes his way to the dais, kneeling before the present emperor. He gave thought to the idea of the previous emperor having always shown up at the time of the meeting. He'd maintain his kneel until told to rise, but regarded his master's presence as well.
  23. [14:55] Dark Lady Periculosa noted the positioning of the two Hands, raising an eyebrow before going back to looking on at the gathered attendees for the meeting.
  25. [14:56] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania stirred from her standing meditation. She'd observed every entry into the room by a force-sensitive.
  27. [14:56] Darth Kalaratri [Lerina] looked at the positions and raised a brow for a split second, noting the new positions of the Hands. Finding it odd, yet far more proper in representing the Emperor's Hands. Changes were always interesting, she thought.
  29. [14:57] Vanek noticed Darth Decon as he would then come to him after untying his bun into his ponytail and than lift his hood to dissipate the visage of his face as he would whisper unto his colleague from years before. "I must speak with you then after the meeting, my brother in the darkness. There is much to be discussed." as he he would then bow his head respectfully to his imperial lord Jen'ari Infestus; a new king in an empire of kings. "May his name be praised." he would mutter unto himself, but loudly enough so that at least Decon could hear it.
  31. [14:58] Gaze Dawnshooter she noticed ulterius attention on her and did not flinch away but was on alert and remained and then heard her com go off and answered it quietly and turned to head out
  33. [14:58] Lady Entropie quietly made her way to the platform, bowing her head towards the throne and the council that adorned the pedestals as she took her spot among the gathered.
  35. [15:00] Darth Decon looks to the male who come beside him with a nod and a wave of his claw as his precense felt familiar to him "we shall see" he said simply looking back to the throne before waving the male off for the time being "may it indeed" he whispers as the male goes back to his spot.
  37. [15:00] Unlike his predecessor, the new Sith Emperor was already seated in his throne long before any others had arrived. Once it was time for the meeting to commence, he opened his eyes, apparently awaking from a meditative state, and lifted a hand to call for silence. "Greetings, brothers and sisters of the Sith Empire, and welcome to this gathering. We shall proceed shortly." he announced, prepared to wait just a while longer for any latecomers.
  39. [15:01] Darth Nemesis smiled and bowed her head to Lady Entropie. "It is good to see you." before going quiet as the Emperor spoke. She sat upon her pedestal serenely as she waited.
  41. [15:01] "Spire": moves in with a group of people, milling about between them before finding a spot within the growing crowd to give him a decent line of sight and ear-shot to where he assumed presentations and announcements would be made. A quick glance around was given, though nothing lasting.
  43. [15:02] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] walked in, with two attendant troopers with him. He paused before the Throne and bowed towards it before taking a position to the side, letting the Sith have the center of the stage.
  45. [15:03] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania was more than a little curious where the Executor was... she'd expected her to be here, today...
  47. [15:04] Vaella Korish had been in the throne room before many of the faces had arrived. Tucking away the datapad she was reading from giving a bow towards the Emperor. Remaining silent as things would start soon enough.
  49. [15:04] The Sith Emperor scanned the assembly, looking for a select few individuals in particular. "To begin, I believe several new Initiates have joined the Dark Lords of the Sith this week, yes?" he asked inquisitively, eyeing the Hands.
  51. [15:05] [Caius] Darth Ulterius glanced at Darth Sar'Rai as if to encourage her.
  53. [15:08] Darth Sar'Rai keeps her gaze down at the gathered below, though parking her gaze at no one in particular. "The Initiate Naomi and Disciple Titanus. You are to step forward and present yourself to Emperor Infestus and his Council." the Hand raises her normally soft voice as she spoke her command.
  55. [15:10] [Caius] Darth Ulterius clapped his taloned hands together once thunderously. "Quickly, acolytes. Move.
  57. [15:11] Ǥȃɍȇƫƭ Braveheart (garett.braveheart) moves forward to the front as he was called
  59. [15:11] Darth Nemesis would cough just a tiny bit as she waited for someone to move forward and address the council. She seemed patient from her demeanor otherwise though.
  61. [15:12] Darth Kalaratri [Lerina] turned her head to look behind her shoulders for a few seconds, not noticing the new Initiate that she had met, but turned her gaze at least to the Disciple that was presented.
  63. [15:14] Darth Sar'Rai emits an exaggerated sigh a the sight of the lone figure stepping up. ""Speak or do we need to beg a formal invitation? And in front of your Emperor, you should be on your knees." She looks over toward the direction of her colleague and gives a shook of head.
  65. [15:14] Kesmas Dhumm smiles as she walks in she rarely ever bowed and even less so to one she didn't know enough to respect but given the state of matters she inclined her head slightly to the one that now sat on the throne and waited and watched carrying herself with a grace and dignity of the position of empress of her own empire
  67. [15:16] [Caius] Darth Ulterius prepares to force the disciple to his knees...
  69. [15:16] Ǥȃɍȇƫƭ Braveheart (garett.braveheart) gets down on knee as commanded with his head down "Disciple Titanus as commanded" waiting to hear what is expected of him next
  71. [15:17] The Sith Emperor exposed those who had been called forwards to the unforgiving scrutiny of the Dark Side. "I see." he intoned, leaning towards the kneeling figure. The Disciple's presence revealed more to him than anything his outward appearance might betray. "This is not the first time you walked these halls, though they must have looked very differently back then. There will be time for us to become better acquainted, but I must press on I'm afraid. There is a great deal to discuss today, so I intend to keep Order affairs short. You may rise." he gestured upwards. "In the same vein, it is my pleasure to announce the return of Darth Decon, former Apprentice to my predecessor. It is good to see you among us here again, old friend."
  73. [15:18] [Caius] Darth Ulterius peered through the crowd to spy the returning darth. "So sorry we are for your loss."
  75. [15:19] Darth Nemesis bowed her head saying, "It is good to have you back Darth Decon." in a soft way. Nemesis smiled a genuine smile, happy for his return to the order that had molded him into the Sith she knew him to be.
  77. [15:20] Kesmas Dhumm smirks softly watching the young ones as they were a bit slow and wondered lack of experience or lack of manners one was forgivable the other was not she watched quietly she had a mission and would not stray from it but would wait for the right time to address it
  79. [15:20] Darth Decon looks at the emperor with a humble bow as his eye's glow "It is good to see you all again Old Friend" he says waving his claws "loss is the way of the force and I shall Use it to strengthen my Hatred and Resolve" he said simply "It is a bit of a surprise Emperor That My Master is no longer in command but... Given Ive seen how many rose before him.. It was a matter of time" he said puting his claws at his chest "Long Live the Empire" his voice bellowed in the halls as he noded and diped his head to Darth Nemesis.
  81. [15:21] [Caius] Darth Ulterius smiled beneath his helm.
  83. [15:22] The Sith Emperor nodded once, then turned his elongated head to regard the figure of Field Marshall Zander Varmann. "I have caught wind of disturbances, a tremor in the Force. I will hear your report next, Field Marshall." he said, beckoning.
  85. [15:23] Vanek smiled a sadist's smile as this was his only action to this current chain of events.
  87. [15:25] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] stood with a back as straight as a ramrod, despite his obvious advanced years. Although no match for a Sith, he was still proud of his relative fitness and could still lay an ISM trooper on his behind if he stepped out of line; not that it would normally take more than a stern glance from his monocled gaze. He appeared to be placing a hand to his earpiece, as if receiving a last minute message, "Apologies, your Majesty, I will be one moment...I am receiving an update."
  89. [15:26] Darth Nemesis tilted her head looking towards the Field Marshal, a curious glint in her eyes. She was eagerly awaiting official updates on all that had been going on in the past week. She had heard much but she knew little as firm fact....yet.
  91. [15:26] [Caius] Darth Ulterius likewise turned to the field marshal with a curious tilt of his head.
  93. [15:27] The Sith Emperor arched a brow, tapping the sharp edges of his throne rhythmically while awaiting the Marshal's report.
  95. [15:27] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] took his hand away from his ear and then stepped forward and saluted to the Emperor, but his expression and tone of voice were grave: "Lord Emperor, I have some troubling tidings from the city. There has been a massacre of Imperial citizens who were merely out celebrating your august self's ascension to the Throne. They were butchered where they stood, literally cut to pieces and left as carrion. While the individual deaths are perhaps of less consequence, taken as a whole the death toll is staggering as I have seen with my own eyes; several hundred at the very least, potentially more. I have directed the Imperial Sith Military to lock the area down, conduct a forensic examination and then to clean up the area. We have surged the numbers of boots on the ground to give reassurance to citizens that this is being handled."
  97. [15:29] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania remembered the report. She was, in fact, awaiting quite a bit more...
  99. [15:30] Kesmas Dhumm (marajade420): she watched the man with interest but said noting yet she noted trouble in paradise but that was a norm with the change of power among the Sith it normally never was smooth or pretty she simply cracked her neck and listened to see how it played out
  101. [15:31] Dark Lady Periculosa chuckled softly. "Someone's angry."
  103. [15:32] Darth Sar'Rai parts her red lips, though refraining from making any verbal comment in response. Instead, her gaze turns toward that of Nefari, then Kalaratri, in that order, as if seeking their reaction.
