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  1. Hi hi. I’ve been on a journey to try and nail down my tritype. For context, I’ve done a lot of reading on recommended descriptions (Naranjo’s book, Timeless descriptions, etc.) but can infuriatingly see my behavior in a lot of the heart and especially head fixes. So I decided to fill out the “possible alternative questionnaire”.
  3. I hope this provides a good source to help me with my other fixes. Thank you in advance! :D You a real one.
  5. 1. How would an author describe you in a book? Write the paragraph that would introduce you in a novel.
  7. Whew. Going to pass on this but will explain why, as I imagine that’s probably better than writing ‘too lazy’. Not sure if projecting or anything but in a little snapshot of a moment we’re all different. How I look right now can differ than how I’ll look an hour from now. People are dynamic and I don’t think I could do anyone, myself included, justice with a single paragraph that I’m sure would dissatisfy me afterwards. Just wouldn’t feel accurate, if that makes sense!
  9. 2. Think over the past day or week and make a mental list (you can also write it here) of ways other people have annoyed, angered, or otherwise bothered you - any situation where people have done one thing, while you wished they would have done another. Look at each of these instances and answer (you can make a list or make note of general patterns - an example is good):
  11. People keep asking for explanations for things that were already explained in text and easily accessed in a group text/chat
  12. I think the trait that bothered me was over-reliance on others to the point that it hinders the overall conversation for everyone. I don’t mind answering questions on unexplored territory at all but answering shit that was already stated in a group text setting is a waste of time.
  13. This bothered me probably the most out of everything because in my mind, it’s so easy to scroll up / ask for a reference (like a timestamp). In my mind, it disrupts the conversation if we have to re-explain the most simple concepts every time someone jumps in and cares enough to want to know what’s going on but not enough to put their own time into finding out the situation. I always try to figure things out on my own first to not bother others (especially in a real time discussion) so it’s hard for me to understand why others don’t do the same. Even if I don’t understand after reading the context, I wait until the conversation dies down and then ask- it’s not like I’d be able to contribute if I didn’t know what was going on either way.
  14. I reacted by summarizing the situation and telling the person in each situation that if they want more, scroll up to X time in the chat. Not going to retell the whole tale smh.
  15. I think the way I reacted was the way that best suits me. I didn’t completely comply by disrupting the flow of convo but in my mind I don’t think I was rude. Plus, these are friends and we all have annoying habits anyways.
  17. Everyone at work was staying overtime and suffering together yet certain people kept loudly complaining about the situation
  18. I guess what bothered me was literally lacking the depth to understand that no one wants to stay past their scheduled shift when shit get’s real crazy and continuing to whine about it like you’re the only one suffering.
  19. I was bothered because it was only making the work atmosphere even more frustrating for everyone. In addition, I think as an adult there ought to be more perspective and realizing that you’re not able to leave because the universe or anyone in the store hates you- it just happens. Everyone else is also experiencing this and everyone is aware.
  20. I reacted by shutting my mouth and continuing to work before exploding lmao, even though the situation really did bother me. No need to make a bad situation worse.
  21. Once again, I don’t think there was anything wrong with how I reacted. Not like I was going to make a major character change on someone during work and getting externally angry really would’ve exacerbated the situation; especially as my reputation in work tends to be the calmest person under pressure.
  24. 3. What holds you back in life? This can be an internal or external force. If that thing were gone, what would be different? What would you do?
  25. I think the thing holding me back most right now is an unwillingness to depend on others. If that was gone, I think I’d be able to open up with others and therefore gain more perspective on what bothers me, or even feel more assured. I guess with that freedom I would be able to face my struggles with a lot less anxiety.
  27. 4. Your deepest secret has just been revealed to the person or people from whom you most wished to keep it. How do you feel? How do you react? What are the results on your life?
  28. I would feel vulnerable and embarrassed above all other feelings. I would probably react by avoiding the people who know for a little bit until I calmed down and was able to think about things rationally and push away my doubts (“ I wonder if X is mad that I didn’t tell them before”). The result would probably be the same situation as before honestly; it’s only about the past anyways.
  30. 5. You are offered one of three gifts: a bottle filled with water from the Fountain of Life, a crown which will give you peaceful dominion over the world's people for your entire (full) lifetime, and a ring which will unite you with your true love and ensure a happy, passionate marriage. Which do you choose and why? What are your hesitations and motivations?
