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The Landscape of Generation 1 Pokemon Categories

Keizaron Oct 11th, 2017 793 Never
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  1. Right.  I'm not posting this on behalf of any of the PSR staff members, I'm posting this on behalf of myself and my own opinions.  This is less "Official Announcement" and more "Here's My Idea and My Feelings".  Keep that in mind as you read on, since I do want to address some things that are slowly becoming personal that people might not realize.
  3. Gen 1 is the only generation of Pokemon games where the English community and the Japanese community have different rulesets (exception being timing for final split).  The differences are as so:
  4.     > English allows Poke Doll, Japanese does not.  Both communities do NOT view it as a glitch.  However, Japan feels it skips too much of "intended" plot, so ruled it out from the get-go.
  5.     > English allows Hard Resets, Japanese does not.  Hard resetting is how we are able to pull off all the manipulations we've created so far.
  6.     > English AND Japanese do not allow Instant Text.  Both communities do NOT view it as a glitch.  However, both communities felt it was too detrimental to runs, and some people felt it was... shady.
  8. Recently, I contacted the Japanese community about potentially allowing a new category, one that abides by the English ruleset, but on a Japanese cart.  In exchange, the English community could look at allowing a new category, one that abides by the Japanese ruleset, but on an English cart.  So there would be a new category in each community, in an attempt to create more cross-community competition and encourage runners of both communities to try something new out.  The ultimate goal was cross-community synergy.  Within the discussions, Instant Text was mentioned.  At that point, I thought there was a reasonable window to re-allow it, despite the mockery we as a community may receive for allowing it, then banning it, then allowing it again.  But I didn't want to even think about discussing it until Japan gave me the O.K. on it.
  10. Now, I made no official announcement on this.  I initially discussed this with a couple people in private to get their thoughts and opinions on it; I didn't want to make an announcement for any changes if there was still a chance that no change was going to happen.  Wouldn't it suck to be told you're going on a vacation, get excited, pack, prepare, only to be told a while later that oh, it's not happening?
  12. This spread regardless.  How many people knew before this?  Not sure.  But I've been DMed enough to know that more people are being told about it, and people are starting to say it's getting sketchy.
  14. Typically if something happens within PSR that involves staff, I'm accused and blamed both ironically and unironically.  It's getting really old and it's getting hurtful.  If you actually don't understand how much work I put into the community, realize that I do a lot.  Not including super major things like the PSR Marathon and the swap to RTA timing (which there were many wonderful and helpful volunteers!), I carry the big load on leaderboard stuff and the functioning/organization of the Discord server.  We do have people who are moderators on the board, but I usually have more of an opportunity to work on things than them, so this is in no way trying to put them down.  Now, I'm not saying woe is me, pity me and praise me.  My attitude can be a real stinker at times, and other times it may be hard to tell that I'm not being serious in the slightest; it's easy to just call me an asshole.  But I'm human.  Sometimes, it genuinely feels like the weight of the community can be on my shoulders.  And when somebody blames me for something, ironically or otherwise, it hurts.  And I won't respond in a positive way.  If you felt hurt, would you?
  16. I just wanted a little patience.  That's all.  I didn't want to make any false promise of change.  There was nothing nefarious or shady about this, I just didn't want to cause a needless uproar if the result didn't line up perfectly.
  18. Moving on, I actually did get contacted by Japan today.  They are on board with having a Japanese category that follows their current ruleset (no Hard Reset, no Instant Text, no Poke Doll), as well as one that ALLOWS ALL THREE.  This feels like as good a time as any to re-open Instant Text discussions.  I'll make a more official announcement within a week or two on this, but here's what I'm hoping to achieve out of this (note that this plan is a multi-month process because I personally want to give this a great deal of time and effort before a true commitment) :
  20. 1. Community Discussion - Do we want to look into this?  How would you handle a decision like this?
  21. 2. Community Testing - Have people try out both categories; does it change gameplay enough to warrant a category split with different rules?
  22. 3. Community Feedback - What were the thoughts on running two different categories?  What could be changed in terms of rules if we proceeded with a split?  What do we name these categories?
  23. 4. Community Decision - Everybody chimes in with their final thoughts and votes.  If there isn't a CLEAR majority vote (our last discussion on Instant Text was 60/40, I believe?  I personally would like to see 75+%), we do not proceed immediately and address concerns.  If there is a CLEAR majority vote, we proceed to modify the current category and add the new category.
  25. I have some ideas myself on how to handle the testing portion of things, but I'll save that for an official announcement.  Sorry about the mega rant, I just really needed to half-vent and half-quasi-announce a plan.
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