  105. [15:32] [Caius] Darth Ulterius rapped a finger against the 'chin' of his helm.
  107. [15:32] The Sith Emperor clenched his fists, his face ashen with anger for a short moment, before he recomposed himself. "Good, any indication as to the identity of the perpetrators?" he asked, his voice sepulchral.
  109. [15:33] Darth Nefari watched the whole scenery rather impassive. In the end it was about the strength of the Emperor and how he was to handle his own backyard.
  111. [15:33] Darth Kalaratri [Lerina] glared at the Field Marshal for a moment as he gave his report. She kept her composure, when she wanted to demand more details from the man. Thankfully, the Emperor spoke up, and just waited with patience at his response, as her eyes remained fixated on the Marshal.
  113. [15:34] Darth Nemesis stayed quiet, listening intently, her hand fidgeting upon her sword's guard as she seemed to think quietly. The Emperor spoke and Nemesis would simply nod, awaiting the answer from the Field Marshall. She was hoping to hear more than what she had heard from him thus far. While his report had seemed to be accurate in the details it seemed to be lacking the two most important components...who and why. Though...one could perhaps surmise the why.... though it did not make it any less important.
  115. [15:34] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] shook his head in some confusion, "That is just it, Lord Emperor. As yet, no one has claimed responsibility for the atrocity. There is no note, no broadcast, no message at all. Only the presence of a single black rose on each corpse as a kind of calling card. We are yet to determine who would have done such a thing."
  117. [15:35] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania only smiled.
  119. [15:35] [Caius] Darth Ulterius spoke up, "When you say 'city,' Field Marshal, to which do you refer?"
  121. [15:35] A loud crash is heard. It sent echoes through the entire throne room as the very large doors leading in from the great hall are slammed shut. In front of them stands a single figure. As the figure approaches the dais and comes into view it is clear it is Executor Rowe. "No need, I am here," Rowe stated very flatly. She ignores everyone in the gathering save for one, Dark Lord Infestus. Eyes locked with him now, "just what do you think you're doing Infestus?" She glared at him as she awaited his answer.
  123. [15:37] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] had been around long enough to know 'Sith Business' when he saw it, and did not answer the Hand's question, instead moving away to the side to get out of the way of the two Dark Lords. However, he shrugged in an apologetic way to the Hand as he did so, just in case feathers were ruffled.
  125. [15:37] Vaella Korish took a step back and kept her lips zipped. This was something that looked promising to watch.
  127. [15:38] [Caius] Darth Ulterius visibly tensed, though he quickly steeled himself. Though there had been hope for a peaceful transition, he suspected it would come to a confrontation. No throne was inherited for free.
  129. [15:38] Ǥȃɍȇƫƭ Braveheart (garett.braveheart) watched what was happening infront of him and he did not want to be collateral he stepped back toward Decon
  131. [15:38] Kesmas Dhumm she chuckles as the seeming brash Sith woman enters and seems to challenge the one calling himself emperor now either she had a death wish or the balls and power to back it up which would it be but either promised to be interesting to watch
  133. [15:38] Darth Nemesis turned her head in the direction of th e crash and nodded her head in respect to Rowe as she entered. She then looked towards the Emperor curious about what was to come. She was playing the cautious game for now, especially with this turn of events. She seemed curious and cautious and was putting on the face of one without fear or tension.
  135. [15:39] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania kept her distance. History would be made here today, and initiates will study this moment.
  137. [15:39] "Spire": feels an electric sensation run down his spine, tail bristling as he glances to the new entrant. He shifts with the crowd, keeping relative position within the mass, quite aware the crowd was giving berth for likely good reason.
  139. [15:40] Darth Decon looked and watched as rowe enterd the hall with a toothy smirk across his muzzle he looked to the throne as he expected a confrontation in this time the throne was transitioned his eye's attention to the situation
  141. [15:40] Darth Sar'Rai was rather not surprised to see the Executor, nor was she surprised at the manner of her entrance and the tone the Dark Lady took to speak to the sitting Emperor. But the Hand is here to serve the Throne, and so she maintains her steadfast stance, knowing that the business at hand is a matter between the Dark Lords and it is for them to settle without anyone's involvement.
  143. [15:40] Vanek bowed his head to Executor Rowe as he stayed himself still with anticipation of the coming events.
  145. [15:40] Darth Nefari started to pay a lot more attention all of the sudden. Especially to the saber in her right hand.
  147. [15:42] Darth Kalaratri [Lerina] turned her head more when the doors were opened, and saw the Executor present herself before the Emperor, in a manner that was not unexpected.
  149. [15:43] The new Emperor was about to speak when the distant yet unapologetically loud blow announced Executor Rowe's presence. The past months leading up to his ascension, he had simulated countless scenarios within the privacy of his mind, calculating how the Dark Council, including the Executor of course, might respond to this unexpected change. Unexpected to all but him. The manner in which the Executor had decided to approach him today narrowed the possibilities down to only a few remaining outcomes. Smiling lightly in response, having anticipated this sort of boldness from her, the Sith Emperor said after a prolonged pause: "Come now. I'm certain you have felt it. Just as I'm certain you know precisely what has occurred. Even while visiting your homeworld, you have eyes and ears here that keep you informed, Executor."
  151. [15:44] [Caius] Darth Ulterius made no comment and did his best to avoid the Executor's gaze.
  153. [15:45] Darth Nemesis 's hand rested calmly upon her saber, though she did not draw it; not being the time and all. She seemed to split her attention between the Emperor and the Executor, studying carefully what was transpiring.
  154. [15:46] Lord Verus (jzakat) left the region.
  156. [15:46] Remy speeds their way alone the edge of the walkway, slowing as they approached Mi'shel and Numaus... They eased out from behind the two, settling into place beside them to take witness to the proceedings.
  158. [15:47] Dark Lady Periculosa looked back and forth between the two of them, the Executor and the man who declared himself Emperor. The expression on her face was of mild interest, as if the person sitting on the throne held little consequence to her personally - she knew either would not interfere with her own machinations. Instead the twi'lek started to form a long, wide smile as her gaze moved between the two of them. "It does appear that we may have to settle this upon the lava shores of Byss."
  160. [15:47] Amid all the commotions and the ever increasing build up tense atmosphere in the Throne room, Darth Sar'Rai manages to glare at the new arrival - her young apprentice. The glow in her eyes expresses both her intolerance for the late arrival but also hint at her assessment at any reaction the young Disciple may have to the rare unfolding situation.
  162. [15:47] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania noted many hands on many lightsabers and blasters. Her own remained relaxed at her side. This was an issue of Sith Ascension - just as in the Rule of Two, let no one interfere.
  164. [15:48] Listened intently to Infestus, she had been to the scene of the incident. She already had her mind made up about what happened. Hearing it so boldly proclaimed almost as if bragging brought her anger from boiling to that of the fire of a thousand suns. "So it was you then, and all the while, I was not consulted on this matter. We do have a right of progression here in the empire Infestus. In case you've forgotten how this goes I will be happy to re-educate you....here, in front of the whole empire if you wish," she said. She was already unclasping her cloak letting it fall to the ground at her feet, awaiting his reply.
  166. [15:48] Lady Entropie remained quiet in her spot as she watched the current unfolding in front of her, looking up towards her Mistress for a moment then back towards the Emperor and the Executor.
  168. [15:51] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] felt torn, but only for a moment. It is true that his duty was to protect the leader of the Empire, but whereas the matter was clear when Dark Lord Destius had been on the Throne, now it was decidedly messy: it wasn't exactly obvious to him now whom he should be protecting, so he decided to stay out of it unless directly attacked.
  170. [15:52] Kesmas Dhumm smirks and watches happily some one who would make him earn the throne her own place had not come with out blood being shed her's and many others and seemed this one would be no less
  172. [15:54] "Spire": couldn't shake the bristle that was running along him at the moment. His eyes dance between those armed, noting postures, ready states, trying to keep tabs and looking for signs that things might go hot. Quick glances were given to the sides, taking in the landscape for routes and sources of cover.
  174. [15:55] Darth Nemesis stayed deathly quiet as the proceedings occurred and unfolded in front of them, awaiting the Emperor's response to the Executor's charges. She also knew that as per the rule of two she was not goingn to interfere with what was going to transpire unless directly directed to.
  176. [15:57] The Emperor's laughter started as a deep bone-chilling chuckle, then grew more intense, crescendoing into a thunderous cackle, followed in the end by deafening silence. The moment must have felt like it lasted longer than it in reality did, the rising tension between the two Dark Lords palpable. It was in that moment of quiet - the calm before the storm - that the Emperor rose to his full height and walked down the steps to his throne, towering head and shoulders above the Praetorian guards next to him, who by this time were aiming their weapons at the Executor. He left his cane placed against the throne's armrest and with a single gesture signalled them to step back - this challenge was his alone to deal with. "I acknowledge only one right of progression: power. And now, 'Executor', I shall take yours." he declared, his eyes ablaze with baleful intent, the monster hidden behind a facade of civility emerging. She would have to be made an example of, in order to make his claim to the throne undeniable. He would suffer no rivals.
