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Doxxing sites

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  1.  Links for Doxing, Personal OSInt, Profiling, Footprinting, Cyberstalking
  5. Maybe you are doing a pen-test and need information before you carry out a social engineering attack. Maybe you just want to see if someone who contacted you online is legit, or know what data of yours is out there for others to find.
  8. Here are a collection of sites I and others have found useful for finding data about a person or organization. I’m posting them mostly so I don’t lose them, and so I have a place to point others to when they ask. If you have ideas for additions please contact me.
  11. There are tools for automating some of these tasks, but there is something to be said for doing it “by hand”. Computers are great at math and automation, but extracting context is a bit more difficult for my silicon friends (and also for my silicone friends). The human mind can be far better at these tasks, at least some minds. The way you have to think is in making connections. One bread crumb of data leads to another, which leads to another and then another. For example:
  13.     Finding a user name leads to other profiles with more data, this leads to a full name, then this could lead to a physical address.
  14.     A user name can lead to pics, which could lead to license plates or physical addresses.
  15.     For common names like John Doe adding interests from a profile or a location can lead to narrowing down the results to a specific person.
  17. It’s all about making connections. Keep in mind, you will normally find more information on someone who is tech savy then someone who is not. My granny ain’t on Facebook after all.
  19. Please note there a quite a few common problems with these sorts of social network aggregation sites:
  21. 1. Some sites start out free, then go paid. When this happens you get a lot of info teases that lead to companies wanting your credit card. Sucky!
  22. 2. People like to create mashups, but then abandon them after the fun is over. Then the back end API changes, and the site no longer works. What sites are good for a task changes over time.
  23. 3. Some may ask for social network credentials. You may want to make some throw-away accounts just for the purposes of using these tools.
  26. This page will need t be updated over time, so please send me suggestions.
  28. General Search:
  30. Google
  31. Duh. Make sure you know your operators to get he most out of it however.
  32. http://www.google.com
  34. Bing
  35. Ok, Bing gets made fun of a lot as an “also ran” next to Google, but it has a few awesome features. Many of the same operators from Google work here, but one I really dig that only Bing has is IP: to find other websites on the same IP (shared host cross referencing fun).
  36. http://www.bing.com/
  38. Networking, Domain and Routing Information
  42. Most of this page will cover finding out information on people from social networks, not network networks. However, sometimes knowing who owns a network/domain/IP is a great place so start, and people leave things in their Whois records that may reveal a lot of useful leads. There are so many sites that offer these types of services, but I’ll only cover my favorites.
  44. RobTex
  45. While the interface is a bit weird in my opinion, this is a great site for doing reverse DNS look-ups on IPs, grabbing Whois contacts, and finding other general information about an IP or domain name.
  46. http://www.robtex.com
  48. ServerSniff
  49. This one is sort of an odd ball. Lots of sites offer Whois info, this one goes for more exotic tools. You really have to just play with it to find all of its features. It’s sometimes hard to remember which option is where. Just some of the tools are: ICMP & TCP traceroutes, SSL Info, DNS reports and Hostnames on a shared IP. It’s nice to have them do some of the recon for you if you don’t want to use a proxy and don’t wish for your IP  to show up in the target’s logs.
  50. http://serversniff.net
  52. Looking for profiles on a person
  55. http://illmob.org/bookmark.html
  56. Cool page from Will Genovese‏ where you can lookup Phone, IP, Host, Email, S/N, Name, and Address info in an automated fashion.
  58. Moose Roots
  59. http://www.mooseroots.com
  60. Awesome site, especially for these sub-sites
  61. http://birth-records.mooseroots.com/
  62. http://marriage-divorce-records.mooseroots.com/
  63. which are great for mapping out family relations for password reset questions.
  65. Advanced Background Checks
  66. For finding street addresses and relatives this is the bomb. So far, it has not failed me on finding street addresses if I have a vague idea where someone lives
  67. http://www.advancedbackgroundchecks.com
  69. Peek You
  70. The interface is clean, and while it links off to pay sites it at least gives you real information first. I seem to recall it being better in the past.
  71. http://www.peekyou.com
  73. Lullar
  74. Search for a person using Email|Name|user name. There are not as many results returned as other sites, but what it gives you is nice an clean, with out all of the paid sites in the way.
  75. http://com.lullar.com/
  77. Check Usernames
  78. Ok, got to say I love this site. It may not have been meant as a site for profiling, but it works well for that task. We all talk about password reuse being a problem, but for profiling someone user name reuse is where it is at. This site lets you search 160 social network sites to see if a screen name is taken. From there, you can go see what is in a persons profile on those sites by hand. Saves some time verses checking for an account on each site yourself, but there is still lots of work for you to do afterwards.  
  79. http://www.checkusernames.com/
  81. KnowEm
  82. Similar to Check Usernames above, but claims to check over 500 sites to see if a given user name is taken.
  83. http://knowem.com
  85. iSearch
  86. This use to be Spock ("Single Point Of Contact (by) Keyword"). Not sure when it changed, my guess is after Intelius bought them. You can search on Name|Phone|Emai|lScreen Name. Good for finding relatives I suppose. Once you find a name from a user name you should step back and search for it as well, as the results vary a lot. Seems to mostly drive people to paying money to Intelius.
