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  1. superbrolyxrevenge (4:56:38 PM): what are you doing in my chat again
  2. superbrolyxrevenge (5:01:21 PM): who fucking unbanned you?
  3. superbrolyxrevenge (5:07:23 PM): once again why are you in my chat again
  4. superbrolyxrevenge (5:09:52 PM): answer me
  5. superbrolyxrevenge (5:12:44 PM): heres the thing you make people uncomfortable to where they cannot talk freely cause you answer to that slut bitch hunny and anything said you run off and tell her
  6. superbrolyxrevenge (5:22:24 PM): scared to answer huh
  7. tyrant (5:27:17 PM): No, I was busy in game on League.
  8. tyrant (5:27:40 PM): As for "uncomfortable" people seem just fine around me.
  9. superbrolyxrevenge (5:27:48 PM): so why are you back in my chat
  10. tyrant (5:28:00 PM): Because my friends go there.
  11. superbrolyxrevenge (5:28:21 PM): they aint tellin you but i have pms from them
  12. tyrant (5:28:31 PM): Show me then
  13. superbrolyxrevenge (5:29:28 PM): look stay out of my chat tyrant I am the admin to brolys dungeon theses people pmed me so you would not know who they are so no I will not show you
  14. tyrant (5:29:38 PM): So
  15. tyrant (5:29:39 PM): you say
  16. tyrant (5:29:42 PM): My friends PM'd you shit
  17. tyrant (5:29:43 PM): then you say
  18. tyrant (5:29:46 PM): I wouldn't know them
  19. tyrant (5:29:52 PM): So either you're bullshitting
  20. tyrant (5:29:52 PM): Or
  21. tyrant (5:29:56 PM): you're bullshitting
  22. tyrant (5:30:20 PM): Since I know for a fact, there are people who actually enjoy my company there.
  23. superbrolyxrevenge (5:30:41 PM): I did not say you wouldnt know them I said so you wouldnt know who told me these things
  24. tyrant (5:32:23 PM): I am truly amazed you don't seem to understand the words you're using.
  25. superbrolyxrevenge (5:33:18 PM): Like I said Tyrant it is time you leave my chat and stay away from it you are not welcome there because you keep running your mouth snaping on people and running to hunny anytime someone says anything about her my chat is a place for people to be able to get things off their chest without you reporting to hunny
  26. tyrant (5:33:58 PM): Please, I haven't done anything of the sort
  27. tyrant (5:34:01 PM): I bullshit with friends there.
  28. tyrant (5:34:10 PM): It's time you try to be intelligent, don't you think?
  29. superbrolyxrevenge (5:34:33 PM): I have seen you do this shit firsthand tyrant
  30. tyrant (5:34:35 PM): Because anyone there could tell you - the most I do is bullshit about how retarded people are in PEO or DBZ
  31. tyrant (5:34:41 PM): Share the retarded PMs I get
  32. tyrant (5:34:47 PM): and bullshit some more about average every day shit
  33. tyrant (5:34:49 PM): That was then
  34. tyrant (5:34:50 PM): this is no
  35. tyrant (5:34:57 PM): You're the one being an immature little shit
  36. tyrant (5:35:02 PM): And I'm sure all of them will love reading this
  37. tyrant (5:35:23 PM): Ciao, moron.
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