  178. [15:59] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania waved the ISM NCO back, lest he interfere. The look on her face may have suggested that "this is the way of things."
  180. [16:00] Dark Lady Periculosa crossed her arms, watching the events unfold with a wider grin than seen on the twi'lek in a very long time. Anyone around her would feel the air around her grow deathly cold, as if preparing herself for anything and everything.
  182. [16:01] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] was a stoic officer of decades' service to the Empire but even he swallowed a little as the towering figure of the Emperor menaced the Executor. He had a BAD feeling about this...but he remained on duty mainly to prevent any others from interfering.
  184. [16:02] Kesmas Dhumm watched and waited she long ago had forsaken carrying sabers she had no use for them outside a mere symbol and her phobis device served in place of that now she watched eagerly to see what the out come of the clash would be she stood unflinching steady as her position as empress of her own empire demanded of her but she made no guise of hiding the fact she was relishing the moment
  186. [16:02] Executor Rowe watched her fellow Dark Lord rise from the throne leaving his cane behind. "A challenge then. I sure hope you've been practicing your swing. Wiggling your fingers about with mindless incantations will not save you from me." She absently stroked the many severed fingers hanging from her necklace as she spoke. "I accept your challenge Infestus, and we shall see how well your knowledge of the force will serve you as I take you apart piece by piece." She glared up at the fellow Dark Lord now unclipping her sabers and igniting them. The former Fist of the Empire was literally shaking with excitement. "Your move, old man. Do try and keep up, I am going to savor every moment of this and it would be a shame if you ruined it by falling too quickly."
  188. [16:03] [Caius] Darth Ulterius wrestled with the possibilities.
  190. [16:04] Darth Decon chuckled underneath his breath as he has seen fights for the throne play out many times he stayed his claws and saber as his eye's glowed red as his markings feeling the power in the great hall
  192. [16:04] Ensign Aven Sauvage acknowledged the command, having had no orders to the contrary or desire to get in the middle of two Sith. In fact, standing behind several seemed mildly safer than anuwhere else in the room as long as she could see over their shoulders.
  194. [16:04] Vanek snears with seething hatred as he watched the two converge. The energy there a mist of raw darkness that Vanek dwelleth therein forever; if need be. His posture would go into a meditation as he no longer stood. Knowing full well if he channeled his energy toward them two it would possibly have some effect.
  196. [16:05] Ǥȃɍȇƫƭ Braveheart (garett.braveheart) knew power shifts were common in the empire and being sith but he did not think he would see it it happen so soon after his joining the Order.
  198. [16:06] Numaus Desua began to step further to the side, a hand gripping onto the shoulders of Remy and Mi'shel as he did.
  200. [16:07] Lacy Easterling watched in excitement reminding her of the mandalorians right to challenge ...
  202. [16:07] Darth Nemesis stayed deathly quiet. She did not know how this fight would go and did not want to take sides. She pursed her lips quietly, watching what was about to transpire for either way this went it was sure to be boundless and epic. This was a day people would read about for some time.
  204. [16:08] Mi'shel Ul'Vyshtal had been staring in fascination, his concentration almost trance-like until the hand of Numaus broke it immediately in one motion. Glancing from the hand on his shoulder as it backed away with it's owner to his fellow apprentice's face he nodded and decided to move back away from the impending battle himself.
  206. [16:09] Remy likewise followed Numaus' silent advice, moving with the pair to grant this conflict more room.
  208. [16:10] Darth Sar'Rai 's full buxom rises and falls in rapid succession as her eyes fixed on the Executor while sensing the Emperor's presence right behind her. Her excitement grew, feed by the angst and hate that flood her, and her peers, senses. She knew very well that this is the matter between the Dark Lords, and it is not up to her, or any of her colleagues to mettle in. Standing mere meters from what would be the main battle ground, the Hand ready herself to put up defensive moves to not become collateral damage.
  210. [16:10] Lady Entropie couldn't help the slight grin that came across her face, though as the entertainment was about to start, she would take a few steps back just to be precautious of the battle of wraths and egos was about to flow free.
  212. [16:11] The Emperor's silhouette grew darker and cast a long shadow down the dais. His shadowy form contrasted sharply with the glowing kyber crystal which hung suspended in the air above the throne behind him, throbbing with malicious energy. It had been some time since he last saw the Executor in battle, but remembered well her speed and skill with a blade. Though he couldn't be certain that he had witnessed the full extent of her power then, and despite being acutely aware of the possibility she had yet to reveal it, his confidence matched the Executor's. After all, he knew she definitely had not yet witnessed the full extent of -his-. Thunderous noise filled the vastness of the throne room again, when the Emperor raised his gloved hands and unleashed upon the Executor a cruel barrage of Force lightning, his unrestrained fury capable of turning even a mighty Krayt dragon into a smouldering heap of charred bone and flesh. During the attack, purple-blue flashes of blinding light illuminated his haggard features, accentuating his devilish grin.
  214. [16:11] Kesmas Dhumm she watched quietly her thoughts hidden well in a shattered mind that to most that would attempt to gleam anything from it a wave of chaos and insanity but she was rooting for Rowe but that did not show just the excitement of the events playing out
  216. [16:12] [Caius] Darth Ulterius raised his defenses, lest he inadvertently channel an errant bolt of the Emperor's fury. The air filled with energy.
  218. [16:16] Darth Sar'Rai raises her right hand in an unhurried manner, moving it in one swift but graceful half circle, effectively activating an invisible shield around her small frame. Even as she's safely cocoon within this circular barrier, she could feel the heat radiated from the long fingers of the Emperor's lightning strikes.
  220. [16:17] Executor Rowe Barely gets her sabers up in time. While she luckily managed to stop the lightning from hitting her directly, the sheer force of so much power initially flung her into the air upon impact. She gathered her bearings and landed taking a knee before lunging back at Dark Lord Infestus. A smoke trail could be seen billowing from Rowe as her sleeves were singed by the lightning. Making full use of her Ataru mastery, she had leapt completely over the head of Infestus to the large chair of the throne behind him. Kicking off from the backrest she threw a wide swipe with her saber as she bounced past him. She hoped to graze his robes with a dangerously close pass of humming plasma projecting from the saber emitters. Rowe finally lands back in front of Dark Lord Infestus mere feet away, she takes advantage of this and readies another attack immediately.
  222. [16:18] Kesmas Dhumm smirks watching the light show she was all but immune to lightning because of the permanent nerve damage from having been tortured by it she watched and waited with a pure gleeful demeanor
  224. [16:19] Dark Lady Periculosa closed her eyes, a small chant escaping her lips as she did so. The aura of chill grew ever more present, as if forming a protective sphere around the twi'lek. Still, she seemed hyper-aware of her surroundings, her body twisting to move out of the way of an errant bolt even as she did so.
  226. [16:20] Darth Nemesis would softly raise a shield around herself so that she could prevent her own untimely and accidental death. She watched curiously and in a way that was rather...intent.
  228. [16:21] Dark Lady Malice slowly stalked her way up the long ramp that lead to the throne room. She had come, begrudgingly, to find out what exactly was going on in the Empire after she found out the former Emperor had been killed. Hatred raged within her, strongly, it could easily be felt by anyone around her. She stopped short however, upon seeing Executor Rowe and the new 'Emperor' engaged in battle. A smirk spread slowly across her face, the lightning hugging her like a bet curled violently, though she kept it restrained, only arcing around herself. She pulled her cloak closer to her and watched with eyes that seemed to be made of the universe itself.
  230. [16:21] "Spire": near grit his teeth beneath his hood at the feelings surrounding him, a full bristle down his back while ears pin. His pupils went to needle-points a moment as the lightning erupted, the creature alert as he steps behind those in front as they barrier themselves. He was a bit on edge as the magnitude of energy expended just thunders through the force, sending sensations rippling through him.
  232. [16:22] Vanek would continue to channel darkside energy to the two combatants; making himself basically a battery backup pack to the force exerted here.
  234. [16:25] Kesmas Dhumm she watched and fed off the battle it had been some time since she had so enjoyed such a good show she pulled out a small flask and took a sip chuckling softly
  236. [16:27] The Sith Emperor wasn't surprised that she had managed to block the onslaught with her saber, but then it hadn't been his aim to destroy her, only to maintain distance between them. He was testing the waters. "Interesting." he muttered below his breath when the Executor flew past him, landing a superficial flesh wound, a trail of smoke rising from -his- robes now. It seemed that the Executor was matching him in her own way; he had counted on a frontal counter-attack, bold and courageous as one might expect from Dark Lady Rowe. Yet, she had chosen instead to leap over his head to strike from behind, only grazing him. He realised she was testing him, too. Smiling, he launched himself into the air in a gravity defying motion when he saw her ready herself, his robes billowing behind him in waves of black and red. To the untrained eye, he would have appeared a blur, landing far down the bridge near the throne room doors. There, he commanded the Dark Side to coalesce around him, attracting its power like a black hole absorbing the light of a star. The floor began to rattle and nearby banner poles buckled under the immense, terrifying pressure. With a string of casual gestures he lifted one pole after the other into the air, breaking the durasteel bolts that held them to the ground as if they didn't exist, and hurled them like massive spears towards his challenger.