  87. http://www.isearch.com
  89. Pipl
  90. You can search for Name|Email|user name|Phone and find related results. The results can be very noisy, with links to a bunch of paid sites (Spokeo, Intellus, etc.),  but if you are willing to sort though the crap it’s pretty nice. I like what it shows from public records, Amazon profiles, and social networks.
  91. http://www.pipl.com
  93. 123 People
  94. Much like all of the above. Links off to a bunch of other resources, some paid and some not.
  95. http://www.123people.com
  97. Spokeo
  98. Ok, Spokeo has some nice layout features but it’s an info tease. It reports “hey I found something” a lot, but you have to pay for the results. Much like crime, I don’t pay. Still, it can be nice as a starting point to lead you elsewhere. For example, once you know someone has a Facebook profile, you can just go to Facebook.
  99. http://www.spokeo.com
  101. WebMii
  102. Lets you looks up people by name or keyword (try user name as a keyword).
  103. http://webmii.com/
  105. Zoom Info
  106. Seems pretty good for finding where someone works. I wonder how much of the information is just from LinkedIn, and how much from other sources? Looking at them side by side, Zoom Info does seem to augment the details with other sources.
  107. http://www.zoominfo.com
  109. Geo Location
  111. Android Map
  112. If you have the MAC address of a router (it happens) Samy has a tool to try to geolocate it base on what Google knows. Seems likely that Google is using Android phone to do a distributed wardrive to supplement their street view car data.
  113. http://samy.pl/androidmap
  115. Bing Map Apps
  116. The map apps are a nice extra to have, but you will need SilverLight and they don’t seem stable unless you are using Internet Explorer (go figure). Look at the Twitter map app.
  117. http://www.bing.com/maps/
  119. Twitter Map
  120. Also nice to see where people are tweeting from, but not as slick or as comprehensive as the Bing app.
  121. http://twittermap.appspot.com/
  124. Other Oddities
  127. 411
  128. I've had good luck with using this to find addresses and neighbors.
  129. http://www.411.com/
  131. Google Images
  132. I imagine most folks know about Google Images, but did you know who can upload images (or drag and drop them) to find similar results? Good for finding profiles under different names. Tin Eye is similar, but does not seem to cover as much.
  133. http://images.google.com/
  135. Tin Eye
  136. Ever found a picture of someone, and wondered if it existed elsewhere? Tin Eye, and it’s browser plugin, let you choose a picture and find similar ones online, even ones that have been seriously shopped. Unfortunately, the database seems small. My hope would be to go to a social network profile, right click on an image I only know the user name of, then find other profiles with a real name and better information. So far, it’s mostly been useful for finding out “who is this actor/model”, but perhaps in the future it will be better.
  137. http://tineye.com
  139. Open Book
  140. Got to love people that leave Facebook comments open to the world. Even if one person is privacy aware, a friend of theirs may not be and could make comments about them.
  141. http://youropenbook.org/
  143. Open Status Search
  144. Open Book seems to be gone, and Open Status Search seems to be the next best thing.
  145. http://openstatussearch.com/
  147. Pic Fog
  148. May find something good, may find something that scars you for life.
  149. http://picfog.com
  151. White Pages Find Neighbors
  152. Might be useful if you need to SE someone close by.
  153. http://www.whitepages.com/find_neighbors
  155. Yasni
  156. I've had some pretty good luck using this to scrape info on people.
  157. http://www.yasni.com
  159. Archive.org Wayback Machine
  160. Sometimes someone drops their docs, but removes them. The Wayback Machine may help you find the deleted info.
  161. http://www.archive.org/web/web.php
  163. Board Reader
  164. Maybe the person posts on some forums with a given user name? Could lead to useful info.
  165. http://boardreader.com
  167. OMGili
  168. Another board search, like the above.
  169. http://omgili.com
  171. Tools
  174. Ok, these are not websites, but damn useful tools that pull from web resources.
  176. Maltego
  177. Nifty tool, and I like the way it draws connections between entities like name, domain, email addresses, etc., good for building a mind map of how things are related. I still prefer to do things by hand to clear up false positives and interpret data. You will likely have to register for API keys to get the most use out of it.
  178. http://www.paterva.com
  180. NetGlub
  181. This could someday be an open source replacement for Maltego, but right now it seems next to impossible to get working.
  182. http://www.netglub.org/
  184. Foca
  185. I really dig this tools. It can do searches for common document formats using Google and other search engines, then download them to extract metadata. Lovely.
  186. http://www.informatica64.com/DownloadFOCA/
  188. Cree.py
  189. Great tool for geolocating/tracking Twitter/Foursquare users. Not only pulls coordinates from the posts directly, but can grab them from the EXIF data in pictures they link to.
  190. http://ilektrojohn.github.com/creepy/
  192. Happy doxxing from Killida1
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