  31. I would pick the bottle filled with the life water. The other two strike me as overly manipulative, and I could always use the water on someone not myself. I guess my only hesitations would be about exactly how the water works- the ramifications biologically with whoever drinks it. I’m not really concerned about extending life or whatever in a cosmic sense.
  33. 6. You are offered one of three houses. The first is located in a big city and has historic and artistic value: it was designed by a great architect and was owned by interesting people in the past. Owning this house is very prestigious and guarantees you social status and a circle of friends, but it also comes with responsibility - you must keep the house up to code, manage the household, and give parties and events. The second house you may design using your imagination - literally your dream house - it is located in a very secluded location and no one is allowed to visit this house except you and your immediate family. The third house is very nice, but has no particular aesthetic appeal - a McMansion in short. It is in an extremely convenient location and is very secure. It is impossible for thieves to break in and it has no danger of natural disasters. You are guaranteed to be able to sell the house for double the price in twenty years. Which do you choose and why? What are your hesitations and motivations?
  34. I would pick the third house. I’m very bad with maintaining things and I’m not the type to be particularly alert about security breaches. As much as I like viewing aesthetically beautiful places, it’s not a priority for my house to be 1000/10 looks wise. The second house sounds cool too but I don’t like the idea of having only a handful of people visiting; I’d really want my friends to visit too. I’m not very entrepreneurial either but the guarantee of being able to sell it for double down the road is also amazing as heck.
  37. 7. You are offered one of three doors. The first opens to a world that is dangerous and demands mental or physical skill to navigate through, but also has great rewards to be gained: think of the worlds portrayed on the shows Game of Thrones or Supernatural. The second opens to a world that is full of wonders, magic, and knowledge, which can be learned or experienced, but there is little solid resting ground - think of the worlds portrayed in the shows Doctor Who or in the multi-media phenomenon A Hitchkiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The third opens to a world where you may experience a life of peaceful, uneventful poverty - think of the hobbits in the series Lord of the Rings or most of the animals living in Narnia. Which do you choose and why? What are your hesitations and motivations?
  38. I would definitely pick the second world. As much as I love the comfortableness around uneventful life, the supernatural always piqued my interest. I’d love the opportunity to play around with powers or even just see the impact of it; nothing would make me happier. I don’t think I’d have any hesitations with the choice, even if I wasn’t particularly powerful/gifted.
  40. 8. What do you wish people understood about you? Talk about a time you were misunderstood.
  41. No one specific incidence comes to mind, but I wish people would accept what I say about how I feel without challenging it. I’m known for saying that I’m okay / not bothered about specific things (like if a friend comes off rude/offensive towards me, for example) and people tend to interpret that as me not wanting to hurt their feelings. Although I’m sure the plays a role subconsciously, I know that whenever friends tend to do the “wrong” thing it’s not out of hate but just a mistake, which is totally alright with me. If I really was bothered by something a friend was doing I would tell my friend because, once again, I know they’re not doing it to hurt me. In general, I don’t like people interpreting how I should react to things and believing that interpretation over what I directly tell them.
  43. 9. What do you hope people won't notice about you? What are you uncomfortable being teased about?
  44. I hope that people don’t point out my inconsistencies in what I say / do. I have a really strong sense of self but I also am open to changing my opinions and perspectives in light of more contemplation. So when I do change an opinion / idea, I’m sensitive to the idea that
  45. People misinterpret my open mindedness as inconsistency of character or a lack of firm ideas.
  46. 10. What's worse - to be seen as caring more than you do or less than you do? Why? Do you think you come across one way or the other? Do you typically pretend to care more or to care less?
  47. I think it’s worse to come off as more caring than you actually are. Coming off too caring only sets you up for more standards that’s harder to reach if your heart isn’t in the right place. Plus, if you come off in such a way, you start doing things that you couldn’t care less about, which is inauthentic. I think I come off the opposite way - caring less than I do. I’m very lax to the point of apathy, so I typically don’t care enough. I think people see me this way too. I probably tend to pretend more though, because I’m aware that I legitimately don’t care enough to the point of conflict / issue.
  49. 11. Think about a time that someone else tried to control your actions - to tell you what to do, to manipulate you, or influence you. How did you feel and how did you react? What went through your mind?
  50. I felt angry. I don’t get angry often but autonomy is definitely the thing I’m most protective about. I am typically easy going and go along with others as the path of least resistance but I’m really defensive about doing what I want to do. Usually I try to appease people or not just upset them but I ignored them completely and told them why in a matter-of-fact. It always feels so restrictive and terrible to not be in control of the one thing I can mostly control- myself.
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