  238. [16:29] Darth Nemesis would bow her head to Malice as she entered but seemed to be very much concentrating upon what was going on between the Emperor and the Executor. As the floor and poles began to rumble she would do her best to keep her distance, knowing far better than to interfere with what is going on here.
  240. [16:30] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania ducked backwards from the passing bolt and then took three steps backwards. She counted on others doing the same ... proximity.
  242. [16:30] Darth Aran: appears from from the shadows recalling the days from Order of Rowes inception to DLoTS he observed his Master ... back then he was unsure why she had waited
  244. [16:30] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] had expected sabers and lightning as the metaphorical fur began to fly. He had not, somehow, expected the actual room structure to be torn apart by the fight. He felt almost naked without a weapon in hand but a blaster really wasn't going to make any difference at all, so he drew he the vibroblade at his back but then was forced to run as the banner poles started raining down on the area around the Executor. There was no blocking them, after all, for someone of his mundane talents.
  246. [16:31] Ensign Aven Sauvage turned to follow the blur and as the massive banners began bending and careening towards the mass of onlookers she took a hasty motion back, one eye on the bottomless depths of the abyss below them all and the terrifying thing between them all and the door. Her hand slid to her belt as she started thinking about getting out of here alive.
  248. [16:32] Dark Lady Periculosa sighed, waving her hand dismissively from the attacks, as if they posed her no threat at all. Following the action easily now, the twi'lek pondered, momentarily, if she should just yank the massive doors on top of them both and end her boredom.
  250. [16:34] Kesmas Dhumm smirks and watches thriving off the intensity of the battle she simply let her aura out for a moment and the intensity of it crush incoming debris and continued to watch as she suppressed her aura again
  252. [16:34] Executor Rowe Watched as her fellow Dark Lord yanked the large poles right up as if they were nothing. Slowly they rose into the air and rotated till the pointy ends were all facing her. She sighed knowing this was going to be a lot of work. "Kriff," she said under her breath. As the poles began launching at her like spears, she turned to dodge the first volley, getting a small gash on her shoulder as they passed her. The next wave she jumped over before breaking into a full sprint in the direction of Dark Lord Infestus. Sabers lit, she ran at him hacking and cutting away the remaining projectiles. Now she was mad, and had every intention of making her fellow Dark Lord pay for it.
  254. [16:35] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] put a hand to his ear again and instructed ISM across the emergency channel... "ISM, CODE RED. Form a perimeter around the Imperial Citadel but do not for the moment enter. Repeat, do NOT enter unless summoned. Let no one pass!"
  256. [16:38] Darth Sar'Rai 's red lips crack a wicked grin. Her glowing moon-like eyes widen as she watches one pole after another flying toward Rowe with deadly intention. With a quick reflex curl of her knees, she sprung herself onto the air and call on the Force to sprint forward in a blinding speed after the blur of the Executor's lightsaber, landing softly close enough to the dueling Dark Lords, but with distance that would keep her safe enough from their wraths,
  258. [16:42] The Executor ran at full speed towards the Emperor, like a moth drawn to the flame; he would soon turn her momentum against her by throwing one final spear almost at point-blank range. With the unquenchable fire of the Dark Side wrapped around his frame, he gave full vent to his ire. A thick black mist of arcane origins coiled around his fingertips like snakes of pure shadow, crawling towards his arms before covering them completely. "Sutta chwituskak, mwintuska kâskûjontû, chwûk kintik nuya!" the Sith Emperor chanted in the ancient tongue with hatred-stained eyes, the incantation repeated manifold by voices near and far, the souls of long-gone Sith from eons past commanded to lend their power. He had conjured a spear of midnight black, a manifestation of pure Dark Side energy. With considerable effort and just in time, he telekinetically propelled it towards her with relentless ferocity.
  260. [16:43] "Spire": balled up his fingers into fists before following the battle. He keeps out of the path of the pursuing individual, looking to minimize the amount of dodging he needed to do and the whispers he would have to listen to for guidance. He keeps to the middle of the following crowd.
  262. [16:47] Executor Rowe whilst running full sprint, she sees one last shot fired from Dark Lord Infestus. There's almost no time to react. She drops to her knees mid-sprint, sliding across the ground she lays back just BARELY being missed. She laid there a moment, eyes wide open. Her life literally just flashed before her. She took a second to gather herself, it felt like an eternity. Finally, she sprung back to her feet. She reached back a moment, touching her scalp on the back of her head and pulling back a bloody hand. She looked at the blood on her hand, then back at Infestus, then back at the blood again. She became visibly angry, to a level not seen in her in years. Suddenly small sparks began to arc between her and the ground before she lunged at Infestus with a force dash so powerful it actually ripped the deckplates up off of the ground behind her.
  264. [16:50] Kesmas Dhumm she watched eagerly few even impressed her anymore but these two had her impressed slightly and were gaining high marks in her book and she might even consider bowing to them
  266. [16:56] The spear of pure Dark Side energy hit the throne in the far distance, partially disintegrating it. In response, lava began to fill the chasm, rising slowly from the core until the air in the throne room became so heated it started to bend light, creating a mirage-effect. The Sith Emperor braced himself for impact, finally forced to draw his crossguard lightsaber. He willed it towards his hand and with the press of a button, its red blade came to life with a bloodthirsty hiss. Rooted in place like an obelisk carved from solid stone, he held up his weapon and instinctively submerged himself in the Force, throwing up an invisible barrier. The collision itself could only be described as brutal - a clash between titans. The blow released a deafening shockwave, the roaring sound explosive enough to crack visors. "There she is!" the Emperor mocked, full of exultant joy. His hypnotic gaze met hers as he threw his full weight behind his counter-attack, pushing his blade outwards, moving both his and her own slowly towards her face. His eyes, now devoid of pupils, pierced the smoke, sparks and blinding saber glare while he stretched out of himself through the Force, to throw her off-balance by simultaneously attacking her mind.
  268. [16:56] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] thought the fight was over seeing the sorcerous spear flash towards the Executor, but his eyes widened as he saw her slide under it and then in a brief second motion fly herself towards the Emperor herself. Force Wizards, he thought to himself, shaking his head...
  270. [16:59] Ensign Aven Sauvage noticed the heat wave and darted her attention to see what the new threat might be with growing alarm. In a hushed, but urgent voice she stepped towards the Field Marshall. "Sir, the lava fields are rising in the chasm. I don't know if the walls and supports are built to handle this."
  272. [17:00] Darth Nemesis curiously watched, not flinching at the loud crack as it filled the room with painful sound. Nemesis was fascinated by what she was watching.
  274. [17:01] Oebon'wuna (brighid.skytower) over hears the the talk of their almost certain doom that will befall her, and looks at the floor. Not wanting to die, she eyes the door wondering if there was a way to make it to freedom before hand
  276. .[17:02] Executor Rowe crashes fiercely into the lit saber of her opponent. She was deeply focused on connecting and once she had she immediately felt an invasion into her head. This was something Infestus was profoundly good at and even she was caught off guard. She felt herself overcome with the idea of relenting and kneeling before Infestus. It was at this point that the intense energy radiating from their sabers so close to her face seemed to break her loose just enough to wall up her mind. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" She screamed aloud with a piercing force scream mere inches from Infestus' face, hoping it would throw him off just long enough. She quickly shifted her weight and sidestepped their locked blades. With any luck the other Dark Lord, having a much higher center of gravity would topple forward almost losing his balance. If successful, she would use this break in contact and loss of his balance to quickly disarm Infestus with a quick flick of her wrist, potentially lopping off a hand or some fingers if he was unable to react quickly enough.
  278. [17:02] Kesmas Dhumm felt the power and felt the strain to her armor only thing that prevented it from giving way fully to the assault was the combined factors of it being made of cortosis and the fact she was a tutaminus master and employed it to absorb the wave she relished the pain it brought she rarely felt that sensation anymore she smiles the heat did not bother her she debated on stopping the Lava but this was not her planet or her Order or even a part of her empire so she had no reason to
  280. [17:02] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] stepped back a pace as he witnessed lava - actual lava - rising up from underneath the Throne chamber to lick at the very edges of this concourse, which now felt very unsafe indeed. He nodded to the Ensign, "I am quite sure they weren't designed for this Ensign, be ready to make a run for it."
  282. [17:08] Ensign Aven Sauvage gave the Officer a brief nod and continued in hushed tones. "On it Sir. Will you require assistance? I will alert a hazmat team to standby."
  284. [17:08] "Spire": glances back as the hiss and bubble of lava began to rise. The Amaran drives a hand into a pouch while the other pulls down his hood a moment, a re-breather being quickly affixed on the front of his snout before the fabric of his hood was pulled back over it. One never knew what gasses might come off the melt, let alone the poisonous emissions that come with a pyroclastic flow.
