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  1. The warbird is a miniature starbase so a heavy dreadnought. It took me a long time to polish a build for it that can allow it to fight solo in elite patrols and also tank damage bursts up to a vaadwaur polaron barrage. It's a combination of gear and piloting.
  3. The cannons allow high damage and self-healing for shields and hull from it for high sustain so it can make slow passes from 10km-1km facing targets, which allows time for cooldowns to boost turn rate and loop back around - just like heavy battlecruisers.
  5. Keybind attack buffs along with shield power to front facing. Decide on the situation between EP2shields3 or EP2weapons.
  7. I use intel primary and strategist secondary. Keep threatening stance on, and use diversionary tactics (strategist) after using up your boff abilities to help cooldowns. For subsystems, use shield for max shielding and secondary aux; for turn secondary aux; for aux, full aux with secondary shielding. Aux power setting counts for its initial setting only once for boosting sci skills (transfer shield strength) or aux2inertial damp - decreasing it while such aux abilities are active won't diminish them.
  9. Therefore to turn, set aux, wait to full, aux2damp, set to turn, also use rom cloak/evasive maneuvers/tac fleet III, towards end of turn use attack pattern alpha & Cannon rapid fire as those boost turn and ready the ambush decloak. I use all 3 types of reman boffs to maximize the decloak ambush duration plus a superior infiltrator with superior rom operative, superior subterfuge to boost it to max.
  11. You also have 4 sources of subsystem power, make use of them to help aux and turn rate subsystems, or shielding when anticipating heavy damage. Plus large shield batteries even if it shares cooldown with red matter capacitor.
  13. This Valkis setup is about strategy, predicting the enemy, and the ability to escape (singularity abilities, rom cloak, Hull image refractors) while still dealing sufficient damage to eat through millions of HP and self-healing at sufficient pace from damage dealt.
  15. My skill tree has 2/3 tac ultimates, with 2/3 EPS, 2/3 turn, 1/3 shield hardness, 2/3 shield regen, 1/3 shield healing, 1/3 hull healing, and full core ski skills inc 1/3 sci readiness avoiding the skill traps. This makes shield tanking possible, including a lot of passive auto-shield healing whenever shield power is high. When shields are nearly depleted, cloak as there's no drawback then to losing non-existent shields. All abilities must be used at all times to keep their cool-downs running except for when making strategies or anticipating difficulties later.
  17. Alternate setups are also possible, such as risian doff + EP2engine to have super fast evasive maneuvers.
  21. Personal Space Traits (2 modifications):
  22. reconstructive radiation<-fleet tactician
  23. repair crew
  24. intelligence agent attache
  25. coordinated targeting solution
  26. galvanized munition
  27. helmsman
  28. superior cannon training
  29. warp theorist<-a good day to die
  30. momentum
  32. Starship Traits:
  33. Pride of Mol'Rihan
  34. Shield Overload
  35. Honored Dead
  36. Emergency Weapon Cycle
  37. Reciprocity
  38. Concealed Repairs
  40. Space Reputation:
  41. Energy Refrequencer
  42. Advanced Engines
  43. Advanced Targeting Systems
  44. Strengthened Shielding
  45. Active Hull Hardening
  47. Consoles:
  48. [Console - Universal - Hull Image Refractors]
  49. [Console - Universal - Assimilated Module Mk XV]
  50. [Console - Science - Exotic Particle Field Exciter Mk XV [EPS]]
  51. [Console - Engineering - Conductive RCS Accelerator Mk XV [ShReg]]
  52. [Console - Universal - Plasmonic Leech]
  53. [Console - Universal - Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator]
  54. [Console - Universal - Energy Distributor Accelerator]
  55. [Console - Universal - Dynamic Power Redistributor Module]
  56. [Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV [Plasma]] x4
  58. Ship Gear
  59. [Temporal Defense Initiative Overcharged Singularity Core Mk XV [AMP] [W->S]]
  60. [Elite Fleet Adaptive Resilient Shield Array Mk XV [Adapt] [Ap] [Dis] [ResA] [ResAll]]
  61. [Prevailing Innervated Impulse Engines Mk XV [Spd]]
  62. [Temporal Defense Initiative Deflector Array Mk XV [AuxPwr]]
  64. Weapons
  65. [Plasma Turret Mk XV [Ac/Dm] [Acc] [CrtD]x2 [Rapid]] x3
  66. [Kinetic Cutting Beam Mk XV [Dmg]x3]
  67. [Advanced Piezo-Plasma Dual Cannons Mk XV [CrtD]x4]
  68. [Plasma Dual Cannons Mk XV [Ac/Dm] [CrtD]x3 [Rapid]]
  69. [Corrosive Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XV [Ac/Dm] [CrtD]x3 [Dmg]]
  70. [Plasmatic Biomatter Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XV [Ac/Dm] [Acc] [CrtD]x2 [Dmg]]
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