  286. [17:08] Lady Entropie had taken up a 'hopefully' safe distance to watch the two combatants, though with thrones disappearing like a snap of a certain gauntlet, she wasn't quite so sure. She remained though, even as the temperature rose in the hall, raising a soft white glow around herself as she created a force barrier.
  288. [17:09] Darth Sar'Rai 's pale complexion glow a deeper crimson shade and the Arkanian's exposed skin is covered with beaded sweats. Out of the peripheral view of her eyes, she could see the red hot liquid lava advancing ever higher, presenting a very real possibility of flooding every surface area everyone is standing on. The bottoms of her shoes have begun to feel sticky, as though they are slowly melting and gluing themselves onto the floor. She quickly wraps herself in an invisible shield again, this time, to keep cool from the rising heat in the room and to buy her time shall the occasion necessitate a quick exit.
  290. [17:11] Dark Lady Malice scowled uncomfortably now. She did so not enjoy heat. Never had. She felt like she were melting in it. Why couldn't they have picked a more pleasant planet to live on? Like Hoth. Yes Hoth is nice. Or Ziost. She tapped a control on her wrist and her light armor's environmental controls set to work cooling her down to near-freezing temperatures. Just the way she liked it.
  292. [17:11] Darth Nemesis was sweating quite a bit as she saw the lava progressing, and was quite ready to move rapidly off the platform into the hall depending upon what happened in the fight...and to the room. Nemesis did not mind the heat but even for her lava was quite too hot.
  294. [17:12] Kesmas Dhumm she decides that for the sake of not spoiling the fun of watching such an epic event she calls on the force and cools the lava to stop it's advance not taking her eyes off the fight she smiles and continued to watch
  296. [17:13] Fuelled by an intense desire to utterly obliterate the final obstacle in his path to ultimate victory, and mere inches away from achieving it, the Emperor's lust for power blinded him to Dark Lady Rowe's lightning-quick reaction. Unable to sense in time that his mind invasion had failed, the Force scream rendered him paralysed, stunned at the sudden outburst for what must have been no more than a second. This, however, was enough for him to stumble forwards which created an opening the former Fist could easily exploit. The Emperor's blade deactivated and fell to the floor with a haunting clank, followed by three soft thuds. Initially he didn't even realise what had happened, the searing heat of her lightsaber had burned the nerve-endings in his hand instantly. When he looked at it, he saw that several fingers were missing, the stumps that remained scorched black. "You!" he snarled viciously, a primal rage welling up within him. He twisted on his heels and raised his other hand, both of them aimed at her now
  298. [17:13] A true Master of the Dark Side, he channelled his emotions, wielding them like a razor-sharp blade, and unleashed a bone-crushing Force push. Unable to withstand the torture, the gargantuan throne room doors shrieked in agony and flung open, all warped and bent out of shape. The Emperor had realised his mistake: ever allowing Dark Lady Rowe, infamous for her duelling skills, to get close to him. It was a mistake he now sought to rectify.
  300. [17:18] Executor Rowe looked down at the severed fingers a moment as a devilish grin played upon her lips. "As I promised you Infestus....piece by piece, and those will make a delightful addition to my colle...." She was cut off as she was hit with tremendous force that lifted her right off her feet and into the air. She hit the doors to the great hall so hard she left an imprint in one of them. As she collided with the doors, the impact knocked her sabers clean out of her hands. Rowe finally came to a rest on the ground just outside of the throne room, the wind completely knocked out of her. She laid there dazed a moment and blood began to trickle out of one of her ears. She had clearly been concussed from the impact with the doors. She fought a moment to stand back up and looked quite dazed. She had not taken a beating like this since she was a mere Acolyte to her own Master. She shook herself out of her daze, found her sabers and force pulled them back into her hands. She shook around once more as if still trying to efocus before igniting a saber and pointing it at her fellow Dark Lord, her eyes blood red with anger. "You're dead....."
  302. [17:20] As the lava continued to rise up towards the concourse despite the efforts of any to delay it, and as the Executor was thrown through the doors, Field Marshal Varmann made his move. In a truly admirable display of Imperial bravery...he made a break for it, hissing to the Ensign, "Just get out of here and look to save yourself!" Defying his advanced years, he took a couple of steps and vaulted over the fallen banner pole in front of him, his younger trooper guardians a pace behind him. The three of them clattered up the steps in a studied hurry, knowing that to trip now -would- be fatal, and pounded across the floor towards the door, seeking to get out of the death trap that the Throne Room had become.
  304. [17:25] Darth Decon watched the two and followed them with a blank expression jumping and dashing over the rubble to get to the great hall as if to keep watching the onslaut eager to see the outcome of this great battle
  306. [17:26] Darth Nemesis ran out of the room, following the fight and fleeing the lava. She paused as she ran into Jade, bowing her head in greetings as she kept moving out of the door. Nemesis seemed fascinated as she watched the fight unfold.
  308. [17:28] Kesmas Dhumm followed the fight engrossed by the titans clashing it was too good to miss
  310. [17:28] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] spoke urgently into the comm: "Throne Room is structurally unstable, I repeat structurally unstable and to be avoided. Battle between the two Dark Lords is progressing into the Great Hall. There are likely to be casualties here."
  312. [17:30] Darth Sar'Rai didn't waste any time to see what everyone else is doing. The crushing of the large doors into the Throne room, the rising of the suffocating heat surrounding the crowd, and the sight of Rowe temporarily disappear from her direct gaze was enough to make the Hand act. She release the effect of the bubble that has been protecting her from the harsh environment to activate a Force dash and sprints forward, escaping into the Great Hall, landing just slightly behind the battered Executor, who's already quick to be back on her feet with saber in hand ready for more battle.
  314. [17:31] Ensign Aven Sauvage bolted up the broad steps towards the gaping hole there and the retreating cape of the Field Marshall, her wrist to her mouth to relay orders in response to a persistant buzzing for information there."
  316. [17:32] Dark Lady Periculosa swatted aside the great doors, annoyed at the destruction beyond caused.
  318. [17:33] [Caius] Darth Ulterius followed behind the onlookers, measured in his pace.
  320. [17:33] Darth Nilae nodded slowly to Nemesis as she too followed the fight arms by her sides watching amused at how this soon this happened though not surprised .
  322. [17:34] As the Executor recovered, the Emperor took advantage of the time he had bought himself. Once more, he chanted an ancient incantation, concentrating deeply on its specific meter and rhyme, for he knew that its power lay in precise pronunciation: "Odojinya, owomu kadzuska koshûjontu, kittuska âkajontû." With quick, intricate finger movements he weaved an imaginary web with his one good hand while taking a few steps closer to Rowe, who seemed to have difficulty finding her bearings again. Imaginary, that is, until he bound the Dark Side to his will and made it give shape to a new reality; the black, otherworldly smoke which had covered his arms earlier returned, but this time it spread across the floor, creeping up on the Dark Lady before spiralling upwards and transforming into ink black tendrils that writhed and coiled like the tentacles of a sea monster. Upon their creator's command, they lashed out in quick succession, each strike potentially deadly.
  324. [17:34] Dark Lady Malice followed behind, amused at the chaos around her. The Empire always had liked order, obedience. This onslaught of destruction was anything but orderly as people scrambled and fled. She made sure Nilae was following her as she made her exit from the throne room, waiting to see what happened next.
  326. [17:37] Kesmas Dhumm she watched relishing the power and violence as it unfolded she could appreciate Rowe's unrelenting determination despite the battering she had taken and was rooting for her and almost wanted to aid her by healing some of her wounds just to make sure the fight would go on but that was not her right or place so she just watched eagerly
  328. [17:39] Executor Rowe immediately locks onto the tendrils now lurching toward her. She leapt over the first strike, then side rolled away from another. Finally free for a moment Rowe slashes through a tendril before throwing a saber right for Infestus. Mid-flight the saber flickers in and out a moment before deactivating and flying harmlessly past him. It would appear the saber took significant damage during impact with the doors leading out to the great hall. The saber tumbled through the air clumsily before Rowe yanked it back to her with the force. While not fatal, a blunt force impact from a saber hilt could still throw the Dark Lord off of his concentration. As the saber flew back toward Rowe, she guided it onto a path to make direct contact with the backside of her fellow Dark Lord. As much as he was concentrating, it wouldn't take much to land a solid WHAP right in the back of his head. Rowe aimed to do just that to see if she can break his concentration.
  330. [17:41] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] paled slightly as the stuff of nightmares rose up from out of the floor. Unlike the Sith around him who were, by and large, relishing the sheer Dark Side energies being released and the promise of blood, he was most certainly not enamoured of the Emperor's sorcery. A stray tendril reached lovingly towards his ankle, so he rolled away from the danger, swiping out with his vibroblade as he did so and severing that particular wayward ethereal appendage. He came to his feet, breathing hard and very much on guard.
  332. [17:47] Kesmas Dhumm chuckles as the dark energy came close to her she absorbs it feeding her own desires and power lapping it up she watched and chuckles this was too good and she had not seen anything like it ages she was almost jealous of rowe having the pleasure first hand but she had to think of more then herself and her want for battle she had an empire to think of and they were not ready to have the wraith of a large empire such as byss on their door step
  334. [17:47] The Sith Emperor couldn't afford to break the sorcerous ritual now and kept the pressure on without mercy, the tendrils born of hatred brutally slashing away at the Dark Lady, atomizing everything they touched in her vicinity. He might have sidestepped to dodge an ignited lightsaber, but when it fizzled out he allowed it to fly past him unhindered, giving him at least a few more attempts on her life. It didn't take long, though, for him to sense the projectile being pulled back again. Reaching into his malleable Shi'ido body, he took out and ignited a second lightsaber before casually cutting the Executor's hilt in half with a backwards swing. Another miscalculation: his mangled hand proved insufficient to keep the tendrils under control at the same time. Their movements became wild and directionless. Completely missing the Executor, they hit the Emperor's colossus behind her instead, melting it at the base. The giant statue slumped first, then toppled over, the creaking metal reminiscent of a falling tree. Even with all his might, he couldn't regain control over the shadowy wisps, a futile endeavour that had cost him far more energy than it should have. His concentration broken and exhausted from the effort, the Dark Side tendrils eventually evaporated.
  336. [17:49] Darth Nemesis dove out of the way as the statue started to fall, moving well out of the way of it. They were going to have to rebuild much of the citadel by the time this was done...that was for sure. She was fascinated by the combat though and seemed to be paying more attention to that than to the decor.
  338. [17:52] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] staggered back as the shadow...things crashed into the old Emperor's colossal statue, causing it to lean and then crash ruinously onto the floor down below. The Dark Lords were mad, he thought, they were going to destroy the entire citadel if they kept this up much longer. So stunned was he at this damage that he forgot to be awed at the Shi'ido Sith Emperor literally reaching into himself to re-arm himself.
  340. [17:52] Executor Rowe growled as her saber is cut in half. She stares down at her hilt now in two pieces. She has only a moment to concern herself with it as the massive Colossus statue of the late Emperor begins to fall. She watched, it was surreal seeing that massive structure collapse into the great hall shattering into pieces. Rowe looked back from the statue to see her fellow Dark Lord losing his concentration as the tendrils then begin to dissipate. In a fleeting moment, it appeared his guard was down and she took her shot. She quickly sheathed her other saber and reached out attempting to grab the massive Dark Lord himself with the force. "You're getting slow old man." She paused a moment eying him up, her eyes still red with anger. "Let's have a little fun....'your highness,'" she said lifting him off the ground and attempting to throw him violently down the entire stairway leading down into the great hall. There would be no time to waste, this was her chance! If she was successful with her throw, she would immediately leap down to where the newly minted emperor would land and kill him. If she timed it just right she could finish him here!
  342. [17:53] Mi'shel Ul'Vyshtal felt the fall of the Great Colossus and maneuvered his feet to regain his bearing from the shock wave from the impact of such a large statue crashing to the ground. His eyes however were transfixed on the fight, studying the prowess of both parties and languishing in the palpable strength of the Dark Side energy swirling mercilessly about the room.
  344. [17:54] Dark Lady Malice scowled once more as the statue fell, a renewed hatred could be felt within her, though it was anyone's guess at who it could be directed at, if anyone. She watched as the Dark Lady threw Infestus, a slight smile crawling across her face, though the gesture would be lost to anyone but her under the mask.
  346. [17:55] Kesmas Dhumm smiles watching eagerly she was well out of the way of the falling statute and she was not shocked by him pulling a saber out of his body she and her daughter had pulled the same feat many times given that they both were part shi'ido themselves she laughed with glee as the fight continued
  348. [17:56] [Caius] Darth Ulterius watched the colossus tumble, the fall of one more reminder of Emperor Destius.
  350. [17:59] "Spire": follows the others out and, has a thought, glancing back a moment, pausing. Something on his mind, though... perhaps too risky. He comes out soon after, only to have to tumble out of the way of some dark tendrils coming out of the ground, the creature shuddering a bit as the darkness feels like it is tearing at the force around him, like icy tendrils dragging at his core.
  352. [18:00] The Sith Emperor was too drained to conjure a Force defence in time to avoid being thrown down the hall in a high arc. He crashed into the red carpet with a sickening thud; if it wasn't for his extremely pliable physiology, he would no doubt have broken several bones. Because of his species' innate ability to detach tendons and change skin texture, however, he recovered surprisingly fast. Instead of standing up, though, he pretended to be gravely injured and remained downed while the Executor thought herself almost victorious. As she launched herself towards him, he caught his breath and tapped into the Dark Side nexus, allowing it to rejuvenate him, giving him strength. Reinvigorated, he patiently waited until Dark Lady Rowe was mere feet away, then released all of his pent-up rage in the form of a horrifyingly powerful Force repulse, like a seemingly dead volcano suddenly springing to life with a violent eruption. The maelstrom devoured everything it came into contact with: nearby statues were blown away as if they were light as a feather, durasteel walls curved to the shape of the rapidly expanding bubble, and finally the pillars that supported the ceiling gave way, utterly powerless to resist the Emperor's vengeance. The Great Hall rumbled, on the brink of collapse.
  354. [18:01] [Caius] Darth Ulterius retreated to the medical laboratory.
  356. [18:06] Darth Nilae grins under her mask the Chaos amused her and it amused her greatly, if meetings were more like this perhaps she would show up more. Nilae watched Nemesis diving out the way as the statue fell the other way then followed the battle that took everyone well into the great hall.
  358. [18:08] Executor Rowe Lands near Infestus ready to strike, but before she could even realize the mistake she made it was too late. She appeared to take the full brunt of the Repulse and went flying. Her body plowed right through a statue before finally hitting the ground. Her body tumbled and rolled across the great hall quite some distance before her body came to a stop. There she layed, obvious fractures and a fair amount of blood pooled around her body. She was not concious and did not appear to be breathing at this point either. Her hand went limp and her lightsaber rolled out of her hand and continued rolling a couple feet away from her. It appeared to be the end of the battle and possibly the end of her life as well.
  360. [18:09] Darth Aran: continued to observe as his own statue fell where it once stood... his anger grew as he balled his fist as he watched his Master in danger still in disbelief
  362. [18:10] Once the dust had settled, the Sith Emperor reached out with his senses; he could feel the Dark Lady just barely clinging to life. Her essence hadn't left her body just yet, however. Hell-bent on finishing it, he carefully approached, chanting one last time in the language of the Kissai, focusing intently on his inflection as well as the broken figure in front of him. The vibrations intensified, the Citadel shaking to its foundations.
  364. [18:10] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] had charged down the Great Hall as Emperor had been propelled across it, only to see him fool the Executor and cause a seemingly end-game injury to her in surprise. He raised his vibroblade, not in a threatening gesture but in a salute to the soon-to-be-departed Dark Lady of the Sith.
  366. [18:11] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania had not yet felt the hole that the executor would make in the Force..
  368. [18:11] Darth Sar'Rai hasn't bothered to shield herself from the flying debris that left visible scratches and marks on her milky skin as the flew and hit everyone that stood around the vicinity of the fierce battle. She could feel the ground below her shook violently with the latest waves of attacks, and without even looking around much, she could sense that the integrity of the seemingly indestructible Citadel has started to disintegrated to the brink of collapse. But there's no time to fear such a demise, for she looks almost stunt at the sight of the Executor's battered and lifeless body with eyes staring angrily up to nothingness. It as though the Hand froze in place with disbelief.
  370. [18:12] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania tore at the leather of ther dress and, with the force, was able to get a trip large enough for a makeshift blindfold. If she were doing to see this... she wanted to see it properly.
  372. [18:13] Ensign Aven Sauvage covered her face with a forearm as she staggered in the wake of the Field Marshall talking into her comms between her cough as smoke and dust engulfed the area. A glance at the battle was all she could spare, as chunks of ceiling shook and the Emperor's great citadel, built on sorcery and thousands of slave laborers, threatened to perish with him.
  374. [18:14] Darth Nemesis looked absolutely stunned. She had not expected this ending. In fact it was just about the last thing she had expected. She seemed...frozen. She watched intently what was happening but seemed stunned none the less.
  376. [18:14] Kesmas Dhumm she watched and simply let it all fly through her she made no move to do anything yet but she waited her right moment
  378. [18:16] "Spire": could sense the trembles in the structure, the harmony of the support in discord, the chaos inside giving off-tuned resonance and sound his ears picked up. He moves with the crowd, glancing toward the sky as the battle before them seems to be coming to a close. He pauses in his step, a little voice inside him causing his hands to flex, before the Amaran pushes on with the group.
  380. [18:16] Executor Rowe turned very pale and laid as still as a corpse, completely unmoving as Dark Lord Infestus slowly approached and began his incantations. Suddenly as he was mid-verse, her eyes snapped wide open. She had fooled him, taking control of her own vital signs she had managed to slow her heartbeat down till it was undetectable. She reached up and immediately grabbed hold of a portion of the heavily damaged ceiling through the force and brought it all down right on top of where Infestus was standing. Several very large slabs of solid granite came barreling down toward his position. If he hesitated even for a moment, he would likely not escape in time.
  382. [18:17] Dark Lady Periculosa was suddenly interested again in the scene before her, the twi'lek's hand slowly reaching down to grasp her lightsaber. If Infestus wanted a culling, he was going to learn that the woman who had already killed two masters as she rose from the ranks had no qualms about removing anyone above her if they posed a threat.
  384. [18:19] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] saw the Executor's hand move upwards with the tell-tale tingling of Force being used and leaped backwards as debris started to rain down in his vicinity. He was altogether too close to where the Emperor was standing, he decided, grunting slightly as he was struck by a smaller chunk of masonry. His left arm felt strange, and looking down he saw it hanging useless by his side. He'd have to get the medics to put it back in once they got out of here...if they got out of here. He blinked and noticed that one of his troopers was no more, crushed and lifeless beneath a giant stone block.
  386. [18:20] It wasn't so much that he hesitated, but the Sith Emperor had to redirect the flow of his Force energies. While he managed to guide some of the slabs away from him, there were others he simply couldn't avoid. They smashed on top of him, sweeping up a cloud of dust, and trapped him from the waist down. His flexible body had saved him from being crushed completely, even if the impact had caused some disorientation. After shaking the dizziness away, he moved his good hand to start hovering the debris sideways in order to free himself.
  388. [18:21] Kesmas Dhumm smirks watching rowe spring back to life at the opportune moment this was to great she was a mere shimmer as fast as her cells were vibrating the pieces fell harmlessly through her this was a fight for the ages she laughed with a glee she had not felt in ages
  390. [18:22] Dark Lady Malice watched stoically as Masters of her lineage bore down on each other (not like that). She wondered who the victor would be. She was angry with Infestus, but curious to see which of the two was strongest. As her old Master became trapped under the debris, a wry smirk graced her lips. Was this the end?
  392. [18:25] Executor Rowe when the dust settled from the collapse, the Dark Lady slowly got up. Her left arm was very obviously dislocated as it hung lifeless from her body. She reached over with her right and jerked it back into the socket with a loud "crunch-crack" sound. She slowly then walked over to where her lightsaber had come to a rest on the ground and picked it up. She very gingerly limped over to where she could see movement within the rubble from the ceiling collapse. There she found Infestus attempting to remove the rocks he was trapped under. Slowly Rowe raised up her foot, set it gently onto the Dark Lord's arm and then stomped down hard, pinning his arm to the ground, preventing him from freeing himself. She looked down at Infestus, a little blood streamed down to her chin from her mouth. She stood there with a knowing look in her eyes at her fellow Dark Lord. The moment was quickly broken by the sudden snap-hiss of her lightsaber powering on. "Matraya would be so disappointed," she said before making one fell swoop with her saber. An audible "WUMPF" would be heard as Dark Lady Rowe relieved the newly minted emperor of his head. She then deactivated her saber and clipped it to her belt reaching into her robes, she produced a black rose and rather unceremoniously heaped it onto the headless body.
  394. [18:25] Darth Nemesis would levitate a chunk of the ceiling as it almost fell on her head. She seemed to brush it aside. It was not aimed like the one that dropped on Infestus was. Nemesis watched intently, still not making her side or opinion clear.
  396. [18:27] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania watched the glorious ending of the mighty Darth Infestus with her blindfold firsmly attached... in the Force, it... She turned, and knelt. "Empress Rowe!"
  398. [18:28] When Dark Lady Rowe pinned down his arm, Dark Lord Infestus knew it was over. Oddly, he just laughed before his head was severed. It rolled across the floor, smile still visible, before his skin and the shape of his head started to transform, reverting back to his true Shi'ido face - a face none of them had ever seen before. Those whose senses were attuned enough to the Force to detect such things could feel the Dark Lord's essence fading. A moment of complete silence passed when 'bang', left and right explosions could be heard from the various rooms linked to the great hall and from the throne room itself in the distance; now that the Dark Architect's life force was gone, it would appear that his creation was about to go down with him. If they were to linger near his body, certain death would await the onlookers.
  400. [18:30] Darth Nilae watched the what seemed to be the end of Rowe but it seemed that they both wanted the power, as it goes sith are fools when power was in reach. Nilae didn't know what the outcome would be but Infestus did betray Malice. The fight ended in Darth Rowe style not really able to recall the last time she saw her fight before this day.
  402. [18:30] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] was stunned at the sudden reversal, leading to the death of the new Emperor, but also knelt. "All hail the Empress of the Sith!"
  404. [18:30] Kesmas Dhumm she smiles bringing herself back to a stable solid state and moved forwards to stand before Rowe and did something that would shock all that knew her well she knelt before her "congratulations Empress Rowe "
  406. [18:30] Darth Nemesis spoke up then, "Empress Rowe! All Hail Empress Rowe!" in a loud and almost proud way. Nemesis was to be among the first this time. She moved forward and would bow to a kneel in front of Empress. She then quickly looked about as the citadel seemed to be falling apart and would rise saying, "I would suggest we all leave now before we meet our own immediate ends."
  408. [18:30] Darth Kalaratri [Lerina] stood there silently for a few moments, watching as the entire scene had unfolded. There, the fatal swing was delivered by the Executor, now Empress by succession of the Sith Empire. She had stared at the body of Shi'ido who was Emperor for the week. Then looked to the halls of the famed Dark Architect, "Evacuate the Great Hall, evacuate the Citadel...NOW!" Hearing the explosions, she yelled.
  410. [18:31] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania had knelt long enough.
  412. [18:31] Dark Lady Malice was full on grinning now, utterly satisfied that the revenge she desired for Lord Destius' life had now been executed, by none other than the Empire's Executor. She turned to Darth Nilae, "I suggest we make a quick exit..."
  414. [18:31] Numaus Desua moves quickly, snatching hold of Mi'shel and Remy's arms as he began to run swiftly towaards the door. Self-preservation took reign, and so his senses were focused on just the door.
  416. [18:31] Darth Nemesis ran as fast as she could from the hall, force levitating falling piece of ceiling and throwing chunks of it out of her way so as not to slow down as she moved.
  418. [18:32] Darth Nefari started to move towards the exit fast, shoving the frozen Darth Sar'Rai.
  420. [18:32] [Caius] Darth Ulterius knew better. Ushering his apprentices from the Citadel and into the plaza, Ulterius sifted through the debris.
  422. [18:32] Darth Aran: Made no attempt to run he looked on but never looking her in the eye he knelt in acceptance ....of what had transpired ...
  424. [18:33] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania quickly, in the scuffle, pored over the wreckage and bent to pick something up. She did not reveal what it might be before offering to aid the actually quite broken Empress out of the citadel.
  426. [18:34] Lady Entropie had been watching the ending of the glorious battle, perched up on a part of the old emperor's statue, smirking a bit as the final blow was given, a thought passing though her head momentarily. It would quickly fade though as she felt the ripple in the force and heard the structure itself starting to grown and crack, taking little time to start her exit towards the way out.
  428. [18:34] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] rose quickly and spoke urgently to the former Executor: "Empress, this place is going to come down, you -must- leave for your own safety."
  430. [18:34] [Caius] Darth Ulterius poured through his former master's robes, looking for a very specific artifact.
  432. [18:34] Kesmas Dhumm quickly rose "Empress let's get you out of here "offering her own aid to her
  434. [18:35] Aven Sauvage (kolasis): "Citadel already evacuated My Lords, Empress!" she reported, voice a little breath stricken by the frantic flight to leave the area. "Shuttles and medical personnel await outside."
  436. [18:35] There didn't seem to be anything of particular interest inside the fallen Dark Lord's garments.
  438. [18:37] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] gave a final look at the fallen Emperor Infestus and saluted once more with his vibroblade before jabbing the stunned trooper in his ribs, "Run you fool!" he barked at him. "Or do you want to die here like your friend?"
  440. [18:37] [Caius] Darth Ulterius cursed in some unintelligible language. Thinking quickly, the Hand collected the Dark Lord's rings, sash, and his severed head. With his finds gripped tightly, he made for the shuttles.
  442. [18:39] Disciple Titanus followed suit in kneeling to the new empress "Hail your Majesty" now that there was a little less danger
  444. [18:40] Emerging from the ruined citadel, Field Marshal Varmann shrugged off the years and barked orders to any troopers that he could see, to form a perimeter. There was no telling what manner of reprisal might come from Dark Lord Infestus' supporters, and his prime duty now was to protect the Empress. He put away the vibroblade and drew his blaster, in case of any snipers - though he was forced to hold it with one hand only.
  446. [18:40] Executor Rowe finally made her way outside. She stopped and said spoke to no one visible, but it appeared to be to Destius.
  448. [18:40] Mi'shel Ul'Vyshtal heard the Dark Ladies command and moved himself behind her, turning to Numaus, breathing heavy through the vents of his helmet. "I have never bore witness to such a powerful battle, but I am reserving my judgment on the situation until I see it play out in it's entirety, things are moving so fast, too fast.." he said as the Citadel crumbled and cracked behind them, the great roar of stone upon metal as they stood within the protective barrier Dark Lady Periculosa had created.
  450. [18:41] Isabella Stein (In Sth): fel fel thellie ah fel thellie
  452. [18:41] Kesmas Dhumm she looked at Rowe "I can aid in treating your injuries if you wish "
  454. [18:43] Darth Nemesis moved behind The Dark Lady as she quickly stood tall, watching the destruction of the citadel, a place she had called home since she had come to Byss....but a slave at the time. It was in these halls she had grown and learned to be who she was today. Nemesis seemed in awe and wonderment as she just watched, completely stunned. She had never seen something so ... personally sad. It was indeed just a building but it had been home to her for many many years. It was her refuge from the world. She would go on...rebuild. But for now she did feel loss...not for the loss of Infestus...but for a little bit of herself that was exploding in front of her.
  456. [18:43] Aeson DeMoray (soenrulf) scrambles to take up a position with the troopers falling in line to form a defensive perimeter. He offers a curt nod to the Marshal, mostly a gesture of 'glad you made it out of that shitshow.' He'd been starting to wonder if anyone was going to make it out alive.
  458. [18:43] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania was fairly sure the new empress wasn't about to accept a whole lot of help from..pretty much anyone. "My Empress, we await your orders," as the citadel continued to crumble in front of them. She wasn't big on waiting and keeping things on hold.
  460. [18:44] [Caius] Darth Ulterius transferred his 'loot' to a couple of his trusted devotees who then quickly boarded the Hand's waiting ship. Meanwhile, he returned to the Dark Lady and bowed. "Your Majesty."
  462. [18:44] Aven Sauvage (kolasis): Got behind the voice scrambling and falling and rolling without asking silly questions.
  464. [18:44] Lady Entropie would move to the gathering, after escaping the collapsing citadel, seeing others already showing respect to the new Empress, even hearing before the evacuation her on Mistress doing the same. She would follow suit as she would walk up a few paces away and take a knee. Her head lowering as she spoke out, "All Hail the Empress, all hail the order of Rowe."
  466. [18:44] Vaella Korish had been moving with her Exarch so being behind her was second nature for the events of today. Still not finding a voice to speak but had noted all of the others standing behind the Dark Lady as well.
  468. [18:45] Darth Nemesis turned then moving towards Rowe and once again kneeling. She said, "My Empress. What is your command?" in a low voice, respectful voice. Nemesis raised her head and looked to Empress Rowe in an almost reverent way for what she had just seen. Though her hand still stood upon her sword's hilt.
  470. [18:46] Executor Rowe lit her saber again, raising it to the air. "Join me in honoring our fallen Emperor Destius. He served this empire well."
  472. [18:46] Titan 'Bakas' Rek rejoined the crowd outside of all the rubble and lit a new cigarette. He hung back from everyone but not too far as not to draw any unwanted attention
  474. [18:46] Dark Lady Malice drew her saber immediately and ignited it in hommage to the fallen Emperor.
  476. [18:47] [Caius] Darth Ulterius hesitated a moment and then drew his blade as commanded.
  478. [18:47] Darth Nemesis drew her sword then and raised it high, igniting the blade with a fire that burned and burned eternal.
  480. [18:47] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] knelt and shouted: "As you command Empress, let us honor the fallen Emperor Destius!" and saying so, he fired off his blaster to the skies several times.
  482. [18:47] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania lit both and in the moment, allowed the phrik spikes to cut her palms so that the hilts ran with blood.
  484. [18:47] Darth Nilae had no emotion watching the citadel crumbled for her byss was a distant memory so distant . Nilae lit her saber as well
  486. [18:48] Darth Decon took his lightsaber out and raised it into the air in salute to His old master he looked on with his red eye's to the new empress "ALL HAIL EMPRESS ROWE ALL HAIL EMPEROR DESTIUS ALL HAIL THE EMPIRE!"
  488. [18:48] Darth Kalaratri [Lerina] stood outside and grabbed her lightsaber, and with practiced precision, she gave the Makashi salute with the ignited blade, and bowed her head.
  490. [18:48] Numaus Desua was unsure how to respond, still shaken by the events. It took him time to be able to focus in on the events. The bursting of sabers from their various hilts brought him back to focus, his own hand pulling the curved hilt and igniting the crimson blade, bringing them to the air above.
  492. [18:48] Darth Sar'Rai has not been as quick as the other to flood to the new victor and shower her with congratulations. But she did ignited her saber to raise it into the air, with stone silence. The gesture is enough.
  494. [18:49] Mi'shel Ul'Vyshtal took one more look around the crowd outside of the crumbling Citadel and hearing the command ignited his Saber, lowering his head in memory and reverence to the late Emperor Destius.
  496. [18:49] Darth Aran: Well done Master so it shall be ... ...
  498. [18:49] Lady Entropie raised to her feet and reached for her saber, Holding it up to the sky as commanded, her gaze looking around at all the others as they joined.
  500. [18:49] Darth Kalaratri [Lerina] looked over to her former Master briefly with her saber ignited, then back to the newly crowned Empress.
  501. [18:49] Second Life: Oebon'wuna (Brighid Skytower) is now known as Brighid Skytower.
  503. [18:50] Titan 'Bakas' Rek thought back to his days then raised his sabers and ignited them in honor of the fallen emperor
  505. [18:50] Kesmas Dhumm she had no saber or other weapon on her but she made a show of her control of the elements and produced a flame in the Silhouettes of Rowe and Destius "Hail empress rowe and Late emperor Destius "
  507. [18:51] Minister of State, Field Marshal Zander Varmann [Byss Resident] noticed a small ship circling too close, no doubt inquisitive as to what the fuss was about. He waved at some of the troopers present and bellowed, "Get that ship out of here now, or by the crystal heart of Validus I'll have it shot down from the sky!"
  509. [18:52] Executor Rowe sheathed her saber. "If there is nothing else, let's adjourn. We have much to rebuild.
  511. [18:52] Dark Lady Periculosa lowered her field, certain that the danger had passed. The Dark Lady turned, lifting her saber up high, then looking over at her. "Empress, you and I should talk first."
  513. [18:53] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania: "Empress, there have been developments in your absence."
  515. [18:53] [Caius] Darth Ulterius nodded. "Clear the plaza," the Hand bellowed, brokering no room for disagreement. "Tend to your interests. Secure the city against reprisals. Out! Go!"
  517. [18:53] Ensign Aven Sauvage coughed some dust free and raised her blaster to the sky and her commlink. "To all ISM Personnel. The Empress Rowe has ordered all personnel to join the Empress in honoring our fallen Emperor Destius." she bit out in a military staccato with a touch of fanatic and fired her blaster.
  519. [18:53] Talik stood on the platform still quiet sure what had happened, or at least all of what she had witnessed but decided against drawing too much attention to herself at the moment. It was safer to blend into the back ground, at least for now.
  521. [18:55] Executor Rowe looked atSavania, dripping blood everywhere. "Later, we have plenty of time."
  523. [18:56] [Lillith Anatine] Lady Savania nodded.
  525. [18:56] Kesmas Dhumm extinguished the flames she smiles "I will return to visit some time to discuss things empress to empress MY Lady "she bowed and made her way towards her ship to depart and give word to her her own emperor
  527. [18:57] "Spire": slips out quietly with the masses, though kept away from the front and those pledging allegiance. He glances back at the crumbled temple, the Amaran glancing up at it as his brows furrow.
  529. [18:57] [Caius] Darth Ulterius clapped his hands together with an echo of thunder. "I will not repeat myself! CLEAR THE PLAZA!"
  531. [18:58] Aeson DeMoray (soenrulf) knew that his night was just beginning with the work that was yet to be done. It was a safe assumption that no trooper would be able to rest with new orders coming down the pipe. They still had a mess in the Citadel that would need cleaning up, on top of making sure the city proper is secure in case of any attempts to take advantage of the recent chaos. He looks between the Ensign and the Marshal but says nothing, as there wasn't really much to say. With orders to clear the plaza he opts to take some men out for a quick patrol of the area.
  533. [18:58] Darth Kalaratri [Lerina] put her lightsaber away and back on her hip, looking to the ruined Citadel. With that, she turned and called for her shuttle, where she would spend her time aboard her flagship for now.
  535. [18:59] Numaus Desua turns on a heel, making his way down the bridge of the plaza, considering what lay ahead of him.
  537. [19:00] Remy follows after Numaus after nudging Mi'shel's right arm.
  539. [19:01] "ISM, secure the perimeter! The Empress will be departing soon," the old Field Marshall thundered again, before dashing off into the gloom to play a full part in this with his solitary trooper escort.
  541. [19:01] Darth Nemesis would head to leave the platform but would stop and say, "May I speak to your for a moment Darth Decon.... if you have time." Nemesis would motion for those of her Order to fall out. This was no place to stay for now.
  543. [19:01] Mi'shel Ul'Vyshtal glances back toward his Master, and the wreckage of the Citadel, things were precarious indeed but a great excitement continued to rage inside him for the possibilities which were to come in this new Era. Turning he followed Numaus and Remy away from the scene and down the walkway.
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